Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 225

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Chapter 225 “Target, Anglia City”

Towards someone that had nearly caused the Tulip troops to lose their dignity, the soldiers would of course not be very kind in their manners. Dragging the guy back like a dead dog, this prairie warrior was then tossed in front of Du Wei.

How powerful is Du Wei’s single shot now? Although his level of control is already at the point where he can decide the power output at will, he still can’t fully dictate the aftershock from the exploding energy upon impact. Therefore, the guy’s back was unsightly to look from how gruesomely blood and mangled his flesh was.

What should have been a layer of leather armor is nothing but seared remnants as blood continued to flow out of the wound.

With a yellowish brown type of hair, different from the usual native color, this guy on the ground was already unconscious. In order to get a better look, two of the soldiers crudely flipped him over to expose the offenders face..

With a fierce look, Du Wei instinctively made an “EHH??” sound.

The reason for this is because the man’s facial features were quite different from what he expected out of a native from the prairie desert. With a wide forehead and a high nose, these traits are clearly different from the usually narrow forehead and flat nose he’s seen thus far. This astonishing find was especially apparent in the guy’s eyes. Although this person had his eyes closed, but from his face alone, Du Wei can tell the guy’s lineage is not quite right.

In addition, the guy’s skin was much whiter pared to the usual yellowish tinge….

Of course, the most outstanding anomaly was his other characteristics: a short beard, thick lips, and the nose and ear piercings.

Just when the two nearby soldiers wanted to kick the guy, Du Wei called out to them: “Stop the bleeding from his wound, I want to question him.”

Stunned by this mand, the two soldiers was of course not willing as they made a few grudging remarks; however, because it was a direct order from Du Wei, they can only ply. Turning the guy around, the two soldiers removed the remaining leather armor strapped to the guy’s body and somehow managed to stop the bleeding with some medicine.

During all this, Muse was standing next to Du Wei so he was able to get a clear view of it all. Muse was already queasy to begin with, but the gruesome and bloody injury finally pushed him over the ledge. Crying out with his pale face, he then covered his mouth as he bent over to vomit.

Giving this kid a discontented look, he coldly said: “What are you afraid of! Listen up, in this land of the wolves; the more afraid you are of blood, the more afraid of death you are … … If so, you will die faster! Garbage!”

When Du Wei rudely called out at Muse, he really didn’t hold back. For the Lister knights standing nearby, none of these loyal followers were happy when their lord was being bashed at. Regardless of the angry glares ing his way, Du Wei turns his focus back to the person before him: “Poor some cold water on his face and wake him up!”


Picking up a water skin, one of the soldiers began pouring the cold liquid atop of the guy’s face. No surprise, when the man regained consciousness, the first reaction he had was to jump up.

But who is Du Wei? Not giving the guy the chance, Du Wei accurate raised a leg and stepped onto the guy’s chest to force him back down: “Don’t move and don’t struggle.”

Nearly fainting at the immense pain, this guy amazingly managed to keep himself awake by sheer will.

“You are our prisoner now. Whatever I ask, you answer. If you resist or annoy me even once, I will remove a part from your body! Annoy me twice; I will remove a second piece! I will continue to do this until there’s nothing left to cut, understand?”

Upon hearing this, this person was filled with unruly arrogance as snorted.

Like his prisoner, Du Wei did not say a word; instead, he spoke with action. Pulling out a sword, the man before Du Wei suddenly cried out in pain because he had just lost a pinkie finger on his left hand!

Calm and cold, Du Wei spoke: “You are a warrior, so you should know a pinkie finger would not affect your martial arts; nevertheless, what do you think would happen if I cut off your thumb? I believe I don’t need to say more, right?”

Letting a flash of bitterness cross his eyes, this man bit his lips as he replied: “I…… Understand!”

“Good, now tell me, where did your group e from and where are you heading to.” Though Du Wei’s smile was calm, but he was obviously giving off a dangerous vibe: “You can’t lie to me. I’m sure you’re aware of this already, but I’m a magician, I have hundreds of methods to force to you to spill the truth, that’s assuming I have to do that.”

Sure enough, his words had the added effect. The guy originally wanted to spout nonsense, but when heard Du Wei’s identity, a flash of frustration crossed his eyes. Coughing for a moment out of pain, he uttered his words in a low croaking voice: “We are the royal court’s Gold Wolf battalion.”

While the guy said this, Guptad quickly followed up with an explanation from the side:

The natives in the prairie follows tribalism, meaning the chief of the strongest and most powerful tribe can claim themselves royalty. During the court hearings, this certain individual can then order other various tribes to mobilize their armies at his will.

And without a doubt, the strongest and most elite warriors under the control of the royalty are the “Gold Wolf” battalion.

In general, the tribes living in the prairie plains will usually worship some kind of wolf or eagle for their deity god. For this reason, any entities that can carry the title with these names are extremely high in status. According to their tradition, there are four generals directly under the royal family that controls their own respective army: gold wolf, silver wolf, gold eagle, and silver eagle. Compared to the empire’s army ranking, these four are equivalent to an army head like General Rugaard of the Northwest Army. For the Gold Wolf battalion in question here, it’s similar to a battalion that specializes in scouting and border patrol.

Du Wei made a frowning hmm sound to indicate he heard all this. Inwardly, he was really impressed right now. For a mere scouting team, the guy in front of him can show such outstanding skills in horsemanship and take on multiple attacks without any problems! If not for the fact that his forces had superior numbers and a lot of magic apprentices to help , it’s unlikely his men can overwhelm the opposition.

Northwest prairie wolves, you really are amazing!

“Where did you e from and where are you going?” Du Wei asked again.

“From the lord of the great grassland and master all masters, we’ve e at his order to search for something.” Gasping like he had trouble breathing: “Our 300 member unit was heading south because it’s said that the thing we are looking for likes to stay near the mountain…….”

“Humph!” Without any explanation, Du Wei went down with his sword!

Letting out a painful loud scream, the poor guy’s left ring finger was chopped off by Du Wei’s cruelty.

“Like I said, if you are not truthful, the one to suffer is only you!” Du Wei coldly reminded the guy: “Since you are a part of the wolf battalion, then your group must only be a scout team dispersed from the main body. Speak, where is your main army!”

Opening and closing his mouth back and forth, the guy seems be having trouble deciding whether to speak the truth. Seeing this, Du Wei gave a forceful stare: “You already lost your pinkie and ring finger, do you want me to cripple your left hand entirely? Speak!!”

As a reply, this guy suddenly shouted back with energy: “Kill me; I’m a son of the wolf god! By insulting me, the wolf god will punish you for this treachery!”

“PAYY!” Du Wei made a disgusted remark: “What wolf god! You’re a proper normal human being, yet you go and worship some animal god! I would love to see your wolf god e punish me. Even if he or she does show up, I’ll turn that mutt into a fur coat!!!!”

With that, Du Wei’s sword is now threateningly aimed at the man’s face: “I’m going to count three times. If by then you still don’t speak, then I’ll cut off your entire left hand. One….. Two!”

“Stop, Stop!” The man suddenly exclaimed: “I’ll speak, I’ll speak!”

His eyes were filled with vicious poison as he bit his lips, “Our Gold Wolf battalion is about 60 miles from here and their destination is Anglia City to the North!”

When Du Wei heard this, he was immensely shocked: “What?” Anglia city?”

Since the man already popped the cork, he no longer had any reason to hold back.

“The Shaman King lost a very important magical beast and gave us 100 days to retrieve the damn thing…. Otherwise, the current prairie king can forget about keeping his throne. You people may not know this, but none in the grasslands can defy the Shaman King. As a result, our Prairie king made a deal with the Northwest Army and sent the Gold Wolf battalion out to plete this mission.”

Both upset and angry, Du Wei questioned the guy some more: “Why Anglia City?”

“We suspect the magic beast lost by our Shaman King was captured by your Duke Tulip. After careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that such an important creature wouldn’t be kept in your capital. In addition, we received news that Anglia City was heavily fortified and is restricting access to outsiders. Matching the time with when the Shaman King lost his pet and the time Anglia City was closed in, we believe it’s highly likely the creature is hidden somewhere inside….. Even if the creature isn’t there, it’s likely the Duke hid something very important inside. If we can somehow take control of whatever is inside, we can then use it to exchange for the Shaman King’s pet. From rumors, there’s only 3,000 soldiers stationed there, such number is definitely no match for the Gold Wolf battalion!”


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