Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 224 part 2

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Chapter 224 “First victory” (part two)

“Ziggy!!” While in the air, Du Wei suddenly bellowed out a cry: “All Hogwarts students are to heed my mand! The target is in front, everyone, FIRE!”

All 28 magic apprentices were originally lagging behind everyone else, but when they heard the order from Du Wei, all 28 of them had their spirits livened up as they began their spell chant.

Although these students still can’t be considered a fully qualified magician, but a simple fireball is still within their means.

With a single “phoo” sound, countless flaming balls of light appeared out of thin air. The spells evoked by these students can’t be called magnificent by any means, but having such large numbers is still quite magnificent to behold!

For reasons related to Du Wei, this simplest form of a fire element spell is certainly the most practiced incantation within these students arsenal because even the ones that’s not majoring in the fire element can easily conjure one up with ease.

Like a dazzling firecracker, volley after volleys of fireballs descended upon the enemy without mercy!

Seeing how disorganized the enemy is now, Guptad lets out a bellowing laugh as he raised his sword: “Separate into two wings and make sure none gets away!”

As expected of a cavalry unit personally trained by Longbottom. Without any signs of misalignment, Du Wei’s forces easily split into two groups and charged towards the opposition in a pincer attack.

Knowing they could no longer escape, the 300 or so remaining prairie wolves revealed their ferocious side when they realized they were finally cornered. With a tugging turn of their horse, they were no longer fleeing; instead, they made a counter charge right at their pursuers for a final clash!

Under the overwhelming battle cries of both forces, the leading riders in front were already colliding against each other with Du Wei’s men ing out on top! The prairie fighters may have been fierce in their final struggle, but the oute was decided from the beginning due to the sturdier metallic equipment worn by the soldiers of the empire.

With a single charge by Du Wei’s wave of cavalry troops, dozens or so of the prairie wolves were already knocked off their mounts from the impact. Despite already making the first clash, the leading Tulip troops showed no signs of slowing down; instead, they only called out for more as they charged forward even harder into the next wave of enemies. They knew they had the advantage, so with a few swings of their swords, countless enemy heads were flying across the air, which made the scene ever more gruesome!!

Through it all, this mini 250 Guptad was always leading the way in the front; as a result, his sight quickly fell upon the corpse impaled with his spear. Letting out a joyous laugh, he rushed over and pulled it out before charging right back into the heart of the enemy forces!

This guy really deserves to be called a fierce warrior because even an ordinary spear can bee a terrifying weapon in his hands. With each enemy pierced by his spear shrouded i Dou Qi, the unfortunate victim would always have their flesh vindictively explode upon impact. With blood staining his face and body, Guptad unsightly face is no different from a raging war god that strikes fear into his foes!

Both wings of cavalry riders have now surrounded the prairie fighters in a tight encirclement. Like sharp knives, every swing of their blades would always shred away a piece of the wolves flesh, leaving no room for retaliation.

Approximately a tea pot’s worth of time, the fighting finally came to an end to leave behind a mound of carcasses and the overwhelming scent of blood in the air.

Right now, many of the Tulip cavalry knights have already dismounted, and one by one, they began to check the bodies of the enemy. For those that didn’t die from their initial wound, these soldiers would quickly follow up with another stab to the vital spots to finish the deal.

Covered in blood, Guptad had fought so hard even his spear had snapped in half, leaving only his nearly crippled scimitar in usable condition. Despite his gruesome appearance, his spirit was very good. He may have been the fiercest among all his peers, but that came at a price and that is a wound to his shoulder. Fortunately, Du Wei brought along the 28 magic apprentices. In no time at all, his wound was healed by a simple healing spell.

Going over a simple head count, all 300 or so prairie riders have been finished off. While Du Wei had 4 seriously injured and 10 deaths on his side (These numbers excluded the ones that received minor injuries and was quickly healed up by the magic apprentices), but such results were already brilliant by any normal standard when it came to warfare.

After Guptad made a victory report, he then ordered everyone to reorganize themselves.

And all the while, our little Muse from the Lister Household was always in the back where he was well protected by the White Feather Knights. What is usually a handsome face on Muse is now replaced with a ghastly pale plexion without any shades of blood. If not for his excessive pride, it’s likely he would have already thrown up by now.

Seeing this kid’s reaction, Du Wei knit his brows hard and wanted to go up and say something, but then out of nowhere, a loud piercing cry came out from a soldier standing further behind him.

Without any indication, one of the supposedly dead bodies on the ground had suddenly jumped back to life. Quick and fast, this deceitful person swung his blade against the panicking soldier’s neck. Du Wei’s men may have been very well equipped, but this meant nothing in front of this sudden attacker. In mere seconds, a raining fountain of blood was spewing out of the now beheaded soldier’s body as it slowly fell to the ground.

The deceitful guy was obviously ready for this. After the initial strike, he only needed to make one long jump to make it to a nearby horse. Then with a hard kick to his newfound steed, this guy was able to smoothly break out of the encirclement and out of everyone’s reach!!

This sudden turn of event caught everyone off guard. When the closest Tulip soldier came back to reality and wanted to make chase for the enemy, the deceitful guy was already dozens of meters away.

“Damn it!!” Guptad was furious because he was already off his horse. Even if he were to mount his steed right away, there’s no way he can catch up to the guy now. Knowing this, Guptad did the next best thing that came to his mind. Without any word, he grabbed a bow and arrow off one of the nearby Knights of the White Feather.

Taking in a deep breath, he only needs to make a quick aim at the other person’s back before letting the arrow fly!

Woosh! !

Both accurate and fast, this shot was magnificent; however, the prairie guy was even better. While still riding at high speed, he only needed to spin his body around to accurately grab the arrow with his bare hands while it was still in midflight!

Guptad may be angry at this oute, but he had to admit it: “GOOD SKILL!!”

Tossing the bow and quiver to the ground, he then picked up his spear and cast it out in one loud powerful throw.

Unlike his first throw when the battle first began, this shot was even more alarming. Filled with his fury, sparks of densely packed Dou Qi looked like it could break out of the spear’s tip while it was grazing against the air!

Despite the frightening attack aimed right at him, this prairie guy was in no hurry. Using the exact same arrow he stopped with his bare hand, he then pinpointed the spot where the spear is flying at and used the arrow head to brush against it when it came close. Using the momentum created by the recoil, he used his other hand to firmly take hold of the spear.

Once in the clear, this guy rode another hundred or so meters away before shouting back at everyone in a loud cursing voice: “Roland pigs only know how to fight with more numbers! Thank you for the spear, HAHAHA!!”

Hearing this, Guptad and all the Tulip knights were all fuming with anger, expecially Guptad because it looked like he could burst his lungs at any moment from how hard he was puffing. Not only did this prairie guy kill one of his subordinates in front of him, he also deflected his arrow and spear, if this is not a slap in his face then nothing is.

“Humph, let me see you take another one then.”

Du Wei suddenly coldly snorted. With the Nirvana’s bow already drawn, he lets the arrow loose all the while standing upright on his steed… …


Before the guy even had time to react, a silvery arrow had already penetrated into his back and in moments, he collapsed onto the ground!

How powerful is the Nirvana’s bow? Unlike an actual physical arrow, this shot is the result of a highly condensed form of energy created by Du Wei. Upon impact, the aftershock alone is enough to cause a flower of blood to e gushing out of the poor guy’s back and send him flying to one side for over ten meters. Lying there on the ground without moving, this arrogant prairie wolf is now like a dead fish, unable to move even if he wanted to.

Such power, anyone that witnessed Du Wei’s shot was left aghast.

“Quit standing there.” Du Wei lowered the Nirvana’s bow and lightly said, “I didn’t kill him … … Send someone to bring him back, humph!”

At this moment, the Tulip troops suddenly erupted in thunderous cheers, particularly the 28 magic apprentices. How can they not when their beloved Dean shows off his might?

Not very long after, two of the knights were already back with the guy in tow.

Like before, Muse was still surrounded by his guardians, but this time around, his face looked somewhat stupor at what he was witnessing. From the worship like gazes aimed at Du Wei to the unflinching coldness ing out of Du Wei’s eyes, all of this made Muse unable to explain the feeling that was growing inside of him……


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