Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 222 part 1

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Chapter 222 “Alpha’s heart” (part one)

After drinking a cup of tea, Du Wei gently puffs out a sigh.

Seeing how unhappy Du Wei looked, Philip whispered by his side: “My Lord, are you worried about the Northwestern Army not retreating?”

“Worry?” Du Wei raises an eyebrow at the question: “What is there to worry about? Don’t fret, they are certain to retreat.”

Sure enough, when his words just ended, Dadaneier burst into the room after slamming the door open: “Duke, the enemy is retreating!”

Du Wei nods in acknowledgement: “I understand.”

Subsequently, the guards outside followed in to inform Du Wei that Madam Lister is requesting an audience.

Du Wei was startled. In collaboration with his expression, Philip quickly dodged his head away from Du Wei’s line of sight to leave only him and Dadaneier to the matter.

What’s she doing here?

Du Wei frowned with displeasure because this Marquise truly is a hassle. Since his birthday, this women somehow managed to fortably settle down in his home without his agreement.

So troublesome….. It’s not like he can just kick them out when the other party didn’t say they want to leave yet.

During the Northwestern Army’s encirclement, Du Wei was even worried that things will get dangerous so he specifically ordered a unit of soldier to standby at the castle for their safety.

Thinking it over, Du Wei can only cave in with a sigh: “Let the Marquise in then.”

Upon hearing this, Philip quickly made himself busy and left the room. While Du Wei had a depressed look on his face, Dadaneier was delightfully smiling the entire time.

It can’t be helped. Dadaneier is after all a former retainer of the Lister Household, it’s only natural he would root for his former lord and master. It’s not like it’s a bad marriage arrangement if things does work out, right?

Moreover, the Marquise is the definition of a goddess in this warrior’s heart, so everything the Marquise does is the right thing to him.

When the Marquise walked into the room, her eyes showed a blatant concern for Du Wei’s wellbeing. From her plain wardrobe alone, it’s obvious she came in haste after learning of his return. Despite the lack of accessory and makeup, her face was still as stunning as ever that even Du Wei’s heart skipped a beat upon her entry.

And in the back, Angel and muse was following closely behind their elder sister. Angel’s face may be showing a hint of apathy, but through Du Wei’s sharp sense of observation, he can tell she was forcefully putting up the act due to the constant glances she was giving him.

As for Muse … … This kid is now much more honest pared to before after experiencing Du Wei’s brutality. With his little head always lowered to the ground, it looked like Muse didn’t want to make any eye contact with him.

“Your dukeship…… ” Madam Lister gently smiles to show her goodwill: “I’ve just heard the Northwest Army was trying to besiege the wall and that you even made a personal appearance at the tower. I was so worried about you…. But seeing how good you are now, I’m relieved.”

Letting out a Haha laugh, Du Wei replies with haste: “The Marquise is too humorous! The Northwest Army is still a Corp of the empire so why would they make things difficult for me? This is merely the annual spring drill.”

Hearing these deceiving words, Madam Lister’s face went dark. From her beautiful face, a hint of resentment exuded out of her watery eyes as she whispered her next words: “Dadaneier, could you leave us alone for a minute, I have something to say to the Duke in private.”

As a former retainer of the Lister Household, Dadaneier naturally plied and made a slight bow before leaving.

With the exit of Dadaneier, the marquise slowly let’s out a faint sigh. Anyone that can have the luxury of listening to this delicate yearning voice would no doubt think of a maiden’s cry that could melt a person’s heart. Leisurely, she came up to the Du Wei’s side and whispered this into his ear: “Duke, are you still putting up a guard against me?”

Du Wei hastily shakes his head in denial: “Don’t be silly madam, how can you think like that?”

“Excellency.” The Marquise made the resentment in her eyes very clear now: “Do I really need to say it? This occasion of encircling the city is already excessive; in fact, it’s only one step away from open rebellion. Anyone that’s not blind can easily see you and the Northwest Corp is not of the same mind. So, is this stuff you’re spouting a way for you to ease my worry? Or….. Is it to fool me?”

Being stared at by such a stunning beauty is really making Du Wei unfortable. If he said he’s not tempted right now then he be lying.

Let’s say if, if the location and his identity were to be changed, then he would no doubt want to have a go at this ambiguous love game. Indeed, such a rare creature is not something a regular man can resist.

Let’s say a one night stand for example; he would undoubtedly break his heads out if that’s what it takes to get a chance at her.

However, being captivated by her outer beauty is one thing, but falling in love to the point of marriage is another!

Hesitating slightly, Du Wei sternly spoke his words to build up some courage: “Madam, you’re overthinking it. The stuff I said just now is to ease your worry. A mere force like that is not enough to intimidate me. Let’s not mention rebellion, they won’t even…….”

At this point, Du Wei smiles with full confidence in his eyes as he timely tapped the table before him: “Even if it’s true they are rebelling, this City of Miracle won’t be taken down by merely 40,000 troops. I already have plans in place so Madam, you shouldn’t worry.”

Compared to his previous unfamiliar tone, his words right now sure is different.

Hearing Du Wei’s explanation, Madam Lister immediately went from worry to joy: “Since your lordship have plans in place, then I won’t ask for more. It’s just that today there were so many startling stories floating around….. If you don’t mind……”

Suddenly taking out a strange translucent object from her bosom, Madam Lister gently puts it on his desk: “This thing is an heirloom of my household, but it’s nothing extraordinary. I know the night in the Northwest is bitterly cold, so I ask you to always keep it by your side. When you go on patrol around the wall tonight, this will keep the sand and cold from reaching you.”

Just as he was about to speak up in protest, Mrs. Lister suddenly cuts in: This is a token of my appreciation, please accept it.”

Du Wei originally wanted to push the object back with his hand, but when he did; his hands felt something soft under it. Looking down, he quickly realized it was Mrs. Lister’s delicate slender fingers. Creamy and soft, Du Wei involuntary shook his hands backwards at the sensation. What was supposed to be a gesture of rejection has now turned into a motion of acceptance as he pocketed the object: “I will definitely wear it.”

Unbeknownst to Mrs. Lister, when she does smile, her face somehow changes to that of a young maiden instead of middle aged woman. Therefore, when she shyly smiled at Du Wei’s willingness to take her gift, a halo of girlish charm was oozing out of her pinkish cheeks at that moment.

As for Angel that was standing in the back, she somehow managed to keep her silence through it all by biting her lips. However, she did turn back to give him another glance before leaving.

“Du Wei … … Your excellency.” Muse was the last to leave, but when he did, he left these words: “Sister and I were watching you from behind when you were up at the rampart.”

“Oh?” Du Wei picks his brow up.

“You … …” Muse hesitated for a tad bit before whispering his words: “You….. The way you shoot is really cool!”

At this point, Muse’s eyes suddenly rattled with panic as he hurriedly added in another sentence: “Ah, hmmm … … Angel told me to tell you this.”

With that, he hastily ran out to chase after Angel.

Du Wei sighs heavily ……

Women’s are hard to swallow, but beauties are even harder to digest…….

At his own thought, he pulls out the translucent crystal from his pocket and clasps it in his hands. From it, a slight warmth was slowly flowing through his palms.


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