Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 221 part 2

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Chapter 221 “The length of a arrow’s throw!” (Part two)

After both parties came to an agreement, Du Wei suddenly chuckles sinisterly. Then with a single swing of his body, he jumped up to the ledge with ease! His martial skills may be only average, but he did in fact train his body with the Star Dou Qi martial set for a long time now. Whether it is his flexibility or bodily strength, it is already very good even pared to a skilled master.

Clad in a suit of silver armor and a fluttering red cape etched with the flaming Tulip insignia, it’s truly difficult for anyone to find any fault with Du Wei’s current appearance. Like a knight in shining armor, he only needed to move his hand a little to awe the onlookers. Under the guise of a brilliant light from his hand, the form of a peculiar shaped longbow appeared out of thin air!

Looking at the contour of the bow itself, it was similar to that of a crescent moon in the sky. With two transparent crystals embedded on both side, this strange bow even had a set of sharp dagger like barbs at the two corner ends!

This is obviously the Nirvana’s bow that nearly defeated the infamous Green Robed Gandalf back in the coup!

Let’s not mention how gorgeous looking this bow is, just the height of it alone is enough to match Du Wei’s if he stood it upright. For all the onlookers, whether it be friend or foe, they were all astonished by Du Wei’s grand gesture.

Above all else, Guhuaduoluo had his heart sink like something bad is about to happen.

Du Wei wasn’t skilled in archery before, but ever since he got his hand on this amazing bow, even a fool would do everything they can to master it.

What’s more, this Nirvana’s bow is no ordinary weapon. When it es to archery, the main trait needed to master this skill is sharpness of the eye and arm strength. Yet it just so happens that this bow is a weapon tailored made for magicians. Without any need to rely on arm strength, the user only needs to control their magic to drive the arrow……..

This being the case, it’s perfect for Du Wei since his magic level is already well above the norm!!!

As for sharpness of the eye, it’s even easier…. Mages can use “eagle eye” to sharpen their eyesight to the level of a hawk, thus making him a better shooter than any mundane marksman out there.

During this one year in the Northwest, Du Wei had been secretly training with the Nirvana’s bow, and now, he finally gets the chance to use it!!

With the bow in hand; Du Wei only needed to lightly tap against the string to stir up the power inside the energy crystals. In a blink of an eye, a subtle silvery arrow appeared on the spot where his hands were.

Just as Du Wei was about to draw the bow, he suddenly lowered it again. Turning his head around, he faced Old Smoke: “Old Smoke!”

“Yes my Lord!” Old Smoke immediately stepped forward.

“Are you brave enough?” Du Wei lightly asks this.

Puffing out his chest, Old Smoke replied without the slightest sign of hesitating: “I am!”

He’s someone that already had half his feet in the underworld, what else is there to be afraid of?”


Du Wei laughs out loud with delight. Without any indication, he raised a hand and tore off his cape and tossed it over a spear held by one of his defenders: “Old Smoke, in a little bit, I will make a shot. When I do, you are to take that spear with my cape on it and use it as a marker for where my arrow lands!!”

Old Smoke loudly acknowledges the mand. Swiftly moving his legs, he took the spear off the soldier’s hand and solemnly stood behind Du Wei.

“General Guhuaduoluo, watch carefully!” Du Wei lets out a cold sneer. Gently lifting one foot up, he suddenly made a 360 degree spin to land atop of the pilaster. Pushing his body backward as he drew the bow, he looked like he was about to lose his balance at any moment.

This move of his is truly difficult to the extreme!

With two fingers hooking onto the string, Du Wei takes in a deep breath……


In one loud yunnn, a blinding light from the bow dazzled everyone’s sight. Without any chance for others to adapt to the piercing light, a meteoric arrow came flying out of Du Wei’s location and into the sky!

With a trailing light tail, this mysterious ball of energy easily bypassed the soldiers down below and into the far off distance…..

Stunned beyond reason, the 40,000 thousand strong army all stood there speechless, unable to believe what they were seeing……

As for Guhuaduoluo, he can only feel the beads of sweat slowly dripping down his forehead!

This … … What kind of bow is this?!

How far did that arrow go? Just thinking of this, Guhuaduoluo realized he didn’t even want to go down that path.

Getting off the pilaster with a simple jump, Du Wei casually returned the bow to his storage ring with a simple mand. With that done, he turned towards Old Smoke and said: “Old Smoke, go now. Mount your stead and go make my mark!”

Pausing to let his words set in, Du Wei suddenly laughs maliciously:: “My shot is a bit far….. But don’t worry. Old Smoke, I will wait for your return before having dinner.”

Unlike the happy attitude up top, Guhuaduoluo was in a plete mess when he heard Du Wei’s antics…..

Wait for him to e back for dinner?

How fucking far did his shot go?!!!

Subsequently, Du Wei turns around to face Guhuaduoluo that was standing down below. Unlike before, Du Wei’s expression this time around wasn’t so friendly: “General, a promise is a promise. Please have your men retreat back to a arrow’s length of space!”

Pausing, Du Wei suddenly gave a loud order: “Pass on my order as Dean of the magic academy! In one hour’s time, the land ranging from below the city wall to my arrow is marked for indiscriminate assault!!”

When his words went out, it resounded through everyone’s ear, especially the last phrase “indiscriminate assault”.

Bellowing out two booming laughs, Du Wei walked away without turning back.

Oh Northwest Army, you want to play hard ball with me? Fine, I’ll be even more ruthless!


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