Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 218

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Chapter 218 “Take a guess.”

With his hands clapped around his back, Du Wei got up without facing the Dragon Prince. Like this, he was wide open for an attack from the behind because the distance between the two is only 10 meters. With the strength of this dragon, it would undoubtedly only require a single strike to take his life.

But facing Du Wei’s charm and artistic style, Dragon Prince couldn’t help but feel too humbled to do such a despicable act.

Compared to the elegance of this young Duke, his own action thus far is too murky. Then thinking about how he caused the destruction of such a fine instrument, the Dragon Prince’s heart began to ache uncontrollably.

Unable to bare it, Dragon Prince made a deep apologetic bow: “Duke, because of my arrival, I’ve ruined your precious instrument. I am truly and deeply sorry….. Please excuse me.”

Well, this Dragon Prince really is someone of fine taste. After being fooled by Du Wei, all his will of pleting this mission is now all but dead.

Aigh, what’s so great about being the chief … … I don’t care. It’s such a shame this person is the enemy of our dragon clan. Even if I don’t harm him, he will still die by my brothers hands…. What a shame!

Thinking of this, Dragon Prince wanted to leave with a dismal expression on his face. Despite being the eldest among the dragon princes, the character of this dragon is that of a free soul, a mere title of chief cannot shackle his will.

Just as he was about to leave, Du Wei suddenly stopped him with a shout: “Honorable guest, hold on.”

“Eh?” Dragon Prince turns around to face Du Wei.

With the same pretentious smile: “You think you can just walk away like that after ruining such a fine instrument?”

His sentence truly is ridiculous to the core. It was he who took the sword out, it was he who smashed the instrument into pieces, so how can he so shamelessly blame it on the dragon prince?

Yet, it is exactly this type of personality that the Dragon Prince accepts!

(Talk about it nonsense much?)

Once he heard this, the Dragon Prince became utterly ashamed: “This…..”

“Humph” Du Wei seems to smile but did not: “You intentionally hid yourself to observe me, and there’s the killing intent ing off your body…. I’m guessing you came here with ulterior motives today, right?!”

Unable to retort, Dragon Prince could only mutter his next reply: “Then what should I do? I have some treasures on me right now, why don’t I give them to you as pensation?”

Finishing his words, Dragon Prince then pulls out a “longan” sized jewel that extruded a slight fluctuation of energy.

Note: Longban is a fruit monly found in china.

“This is a water repellant bead.” Dragon Prince whispers, “I got this after slaying a giant turtle 200 years ago in the Eastern Sea. This type of giant turtle is one of the largest creatures in the sea and in order to produce such a bead inside its body, the creature must have lived over 3,000 years. While you are in the water, you can forcefully push the water aside to create a space devoid of liquid. If your magic is strong enough, you can even have tens of thousands of people travel with you under the sea. As for the value of this thing, even I don’t know. However, while I was traveling around the world 300 years ago, one of the humans I had dealings with offered me millions of gold coins to purchase it off me. Of course, I refused him…..”

Not waiting for the Dragon Prince to finish his words, Du Wei already cut in with a cold mocking laugh: “Are you here to insult me, or to insult yourself?! Whatever, although you were eavesdropping on me with ill intent, but I thought you were better than this since you were able to understand my music….. Yet you actually brought out something like this to measure my music? Humph!”

The way Du Wei spoke sounded like there were infinite regrets in his words: “To an average person, I wouldn’t trade my music even if they offered me immense wealth. But to the right person, I wouldn’t mind gifting it for nothing. Never mind, you can leave! It was my folly to think you are not one of those mundane creatures of this world!”

Despite being accused by Du Wei’s outlandish words, Dragon Prince not only didn’t get angry, he actually felt guilty about his own actions.

That’s right! Such an amazing instrument, how could he have possibly have been so foolish to put a value on it?

Thinking back to the times of how he only had the chance to play his music in front of those dragon warriors up at the mountain, a sense of loneliness began to fill the Dragon Prince’s heart.

And now seeing this human before him, a strong sense of goodwill began to sprout inside at a rapid pace.

Suddenly, Dragon Prince chuckles aloud before speaking in a sincere tone: Duke, you’re right, I’ve offended you!”

With that, Dragon Prince casually tossed the priceless bead into the lake like he was throwing away a piece of trash.

Subsequently, Dragon Prince deeply bows again: “Duke, I won’t hide it from you. I originally came here today with ill intent against you, but now, I no longer have such thoughts. Your character and charisma has deeply impressed me and I’m deeply regretting my actions of ruining your great instrument. In order to show my sincerity, I will do one specific task you ask of me!”

Only like this did Du Wei finally show signs of happiness. Facing the Dragon Prince, he chuckles once and began to pat the leather pads covering the ice block: “It’s rare to find a friend that understands my music. Fortunately there is wine here and with such nice scenery, why don’t you sit down and share a cup with me…. Consider this the pensation to me!”

Hearing this, Dragon Prince began to greatly admire the person in front of him. Gently flying over, he sat down without hesitation and began to dig into the fine wine: “Good wine! From where I’m from, there isn’t a wine parable to this.”

Then facing Du Wei, he asked with curiosity: “If you knew I wanted to harm you, then why didn’t you use that promise to ask me where I’m from? Aren’t you worried about these things?”

Du Wei was inwardly snickering: I already knew your origin, so why should I ask you dumbass?

Unlike his true thoughts, Du Wei slowly sat down with his head facing the sky: “Look around, a person in this world is like the cloud in the sky. All its actions are beyond its control. Whether it idols or move will depend entirely on the wind. Humph, you kill me; I kill you, all of this is for the mundane, so what is there to ask?”

With that, Du Wei suddenly turns around with open arms to look at the Dragon Prince, face donning a strange smile: “Look at me, I am a Duke. Not only is the scenery you see around us belongs to me, the entire Northwest is mine! I’m a lord of thousands with absolute authority here, but no matter how glamorous I am right now, none can escape death! Once I’m gone, the vast stretches of land here cannot be taken with me to the coffin! If it’s like this, why don’t I just focus on the immediate gratifications before me?”

At this point, Du Wei lets out a loud HAHA laugh. From the Dragon Prince’s hand, he grabbed hold of the wine bottle and took a sip of the liquid inside: “I don’t care whether you are here to kill me today or not, nor do I care where you are from. I only know you are a bosom friend right now! After drinking this wine, we will go our separate ways. If you want to kill me in the future, then go ahead. Whether you kill me or I kill you, that is for then to decide. I just know right now you are sitting beside me here to share in this bottle of fine wine.”

Impressed by Du Wei’s frank words, the Dragon Prince’s heart began to shake with so much uncertainty that thoughts of aiding Du Wei surfaced in his mind.

Dragons are extremely proud creatures to begin with, so the fact that he can sit next to Du Wei and share in a drink is a miracle in itself. Seeing how the wine in the bottle is ing to an end, a flash of conviction crossed the lizard’s eyes. Without delay, he stood up and slowly spoke: “Duke, even if you don’t ask me, I must say this. After today, you still have a month of security before another enemy shows up. I’m afraid the next one to e see you won’t be so easy to mingle with!”

Du Wei laughs out loud: “You don’t have to worry, I Du Wei, is not someone so easily bullied. Regarding your goodwill, I have already accepted it!”

Dragon Prince repeatedly shakes his head: “The next one to e find you are certain to be my brother. This brother of mine only cares about the objective when he does things. Hence, the reason why I hate him the most because he doesn’t care what means he use. Since I hit it off with you so well, I cannot watch you die like this…… Let’s do this then, I will stay in the Northwest for the ing days…..”

Regardless of whether Du Wei will accept his gift or not, he pulls out a crystal ball and places it in front of Du Wei: “Duke, you may be a genius among your peers, but my brother isn’t so easy to deal with. He’s well educated in the art of martial skills and is a fierce warrior…. In addition, due to our lineage, he has an advantage over everyone on this continent. As long as you smash this crystal ball to the ground when you meet him, I will know immediately. At that time, it will only take me a short time to get to your side to save your life.”

With that, Dragon Prince stood up and sighed: “I’ve spent most of life up on that mountain and never knew there would be such an amazing person like you. It’s truly a shame I cannot e out often, otherwise, I can share a joyous drink with you more often! Nevertheless, the harvest from this trip is enough to sooth my heart. Even if I return to the mountains, I won’t feel so lonely like before.”

After that statement, Dragon Prince floated up into the sky and transformed into a gigantic gold dragon! Flapping his enormous wings, he began to soar through the sky in the general direction of the North……

Quietly watching the Dragon Prince disappear before his eyes, Du Wei slowly began to reveal an expression of pity.

It was at this moment, not far from the Lake, several figures slowly emerged from the bushes. Of course, these people are Vivian, Hussein, and Queen Medusa because they are the most powerful people Du Wei had access to right now.

This move of his may be tricky, but there is a risk to it and more importantly, he’s not entirely confident the dragon won’t just outright attack him. As insurance, he secretly had these three lie in wait to ambush the enemy if anything happens.

Based on their powers, the dragon shouldn’t be able to sense their presence as long as the three didn’t move.

Hussein looked confused as he frowned at Du Wei: “Why didn’t you make your move? I think the dragon already lost his hostility towards you at that moment. If you brought out that pet of yours, there would have been at least seven to eight chances to pick up this dragon.”

Sighing, Du Wei only shakes his head as he raised his head to look up at the sky: “I was only putting on an act, but he is truly a man of fine taste. I may have scammed him into admiring me, but the truth is I admire him even more! Compared to him, it is I who is truly a man of low standing. Anyways, he already left me such a big gift, so let’s save the move for the next dragon.”

After a pause, Du Wei began to mock himself: “I may not be a good person, but I still have a bottom line.”

Hussein also began to admire Du Wei for his words, but after a second, Du Wei’s fox tail began to leak out.

Grinning, Du Wei squinted his eyes as he spoke to Hussein: “I say my Saint Knight, you can swim right? I’ve firmly memorized the spot where the water repellant bead was tossed, if you don’t mind, can you go grab it? That baby is worth several millions of gold coins easy!!!!”

Once his words came out, Hussein could not help but roll his eyes back in disbelief.

Unlike Hussein, Vivian still had a pair of innocent eyes as he looked at Du Wei. To her, every move of his is the right one and should be taken for granted.

As for Medusa, even she was sighing in pity. Under the setting sun, this snake woman remains as beautiful as ever even when she shakes her head: “Is this the so called human nature…..”

Giving Medusa a glance, he didn’t care as he laughed: “Miss Nicole, I promised to teach you human nature when I brought you out of the valley, but due one reason after another, I didn’t have much chance till now. Since there’s time today, I will teach you a lesson in human wisdom!”

“What?” As expected, Medusa began to ask.

Du Wei laughs in a he-he manner as he explained: “Don’t pretend to be good or pure, if you do, you will either be hit by lightning or be played by others.

Then he paused to let his words sink in: “These words may sound crude and vulgar, but at the same time it’s not. The good and pure never have good endings, remember this.”

Medusa was expressionless. Who knows if Du Wei’s word left her speechless with anger or is it because she really grasped onto something.

As for Vivian, she suddenly asked with a question mark on her head: “Zhuang … … Zhuang… … What does it mean?”

This girl is still young, so she is still too embarrassed to truly utter a vulgar word like “zhuangbi” from her mouth.

Note: zhuangbi is the actual word that is used for pretentious in the previous chapter and this one. Unfortunately, English doesn’t have a direct translation for this slang so I can only use the closest word to it.

Du Wei smiles Hey-Heyly as he stroke his chin back and forth. Like a wolf watching little ride riding hood, his eyes circled around Vivian like a prey has just appeared: “My baby, you don’t need to know this kind of stuff for now…. If you want to know, I can slowly teach you later on in private.”

How can our na?vely innocent Vivian pick up on Du Wei’s perverted thoughts? As a reply, she only sweetly smiles with a nod.

Hussein coldly cuts in: “Enough with the nonsense. You have only one month left to prepare for the next one. Do you have any plans?”

Du Wei laughs Hey-Heyly again: “Take a guess.”


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