Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 217 part 2

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Chapter 217 “A pretentious prick” (part two)

Under the setting sun, Du Wei closed his eyes like he was in deep thought for a good while. Then without any sign, his hands began to move to create a fluttering flurry of melodies……

After years of not playing, he would of course be a little rusty. Even so, it didn’t take long for him to pick it all up again. With each pluck, pinch, glide, hook, and roll, the stirring sounds of the instrument in his hand began to waft out into the whistling wind. Neither too harsh nor too soft, anyone that listens to this unique melody would secretly begin to get excited!

This song “Fighting Typhoon” is one of the top ten classics and is also one of Du Wei’s favorite tunes. Unlike most songs played on the zither, this tune is more befitting the harsh landscape in the Northwest.

Continuing at this momentum, Du Wei only stopped when he finally finished the last note with a hooking motion of his finger. Like a general at war, Du Wei lets out a powerful laugh as he gulped down a mouthful of wine: “Since a guest is here, why not speak up? Or is it because my music is too hard on the ears that you won’t talk?”

This small little question seemed like an understatement, but it is at this moment about 10 meters away, the space in front of Du Wei began to twist apart. Slowly, a figure emerged from the distortion. With a faint surprise on this visitor’s face, this newer’s voice sounded like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing: “Eh? To be able to see through my draconic stealth spell, your dukeship sure is amazing.”

Du Wei’s face remains unchanged at the sudden remark, but his eyes gave off a strange subtle plexion.

The hell … … You really thought I could see through your stealth spell?

Du Wei began to laugh inside at the oute.

The truth is he never had such abilities; he’s only putting on an act.

Unlike the artistic and elegantly cool look he gave off, Du Wei had already sat here on this ice block for three full days and night. Inwardly, Du Wei was screaming torture!

By now, the frost chilly under his butt had long numbed his lower half. If this dragon continues to delay his arrival…. Du Wei fears his anus will really grow some boils at this rate!

As for how he saw through the dragon’s stealth, it’s all nonsense!

The truth is Du Wei would sit on this ice block and play the zither numerous times. Every time he did, he would recite the same enigmatic speech. If he had to count the number of times he did this little show, it would already be in the hundreds.

Sure enough, Du Wei finally succeeded!

“This young Duke … … Is not so simple!” This is the first impression Du Wei gave the dragon prince.

“What is the instrument in your hand and how e I’ve never seen it before?” The Dragon Prince earnestly eyes the zither in Du Wei’s hand.

Du Wei makes a charismatic smile like he was a true artist: “Just a little toy I made to amuse myself. What do you think, is it acceptable for the ears?”

The Dragon Prince’s face became startled.

He made it?”

With his interest in music, this dragon prince can’t be fooled. Whether is it the movement of the fingers or the melody of Du Wei’s music, everything about it has already matured to the point of being a unique entity.

And everything was created by this kid? Even for a music genius like him, known as the most talented dragon musician, he could hardly be pared to this youngster!!

Du Wei’s ass is already frozen, but his face remains unchanged and kept up with that fake smile of his. Then out of nowhere, he gently laughs and made one powerful stroke on the strings to create a short but warlike hum: “Oh respectful guest’s movement is hard to catch, but your murderous gaze cannot be concealed from the melody……”

With that, Du Wei suddenly jumped up and pulled out a long sword from his magic pouch.

Dragon Prince grimly smiles. Despite seeing the sword in Du Wei’s hand, this dragon prince did not take it to heart because even if an army shows up, it is nothing but a blimp in this dragon’s eyes. Yet, this music addict couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed……

Dragon Prince: Aigh, such tolerance and temperament. When he unintentionally heard this “Fighting Typhoon” song while secretly lurking nearby, he couldn’t stop his heart from aching with a sense of loss.

Although Du Wei’s skill with the zither is already quite rusty, but the song he played just now is considered a masterpiece of the classics, more importantly, the zither is something this world has never seen before. Therefore, even this music crazed dragon can be so easily mesmerized by his performance.

“This youngster may be an enemy, but such character and style….” Even for a dragon like him that has lived for over 300 years, he couldn’t help but loosen his hostility by a few notches.

Yet, after only a few words, this Duke can so easily ruin the mood with that sword. Inwardly, this dragon prince was frowning with disappointment: “And here I thought he was better than this. No matter. This way around, I won’t feel so guilty about taking his life.”

His facial expression changed to show a faint spec of killing intent. However, just when he wanted to speak, Du Wei suddenly raised that sword of his…..


After a cold swift slash, the once beautiful zither is now broken into two pieces. Letting out a sigh, Du Wei then threw the broken instrument into the Lake…..

Seeing this, Dragon Prince became surprised and anxiously asked: “What are you doing, how can you so crudely destroy such a magical musical instrument?!”

Instead of rushing his answer, Du Wei turned around and responded in a cool manner: “Music is like the heart. If tainted with a stain, it will lose its clarity….. Aigh, my instrument may be good, but it was dirtied by your murderous aura, so how can it ever make a good sound again?!”

Once he heard the youngster’s word, Dragon Prince turned ghastly pale like he had mitted the greatest sin in history. With shame in his eyes, all his senses of wanting to kill this young Duke is now pletely evaporated….

Compared to him … … What am I?

Unlike the miserable thoughts running through the Dragon Prince, Du Wei was in fact laughing through the roof: “Oh Dragon prince, i got you now! HAHA?”


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