Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 216 part 2

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Chapter 216 “Disregard!” (part two)

Queen Medusa suddenly took several steps backward like she was very afraid of the thing before her.

QQ gently smiles: “It’s alright Miss Nicole; you don’t have to worry about being called upon. As long as this Fire Fox remains alive, this guy can’t summon another subordinate.”
Afterwards, QQ’s tone began to get serious: “It is precisely because of this strange ability that every magician in our era would so painstakingly seek them out! For a powerful magician, they can form a soul contract with it and once that happens, the individual can even call upon a dragon to do its bidding if the conditions are met…..”
While Du Wei had his jaw drop with disbelief, QQ was slowly sighing: “Master Du Wei, if you are willing, you can immediately sign a soul contract with this guy and make him your pet. At that time, you can tell it to summon a dragon…… Then according to the contract, you will have a dragon at your disposal!”

Hussein suddenly cuts in: “Magicians with Dragon pets isn’t that rare, right?”
Du Wei also nodded in agreement. Let’s not forget, even our little Vivian and her sister Joanna are outfitted with dragons.

“If it was just the average dragon then it wouldn’t be much.” QQ shows a look of disdain: “However, according to my knowledge, those mages that is known to have tamed a dragon is only capable of ordering some water or fire dragon….. But then, what about the higher ranked dragons? Back in Aragon’s era, there’s been a rumor that a powerful magician was able to use this guy to summon a mighty gold dragon! Some even said this guy is even capable of calling a divine dragon, of course, this is all based on the assumption that you can even approach a divine dragon.”

Looking at all the shocked expression etched into the faces of everyone in this room, QQ made a lovely smile: “Now then, wouldn’t you consider this guy to be invaluable? The only pitying part is that even back in Aragon’s era, this red hair guy is already rumored to have died out……”

Du Wei suddenly gasped for a deep breath like he was having trouble breathing: “No wonder … … That Shaman King would go through so much trouble to find this guy!”

Gargamel suddenly began to laugh out loud: “It seems you really are in luck this time by having this precious demon beast fall into your hands. Once you sign a soul contract with this guy, you can kill this Fire Fox and go call a dragon to your side!”

Du Wei never was the type to be good, but this time around, his cunning smile looked absolutely insidious.

“You mean … … Dragon? Isn’t there a great opportunity just around the corner?!”

Capital of Desa province, loulan City, also known as the City of Miracles.

Spring of the year 961 is finally here and it is also precisely in this season that this newly built city became vitalized with energy. Through the spreading of its fame, more and more outsiders are beginning to visit this place.

Aside from its location being closer to the frontier and the continuous growth of its population, Loulan city has now bee a major focal point in the Northwest trading route between the empire and the prairies.

In particular, the one year tax free benefit set out by Duke Tulip was exceptionally attractive to the passing trade caravans. As the market grew due to the large influx of merchants, the businesses around the city also flourished, especially the pubs around the area.

Adding in Du Wei’s own business, Loulan City soon became an important mercial hub for the frontier.

According to Philip’s calculations, if not for Du Wei tax exception, just a quarter’s tax revenue alone could have brought in 100,000 gold coins.

On this morning in the biggest hotel of Loulan City, an unusual guest made an unexpected appearance. With a hat far higher than that of a magician, the guy’s robe was so long that it was dragging along the floor. For the passersby’s that saw this strange phenomenon, they wouldn’t be able stop themselves from worrying over whether the guy would trip over his own robe.

“Good afternoon Sir.” One of the waiters in the hotel immediately walked up to greet the strange person. Although the guest was wearing strange attires, but this is the frontier of the Northwest, what kind of strange people have he not seen yet? With a polite and professional smile, the waiter said: “How may I help you?”

The strange visitor had strange yellow eyes and if one were to take a closer look, the onlooker would undoubtedly gasp a deep breath…. The reason is because unlike an ordinary humans round pupil, this person’s pupil was vertical like that of a snake or a reptile.

“I need some wine, the best wine in your cellar.” The person’s voice sounded a little dry and it was clear he wasn’t very familiar with the official language of the empire. However, the Northwest is a place where a lot of people carry a strong accent gather, so it wasn’t much of a shock to the waiter. What did surprise the waiter though is the pieces of gold the new guest threw out!

Yes, it’s real gold! And not the universally used coins of the Empire, but real gold chunks! Our waiter could hardly believe his eyes as he tightly squeezed the chunks of heavyweight metal in his hand. Just from the weight alone, the waiter can already tell there is at least 10 gold coins worth of gold in his hand!: “Dear guest…… You…….”

This strange guest didn’t seem to mind at all. What is usually an ordinary face highlighted a peculiar charm when he smiled: “The extra will be your reward…… I’m an outsider and the reason I came here is because of the rumors surrounding this so called city of miracles. Think you can help me resolve some of my curiosity?”

“Of course!” the waiter readily agreed, and his enthusiasm quickly went up 10 fold: “Honored guest, you are not the first foreigner to be interested in this Loulan city. You know, this city was a the result of our lords amazing abilities….. In merely three months, this city was raised from the grounds up. I truly can’t think of a proper word to describe how great the Duke is.”

The guest only smiled without any signs to give away his thoughts: “Oh, if so… … I’ve heard that the Duke conjured up a lot of green giants to help build this city, right?”


“Can you give me a bit more detail?” The guest seems to be even more interested.

The waiter was somewhat embarrassed. Regarding this topic, he had already boasted about it multiples times over and over again in front of previous guests, yet, in front of this mysterious customer, he had the instinctive feeling that he shouldn’t be exaggerating like before.

“This … … Dear customer, the event is absolutely true. When the Duke showcased his miraculous powers, he didn’t simply just build this city; he also created a harvest miracle. Through that unbelievable harvest, everyone in the Desa Province wouldn’t have to worry about their food supply for the entire year. Then there is the magnificent feat of raising this city. The Duke managed to call forth an entire group of green giants to help in the construction. Did you know? A boulder that would usually take 10 hulking strong men to carry can easily be lifted by a single green giant….. My god can you imagine the scene at the time?! From the mouth of a craftsman present that day, he told me he was like in a trance every day because he could hardly believe his eyes!”

The guests nodded: “Those Green Giant, can you explain their features?”

“This … … I don’t know, after all, I wasn’t present there that day. You see, I didn’t lie…. But from what others say, these green giants were originally trees in the surrounding environment. Perhaps only the gods would know what kind of magical spell the Duke used to turn those trees into living creatures.” After a pause, the waiter suddenly lowered his voice to a whisper,” I almost forgot to tell you … … I’ve also heard that during the construction project, the Duke not only raised some Green Giants, I heard the … … Duke also conjured up something even more amazing to help.”

“Oh?” This guest seemed to be even more intrigued: “What are you implying?”

“I heard it was … … Dragons!” The waiter gave a mysterious look.

Upon hearing this word, the guest sparked a subtle anger across his eyes like he was full of disdain towards what the waiter just said: “All right, thank you for your time, but I still have a problem. While I was in town today, I saw a notice at the gate. Can you tell me what is written on it? I’m still not very familiar with your texts yet.”
“Oh! You mean that notice?” The waiter’s spirit suddenly light up again: “That is the current hottest news making the rounds because that is a mand issued by the Duke himself. Since three days ago, no vessel is allowed through the lake in the ing month. I heard that the Duke intends to create another miracle! Although we don’t know what it is, but we all know the Duke is not an ordinary person! Right now, everyone is quite eager to see what surprise he will bring us next.”

The guest seemed to sneer at the explanation: “If so, the Duke isn’t in the city at the moment, right?”

“Oh, I heard his lordship left a few days ago and is heading for the lake.”

“Thank you.” The guest stood up and threw several pieces of gold into the waiter’s hand again: “Thank you for your time. From what you told me, I’m even more interest in this Duke of yours.”

Once out of the hotel, the guest turned into a small alleyway to only disappear into thin air without any trace of his existence.

Father warned me to be careful of the powerful people surrounding this Du Wei, especially that Queen Medusa. But now that I’m prepared…. Humph-humph!

Du Wei, your head is mine! I’ll use your head in exchange for the chief’s position!


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