Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 216 part 1

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Chapter 216 “Disregard!” (part one)

Though this red hair monster before Du Wei is ugly, but at the very least it could understand the human language which is not mon among demon beasts. Aside from this, the most important aspect is its ability to control other creatures like this fire fox.

At this moment, Du Wei is facing off against this monster in a secret underground room behind the Duke’s castle.

This guy seems to be quite afraid of him because the moment Du Wei released the monster from his storage ring, the first reaction it had was to retreat into the safest corner of the room with the fire fox standing guard next to it.

The reason for its reaction is due to fear. It instinctively sensed danger around himself like that of a creature being in the presence of a more advanced foe.

Very soon, our mysterious creature found the source of its fear from a woman standing in the room.

Despite having her eyes closed with a gentle appearance of a young blond lady, our red hair monster instinctively sensed a similar aura like his own extruding out of Nicole…..

“It is peaking at me.” Nicole suddenly speaks up: “I can sense this mental strength snooping around my body. Hmm….. His mental strength is very strange.”

“I think he is an high class demon beast.” Du Wei slowly speaks: “It can drive this fire fox to defend him which is a ability usually only found on advance demon beasts. However, I couldn’t find any information on this guy…. So what exactly is he?”

Nicole also shakes her head: “I don’t know … … But I am sure of this though … … He is afraid of us. This kind of self-awareness is a feature only found in those that had evolved to a very high level.”

Du Wei nods in agreement.

Slowly walking up to the creature, he was halted by the fire fox’s intervention. With its tense glare, the fire fox stares at Du Wei like he was an enemy.

“I’m not trying to hurt you.” Du Wei smiles innocently at the red hair creature: “You understand what I’m saying right? Don’t forget it was I who saved you. If not for me, you would have been caught by the Shaman king’s henchmen.”

Red hair Monster hesitated for a second before nodding. His barbed tongue somehow gave off a picture that could cause anyone to feel nauseated. Fortunately it was being honest and kept its timid self-huddled to a corner of the room.

“Since I saved you, I think you should show some kind of gratitude right?” Du Wei began to sneer because he still hasn’t forgotten how this guy threatened him C Du Wei is not the type that forgets something so easily.

“Can you tell me what exactly you are? Hmm, though you can’t speak, but can you at least show me what you are good at?” Du Wei stares intently at this thing: “To be able to make the Shaman King go so far for you, you must not be an ordinary monster.”

Nicole seems to match Du Wei’s word as she took two steps forward.

The fire fox originally had its teeth barred at Du Wei, but with Nicole’s approach, the little guy suddenly reacted like a frightened rabbit. Clamping its tail between its legs, the fox huddled its body together and began to shiver uncontrollably.

“His aura is giving me a strange feeling.” Standing in front of Du Wei, Nicole gave off a rarely seen frown: “The atmosphere around this thing is making me very unfortable….. It’s almost like it could harm me…. I don’t know what it is, but my instincts can’t be wrong.”

Du Wei’s expression went dark: “Something that can hurt you?”

Queen Medusa could already be called one of the strongest demon beasts in this world, yet this guy is giving off the danger signal to a being that can even petrify a dragon?!?!

The more he learns the more intrigued Du Wei bees: “What exactly are capable of?”

Red hair Monster nervously stares at Du Wei, its quiet sobbing sounded like it was both warning him and begging for mercy.

“Miss Nicole, are you able to municate with it?” Du Wei sighs.

“Du Wei, although I am also a demon beast, but I’m just a snake in the end.” Medusa bluntly lectures him: “I don’t know how to municate with other demon beasts.”
“Then……” Du Wei thinks for a second: “Maybe you can try attacking it … … When it tries to protect itself, it might show off its skill.”
Medusa coldly responds to Du Wei: “You want me to open my eyes? If so, there will only be two results. He will die, or he will resist me and live.”

Du Wei scratches hid head annoyingly: “Whatever then … … Let’s get someone else here, maybe they will be of some use here.”

His curiosity towards this guy is starting to rise by large margins at this point. To be able to make the Shaman King go through such trouble, this thing is definitely not ordinary….. What’s more, Du Wei couldn’t find any information of this red hair monster even after flipping through all his books.

Can it be a never before seen demon beast?

Aside from inviting Hussein over, Du Wei even brought out our Mouse Prime Minister from his closed door training. Sadly though, both mouse and man couldn’t pinpoint what this creature really is.

Finally, against all expectations, the one to recognize this Red Hair Monster is actually our heavenly beast Mr. QQ…….. Talk about leaving someone speechless!

Wriggling his fat body, QQ immediately cried out the moment he enters the room: “Oh god! Du Wei, what did you do!”

This bird that had always poised itself as the most graceful penguin in this world suddenly had his eyes light up like a star. Without thinking twice, QQ dashed towards the red hair monster like how a scrooge just came across a mountain of gold!

As a loyal follower of the red hair monster, the Fire Fox immediately opened its jaw to spew out a blast of flame at the sudden intruder.

Fortunately Du Wei was quick witted enough to snatch our feathered friend away in time, or else, there would be a roast bird for dinner tonight.

“QQ, you recognize this thing?” Du Wei’s once dark expression turned into delight.

QQ danced around with excitement: “Recognize? Oh heavens, you really don’t know what this thing is? Oh god! In Aragon’s era, this baby is something every wizard dreams of finding! Unfortunately, even back then this creature was thought to be nearly instinct…. So where did you get your hands on one?”

Not waiting for Du Wei to reply, QQ quickly rolled his tiny pair of eyes around and began making a “purring” sound from his beak.

This whimpering sound ing out of QQ left Du Wei somewhat dumbfounded. Nevertheless, the red hair monster seems to suddenly have its spirit lifted because it also began to make a purring noise like QQ. The way the two went at it looked like they were both very excited.

What came next is a bizarre scene of a Penguin and a red-hair monster purring back and forth. Before Du Wei knew it, QQ was already drawing up to the red hair monster like they were panions…..

In the end, this red hair creature finally let’s down its wariness and even allowed QQ to pet him with those flappy wings.

“QQ…… You … … ” Du Wei almost couldn’t get his words out: “You … … You can municate with it? Why didn’t you tell me you are fluent in other languages?”

QQ turns around to sigh at him: “My dear master … … This is because you never ask.”

Du Wei suddenly became enraged as he angrily stared at this deceitful penguin: “I didn’t ask you? You sly thing, you eat mine and drink mine, yet you dare hide a card!!!”

QQ gracefully sighs again like he was speaking to an inferior being: “Dear master, let my conscience be my witness, I never once lie to you. Since you never ask me, what else can I do?”

Du Wei mercilessly stomped his feet with his veins popped: “Okay! Then you tell me now, what other language do you know? Humph, aside from the words left by Aragon and this monster’s language, what else can you do?”

“This one……” QQ seemed somewhat embarrassed: “Master, the truth is I can municate with every animal in this world.”

Before Du Wei even had a chance to speak again, Hussein already cut in: “You mean. You are an ‘animal Whisperer’?”

Du Wei can’t even get angry anymore. The only thing he can do now is look at this penguin with eyes full of disbelief and surprise: “Really?”

Animal Whisperers are a legendary entity. From the stories, it is said these people can municate with any animal regardless of their origin or living environment.

But the problem is … … There had never been cases of creatures other than a human being capable of doing this…. Let alone a penguin.

“Enough!” Du Wei waved impatiently: “We will discuss your other secrets later. Right now, tell me exactly what the hell this thing is!”

“This one……” Noticing Du Wei’s anger, QQ’s voice quickly changed to that of a pleasing tone: “Dear master, I think I need to congratulate you … … Before you is a very valuable demon beast. From a certain standpoint, it can be said that this thing is the most valuable demon beast in this world! To be more specific, its ability is unmatched by any other!”

“Oh?” Du Wei was interested now.

“But ……” QQ suddenly changed his words: “it also has another name called ‘the most useless monster’ because other than that one ability, it does not have any other capability. Even as an advanced class demon beast, this thing can only summon one follower to its side. Look, even now it can only summon that single fire fox. For our beautiful Medusa here, she can easily summon a group with ease. The reason for this odd circumstance is because the summoning ability of this red hair creature is the strangest among all demon beasts.”

“Hurry and explain why it is so strange!” Du Wei is starting to get impatient.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, my Lord.” QQ doesn’t dare beat around the bush: “It is exactly this strange summoning ability that makes it so terrifying. Its summoning ability has several characteristics: Firstly, it can only summon one creature to be its follower. Secondly, the summoning is for life! That is, unless the fire fox dies, it will always be this red hair creatures most loyal subordinate. Thirdly, unless its current subordinate dies, it can never use its summoning ability….. Also, it cannot kill its own subordinate!”

Du Wei nods in understanding: “Hmm, in short, while the other high class demon beasts can summon more than one creature to their aid, this red hair creature can only summon a single subordinate with absolute loyalty?” Du Wei wasn’t very satisfied with this result.

“Of course it’s not so simple!” QQ’s voice started to bee excited: “If it was only these three points, then it can’t be called the most valuable demon beast in this world! The important factor here is its fourth quality!”


“Disregarding all class differences!” QQ used an almost reverent tone when he said this sentence: “Whether it is Queen Medusa or a Wolf King, they can only summon a handful of lower rank demon beast to their side, right?”

Medusa nods in affirmation.

“Then this thing is different! Its summoning ability is able to disregard all class differences!” QQ’s voice became emotional: “In other words, even if it was a dragon….. It must still obediently bee this red hair creature’s subordinate!”

Du Wei, Hussein, Gargamel, and even Medusa all had the color of their face change multiple times!!

A summoning capable of disregarding all class differences?!

And faithful to death?

This is simply too horrifying! This isn’t a summoning skill, it’s outright slavery!


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