Law of the Devil – Chapter 214

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Chapter 214 “good news and bad news”

Leaving behind Longbottom and the magic apprentices in the base camp, the day was already dark for the evening when he made his way into Loulan City.

In the courtyard behind the Duke’s castle, Du Wei finally met up with the heavily injured Hussein.

From his appearance, this Saint Knight no longer had any apparent injuries on his body. Though Hussein’s Saint level Dou Qi had the property of healing physical wounds, but that doesn’t mean it’s omnipotent. In order to recoup the blood lost during this ordeal, our saint knight will need to use some indirect means like herbs and medicine.

Watching Hussein’s expression, Du Wei became serious as he gave Old Smoke the order: “Keep watch outside and made sure none is allowed in.”

After saying this, Du Wei ran to Hussein’s side and sat down: “You really brought back some bad news.”

“It is indeed some bad news.” Hussein’s expression was very apathetic.

“Now then, tell me what the hell happened.”

Hussein gently sighs instead of answering directly. From his clothing, he brought out the bag he brought with him to reveal the legendary sword “beauty under the moonlight”.

Du Wei only needed one look to be shocked with surprise: “Why is Rodriguez’s sword in your hand? Can it be you met with that person in the frozen forest?”

Hussein nods: “If not for this guy… … I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to e back alive!”

Afterwards, Hussein began recounting his experience.

A month ago, Hussein was entrusted with a mission to visit the frozen forest by Du Wei. With his great strength, there should have been no need to fear the hostile environment of that place

But as fate would have it, Hussein found some unusual marks when he had just bypassed the circular lake.

“In the beginning, I found the carcass of a dead monster pinned to a tree. It was an ice demon wolf, and from its size, I can speculate it was already nearing its evolution point. I was surprised by this because I was already past the lake, which even the brave mercenaries wouldn’t dare cross. Then after another day, I came across several more monster carcasses, it was earth dragons. (pangolin) You know it too, the scales of an earth dragon is extremely rugged, but from what I saw, the scales were shredded into multiple pieces. This is obviously the work of a powerful warrior. If I had to pare the guy’s skill to my own, I can only at best match him.

Then on the third day, I saw something more interesting: while traveling along the lake’s shore towards the North side, I came across an iceberg in the middle of the lake. Looking through the transparent ice crystal, I was able to see an ice bear frozen inside. From this, I came to the conclusion that the guy responsible for all these killings is very capable in ice attacks.”

“The one responsible is Rodriguez?” Du Wei asked.

“Yes.” Hussein nods, confirmation Du Wei’s speculation.

“How could that guy have ran all the way to the frozen forest?” Du Wei frowned.

Hussein hesitated for a second before slowly speaking his next words: “He went there for us.”

After Rodriguez assisted the crown prince in the coup, he was never seen again. Despite this, his status as a Saint level warrior is forever recognized in this world. Even for our former Holy Knight Hussein, this most wanted man on the continent, he was only rumored to be a Saint Level warrior, but Rodriguez is different. Once he defeated the Grey Robed Sword Saint in front of everyone with his golden Dou Qi, he had since then replaced Hussein’s position as the “number one knight” in everyone’s mind.

As a man that should be standing at the epitome of a warrior’s path, Rodriguez’s appearance in the frozen forest should be for Hussein because what he needs now is a worthy opponent to further his skills.

According to the Temple’s information, Hussein’s last known location is within the frozen forest.

“You two met?” Du Wei’s tone sounded serious.

“That’s right.” Hussein nods.

“And the result?” Du Wei hurriedly asks.

Hussein appears to go silent like an elusive fox, but afterwards, our usually stern looking knight actually smiled: “You want to ask who won, right?”

Du Wei did not deny this: “Of course I wanted to know. You two are now the most powerful warriors on this continent.”

“All right.” Nodding, Hussein then seems to downplay his story: “I won, but he also didn’t lose.”

Du Wei became startled.

“We peted for two rounds.” Hussein spoke in a light tone: “He gained the advantage in the first round because he had his “Beauty under the Moonlight”. Though I was at a disadvantage, but even then he could not break through my Star Dou Qi. We didn’t have the intent to put our life on the line, so we decided to temporarily halt the fight. Then during the second battle, he gave up his advantage of using his “Beauty under the Moonlight”, in the end, I beat him.”

That’s it?

Du Wei would course know that a battle between two Saint Knights aren’t as simple as he claimed!

The confrontation between the two most powerful warriors standing at the peak of this continent should have been an exciting and intense battle. It’s truly a shame he couldn’t witness it in person.

“My shoulder’s injury is what he left behind on me.” Hussein snorted like it wasn’t much of a deal: “But he can forget about fighting anyone in the ing year!”

“Then what about that “Beauty under the Moonlight?” Du Wei frowns.

Hussein did not directly answer the question; instead, he seems to be grinning: “Did you know? You almost lost your life.”

Du Wei became somewhat confused: “What does it have to do with me?”

“After we finished duking it out, we both stepped back because we didn’t want to put our life on the line. To be able to find a rival in this world is a very rare thing. Guess what? He then asked me where he could find me in the future, and I told him I might be in the Northwest….. When he heard this, he looked very surprised. He then explained to me that he was entrusted with a mission by someone to e to the Northwest….. His job is to e help you.”

Du Wei gasped with shock, followed by a look of surprise: “He’s…… ing to help me?”

“I was also quite surprised by this….. He told me he resented you for causing the Crown Prince’s death. Although he already repaid the debt he owed to the Crown Prince, but you did play a key role in the coup, so consider yourself lucky that he didn’t e looking for you afterwards…. Du Wei, remember I wasn’t by your side at the time. With his strength, you wouldn’t have lived even if you had several lives in your pocket.”

Du Wei became speechless.

“Fortunately, he was persuaded by someone to leave you alone. At first, he intended to seek me out in the frozen forest before ing to find you in the Northwest.” Hussein sighs at this point: “The situation deviated a little from target; although our duel didn’t cause any life threatening wounds, but we did get injured from over exhausting ourselves. Fortunately, the treants home isn’t too far away, so I took him to the valley to recover….. It is there where we met the dragon.”

Du Wei’s face sank like was in the deepest part of the ocean: “Could it be that the old dragon went back on his oath and came to settle the old scores?”

Hussein shakes his head: “It wasn’t the old dragon….. But, the dragon that came is not someone I can deal with by myself. Though the guy’s magic power is only average, but his physical body and strength is recognized as the strongest in the dragon clan. I’m sure you remember the stupid dragon standing guard in the mountain, right?”

The stupid Dragon? The guy that was stumped by his silly math problem?

“Indeed, the dragon that came is the very same guy.”

Listening to this, Du Wei was somewhat relieved: “Turns out to be that stupid thing…… Had the Dragon Chief gone crazy? Sending out such a fool!”

Hussein coldly spoke: “He’s not just a simple idiot…… The guy’s magic power may be mediocre, but the sturdiness of his body is not to be taken lightly…… Du Wei, by my estimation, I fear even the old dragon’s body is only so-so in parison. I even heard that the silly dragon can even rival the dragon chief if they only peted with their physical body.”

“Also……” Hussein’s face turned very ugly: “The guy told me that the Dragon Chief already made the decision. If anyone manages to take your head, the old lizard will hand over his position to that dragon! For this reason, the three sons of that old snake are already on their way here to seek you out.”

Du Wei started to go numb like the very life is being sucked out of him.

Three Dragon Prince wants to e find him?

The strength of that old dragon is terrifying enough, now there’s three more like him? Oh god……

“Hold on… … You said the idiot told you this… … What purpose does he have in doing so?” Du Wei frowns with suspicion.

“……” Hussein looked gloomy: “This is the most dangerous part in this matter. The idiot told me he came to seek you out in order to protect you…. The dragon chief’s decision caused quite the stir in the inner workings of the dragon clan. Everyone wanted to take the dragon chief’s position, so they didn’t want you to die at the hands of the three dragon prince! Aside from bringing some information about the dragon princes…. I was told that it would be for the best that the three prince don’t e back alive!”

Du Wei’s eye lit up with hope!

“According to the agreement, each prince will meet you separately with a time limit of one month to achieve their goal. If the first guy fails, then the second one can take over. Not surprisingly, the first to e looking for you is the eldest son of the dragon chief. According to the information, the guy is very skilled in draconic magic while being average in martial arts.”

Du Wei mind started to work overtime: “Oh…… Since someone wants to work together…… ha-ha, then they must have provided the guy’s weakness too, right?”

Hussein suddenly burst out a laugh: “Indeed, he told me the weakness of this dragon prince is……”

At this moment from within the frozen forest, a tall lean figure stood at the mouth of the treants canyon. With his pale face, he looked towards the south where the vast stretches of snow covered the horizon.

“Teacher Blue Ocean… … I hope you made the right choice. That Du Wei, can he really change the Northwest?” Rodriguez gently mutters this to himself.


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