Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 212 part 1

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Chapter 212 “Blood Skull Flag” (part one)

Watching the flames ing right at him with incredible speed, Du Wei instinctively ducked his head only to find a part of his hair singed by the blast. Just as Old Smoke and his men started to scream at the situation, Du Wei then found himself being attack by a black shadow. Pouncing at his left shoulder, the sharp teethes of this creature easily pierced through his skin to cause great pain on his body.

Like a beast’s growl running through his ear, Du Wei then found his body being flung into the farmhouse like an object.

Enduring the pain scorching through his shoulder, Du Wei then opens his eyes to look up from the ground. It is then that he saw it. What should have been nothing but haystacks inside this unlit farmhouse is now occupied by a strange monster lying in the middle.

Standing a meter in height, this oddity stood upright like a human with some clear differences. Its arm was much longer while its leg were shorter, if Du Wei had to make a reference, this guy can even be called a monkey from the large volumes of bodily hair. However, its fingers were webbed like a ducks with only three appendage fingers. If anything, it’s better to call it a fan from how wide those webs are.

Covered in its flaming red hair, this monster just stood there in the middle staring right at him. Du Wei really was taken aback by this creature’s appearance because the first picture that came to mind was a haunting ghost from those scary moves with its long tongue sticking out of its mouth all the way to the ground. That’s not all though. In addition to the strange growl it was making, Du Wei also noticed the tongue was covered in small fleshy spikes; this made it increasingly scary because it gave off the image of something really nasty in his memory.

(In case anyone didn’t understand the reference, the author is referring to the freaky tentacles in Japanese porn)

Never once in his life did Du Wei hear or read about such a monster.

Poor Muse. Maybe the kid fainted or something because he was just lying there under the monster without moving an inch.

As for Du Wei, he wasn’t any better because a grey haired creature with green eyes was busily eyeing him down. This time around, Du Wei immediately recognized this creature with a glance.

A fire Fox: This creature is a medium sized demon beast with fire properties as its base. Not only is it fast with good reflexes, it’s also like a dog with canine like teethes and a good sense of smell. In addition to being able to emit fire to fend off an enemy, it can also burrow away to escape from more powerful foes.

After getting a clear look at the two beasts, Du Wei immediately posed himself. (Seems the theory from the brothers were correct after all!)

As Du Wei got up from the ground, the Fire Fox continues to bare its bloodied fangs at him, ready to pounce again with a moment’s notice. Seems the creature that attacked him earlier was this damn mutt.

Stuck between two monsters in a small space, Du Wei knows he’s in no position to put up a fight especially when he’s not good in melee bat. Inwardly, he’s praying Old Smoke would rush in at any moment with help.

It is then the unknown monster that Du Wei cannot identity made some purring calls which caused the Fire fox to timidly step back.

Taking all this in, Du Wei’s heart sank because he knew only an advanced demon beast can drive another low ranked demon beast into servitude.

With one leg stepping on Muse, this monster then made several purring roars at Du Wei as it pointed at Muse with a grin. Surprised by its actions, Du Wei suspect is starting to suspect the thing is trying to municate with him.

But he can’t speak the beast’s language.

It was at this moment, a loud bang can be heard from the outside and in seconds, Old Smoke was already running in after slicing apart the door apart. As for the two guards that were with him, the one that was bigger and couldn’t feel pain came crashing through the wall. The farmhouse was made out of wood to begin with so it wasn’t that hard to crash right through the structural wall. In a triangle formation, the trio surrounded both Du Wei and the Fire Fox.

Du Wei immediately cried out at Old Smoke: “Don’t e! Stay over there!”

The Fire Fox had already given up on Du Wei. Facing one of the guards, this fox slowly stepped backward until it was by the other monster’s side.

Relieved, Du Wei finally got up from the ground and looked at the monster stepping on Muse’s body: “You…. What are you trying to tell me?”

Although Du Wei knew that any demon beast capable of evolving into its advanced form is equipped with a certain level of intelligence, but he wasn’t so sure if the thing can understand his words.

Sure enough, the creature seemed to understand his meaning. Reaching out its paw to point at Old Smoke and his two subordinates, it then points back at Muse and made a throat slicing gesture.

“Okay! Okay!” Du Wei immediately threw up his hands: “I get it! You are warning them not to go over, right?! I will have my people move back, all right?”

Du Wei then made several gestures to have Old Smoke and the two guards move back a few steps to where the entrance was.

“Sir, are you okay?” Old Smoke asks with worry: “The signal smoke is already lit so General Longbottom will be back soon.”

Du Wei nods: “I’m fine.0…. You guys stay back and don’t get too close… … This guy doesn’t seem to be very hostile.”

This monster seemed to understand Du Wei’s words as it nodded several times. Then pointing at Du Wei’s shoulder, it made several woo woo purs like it was apologizing.

“All right, Mr. Demon Beast…… Sir.” Du Wei smiles wryly because he never a time would e where he would end up talking to an animal: “It seems you can understand my words…. If so, what do I have to do to make you let my friend go?”

This red haired Monster then shakes his head back and forth. Jumping a few times on the spot, it hands looked like it was holding something. After a few times of this demonstration, Du Wei finally realized the thing was trying to imitate the posture of someone riding a horse. Noticing Du Wei’s understanding, the monster then points one of its webbed fingers towards the outside and made the same posture again.

Du Wei frowns as he made a guess: “Are you saying … … there are horse riders ing from the outside?”

Red hair Monster nodded as it pointed to itself. Letting out a few pitiful cries, it then made a posture like it was being tied up.

“Hmm, they are ing to catch you?” Du Wei smiles bitterly.

The Monster nods again as it showed a miserable looking posture.

Du Wei lets out a breath of relief: “You don’t want to be captured?”

Then with a gloomy face, he continues: “I don’t understand what you mean … … I can let you off and not hurt you, but you have to let my friend go.”

It was at this moment the monster suddenly started to bow at Du Wei, its whining cries carried a begging tone.

“You … … are asking me to let you go? That’s fine… … Ah no, you’re asking me to help?” Du Wei struggles to guess the monster’s meaning.

Finally, after the Monster repeated the riding posture, Du Wei now understands: “You’re asking me to help you drive away those who are here to catch you?”

“My Lord, can it be talking about our Calvary riders?” Old Smoke asks from behind.

Du Wei thought for a moment only to shake his head in the end: “This should not be it.” His expression became serious as it stared at the monster;” You’re able to understand my language, why is that? Did you live with humans before?”

The reaction from the Red hair Monster was a look of freight as its body trembled in fear.

“Okay! Okay!” Du Wei quickly cries out: “Don’t hurt my friend and I will drive away the people outside.”

It was then he heard the sound of someone blowing a whistle C this is the warning signal used by Longbottom and his men that they encountered an enemy!

What came next is the banging and panging sound of fighting mingled with Longbottom’s call to assemble……

Du Wei expression changed immediately: “Someone’s ing? Old Smoke, hurry outside and take a look!”

Old Smoke’s face was also dark as he ran outside without another word. As for Du Wei, he can see monster was already trembling, it’s face extremely nervous.

Du Wei spreads his hand out: “Alright, I can protect you…. But first, you must let my friend go!”

Despite Du Wei’s words, the Monster shakes his head again and again as it stepped firmly on Muse’s body. This gesture is pretty obvious already, even so, it made it crystal clear when it pointed at Du Wei and then at the outside.

Fate likes to play on people because it is exactly at this moment Muse woke up from his slumber. Finding himself under the foot of a monster the moment he woke up, Muse immediately uttered a loud shrill cry of horror. From his ghastly pale plexion, Du Wei really wished the kid would just faint again to make it easier: “Muse, don’t move if you want to live! Listen to me and be obedient! Stay quiet right now!”


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