Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 211 part 2

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Chapter 211 “slap” (part two)

Regarding this slap, Du Wei did not hold back his strength because there Muse was dumbfounded by what just transpired! What was usually a handsome face is not covered in five clear fingerprints!

What was a placent and derisive look is now solidified. Like a knee jerking reaction, he clutched his face as he stared at Du Wei, unsure if this was really happening because never once in his life did he get beaten, not even by his sister!

Very soon, the kid woke up from his stupor and a anger began burning his eyes. Using his sharp voice, he growled: “You dare to hit me!!!”

Since when did Muse ever suffer from such humiliation? Blinded by rage, he had long forgotten about Du Wei’s identity and reached for his sword. In a single push, he thrust his sword right at Du Wei’s chest!

Although Du Wei is a magician with weak martial skills, but after practicing the Stars Dou Qi martial steps, his body is no longer as weak as it once was. Besides, Muse is not some kind of martial prodigy, so how can he harm our little devil.

With a little effort, Du Wei easily dodged the thrust by stepping sideways. At the same time, his hand did a back swinging motion and landed another hit across Muse’s face!


This hit was even harder than the last, thus, causing Muse’s right face to swell up instantly. Even on the corner of the kid’s mouth, there is a spec of blood leaking out.

Under such brutality, Muse faltered and dropped his weapon. Despite how weak his body felt, Muse was too angry to give up.

Seeing how the brat was trying to pick up the sword again, Du Wei became even more irritated. With a flick of his finger, Du Wei sent a ball of light flying at Muse.

After being hit with this spell, Muse found his body weakening like his strength was being drained. Instantly, his body collapsed to the ground.

Even after all this, this stubborn kid still didn’t give up and reached for the sword hilt again. Seeing this, Du Wei came forward and stepped on the sword to crush the last remnant of hope/

Muse had a face full of anger as he tried to budge the sword: “Du Wei, how dare you be rude to me! My sister won’t let you off for this!!”

“Sister?” Du Wei spent no effort in hiding his contempt: “Oh, you can only take your sister out to threaten me? Humph, a kid that didn’t grow all his pubic hair yet dare put on air in other’s territory?”

Though Muse was flushing with shame and anger, he could not talk back because Du Wei’s words were all hitting the target.
“If a person wants to be arrogant, they must have the ability to back it up!” Du Wei continues to merciless crush the boy: “What about? What skill do you have? You are nothing but an idiot that can only rely on your sister! I can pick any one of my bodyguards to beat eight to ten of you! Without your sister, you are nothing but trash!”

Muse couldn’t retort at all from the lethal insults: “Du Wei, you dare!”


Replying to his words is another slap across the face!

This strike was very hard that even Muse’s head was turned sideways from the force.

“I dare!” Du Wei’s face did nothing to hide his grin: “I dare, so what! It’s because I’m stronger than you! A hundred times stronger than you! If I want to go against you, I can ravage you however I want! And what about you? Other than putting on some air, what else can you do?”


Just as Muse began speak, Du Wei immediately sent another slap across his face!


The four loud slaps is like a sharp knife cutting apart the arrogant pride in Muse’s personality. Now, there is not a spec of the former attitude.

He did not know when, but his hand had long given up the sword. Instead, his hand was now covering his fear filled face.

“Speak!” Du Wei’s outcry caused Muse to cringe backward. Then just when he wanted to open up his mouth to speak, Du Wei suddenly raised a hand in an intimidating fashion: “Do-Don’t hit me anymore…..”

“Humph!” Du Wei heavily grunted as he lowered his hand: “Do you know why I hit you?”

Muse quickly shook his head.

“Boy, you better listen up.” Du Wei angrily said: “Now that you are following me, you better be good….. Especially when you address me, you are to call me ‘lord’, you understand!”

Muse finally showed no signs of resistance like he had caved into Du Wei’s power: “Al-alright.”

“What did you say!” Du Wei’s eye gleamed with fury which cause. Muse to jump with freight: “Yes…. My lord.”

With that, Muse’s watery red eyes finally began to cry out. Seeing this, Du Wei frowned with contempt because he couldn’t believe how weak willed this Lister kid is. What was usually a arrogant kid is now crying like a woman.

“What are you crying for?!” Du Wei cried out: “Get up now and tell me where you went last night!”

Muse covered his face as he fearfully dodged Du Wei’s gaze: “I…… I only sneaked out because I didn’t want those guys to underestimate me……”

“So why did you e back from the South?” Du Wei frowned.

“I… .. I do not know.” Muse suddenly looked somewhat embarrassed: “Last night was too dark that I couldn’t see the way. After a while, I fell asleep…. By the time I woke up, I already found myself on the southern side. It was by asking some locals did I find my way back…..”

Du Wei coldly laughs: “From your appearance, you looked very carefree! Is it because you thought I would be in a panic because I couldn’t find you so you intentionally came back slowly?”

Muse really is terrified by Du Wei’s somber look. Without even trying, an indescribable fear pelled him to answer: “Ye-yes…!”

“HAHA!” Du Wei laughs coldly: “Your thinking is right. I was in a panic when I couldn’t find you and even sent all my people into the mountain to find you. But do you know why I was in such a panic? I bet you didn’t think it through on the consequences of your little stunt!”

Muse was unable to speak.

“If you really met with an accident under my watch……” Du Wei voice was clear and serious: “Then your family and I will forever be sworn enemies…. And I will destroy your family at any cost! Don’t doubt my willingness to do it! I will not let the Lister Family continue its existence in this world! Think about, because of an idiot like you, your sister and clansman will all die because of you! Now, do you still think your little stunt is interesting?”

Muse can obviously feel that this horrifying little devil is definitely not lying to him! From the oppressive eyes, he really believes Du Wei will do it and will achieve it!

In the face of such intimidation, Muse’s heart began to bud a seed of fear!

“Why are you still like that, do you expect me to lift you up?!” Du Wei’s single order caused Muse to franticly get up and move back a few steps.

“Humph, just a useless sissy boy.” Du Wei grunts a sigh of contempt: “There’s blade for you to practice, yet you choose to practice the sword. There’s a gold sword for you to take yet you take the silver sword, what a kinky bitch!”

Slightly venting his anger, Du Wei then turns around to face the eccentric Old Smoke and the slightly frightened Sandia. With a wave of his hand, he orders: “Call everyone back from the mountain by burning the wolf dung!”

The two guards immediately turned to obey his orders, but before they can take two steps forward, a earth shattering ROAR came from behind the farmhouse nearby!!

Then the contour of a long red shadow suddenly popped out from behind the house and quickly rolled around the dazed Muse…. Du Wei is having a clear look at this thing now… It’s a really long, long tongue!

Poor Muse did not even have time to recover from his fear before his body was swept inside the farmhouse…..

Du Wei’s moment of stupor was enough to let the creature pull Muse into the farmhouse! Greatly shocked, he quickly ran towards the farmhouse as his first response, but before he can take a step inside the farmhouse, a wave of flame sprayed out at him from the inside…..


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