Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 211 part 1

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Chapter 211 “slap” (part one)

Du Wei did not say blaming words at Longbottom, but even a fool can see the Duke’s anger.

Facing Du Wei’s gloomy face, even General Longbottom is starting to regret.

The truth is Muse’s action of sneaking into the mountain at the dead of night was partly his fault because he secretly told his men to let our troublemaker suffer a bit.

These guys may not really dare do anything to our Duke’s guest, but during the night’s watch, they had Muse stay up during the latter half because it’s the hardest. Aside from this, they were also mocking him left and right in revenge for the rude remark from before. Who is Muse and how can a little lord like him put up with such insults? Before dawn, he made an excuse and quietly sneaked away while the others weren’t looking. Seeing the troublemaker didn’t return after a long time, the other guards on night’s watch finally realized what has happened when they go searching and found Muse’s footprint.

“What did your people say to him?” Du Wei’s voice map appears calm, but was apparently at the edge of losing it already.

Longbottom smiles wryly: “They said to the boy: If you dare laugh at the Duke for being cowardly, then you must be very brave. Our lord is brave enough to go into the frozen forest, what about you? The kid probably couldn’t take such insult and ran into the mountain in search of the demon beast.”

Du Wei suppresses his anger down: “immediately call everyone and search the mountain!”

Du Wei also hates the kid, but he had to face a fact: Muse cannot get hurt under his watch! During this period, he still needs the Lister Family to help him expand his business.

And this hateful Muse is the only heir to the Lister family!! If something happens to this brat, even if their relationship is even closer, there’s no other oute other than being enemies!

No need to mention the resources under the Lister Family, Du Wei can already tell the Marquise is not an easy opponent to deal with. With her intellect and extensive connections, he can already imagine the headaches she would bring…..

Everyone has been called upon and sent up the mountain according to the plan set out by him last night. The only difference is the radius of their search has been expanded several folds and the target has been changed to that hateful kid.

“No matter the case, everyone must guarantee the safety of the boy! This is the highest priority!”

In addition, Du Wei also assigned his personal bodyguards into the search teams. This included the weird talents he recruited and the former hunter under him.

Du Wei also intended to personally go into the mountain, but his people stopped him. He is after all duke, he can’t always personally do everything, if he did, what’s the point of having subordinates?

Moreover, even if he went into the mountain, it’s not like he can make a difference. He may be a magician, but with his abilities right now, burning an entire mountain forest is out of his league.

He would call for the treant panions to help him search, but his miniature version of the horn of life can only bring forth mindless beings. These blundering giants would listen to his every mand, but something as plicated as finding a lost kid is out of the question.

Besides, after slightly weighing in the matters, he still felt Hussein was more important.

He decided to stay in Cow Tongue village for another half a day. If by then there’s still no news, he’s going to ditch the matter here and rush back to Loulan City.

That bloody Muse…… If they bring him back, he’s going to violently beat the kid once and for all! Du Wei gnashes his teeth as he thought this.

The Lister family is certainly an ally he did not want to abandon, but Hussein is even more important!

For a guy he hates, Du Wei is not so stupid to abandon a guy that went through hell with him.

The truth is Du Wei did not even have the patience to wait until noon. By morning when the sun just rose, he was already having trouble suppressing his anxious state! Though Sandia made it clear Hussein did not have any significant problem and is already resting in the castle, but Du Wei is still shocked by the news.

The piece of Dragon scale…… From that old lizard, is he really going to get even with him? Back in the bloody battle at the frozen waste, Hussein became blind in one eye, Medusa had to use her iconic petrification eyes, and Gandalf sacrificed himself to cover their escape……

Despite their narrow, the hatred on both sides is practically set in stone. Even now, Du Wei suspects the old lizard is not the type to go back on his words…. When Aragon tricked him into keeping his promise for a millennium, this guy may be a nasty bastard, but he still kept to the deal. On this point, Du Wei really admired him.

Yet now……

Du Wei is so upset that he went numb. The Dragon patriarch is not an easy opponent he can take lightly! Let’s not mention the extremely powerful body of a dragon, Du Wei almost certain the strongest being on the continent now is this dragon that could stand even with Aragon! Back then he had Gandalf, Hussein, and Medusa by his side; even with so many powerful allies, his side only broke even…. And now, his side is down one person. Let’s not forget the lizard mands an entire dragon clan too!

Du Wei may have vowed to get revenge for Gandalf, but this is not the right time! With his abilities, he feared he won’t even have a corpse left after they’re done with him.

With the sun hitting noon, Du Wei can’t wait any longer. Tightening his grip on the whip, he sternly said: “We’re not waiting anymore, let’s go!”

Du Wei is now only left with two guards, Old Smoke, and little Sandia by his side. Hearing his words, Old Smoke knitted his brow because he is originally from the royal guards, so he did have some insight:

“My Lord…… I don’t think this is a good idea. Muse is after all the heir to the Lister Household. If the Marquise asks and you can’t explain why you returned without her brother, it will bee a difficult situation.”

Du Wei of course knows Old Smoke’s words are right, but he is simply too anxious…. Regarding Hussein’s matter, Old Smoke is not in the loops. Then there’s the matter of the dragon patriarch, how is he going to explain that part?

His expression became gloomy as he gritted his teeth: “That reckless kid…. Humph, if we can’t find him, then he deserves it…. There’s no reason or us to waste our time here waiting for him!” His words may be harsh, but he followed up with another sentence that gave away his true thoughts: “Humph, if we find that brat…. I guarantee I will give him a special treatment so he can’t get out of bed for ten days. If he can get up before then, I will write my name backwards!”

With that, Du Wei mounted his horse with a hateful face. Sighing, Old Smoke did not have anything else to say after knowing the Duke made his decisions already. However, just when they were about to set off, Duke widened his eyes to star at the southern road in town…….

Completely opposite from where Kilimanjaro Mountain is, a horse was casually strolling towards them with a kid leisurely sitting on top. With a lazy smile, this somewhat womanly faced person is none other than the person Du Wei wanted to hurt the most.


For this boy, everyone went up the mountain to search for him, yet, he dare e from back from the opposite direction?!

Just seeing the carefree face on this kid is making his anger boil over! The first thought that came up is to rush forward to strangle this bastard!

The second thought was to violent beat the idiot that said they found Muse’s footprint headed into the mountain!

Of course, Du Wei wanted to do the first option the most right now.

Even for someone like Old Smoke that was standing nearby, he could clearly feel the frightening chill extruding from the Duke’s body!

While the young duke is usually very pleasant to those down below, but he is well aware that once this person really bees angry, the result would be devastating…..

Du Wei’s face was livid as he narrowed his eyes to glare at the kid.

Muse seems to also feel something was not quite right with Du Wei, but he was too placent at the moment. Even when he finally came up to Du Wei, this brat dismounted like he was flying through air from how smug he looked.

Old Smoke was sighing already….. This boy really doesn’t know when he’s screwed.

“Mr. Muse, please explain where you went last night.” Du Wei did not bee angry right away like Old Smoke imagined. Instead, he was too calm, so clam that it was scary!

Muse seems oblivious to the danger befalling him with the proud mocking smile: “Oh, are you concerned about my whereabouts? Humph, are you scared that I lost?”

But his arrogance only lasted up to here.


A resounding crisp sound came out.

Du Wei did not wait for the kid to finish when he sent his hand flying across the left cheek!


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