Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 210 part 2

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Chapter 210 “Fuck!” (part two)

Those magic apprentices had long forgotten about the kid. Dismounting, these students began bing through the town in search of clues related to the magical beast. Unlike the soldiers that came before, these young mages are much more knowledgeable so their questions for the villagers had left the regular soldiers baffled.

For some of the students, they even wanted to look at the livestock bodies attacked by the so called monster.

Luckily, the weather in the Northwest is cold, so many of the bodies haven’t deposed yet. Seeing how these prestigious mages aren’t afraid of dirtying their clothes and is even willing to personally inspect the body, many of the soldiers nearby were having strange thoughts in their minds.

Very soon, the students came to a conclusion.

“Dean.” A leader of the student came over to report: “We found a clue; any livestock bitten all have the same characteristics of having a lot of their blood drained…… Apparently, the monster loves blood but only blood of living creatures. When the victim is dead, the assailant would stop and move on to the next victim. We’ve cut open several bodies to e to such a conclusion.”

Du Wei was pleased: “What else?”

“And……” The students spent a moment in though: “The brothers do have a split in opinions, umm, but the possibility of that idea is unlikely.”


Du Wei recalled the brothers are different from the rest. Unlike the rest of the class that was from the military, only these two siblings hailed from a declining noble family.

Among his students in his Hogwarts branch, this pair of brothers is the youngest because the people sent over from the military are mostly around 18 years of age. They may be young, but their talent is in fact the highest!

“Yes, they presented an idea, but we doubted it. However, we cannot e to a conclusion, so we thought it was for the best that you inquired the theory from them yourself.” This leader of his student spoke in an objective manner.

Du Wei is also very pleased with their rational towards the question. Unlike the traditional megalomaniac mages he’s seen so far, he wants his student to be fair and objective when tackling an issue.

“All right, have both of them e over.” Du Wei gave the order, but before the guy left, he called out again: “Wait a minute, Ziggy.”

Ziggy is the name of the guy. Though he is only a cadet in the army, but because of his rigorous nature and fair personality, the students all recognized him as their leader.

“Dean, is there something else?”

“Ziggy.” Du Wei ponders a bit as he slowly said: “I noticed in your words that you used the word ‘brothers’, right?”

“…… Yes, that’s right.” Ziggy seems to understand the Du Wei’s meaning.

Du Wei looked him in the eye and sternly declared: “I think that whenever you are talking about the two, you will address them as such, right? The brothers…… Hmm, I know the 30 of you are from the army, but this form of unity will make others have a hard time joining. What I want to say is that perhaps in the future, you guys will go your separate ways to do various things. This kind of unity has its good points and bad points, but as a whole, all of you are from the Hogwarts branch, do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

Ziggy solemnly replied: “Dean, I get it! I wasn’t diligent enough, I will do better!”

“Very well, from now on, I don’t want to hear ‘brothers’. In my opinion, all of you are the same and those two are a part of your group.”

“Yes, Dean!” Straightening his back, he was about to leave when something else came into his mind.

“Dean……” Ziggy’s voice wasn’t high, but was very adamant: “I feel….. All of us don’t want to go our separate ways, we wish to follow the dean; this is not just my own thoughts.”

While Ziggy turns and walks away, Du Wei can only sigh because he believes this young man will grasp his meaning

Very soon, the brothers were called before him, both somewhat nervous; “Enough, I don’t eat people and besides, it’s not like you two held back during the party.”

The two immediately smiled at his remark.

“I remember you are the older one, right?” Du Wei looks at the chubbier one.

“Yes Dean, my name is Bebe and this is my brother Tokar.”

Du Wei pleasingly smiles: “Alright, no need for the introductions, you think I can’t remember my own students? Now then, tell me the results of your discussion. I heard you came up a different theory, right?”

“Yes Dean.” Bebe explains: “We believe the number of magical beasts roaming here is not one…. but two working together. However, the majority of our classmates disagrees with us.”

Du Wei nods with understanding because he can already imagine the reason why their idea was shot down.

In this world, majority of the magical beasts are solidary animals with only a small number of species living in social groups. For example: griffons like to live in packs.

“And, we even suspect…… the two are of different species, one being a ice type and the other being a fire type.”


Du Wei was interested now.

Its hard enough to find magical beasts living in packs, and now they are telling him the two are of different species?

What’s more, a fire type is working with an ice type? This is like saying cat and a mouse just joined up to form a team.

Have you ever seen a cat and mouse living together?

“Explain your reasoning.” Du Wei ponders the issue for a moment.

“Dean, this idea was proposed by my brother, so let’s have him explain.” Bebe pushes the problem to his little brother.

Tall, thin, white skinned, Tokar is a shy guy almost like Du Wei in his previous life. However, his way of speaking was very different from his shy appearance: “Dean, this idea was indeed proposed by me…… After dissecting some of the bodies, especially the ones that had their bloods drained, I became confused. From my knowledge, a fire type beast rarely sucks blood from their victims. Of course, there are exceptions, but according to what I know, those that do suck blood for nutrients are small in stature…… But from what I saw in the victims bite wound, the assailant should at least be the size of an ice demon wolf. This point is very different from how the villagers described the ‘monsters’ head as being small. Also, from the number of dead cattle’s, I fear the appetite of the ‘monster’ is very big, which is a sign that the beast is not small in size at all! There’s also the coagulate blood piece I extracted from the body of a carcass. After carefully examining it, I found that the sample I took is not naturally formed, instead, it was the result of a cold element inserted from the outside…. This leads me to conclude that other than the big guy, there is also a small one! The big one is responsible for using fire to kill the livestock, while the small one is responsible for draining blood.”

“cooperation?” Du Wei asks.

“I don’t feel like cooperation…… Hmm, more like…… Slavery.” Tokar carefully explained: “

I suspect the ice type is a high class magical beast. He captured a low class fire type and drove into servitude.” Tokar smiles wryly: “But even I feel this is unlikely. The Kilimanjaro Mountain may have magical beasts, but it’s not a place frequented by high class beasts that could enslave other species.”

“In this world, there is nothing impossible.” Du Wei curls his mouth.

Even that fucking Aragon, a guy dead for a millennium, can still leave him a message in Chinese…. After that incident, is there anything else is out of the question?

Tokar’s theory really is incredible.

A highly advanced magical beast does indeed have the ability to subjugate lower class beasts. Such as the ice demon wolf, once evolved, it will bee an Ice Wolf Demon King. With a single howl, the epitome of this specie can call upon every beast within a certain radius into serving him.

However, Du Wei quickly ruled out the possibility of an Ice Wolf Demon King because this beast did not have the habit of sucking blood. Besides, if it did howl, it wouldn’t just enslave a single creature in its radius.

Just…… If there really is a guy who only enslave another magical beast, then this beast is definitely a high class monster. His students may be able to handle an ordinary beast, but when facing such a foe, their only option is to flee.

Even for Du Wei himself, considering his real strength, he would also need to retreat if he encounters such a foe.

“Cancel the original order. We will stay in town for a night and not go into the mountains.” Du Wei immediately sent out the order.

Hearing Du Wei’s mand, Longbottom immediately came over to ask why. He tried to explain the theory from the brothers, but clearly, Longbottom underestimated the threat of a advanced magical beast. It can’t be helped; Longbottom is only a fighter, you can’t expect someone like him to grasp the danger posed by a creature he’s not familiar with.

“We have a thousand cavalry, then there’s the mages you brought along. With so many people, are we really not able to deal with a monster or two?”

Du Wei was very serious when he lowered his voice: “General, I have to tell you, these students are not true magicians. Moreover, they are all my precious assets…… I’m not going to let them lose their life here, even if it’s just one, it’s not something I can afford! You understand? Secondly, the power of an advanced magical beast is not something you can imagine. I can tell you now, an advanced magical beast may not be terrifying by itself, but through its ability to summon other beasts nearby, it can call forth an army at any time….. Moreover, the hardest part in dealing with an advanced magical beast is that it finished its evolution cycle. Not only is it capable of defending itself, it also has wisdom like you and I. We came to train, not to go to war. Sacrificing my people for no reason is a stupid option in my opinion.”

However, Du Wei added an extra sentence inside: advanced magic beasts don’t have powerful inherent strength….. The only exception is Medusa!

Obeying Du Wei’s mand, Longbottom cancelled the journey up the mountain. However, because of this, it gave Muse another opportunity to mock Du Wei.

“Well then, we have to ask a fine warrior like you to be our night’s watch for tonight.” Du Wei utters these words to shove this bothersome kid away. In addition, he also instructed the other watchman to pay close attention to Muse so he doesn’t do anything reckless.

“Let him suffer a little, but make sure he doesn’t really get hurt.”

Du Wei also ordered that his 28 students be split into four groups. Escorted by 200 soldiers each, they are to search the mountain in rotation after dawn breaks. If they find anything, they are not to engage, instead, they are to inform the others immediately.

This operation must be carried out while the sun is up because in the midst of night, its no different from suicide when going up against a advanced ice magical beast.

Although this may be overreacting, but Du Wei feels this is necessary if his concerns are true.

Unlike his agitated state, the 28 students are in fact very excited. To be able to see a legendary advanced magical beast is not something they can e across easily. Normally, they will only read about it from a book at best.

While the Sky is still dark, Du Wei was already up. As he was readying to go outside, Old Smoke beat him to the punch and came knocking:

“My Lord, the Duke’s castle sent word that something major happened at home and needs your presence immediately.”

“Oh?” Du Wei was startled….. Can it be that something happened to the Marquise?

The one ing to bring the message is none other than our little Sandia.

Marde is a very smart housekeeper. From Hussein’s request of not calling the Temple’s healers, he can already smell something was amiss. To be on the safe side, he didn’t pick some random person to bring the message, but rather, he only picked the most trusted among Du Wei’s people, which is little Sandia. Poor Sandia, though our clever boy is not bad in riding a horse after half a year of practice, but this trip is something out of his league. Riding through the night without rest, his butt is burning with pain at all the bouncing his butt did.

In addition to a message, he also brought along something.

The message is directly from Hussein, and the thing that Sandia passed on caused Du Wei’s face to change the moment his eyes laid upon it!

“The giant lizard in the frozen forest is ing for revenge, return immediately!” This was Hussein’s direct words.

And the thing brought along is a golden scale!

This is clearly a broken scale, though broken; it is still the size of a big bowl! As he held it in his hand, Du Wei found it heavy and stained with blood!

Du Wei immediately recognized it…… This is a Dragon scale!

And this scales was pulled from Hussein’s back wound!

Du Wei’s face was ghastly pale!

That old dragon is ing for revenge? Is going back on his oath?

Getting up quickly, he was just about to go out when Longbottom suddenly barged in from the door.

“Boss, we’ve got a problem …… The kid you brought along sneaked into the mountain by himself last night……”

Not waiting for Longbottom to finish his words, Du Wei flew into a rage: “FUCK!!!!”


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