Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 208 part 2

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Chapter 208 “Rather jump off a bridge than to dance” (Part two)

Du Wei was left wordless at the outlandish lie, but seeing the foxy look in her eyes, a trace of anger started to develope inside of him: “Madam Marquise, I believe the truth would be better in this situation….. We both know what that was about.”

Under the moon’s radiant glow, the Marquise showed a hint of playfulness in her eyes as she fiddled with her hair: “Your dukeship…. Can it be that in your eyes I’m a woman without appeal? Or, do you thinking a woman of my age is not good enough for your noble status?”

Finally unable to keep a straight face, Du Wei smiled bitterly: “You jest. With your stunning looks, how can you not be appealing? Though I am young, but even for I when I first met you, I was awed by your radiating beauty. It just that I feel your move earlier is beyond my expectations…. For a goddess like entity like yourself, I really need to ask myself what part of me is good enough to make you tend to me.”

“Duke, you are underestimating yourself.” The Marquise suddenly took a step back, her eyes staring intently at Du Wei’s: “At the tender age of 14, you are already titled a Duke, an esteemed magician, and a council member of the magic academy. Looking back a hundred years in the empire’s history, there is none in the nobility that could match up to your amazing feats! Besides, you are still young, so there are plenty of great things you are yet to do in the ing future.”

Du Wei kept up his posure to utter laugh: “Madam, your exaggerated pliments are making me feel a little ashamed.”

“Oh contraire, i feel this is still far from enough.” Madam Marquise charmingly smiles as her hand gently brushes against the flowers. Slowly, she came so close that Du Wei could faintly feel her breath: “In my opinion, your achievements will be far more than what I can possible foresee.”

Du Wei was somewhat perplexed at her ment. Carefully, he then took a step backward: “Oh?”

“Du Wei.” The Marquise suddenly changed her formal manner of greeting to a more personal form. Whispering her words beside his ear: “From a year ago where you saved my life, it only took you half a year to soar from a unflavored child of a noble family. Isn’t these points enough to explain the problem?”

After a pause, she whispers, “Also… The sort of moves I did tonight is already different from my usual ways…. But at the time, i had to do something.”

Du Wei chuckles a laugh as he stared intently at the Mrs. Lister.

“You are a very smart person so I think you should understand the meaning of why I sent my sister to the Northwest.” A hint of sadness crossed her eyes: “Though my sister appears to be patient and gentle on the surface, but she is a very persistent person at heart. Since small she has been arrogant and despised the young lords of the capital. However, as a woman born under the Lister household, it’s never up to us to choose our own fate. When I was young, I had no way to resist when my father forced me to marry, and now…..”

Her tone mellows out pieces of sadness in her voice:

“I can’t bear to let her make the same mistake as I did. Although for the family, she will still have to marry the best candidate that could bring the greatest benefit to the family. However, I never forced her. Luckily you appeared and solved one of my biggest dilemmas. Whether it is your status or identity, it can be said you are the most ideal candidate. More importantly, Angel is very fond of you. While at home, she would always mention the tales of your adventures, hence the reason the reason I brought her to the Northwest….. I originally thought with Angel’s charm, there would be few in this world that could resist her…. But unexpectedly, you……”

At this point, Mrs. Lister wryly shakes her head.

Unlike her, Du Wei’s face became at ease: “This kind of thing cannot be forced…… And besides, when did it bee the norm for the older one to kiss me when the younger one fails?”

After a while of silence between the two, it was the Marquise whom broke the awkwardness: “Du Wei, what do you of me?”

Du Wei became stunned.

Instead of stopping, the Madam continues to speak without stopping: “I’ve been under strict education since I was small from my father, therefore, I could never relax my guard for even a second. Though I could not claim to have extraordinary talents, but in my eyes, these so called reputable scholars really can’t catch my interest. Also, I may have married early on in my life, but I never loved my husband despite the wealth and prominent status he brought me. Through my hands, I’ve expanded the family business to the point where it’s already double the size of my father’s times……”

Du Wei didn’t really understand the meaning of her explanation, so he just shut up and listened.

“I’m already 31 years old now.” At this point, the marquise’s face flashed a hint of worry, but that was quickly cracked away with a smile that surpassed even the flowers in the garden in terms of beauty. With a touch of self-pity in her tone, this truly indescribable beauty softly said: “

“Fortunately the Gods favored my family lineage and gave my people an excellent face. And despite my age, the god of time has been merciful enough to not take my youth. Although I’m already nearing 30 years old, I’m still certain I won’t lose out to any of woman of this world.”

Du Wei instinctively gasped a breath: “Indeed, you are truly a rare beauty that could not be matched.”

What he said just now is all true. No matter the angel he looked at it from, every gesture ing out of this impeccable beauty carries with it a boundless charm that superseded every woman he’s met (excluding Nicole). It’s true Angel would not lose out to her elder sister in terms of beauty, but she is still too wet behind the ears to be a match for the Madam’s elegance and sophisticated style. What’s more, despite her age being already over 30, there isn’t a single trace of time on her face. Back when Du Wei first met this woman, he really did mistake her for a young girl only.

Truly worthy of being the dream lover of numerous nobleman’s in the empire.

Hearing Du Wei’s admittance, she gently turns her head sideways with a bit of fluster on her cheeks as he looked at him: “So, Du Wei, would a man like you be tempted by me?”

“……” Du Wei subconsciously replied despite being frozen with shock: “what?”

“I said, would a man like you be tempted by me?” After she asked with those soothing soft words, the Marquise’s body was already slowly swinging towards Du Wei.

Managing a smile, he said: “Madam, you jest.”

“What if I’m not kidding?” The distance between the two were already close enough to the point where their nose can be called touching. Not sure why, while looking at this stunning beauty before him where his hands can already caress, a part of his mind was beginning to fall into temptation. This side of his mind was realized when his hand won’t listen to him when he wanted to push her away. Now, at such close distance, he can finally get a clear look at all her features. From the eyes to the vague female scent, he was absorbing everything……

“I can guarantee I’ll be any man’s perfect wife.” The Marquise’s soft gentle voice wafted around his ear like a reverberating echo: “I understand what should be known and what should not be known…. And if a man wants me to not know something, I’ll pretend not to know…..”

Du Wei can only feel his throat going dry and his heart beat accelerating. Fortunately, his mind remains intact. Taking a deep breath, he only managed to repose himself by secretly pinching his body: “Madam, what are you trying to say to me?”

“Marriage.” The word that came out of her mouth nearly made him jump from freight!

“I, Lan Lister, am proposing to your Dukeship.” This is clearly not a joke because despite her laugh being so charming, her eyes were clear and her voice was very serious!

“I want to be your wife, Du Wei.”

This time around, the pause in dialogue lasted for a very long time. Panting like how a cat had its tail stepped on, he could no longer hide the shock on his face.

To tell you the truth, even if she told Du Wei she was a world traveler like him, it is unlikely he would be reacting in such an extreme manner!

“Ma-marriage?!” Du Wei felt like he was dreaming: “You’re asking me to marry you?”

“Yes.” Mrs. Lister nods: “I am asking you to marry me.”

Du Wei wanted to laugh, but looking at her serious eyes, a sense of dread appeared in his heart: “are you serious?”

“In the 30 years of my life, I’ve never been so serious.” This beauty gently nods her head.

He could no longer laugh because he is fully aware of how serious the problem at hand is now!


Are you fucking kidding? The most sought after beauty of the nobility circle is asking him for marriage. If he dare refuse, the amount of spit flying his way from her followers would likely be enough to drown him!

Say their age is too different? But Du Wei is well aware that while she is already 30 years old, he is in fact much older if he put into account of his true age!

Say she is too old? But no matter how he looked at her, she is simply a stunning beauty that looked no more than 18 years old!

Say her origin is not good enough? Are you kidding? The amount of wealth she has is enough to bury him alive ten folds and more!

Say she already married once? If he really did say such a thing, even he will look down at himself for flaunting the chastity excuse.

Also, the other party is apparently very serious in their attitude and mitment. From any standpoint, Du Wei must use the upmost respect in his answer. That is the very bottom line!

In addition, this Marquise is not some ordinary person!

Hesitating for a moment, Du Wei’s attitude also became serious. Coughing loudly to clear his voice, his eyes became steady as he faced the woman before him: “Frankly, I’m really surprised…… And, to be able to get such favor from a noble lady like yourself is a great honor!”

“So, are accepting? Or deny?”

This problem should not be answered with “Yes” or “no”, so Du Wei thought for a moment before politely saying: “Madam…… I already have a woman I like.”

Out of Du Wei’s expectation, the Marquise gave a light smile in return: “I know, it’s that beautiful magician girl, right?”

“Yes, it’s her.” Du Wei lets out a breather: “She is my favored girl.”

“But what if I tell you I don’t mind?” the Marquise blinks her eyes: “With your position and identity, I cannot expect you to be bound by only one wife. Although the imperial law only permits one formal wife, but I don’t think you should be bound by this act. In fact…. If you agree to my proposal, I won’t mind if you continue to pursue your love life…. You see? I said that I’m an intelligent woman. If there are some things you a man don’t want me to know, I’ll cleverly pretend I don’t know.”

After say all that, this woman cleverly backed up because she knew this is not the time to force an answer out of Du Wei. With some space between the two, Du Wei is finally able to breath.

“Please consider my request.” Her tone sounds nothing like someone talking about marriage, instead, it sounded more like some business deal: “I’ll be the best wife out there. Besides that…… I will also give up my last name for you and marry into your household. In the future, the Lister family will hence forth support you without reservation and bee your most loyal supporter!”

With that, this beauty elegantly made a parting gesture and quietly floated away. Leaving behind her is the tulip garden and our Du Wei in his preoccupied state…..

Damn it, it was just a dance…… If I had known, I would have rather jumped a river than to dance!

(Note: the last line is supposed to rhyme because the word jump and dance in chinese sounds very similar. Wished I could have done better because this chapter was so poetic but once translated, all the poetic words bee scrambled.)


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