Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 207 part 2

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Chapter 207 “The so-called tradition” (part two)

Fortunately, Vivian’s innocence once again solved the sore subject. Before she fell into a real snooze, she actually followed up with another sentence using a hard tone: “If you sleep….. You-you’re not allowed to hog the blanket…..”

With that, this girl seemingly drained of energy finally fell asleep.

“Hmm, I guess in this little girls’ world, the meaning of wife should be nothing more than just ‘going to sleep’.”

After waking up that morning, Du Wei did not leave right away. Watching over our curled up sleeping beauty, Du Wei could only sigh at her revealing shoulders and alluring body because it was he who undressed our heroine’s outer coating……

But just when he was having these thoughts, Vivian started to drool on the corner of mouth. Seeing how soundly she was sleeping, he could not help but feel humorous at the situation. Moving his hand, he used a finger to wipe away the drooling saliva: “Silly girl…… You know, a little red riding hood like you were nearly gobbled up by a big bad wolf like me….. Haha.”

Indeed, after witnessing the girl’s thin lingerie last night, he really had trouble not taking our heroine’s most precious treasure. For a normal man, such a reaction would be impossible, but Du Wei already made up his mind. He wants to truly and seriously love this girl, not tarnish it with a mistake during their drunken state.

Maybe the almighty God really did bless our poor little Vivian.

Before he left the room, Du Wei suddenly came down with a mischievous thought. While Vivian is sound asleep, he gave our cute lady here a peck on the lips……

Little girl, consider this a little punishment for not really eating you up….. HAHA.

“From now on you are not allowed to drink or I’ll give you a spanking.” Du Wei gently smiles at the sleeping beauty before quietly leaving.

The woes of a leader is that while others can sleep soundly in bed after being drunk, he alone must get up under any circumstances to work.

It can’t be helped since it is his birthday today. He is the main leading role, so how can the event proceed without him?

Seeing the obvious fatigue on Du Wei’s face, Marde can only task the people down below in preparing a soup of refreshment. Of course, a simple soup isn’t enough to wake him up. Concocting a few drugs himself, Du Wei finally livened up after eating his own creations.

Through the efforts of dozens of servants, Du Wei finally managed to don on his luxurious suit that was prepared days ahead of time. He himself actually found the getup a bit overbearing like a peacock showcasing its feather, but…. This is tradition! Being a Duke of the Empire, his ing of age ceremony is no longer his own business!

Even for him, he can only look down and yield to everyone’s expectation.

Covered with decorations from top to bottom, it took nearly half an hour for two handy maids to put everything in order. Nevertheless, the part that drew his attention the most is the lace collar. Tightly wound around his neck, he thought he was going to suffocate if he didn’t loosen it…… And the most depressing part of it all is how eye catching his gorgeous suit was. Laced with flowery patterns and exaggerated sleeves and waistbands…. Du Wei felt like an actor in a stage opera.

In the end, Du Wei vehemently denied a servant’s request to wear a wig. Is he kidding? He didn’t want to wear something so outlandish! Then there’s the guy after him. The prosperous dumbass wants to powder his face! Not even bother to deny him, Du Wei simply sent him flying out the door with a kick.

The traditions of the noble circle tended to lean towards the kind of pale and slightly sick plexion for a gentleman. As for Du Wei’s face right now, after being in the Northwest for over half a year, his skin is already wheat yellow due to exposure in the sun.

According to the standard of nobility, his face is not qualified like this.

After putting on his boots, Du Wei tried to take a few steps only to be depressed by the constant tinkling sound he made with each step. Losing it, he simply ripped apart the cumbersome ornaments across his body. But through the insistence of the clothing experts he brought in, he retained the family insignia on his chest C a golden tulip shrouded in flames.

After removing so many pieces from his body, Du Wei was keen enough to notice the difference in the looks ing his way from the beautiful ladies in the room.

Fifteen year old Du Wei is after all from hail from a good family lineage. Though his body cannot be considered strong, but his height is already taller than his peers. Matched with a good face due to his Rowling genes, a handsome face is already starting to show after being polished by the Northwest…..

He may hate his current getup, but he had to admit, the famous clothing expert he brought in really did have skills. Tightening parts where it counts, the overall outfit adequately brings out his body outline to the point where he looked somewhat princely!

The Du Wei right now can truly be called a handsome noble boy!

“Young master, are you ready?”

Marde es in after knocking. With a glimpse of Du Wei, his old eyes began to water with praise: “Young master…. You’ve finally grown up.”

Du Wei smiled at the remark. Turning around he hugged this faithful old servant that has been looking after him since small: “That’s enough with the tears. Marde, I have a request for you.”

“What?” Marde became startled.

“In a bit, I want you to acpany into the hall.” Du Wei softly says this.

From startled to stunned, Marde’s eyes quickly turned red as he shook his head again and again: “Young master, this won’t do. I…….”

“My parents aren’t around. Marde, you are my only love one here.” Du Wei took hold of the retreating old servant: “Really Marde, the number of times you held me far exceeds my own father.”

According to the tradition of the Roland continent, every nobleman organizing their ing of age ceremony needs to be acpanied by an elder (usually the father). This is a symbol of gratitude and respect for one’s elders.

The ballroom today, just about every subordinate under him is gathered, this includes: Mr. Blue Ocean’s student across the province, the two disciple of Old Alley, and even some delegates representing a few people he knew in the capital.

Shockingly enough, even General Totoro of the Northwestern Army came to congratulate. There’s also a delegate for governor Bohan in the Nuling Province, but his gifts was much stingier with only a handwritten letter.

In addition, the three siblings of the Lister family would naturally participate as guests. Not knowing the Marquise herself was present, the people across the province that came to congratulate Du Wei was surprised and was eagerly trying to get a look at the famed number one widow of the empire.

When stern music began playing, the first one to step through the main ballroom’s door was not Du Wei but Marde. With a face full of proud excitement, he walked in front to help lead Du Wei into the room.

Under the gaze of all the guests, the two came to the forefront of the crowd.

According to the tradition, there should be another clergyman to conduct prayers to god. However, Du Wei is not a man of god. It doesn’t matter anyways. The empire’s states that its fine as long as you don’t believe in another god beside the Goddess of Light.

Standing alone atop of the main stage, Du Wei looked down at the audience. Some are his subordinates, some are scheming enemies, and the remaining are his allies…….

Du Wei gave a loud cough before beginning his speech.

“I think everyone must be quite curious towards what I’m about to say.” This is Du Wei’s opening words.

Some of the people below began giggle.

“What I really want to say right now is…….” Du Wei suddenly laughs: “What I really want to say is that this dress really is unfortable because it’s too tight.”

This time around there was even more laughter.

“I first want to thank all the guests today. Thank you all for ing here.”

Du Wei ponders for a moment before speaking: “I don’t want to say too much crap because for a magician, life is too precious to waste. So……”

Du Wei took a deep breath in before deeply bowing: “God bless Roland!”

Every member of the audience also repeated what he said: “God bless Roland!!”

However, Du Wei added in an extra sentence in his mind: Sir here doesn’t believe in God.

Just when Du Wei thought the ceremony was over, the music band below suddenly started to play a melodious song. Following suit, the crowd seems to be expecting something because everyone began to very consciously scatter apart to give out a big open space in the middle.

Then like a routine gesture, all the male in the room took a step back to elevate the ladies to the forefront!

Seeing how Du Wei froze, Marde quietly reminded him: “Young master, let’s start.”

Confused, Du Wei can only utter one word: “What?”

Marde wanted to slap his head but could not: “ceremonial traditions!”

“Ceremonial…… Tradition?” The clueless face on Du Wei is not some act, its real!

Marde was also shocked. Never once did he think the young master before him would be so clueless on such traditional rites!

Hurrying around, he lowered his voice and whispered into Du Wei’s ear: “This part….. Young Master! You must invite a lady in the room to do the first dance of the night. Remember though, the girl must be single! This dance is represents your growth into adulthood and your pursuit for love. Also, if the girl accepts your invitation, then she can ask you for a promise in return after the dance. For many great love stories, this dance in the ing of age ceremony is where it all begins!”

Seeing the blank look on Du Wei, Marde smiles wryly: “It can’t be… You really didn’t know?”

Du Wei can only feel his head going numb. Biting his lips, he whispered: “I really didn’t know! God damn it, who was it that set such a rule?”

“The first emperor, his majesty Aragon.” Marde quickly steps back to push him: “Come on young master, you mustn’t be rude!”

Du Wei was a bit nervous.

Among the single ladies below, there is no doubt the ones to shine the most is the strikingly beautiful Lister sisters! Especially Angel, her dress tonight obviously had a lot of work put into it. Like a flower that’s ready to bloom, every part of her female asset was emphasized with the designs. And there are those eyes. Filled with anticipation, Angel clearly wanted Du Wei to look her way.

However, Du Wei knew that he can never ask this Angel to dance!

Marde may have explained it very simply, but Du Wei already got some understanding for this. Very often, the first dance is usually a man’s excuse to invite his most beloved woman!

Hell…… Du Wei suddenly thought the move of leaving the drunken Vivian behind was his biggest blunder tonight! If he knew, he would have pulled Vivian along.

Angel’s eyes no longer tried to hide her excitement. Starting intently at Du Wei, even her shoulders were gently trembling.

Finally, Du Wei took in a deep breath to make his resolve. Slowly but surely, he walked over.

He’s ing!?

Angle can only feel her blood rushing to the head and a constant thumping in her heart. Seeing how Du Wei is heading in her direction with a smile on his face, Angel really wanted to faint with happiness.

Although she heard Vivian’s outburst behind the banquet doors, but she is still quite confident in her beauty! That’s why she won’t give up so easily!

When Du Wei was almost in front Angel, she was already fully prepared to answer, but just as he was two steps away, he suddenly changed direction…….

“Dear Madam, can I invite you to acpany me for the first dance of the night?” Du Wei came up to a beautiful woman and elegantly stretched out his hand.

Marquise of the Lister was stunned. Looking at the youngster in front of her and the ashen faced sister around the corner of her eyes, she quickly regained her posure. She is after all a lady that went through many ordeals in life, as such, most people never even noticed her moment of shock.

Wearing a silver dress that showcased her ivory skinned shoulders, the Marquise’s beauty was elevated even further by her slender body and delicate face.

Blooming a graceful smile on her face, her hand was already in Du Wei’s palm as they walked to the middle of the room.

Placing his hand on the Marquise’s waist, the two started to dance under the guidance of the music…….

Seeing how Du Wei started the rite with her sister, Angel’s heart felt like it was about to burst! Since small she was praised for her beauty and who knows how many boys have been intoxicated by her, but this boy! This guys! Even before she met him, Angel already felt like she was intoxicated by his legendary tales. While at home, she would again and again run to uncle Dadaneier to listen to the stories in the frozen forest.

Then After seeing him in person, Angel truly believed it. She believed she has finally found the shadow of love!

Yet now…… her pride has been torn off. Deprived of a soul in her body, she can only watch on as the boy she so daringly yearned for danced away with her sister…….

Why?! Is he really not tempted by me?!

“Your lordship …” Following the music, the Marquise’s body spun around like a spirit sprite, soft and flexible. Then in a low voice, she moved her face up closer to his and whispered: “Someone will be very sad at your ways.”

Du Wei carried a faint smile on face: “It’s better to make the pain short than to prolong it.”

At this moment, the Marquise finally realized her sister had no chance to begin with. If Angel is to hook onto the Duke’s heart, they must think of another solution…….


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