Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 207 part 1

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Chapter 207 “The so-called” traditional” (part one)

The Magic Academy finally went ahead with Du Wei’s “internship program” and the first group to pass the eligibility exam is all from Hogwarts! Despite knowing Du Wei’s training method is special pared to the other branches, this result was still quite the shock to the school!

Especially in the final phase of the assessment where each student have to go through twenty rounds of magic duels, each member of the Hogwarts branch came out with a mind-blowing record of a perfect score, twenty out of twenty wins!!

Out of Du Wei’s thirty two students, a total of twenty eight managed to e. As for the remaining four that as left behind, these unlucky ones lost their chance due to injuries incurred in the assessment tests. Poor guys, because of this, they locked themselves in their room and cried for a good number of days before finally ing out.

As for those that passed the examination, they packed their bags at lightning speed almost like they were unable to hold back their urges anymore!

Just like how a novice driver will have the addiction to drive a lot in the beginning, these fledglings in the magical arts will naturally have the urge to put their efforts to the test…..

Like them, Du Wei personally brought with him some servants to wait at the Loulan City’s southern main road. Though he lacked the financial resources to construct a wide flat road like the one in the capital, but in the past six months, this road had been a vital aspect in bringing fresh blood and resources to his new capital.

On this evening where the setting sun is scarlet red like the flames itself, Du Wei could finally hear the rushing horse beats ing from afar as he sat on top of his mount.

Du Wei is somewhat surprised right now because he didn’t expect his students to pick such a method of transportation. Normally, a magician would fly if the distance was short and if it was far, they would choose to ride a coach.

Yet these guys…… Actually each rode a horse like the military army!

It’s quite clear even after their time apart; these fledglings did not forget Du Wei’s lesson. Like a long line of Mercedes Benz, each of these young mages held their pace without being too far apart or too close together. Also, aside from the mount they were riding, each brought along a backup horse to change along the road.

Once they were finally before him and saw it was Du Wei himself, everyone started to cheer loudly.

Despite being from the military, the majority of these people were already so tired that even the simple task of dismounting caused them to bee sluggish……

But what more can Du Wei ask of them? Don’t forget they’re magicians, famed for their weak bodies! Yet now they managed to pull off a feat of riding for hundreds of miles without a break!

“Teacher! We have e!!”

Twenty eight boys shouted this in unison as they formed a line in front of Du Wei.

Du Wei sighed before jumping off his mount to assess the kids before him. Inwardly, he already knew the people before him have already been fully imprinted with his mark. Even if they don’t bee his subordinates in the future, they will forever be doomed to respect him!

“Very good!” Du Wei suddenly yelled with all his might: “I’m very satisfied with you!”

Turning around, he points at the servants and carriages behind him: “I thought I was going to see a bunch of exhausted panting dogs before me…… But you have surprised me!” Du Wei’s voice sounds very excited: “Your performance is beyond my expectation! You didn’t bee a deathly ale magician like those in the union…. What I see before me is a group of elite warriors! For that I am very satisfied!”

With that, Du Wei walked over to them and patted each of their shoulders: “As a reward for you guys…… I will announce that starting today; you will have two days off! During this period, drill and training are to be suspended……”

The moment his voice died down is when the cheers bellowed out from everyone!

“Dear children.” Du Wei’s big voice sounded very happy: “I said it before; we will reunite in the Northwest! And now, you are standing outside this city of miracle! For your excellent performance, I will give you the greatest reward! Now then, follow me into the city! I’ve prepared the greatest food and wine the Northwest has to offer! Whoever doesn’t get drunk tonight will be a fucking bastard! Also, for those that get drunk and drop down, a soft bed will be ready for you! I guarantee this. The experience you gain here in the Northwest will make those that stayed behind look at you with envious eyes when you get back!”

Among the crowd, some of the more daring students immediately cried out a laugh: “We have no doubt of that principle!”

Laughing in return, Du Wei then takes in a deep breath before speaking in a loud booming voice: “I allow…… No, it’s not allowed! It’s an order! I mand you, revel to your heart’s content tonight!!!”

In the biggest Ballroom of the Duke’s Castle, buckets and buckets of the finest wines are being brought out. And through the efforts of several chefs’, some of the greatest delicacies the Northwest has to offer are being served up one after the other.

Du Wei had already forgotten about his own status and donned on a black mage robe for tonight’s occasion. Stained with grease and wine all over, he kept chugging down glasses after glasses with the students without a care in the world.

The atmosphere in the Ballroom is already starting to reach the apex. Among those that drank too much, some even tore off their mage robes and started to sing and dance with only their pants on. For those too excited, they even jumped atop of the tables to dance!!

Among this group, Vivian was the one that drew most attention. God knows who it was that first pulled Vivian to dance atop of the table, but this soon became a trend for everyone because it was considered a great pleasure to get the chance to dance with her. Poor little Vivian had long been a little tipsy because she accidentally drank a sip of wine in one of her mishaps. Burning red on her cheeks as if she was running a fever, this usually shy and reserved girl became more and more excited. Eventually, it was Vivian that was dancing the hardest and partying the wildest inside the ballroom.

From the expensive hand tailored carpets to the snowy white drapes, everything seems to be sprinkled with liquids ranging from: alcohol, gravy, soups, and some you can’t even identify anymore.

For our little drunk here, Vivian no longer needs to move to see the walls spinning …. In her mind, she actually thought it was the effect of magic so she ran over to Du Wei’s side to inquire the reason behind this. Seeing how misty eyed Vivian was from being so drunk, Du Wei could only find it funny as he pinched her nose: “That’s enough, I don’t want you to bee a little drunk.” He said this in a scolding tone.

Blushing at his words, Vivian’s only reaction was curling her arms around Du Wei’s neck like a cat.

Suddenly, she opened her rosy red lips and started to vaguely mutter out some words: “Du Wei……”


“You…… You like me?”

Seeing how bold this shy little girl became, Du Wei actually became startled for a second. Nonetheless, he subconsciously tightened his grip around her waist and asked: “Are you sure you know what ‘like’ means?”

Maybe Vivian really is fully drunk because unlike her usual timid tone, her voice actually became smooth and loud without a hint of stuttering: “Who says I don’t know!”

Not waiting for Du Wei to respond, this silly little girl suddenly broke away from Du Wei and grabbed a cup of wine from a nearby student. Who knows where she got such courage from but she climbed on top of the dining table and started to call out: “Notice! Notice! I have something to say!”

With staggering legs, she lifted the cup high above her head as she giggled a few times to get everyone’s attention: “I-I have something to announce……. I…… I……”

Taking in a deep breath and puffing it back out, Vivian’s delicate voice actually covered the entire audience at this moment!

“Du Wei!” she points to Du Wei’s nose…… With her height atop of the table, it looked like she was arrogantly looking down at him the way she was going about it!

“Du Wei! You listen up!” Vivian suddenly stuck-up her voice: “I love you! I want to be your wife!”

The audience suddenly went mute! Whether it is the drunken students or the catering servants, everyone had a look of astonishment in their eyes as they focused on Vivian.

Watching this girl that was barely able to stand, Du Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he sat there in his chair: “Silly girl, are you sure you know what a ‘wife’ is?”

Vivian suddenly went blank at his question. With dark eyes and a silly face, she said: “I…. Don’t know.”

Regardless, Vivian still held up her glass and made a cheers motion. In this wave of hers, more than half the wine inside splashed across the air and even Du Wei became a victim of her actions.

After gulping everything down, Vivian cried out: “long live the wife!” Then she finally ended her declaration by dropping the glass to the ground and falling into Du Wei’s embrace, all the while giggling nonstop with her beat red face.

After being silent for so long, the students all raised their glasses after witnessing all this: “Bless our most distinguished dean Duke and our esteemed madam Mage Vivian!”

Immediately, more than 20 people made a toast in response: “Bless our Mr. and Mrs. Dean!”

With that, both the music and atmosphere began to rise again……

Outside the Ballroom, Marde was in the process of pushing some large dining carts along with several servants -the content inside is the last dish of the night, an entire roast lamb.

As Marde came near the ballroom’s doorway, his eyes caught sight of a beautiful figure hiding behind the main door. From the back, this person seems to be shaking….

Coming closer, Marde realized the girl is in fact Miss Angel of the Lister family. Dressed in a white nightgown and barefooted, her posture looked like she wanted to push the door open but did not. And if he looked even closer, Marde can see the girl’s hand was squeezing harder and harder on the doorknob. If it wasn’t for this, she might have already fallen on the ground without this support.

“uhumph……” Marde intentionally coughed a few times to catch the other side’s attention.

Turning around quickly, Angel quickly realized Marde was not far from where she stood. Despite her beauty, her face was unusually pale and her eyes looked like they were full of water with faint traces of tears running down her cheeks. Panicking, she could only utter these words: “Housekeeper Marde…… I……”

After her words, she quickly raised a sleeve to wipe her face.

“This…… Miss Angel, now that you’re down here, why not go in? I’m sure the young master won’t deny such a beauty like you into their happy hour.” Marde squinted his eyes as he smiled: “The truth is the young master wanted to invite you to participate this evening, but because of his concerns towards how crazy these boys can get, he decided to perish those thoughts. Now that you are here, why not go in……”

Not waiting for Marde to finish, Angel quickly cut in: “No….. I-I was only walking around because I couldn’t sleep…… Yes, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have walked around so randomly.”

With that, she ran away like she was fleeing from something. Stumbling a few times, her body quickly disappeared behind one of the corridors..

Marde could only sigh before turning back to his original task. Pushing the door open, loud cheers of joy immediately burst out of the ballroom.

“Bless the Dean and his wife!!”

Hearing these words, how could Marde not understand why the beautiful girl ran away?

Very soon, the hangover effects of such a frenzied party became apparent.

This silly girl, because it was her first time drinking in her life, Vivian didn’t wake up even when the sun hit noon the following day.

Unlike our happy girl that’s currently asleep, Du Wei is looking forward to Vivian’s awakening. He wanted to know how this usually shy girl will react after recalling how bold she became the previous night. Just thinking of her reaction is enough to make Du Wei laugh.

But thinking it over carefully, this silly girl really seems to have grown up. So cute… It’s enough to make the heart ache!

Like her, those crazy guys are also sound asleep. After running all day and partying all night, it’s likely they are still drooling in their sleep right now.

Oh well, why not? Let them enjoy the two days then.

However, unlike everyone else, Du Wei did not have time to rest because it is his ing of age ceremony today!

Du Wei did not know about the event with Angel outside the ballroom last night Angel because he too like the rest of his students drank till their heads went dizzy. For too long have he not relaxed so last night he really did let go. However, once he was awake, he quickly went to his bedroom to freshen up.

With him inside his private chamber is surprisingly the sleeping Vivian. Why was she in his bed has something to do with a funny scene from last night.

When Du Wei carried her into bed, our drunken girl here under the state of confusion asked this: “Wife means sleeping with you, right?”

This degree of boldness was too overwhelming that even Du Wei did not know how to respond.


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