Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 206 part 2

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Chapter 206 “A young maiden’s heart” (part two)

Originally today they started off with the boy causing trouble between the two, but now that he’s gone, the little Miss suddenly went mute as if overwhelmed by their situation.

Gently biting her lips, Angel suddenly whispered her words: “Your Dukeship, before I came here, I heard you showcased a miracle in the Northwest and this city is the result of that. When news spread of your great deed, the majority of my people didn’t believe it but I do. With your skills, it must be true….. Right?” With that, she looked directly at Du Wei with anticipation.

Sighing, Du Wei avoided her gaze: “It’s true that the city was built in three months, but that’s not a miracle. You’re aware that I’m a magician and mages will always have some skills the mon people lack.”

“I don’t believe it.” Angel shakes her head with a smile: “I also know several mages, but when I asked them they said they absolutely cannot do it.”

Then after a pause, her face suddenly blushed red as she lowered her head, “Duke, with talent like yours and a distinguished title, I think you must….. Must……” Not sure where she got such courage from, but she looked up at him with eagers and said: “Must have a lot of beautiful girls……”

“You are wrong.” Du Wei immediately shook his head and then pondered the question for a moment, “My experience is no different from the average noble lord. Before the age of 13, I have always been hiding at home and have rarely gone out. I fear I don’t have a single friend around my age in the noble circle. Even back when I later moved to the Rowling Plains, I barely went out that year…….”

Angel suddenly blinked with a hint of playfulness on her face: “Oh, you must be pulling my legs!”

Then she laughs: “Who doesn’t know. You may not like the limelight, but you went adventuring alone inside the frozen forest…… Aigh, I just can’t believe such a young person like you would have such admirable courage! Going to dangerous places to seek out thrilling adventures….. Hmm, I think such a life would be quite fun, right?”

Adventurous life?

Du Wei was left wordless because it’s not like he can explain the truth of how he was one day kidnapped by Gandalf and tossed into the Frozen Forest.

But when it es to the life of an adventurer, he suddenly remembered a man, the Snow Wolf mercenary leader Bienlich. Among the people he knew, this person is without a doubt the closest to that of an adventurer!

As the fond memories slowly flowed out from his mind, Du Wei unintentionally leaked out a hint of reminiscent in his eyes. In a gentle voice, he slowly said: “As a true adventurer, it’s a true shame to die in one’s bed! As a true adventurer, one should choose to die in his most exciting journey!”

This sentence is exactly what Beinlich said when he explained his life’s wish. Looking back at that moment, Du Wei can practically see the brave man standing before him giving out orders to move forward into the mysterious unknown using his foul loud language……

Unaware of his surroundings because of how lost in thought he was, Angel was in fact pletely mesmerized by his appearance right now.

In this little maiden’s view, Du Wei’s charming smile and deep eyes is something beyond what those noble children in the capital can show….. Filled with endless heart wrenching stories, everything about him is beyond what she could have imagined!

For example: the son of the Baron she knew would always boast about his great deed of hunting a fox. Then there is the young son of a count. That guy is always showing off his experience of how he injured himself from a duel, yet, these are nothing but childish stories.

Even adding up all those people, they cannot match up to the rich and varied experiences of the Duke before her……

“Is it possible to tell me your stories in the Frozen Forest?” Before anyone even realized, Angel was already sitting up close to Du Wei. Freely lying on the grass, her slender legs naturally curled and even her body was faintly leaning against him.

Du Wei wasn’t aware of this either: “There isn’t that much point in talking about those things.”

“But I really want to listen.” Angel’s voice sounded like she was begging him: “Uncle Dadaneier once said you are the bravest and most talented young person he ever met. In the frozen forest you not only saved his life, but you also saved my sister’s life with the golden eye python!”

Du Wei is now alerted to the love and admiration unique to a young girl. Sitting up straight, he quickly put some distance between the two: “There really is nothing to say. You know I’m a magician. To an ordinary person, these things may be somewhat difficult, but every magician can do it.”

The more Du Wei refused, the more Angel found him fascinating. Not only is he mysterious, she also noticed a rare trait in him, humility! Compared to the children of the noble circle, this created a strong contrast in her mind.

“Well then, why not talk about how you saved Uncle Dadaneier, alright? Just once……” The maiden’s eyes became hazy with water. Du Wei feared that if he refused again, this girl might really burst into tears on the spot.

Du Wei sighed with helplessness as he said: “Fine then…… It happened a few days before I entered the frozen forest. That night, I heard the barking of the sleigh dogs like they were frightened of something. Coincidently, I was also awake and couldn’t really fall asleep, so I went around to take a look. Suddenly, that’s when I heard the screams ing from the woods……”

Although this story was heard countless times already, but because it was ing from Du Wei’s mouth, Angel was immediately immersed in the details. Especially when the word “screams” came up, she actually trembled slightly and pushed herself against Du Wei’s body.

Then when Du Wei got to the point of Dadaneier and his group being hunted down by the corpse eating monster, Angel closed her eyes and cried out in freight as if the beast would really jump out from the story……

“I think you are lying!”

Just when Du Wei got to the point where the corpse eating monster was too afraid to approach his camp, a loud shrilled voice came from behind.

Looking back, the person in question is in fact the evil kid that ran away before. Still wet on the head with drips of water falling off his hair, it’s quite clear he ran here right after taking a bath.

“Oh? How do I lie?” Du Wei isn’t angry and was even amused.

“Once it smells blood, the Corpse Eating Monster will go on a rampage, yet, even when it stood before you guys, it still hesitated to charge!!” The guy questioned ruthlessly because he thought he found a weak point in Du Wei’s story.

Du Wei was smirking now: “It’s because we had something it was afraid of. At the time, I already scattered the stuff around my camp and most monsters wouldn’t dare approach if they smell it.”

“And it is?”

“Droppings.” Du Wei smiled malicious as he looked at the kid: “Dragon’s dropping.”

Sure enough, this guy with OCD immediately turned paled. Turning around like he was pletely sick to the core, he dare not ask any more details.

(OCD=Obsessive pulsive disorder. From now on I’ll be using OCD to describe this kid because its simply easier)

“Muse!!” Angel is bit angry. Although she is patient and mild manner, but after witnessing how her little brother kept interrupting the Duke’s dialogue, she finally became annoyed: “Did you forget your basic manners? If you continue to be like this, then you are to go back to your room!”

This guy is obviously afraid of Angel. Not daring to say anything, he bit his lips and looked downward.

Contrary to how the girl felt, Du Wei actually thought this boy was gift from heaven. If not for his constant interruption, how else can he keep dodging Angel’s lovey dovey eyes?

“No, no it’s fine, your brother is very cute…. We’ve already sat here for too long. If you do not feel tire yet…..” At this point, Du Wei stopped for a moment because he really hoped they would say “tired”. However, it just wasn’t meant to be because Angel looked like she was pletely full of energy.

Du Wei could only sigh: “Alright, I can take you to have a look around the city. Not only is this city the biggest one on the Empire’s border, the bazaar here also have many people and things ing in from all sorts of places.”

Muse smirked as he whispered, “Humph, what exotic things is there that our Lister Family doesn’t have?”

But before he could even finish, Angel already gave him a dirty look, thus causing him to obediently close his mouth.

However, before the group could even make it out of the castle, Vivian was already rushing over excitedly with a face full of joy. This little lass is certainly a genius in magic, but when it came to other things, that’s hard to say……

God knows what could have caused her to be so happy, but because of how hard she was running, she easily tripped over her robe and fell right in front of Du Wei.

“AHHH” Vivian screams out.

Hurriedly moving forward, Du Wei manages to catch her right before she made contact with the ground. Luckily she was so close to Du Wei, if not, who knows how much tears she be leaking out again.

Flustered by the sudden shock, she only managed to regain her posure after seeing the person was in fact Du Wei: “I-I…..”

“I what!” Du Wei gave a scolding smile: “How could you be in such a hurry? Did you forget your tumbling the other day? Or is it because you are hungry and in a rush to steal some food?”

“N-n!! NO……” Once Vivian gets flustered, her stuttering bees even worse. Shyly staring at Du Wei, she looked like she didn’t know how to defend against his words. In Du Wei’s head, he loves it whenever the girl acts like this.

“Alright.” Du Wei laughs as he helped her stand up. Out of habit, his hand was still softly holding onto hers as he softly said: I’m just teasing you…… What exactly caused you to be in such a hurry/”

With that, he gently reached out a hand and gently pinched Vivian’s cute little nose.

Shocked, Vivian quickly turned away because just a few days ago Du Wei tricked her into thinking a person’s nose would go flat if someone pinches it a lot. Due to his little stunt, the first thing this innocent girl does in the morning now is to look in the mirror trying to make sure her nose is straight!

Dodging away from Du Wei’s evil hand, Vivian then patted her chest before smiling sweetly at him: “guess!”

From behind, Muse’s gently coughs to get their attention. Turning around, Du Wei then realized the Lister siblings were still nearby. Pulling Vivian to his side, he then smiled: “I didn’t introduce her last night…. This is my……” When he spoke up to this point, he paused to ponder over what to say: “This is Mage Vivian, eighth level Mage and also a student of Gandalf.”

Du Wei then briefly introduces the Lister siblings.

Angel was shocked the moment she first laid eyes on Vivian because it’s not unmon for beautiful girls to pay special attention to other females similar to their own level beauty. If one had to describe the two, Angel is a freshly blooming flower while Vivian is a translucent crystal with an innocent aura even Angel lacked.

Also, seeing how Du Wei was tightly holding the girl’s hand and standing so close to him, Angel’s eyes immediately showed a hint of melancholy.

Even when Vivian greeted her in a stuttering manner, Angel was in such a deep trance that she even forgot to answer. For a high class lady like her that’s constantly learning etiquette and manners is simply unthinkable.

How can her thoughts be hidden from her little brother Muse? Seeing how close Du Wei and Vivian was, he immediately understood everything. Coughing once to break the awkward atmosphere: Your lordship, since your friend is looking for you then you must have some business. No need to worry about us, we’re tired anyways. I’ll bring my sister back with me to rest.”

With that said, he pulled at Angel to bring her back into reality. As the two walked away through the stairs, Angel would constantly look back at the pure innocent Vivian. She may not have shown it, but every did turned, her heart would sink to the bottom of the ocean which eventually caused her to nearly trip on the staircase.

“Enough.” Seeing how the Lister siblings were gone, Du Wei then breathed a sigh of relief: “What exactly happened?”

“He-they’re- they’re ing.” Vivian laughs excitedly: “Hogwart…… Students are ing!”


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