Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 205 part 2

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Chapter 205 of “stunning” (part two)

Considering the number of beauties Du Wei had encountered in this world, it should be quite a lot already!

Vivian C a sweet innocent beauty that would cause those around her to not only want to bully her but also protect her at the same time.

Rolynn C a female knight with a seductively hot body. Due to her devilish body and experience, Rolynn is able to fully take advantage of her natural assets to maximize her charm.

Joanna C the kind of icy beauty with a cool and aloof expression. Even though you know she is dangerous, one can’t help but be attracted to her just like the snowflakes in the winter months.

Among everyone, the one that stood out the most in terms of facial feature is without a doubt Queen Medusa, or better known as Nicole in her human form. In Du Wei’s opinion, this snake beauty is already at the pinnacle of humanity. Just from her face alone, there is not a spec of fault he can pick out from it! In fact, she so beautiful that it’s frightening!

If Du Wei really had to pare everyone to Nicole, all of the other girls are still slightly inferior to Medusa by half a mark.

But today… Today! Du Wei has finally met up with another woman that wouldn’t lose out to Queen Medusa in any way!

This girl in front of him should be the Marquise’s little sister.

No matter what he did, Du Wei simply can’t find the precise words to describe the girl in front of him. Yet, just when he thought to give up, Du Wei suddenly remembered a poem from his previous life that was sometimes used by the ancients to describe a peerless beauty:

With a spirit as memorizing as the moon, her face is as alluring as a flower.

With a body like ice, her bones are cut from jade and her skin is as white as snow!

This girl before him is without a doubt a true reincarnation of this saying! On top of this, the air around her seems to radiate with charm like an elegant swan in a lake. Even the way she smiles seems to brighten up the atmosphere around her!

Just that…… From what is known, the Marquise’s sister should only be 16 years of age. Yet the girl in front of him is so attractive and beautiful…. Not only is her face blossoming with a sense of maturity, even her figure is exploding with a seductive charm due to her tight fitted dress, so where in the world is the fresh bud of a 16 year old?

From her looks, this girl should be at least 18-19 years old, right?

Could it be that she is the maid of the Marquise’s sister? But from her elegant temperament, he can tell she’s not because a maid wouldn’t have such character.

However, Du Wei quickly changed his mind because thinking it over; he realized the majority of the beauties in this world are known to ripen quickly.

Du Wei’s little moment of awkwardness was imprinted in everyone’s eyes, but unlike everyone else, the white feather knights seemed oblivious to this and even acted like they were accustomed to such reactions.

Realizing his manor, Du Wei loudly coughed once to knock everyone back to their senses. Then slightly bending his waist, he performed a highly formal greeting and reached out his arm: “Miss Lister, wele.”

In reply to his greeting, this stunning beauty sweetly smiled before passing one of her hands in Du Wei’s hand.

Beyond his imagination, the first sensation Du Wei felt from her frail fingers were a soft creamy texture unlike anything he felt before. Maybe it was his demon working, but he subconsciously gave the hand in his possession a slight pinch. This was purely a knee jerking response and even Du Wei had no idea why he did it, but luckily none around them knew of this.

Instead of pulling her hand back like most girls would have done, Miss Lister’s face began to flush red and her eyes even began to show signs of shyness as if she was too embarrassed to face Du Wei.

Seeing this, Du Wei coughed his throat to chock up some courage. Then bring the girl’s hand to his lip, he gave the snow white hand a kiss: “It must have been hard along the road.”

“Your dukeship is too kind.” Though her flush was gone, the girl’s voice still sent shockwaves into Du Wei’s mind! Like she was born with such a voice, her soft tone sounded like it was naturally melded with a power to hook onto one’s very soul.

As he was still thinking this, his focus was quickly brought back to reality when she made a small laugh: “Your Dukeship, from what I’ve seen along the road, the Desa Province is very different from the rumors. At such a young age, you’ve already achieved quite the remarkable result.” After a pause, she seemed to remember something: “Oh, my brother and sister are quite tired from the journey and even caught a little cold yesterday. I’m afraid that they won’t be able to greet you at the moment, I hope you won’t take it to heart.”

Du Wei originally didn’t pay much attention to it, but when he heard the last words, he suddenly went blank.

This girl is not Miss Lister?!

Hearing her say, “My little sister and brother”, could she be?

Du Wei was suddenly staring wide eyes at the “Miss Lister” in front of him: “Ah! You are……”

This stunning beauty in front covered her smiling mouth and gently said: “I was rude and forgot to introduce myself. Your Dukeship, I am Lan Lister, titled Marquise by the emperor.”

(Lan is the marquise’s real name and if I remember correctly, “Lan” is the Magnolia flower because China like’s to use this flower during the chinese valentines day)

This surprise of Du Wei’s is quite serious!

Marquise of Lister? The Empire’s richest widow?! The most famous beauty within the aristocratic circle?

But…… Why didn’t anyone inform him of the Marquise’s presence along the way?

And…… From rumors, the Marquise’s age is at least 30 this year, yet why does she look so young? According to Du Wei’s view, the woman in front of him, no matter what, should not be more than 20 years of age!

Du Wei was a little embarrassed, but this only last for a moment: “I made a fool of myself; I did not expect the Marquise to be so young and beautiful. Forgive me in mistaking you for your little sister.”

But this Marquise is exceptionally intelligent and considerate. Giving out a gentle laugh, she then slowly said: “Your Dukeship sure knows how to pliment someone. How can a smart person like you make such a mistake? This is clearly your way of plimenting Lan. I don’t even know how many pliments I have received in my life, but your peculiar ways really left me ashamed. At my age, I can still be praised by the Duke is really…..”

Speaking up to here, her face once again blushed red.

Du Wei dared not say anything else so he quickly weled everyone into the castle. While the younger siblings are said to be sick, he had them routed to another courtyard so they can rest and freshen up.

Knowing he started off with such a mistake, Du Wei secretly cursed the people down below as garbage. What Du Wei didn’t know is that along the way, the Marquise made sure to block off any information pertaining to her visit! And along the way, she never once showed up in public so it’s only natural his people wouldn’t catch wind of her presence.

After ing into the lounge, Du Wei understands full well the Marquise isn’t just here to escort her younger siblings. To make it easier for them to speak, he waved his wand to dismiss all of his servants.

After hand-pouring a cup of desert honey for the lady, Du Wei has already regained his posure despite sitting so close to the Marquise. It’s not like he is still wet behind his ears, so forcing his youthful urges isn’t that hard for him: “Madam Lister, your sudden visit really is flattering. Is there an important matter for you to be personally present?”

The Marquise gave out heart throbbing smile: “Your Dukeship, looking back from when you first met Dadaneier and saved my life, it should be almost a year already.”

Then she gently sighed: “In one year’s worth of time, things have changed a lot. In one year, you have already bee a magician famed throughout the continent and is even titled a Duke by the regent. Along the way, I witnessed your exemplary skills in governing the Desa Province. Such extrodinary skills really is admirable.”

Du Wei didn’t say anything and simply took in all the praises.

“Your Dukeship …” The Marquise suddenly smiled: “There isn’t much reason for my visit to the Northwest. Since young, my sister and brother haven’t had our parents around, so their dependence on me naturally increased after our mother’s death. Not only is our bond really good, but they have never been apart from me since young, so of course I wouldn’t feel at ease to be apart from them so easily. While there isn’t anything going on at the moment, I decided to acpany them on this trip. Besides…..” After a pause, the Marquise spoke the next words like it’s to be expected: “Your 15th birthday is only around the corner, how can I miss your ing of age ceremony?”

Du Wei braced himself: Here it es!

Sure enough, the Marquise gently sipped the tea before speaking the next part like it was just idle chatter: “I heard your lordship has been reclusive since young and rarely makes contact with the other noble children, and then you later you only focused in the occult. But now that your lordship is famed through the world, I fear the young girls in the capital will be eyeing your lordship. May I know if your lordship has anyone in mind?”

Du Wei really didn’t think the Marquise would be so straightforward. Without trying to cover up her intent, she went straight to the point.

He hesitated a second before replying: “Madam, you jest, I’m only a teenage boy. I still don’t have any need to consider such a thing. And you know this, I’m a magician. Being a magician, my lifelong goal is to explore the meaning of magic so I don’t have much time to worry about these things. I’m just an amorous clumsy man.”

Marquise gave out an amorous laugh as she eyed Du Wei’s face: “I heard your little brother Gabri is already engaged to the financial chancellor’s granddaughter, but you being the big brother is still without any arrangements. Such a thing really is surprising.” Having said that, she paused to let her words sink in before laughing softly, “Duke, I’ve heard the majority of the noble girls in the capital are imprinted with your name in their hearts. Who knows where she heard your glamor and exploits, even my prideful little sister suddenly wanted to join the magic academy on a whim! This child may be young, but I understand what she was thinking.”

Du Wei was bitterly crying inside already because he can’t take it anymore. No matter what this woman says, the focus always revolves around her sister. Though she is straightforward, but her skill in leading the conversation left him no room to wiggle at all…..

In that case, rather than let the little sister be the main lady, it be more appropriate to take this elder sister.

For a moment, Du Wei didn’t know how to respond: “The Marquise, you can stop making fun of me. My teacher Gandalf once said pursuing the meaning in magic should be my life’s goal. I also don’t have much intent to think about these things. Moreover, others may not know this, but I know. I’m always wrapped up in my lab experimenting with potions and stuff. If a girl es near me, I fear they would be frightened off in merely two days.”

With that, he laughs: “If you sister Miss Lister is interested in magic, I can help since the academy is about to recruit next year’s batch of student. I do have a say in the academy, so if I put in a few words, it shouldn’t be hard to get her a position. My relationship with Master Alley is not bad either. If I ask him for a favor, it might even be possible to get Master Alley to take her as a disciple.”

Knowing Du Wei is intentionally pulling the topic away, the Marquise made no effort to force it. She’s in no rush and the key is to find the right timing. Following Du Wei’s lead, she brought up some other topics and made a few jokes.

What came next is just some idle chit chat about some gossip and business dealings. As the two sat there chatting away, their conversation was only broken when a knocking sound came from behind. Walking in, Marde gave a slight bow and informed them dinner is ready and the Lister siblings is already at the banquet hall waiting to greet the Duke.

Finally, Du Wei has his first chance to meet the Marquise’s sibling during the dinner banquet.

Although Miss Lister’s beauty is said to supersede even the madam in her younger years, but Du Wei already experienced one shock today. With one stunning beauty to lean upon, the impact from this young beauty seemed a little lacking. Just like they say, this young girl is just as stunning as the Marquise with eighty percent similarity, but unlike the elder sister, she lacked the seductive scent of the Marquise. It’s to be expected, this girl is only 16 years of age, still wet behind the ears, so her body is not yet fully grown. She may be less elegant, but this just so happens to highlight the pure innocent feature of her youth like a fresh strawberry.

Moreover, the Marquise wasn’t lying. When the girl first met up with Du Wei, she immediately shied away like she was embarrassed. Though she kept her face down, Du Wei can easily see that beside the red blushing cheeks, there is also joy in her eyes. After making the initial contact with him, she only made a small greeting with her delicate voice before turning away. But unlike before, she would constantly peek at him whenever she thought he wasn’t looking.

As for that Lister family’s master, he wasn’t so friendly. Aged 15, this young man is the same age as Du Wei. Probably because he inherited the genes from his family lineage, this teen is extremely handsome. Like his sisters, he has delicate skins with a straight nose and the only part that discerned him from a girl is the thick eye brow that gave him a manlier feel. If by the odd chance he plucked some of that off and put on a woman’s gown, he might really turn into a kingdom ruining beauty that wouldn’t lose out to even his sisters due to his diamond blue eyes!

It’s just that the way this young man looked at Du Wei wasn’t very enthusiastic. In fact, he can feel a hint of hostility.

Even when he greeted him, his voice was bland, neither haughty nor humble, there was even a hint of arrogance in his tone.

Over dinner, there was little to say, but the Marquise seems intent on always bringing the subject back up that made Du Wei feeling awkward at times. However, after seeing Du Wei’s constant change of topic, the Marquise could only relent and drop it. As for the young Miss Lister, her peachy red face was nearly drooping below the table at this point. Matched with her stunning watery eyes and youthful charm, she still looked dazzling despite the weird posture she was in due to shame.

But this Master Lister on the other hand is a different story. Whenever the Marquise and Du Wei stepped on the subject, this young boy that didn’t even puberty would deliberately knock his knives and forks around like they were musical instruments.

Du Wei didn’t lose sight of this. Laughing inside, he was thinking: Is he afraid I will steal his sister?

Sure enough, after Du Wei sent the guests back to their resting quarters, this Master Lister suddenly made a request to Du Wei that he wanted to tour the castle.

Being the master, Du Wei was not in the position to reject. After getting the consent of the Marquise, Du Wei can only take this unfriendly guy around.

It’s just that after Du Wei and her brother left, the Marquise slightly frowned with a glimmer of concern in her eyes. Then turning around, she chuckled as she looked at the shy little sister of hers: “Angel, what you think of him?”

(Angel is the younger sister’s name)

The girl’s eye showed a trace of confusion followed by a blush. In a whispering voice: “Very…. Very good.”

Du Wei and the boy went around the castle until they finally arrived at a race course. Seeing no one was around, this master of the Lister Household suddenly spoke in a cold voice: “Du Wei, you better not have any idea’s toward my sister!”

“Oh?” Du Wei was stunned. Then smiling, he looked at the boy in front of him like he was thinking of something.

Seeing how the other party was smiling so weirdly, this teenager instantly took a step back with a trace of panic on his face. Biting his lips, he stuttered: “I’m warning you, don’t get any funny ideas about Angel! She won’t marry a noble like you!!”

Du Wei nodded before suddenly reaching out his arm and putting it on the kid’s shoulder. His action made the kid jump in surprise but Du Wei already closed the distance between them and was right up against the kid’s face: “Don’t worry; I have no such intent right now. By the way…. Your sister is really kind to you; everything she does, she does for you. If you want her to be happy, then we might as well cooperate. But, my temper isn’t all that good. From now on, you will be following me around in the Northwest, so you better be kinder to me. Otherwise…… I don’t care if you are the Marquise’s brother, if you don’t listen to me, I’ll take off your pants and give you a few whips, you understand?”

With that, Du Wei lets out a ha-ha loud laugh. Turning around, he left the boy and walked away.

“What a headache…… Inviting a god is easy but sending one away is hard. Didn’t this kid want to bee a student of Mr. Blue Ocean’s school? Better leave him in a town or city where one of Mr. Blue Ocean’s students is located. This way, I won’t have to deal with him. But Miss Angel…. I can’t throw such a little girl to some random place and not care……” Du Wei was thinking this as he walked.


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