Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 196 part 2

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The 196th chapter “This is what you call mighty!” (part 2)

Even though the two officials had a major change in their expressions, Du Wei gave no room for discussions. He is a Duke after all, who would dare stop him? With no other options left, the two split apart C one leading the main body away for the executive mansion and the other officer leading Du Wei and his people into the Governor’s office.

Located at the heart of the city, the governor’s mansion is designed like any typical structure you would find in the Northwest, with one exception C it’s very sturdy.

From afar, Du Wei can already feel the busy atmosphere of the place. One after another, officials came and went from the building and to top it off, a long queue was standing by at the side door. Seeing this, he was intrigued by this oddity.

These people standing in line are all different: some wearing fur coats of the local tribes, some dressed in silk gowns of the south. Though they may differ in appearances, the air they gave off is certainly that of businessmen. The only question here is why are they standing in line?

Turning around to look at the official leading them, Du Wei didn’t even need to say a word for the guy to turn pale. Panicking, the poor guy hastily explained: “My lord, these people are all members of the caravans that came here on trade missions. The reason for their ing is to pick up the next quarter’s trade documents.”

“Trade documents?” Du Wei gave Philip a puzzling gaze, but the only response he got was the same as his C he didn’t know either. It can’t be helped; this young scholar only came to the Northwest for a short period a few years ago.

“That’s right.“ The official faintly smiled with pride: “This is the Governor’s idea. Different departments in the Nuling province would always have to procure large amounts of materials and supplies each year, this includes the portion for the Northwester Army. Whether it is food grain or supplementary supplies, all of these things must be brought in from civil sources. It wasn’t until later did our governor e up with this approach to distribute the burden onto different trade groups. At the beginning of each year, these traders would send over a representative to Mulan City in order to pete for a spot. Then our lord would pick the most reputable and lowest priced among them. Like this, we not only get the best goods at the lowest price, we can also rid ourselves a lot of the problems that was plaguing us before. The traders you see over there are those too small to pete with the wealthier trade enterprises in the bidding war. Knowing this, our lord deliberately set aside some spots for these scattered small groups at a certain price….. Seeing summer is about to pass, these businessmen’s are here to fight for a spot in the fall season. Because of them, our financial department is so busy in recent days that the heavens itself were nearly flipped.”

One wouldn’t mind if they didn’t know, but upon hearing this, Du Wei immediately got slammed with a mind blowing shock!

This Bohan’s way of doing things is just like the advanced financial instruments from Du Wei’s past life: Tender bidding!

Upon entering the governor’s office, the first thing the leading official did was send someone ahead to inform the others of his ing. Knowing this, Du Wei did not interfere; instead, he only looked around the place leisurely like he didn’t care.

It’s quite clear; this Governor Bohan had a really good habit: save!

As the highest administrative body of a province, this Governor’s office can’t even match up to the city offices Du Wei had seen along his journey. Without a single spec of garnish along the walls, the only noticeable scene is the officials busily moving about in the hallway.

Knowing this, the official leading Du Wei and his party showed a face full of embarrassment as he slowly led them around the manor. Du Wei already knew the guy was stalling for time, but he didn’t bother exposing him.

Finally, an official wearing a low level uniform rushed over and whispered something into the guy’s ear. After a few words, the expression on the higher ranked official turned very ugly. Turning around, he gave Du Wei an apologetic bow: “Your lordship…. Our Governor just came back, but he’s mixed up in a discussion with some native traders of the Northwest. You see, why don’t we go have a seat in the lounge? Oh yes, you shouldn’t have tried our specialty product desert bee honey yet, right? I’ll have someone send some over immediately.”

This desert honey is something he never tried before, but as a magic pharmacist, Du Wei would of course know the stuff is nothing more than honey produced from bees unique to the Northwest. As the bug suck up the special nectar of the desert cacti, the bee will produce a special flavor in the honey, smooth and aromatic, it’s to die for.

“No need, I’ll directly go meet with the Governor. Hmm, he is in the middle of a meeting with those native leaders, right? I will soon be taking over the Desa Province and it is right beside the desert plains. Very good, it’s a good opportunity to personally meet with them.”

“Can……” This official was just about to say something but Du Wei’s face was already cold and heavy. Seeing this, the guy no longer dared to say anything else. Tasking the lower ranked official to go inform the people inside, he only coughed a few times before continuing his job of guiding Du Wei and his party.

Coming into the inner most section of the place is a reception hall, the only issue is that the door is closed with soldiers standing guard. When Du Wei went up to them, the soldiers were just about to block him. Fortunately, the quick witted official rushed up and stopped them before they offended Du Wei.

The higher ranked official was already sweating profusely to begin with, but when he saw the guy he had sent ahead to announce Du Wei ing was still standing outside anxiously, he couldn’t help but be stunned.

Seeing the situation, the lower ranked official came running over with a bitter face: “The governor left word before he went inside that none is to disturb him. I’ve been here for a long time, yet the guards still won’t let me go inside to make the announcement.”

Du Wei ignored these people and continued to head for the doorway, The soldiers standing guard was hesitant at first from Du Wei’s demeanor, but in the end, they still decided to e over to block him. However, before they can do anything, Longbottom had already ran up and coldly pushed the two poor fellas aside: “Make way! How dare you block the Duke!”

This Duke address made the two bodyguards cowar back a bit, after all, no matter how you look at it, anyone that can be called a “Duke” are all powerful men and not someone a lowly guard can offend.

Du Wei was just about to push the door open when he suddenly heard a loud roar from inside.

“You crafty Roland people think our prairie people can be so easily fooled?! I tell you Governor, if you do not agree to our transaction today, then we will bring our own people to take it!”

Other than the voice, the inside also came a crashing sound like that of a weapon striking over a table.

Understanding the situation, Du Wei gave Longbottom a signal. Nodding in return, Longbottom opened up his voice and shouted: “Damn it! Which tribe is the son of a bitch that’s making a fuss here! Master here only left a few years ago and you bunch of bastards are getting more and more daring!”

With that, Longbottom raised a foot and kick the door wide open before entering the hall blatantly.

Following suit, the first thing Du Wei saw was a handsome middle age man sitting behind a desk in the middle of the room. Wearing the uniform of a governor, the guy had a document placed on his left and a double edged sword on his right.

Other than this, there is also three other guys in the room, clearly people from the desert prairie based on their style of dressing. The tallest among them had a very aggressive look. Angry and arrogant, he held onto the cutlass in one hand with the table cut in two before him.

Full of untamed air, all three of them stood there with their chins held high as they intimidated the guy behind the desk with their ferocious gaze.

The man seated behind the desk is obviously the legendary governor Bohan. Even in the face of this unruly bunch, he remained calm as he faced off against the guy pointing a blade at him.

Obviously before Longbottom’s intrusion, the negotiation had broken down and the other side had pulled out their weapon for intimidation.

But with Longbottom’s disruption, everything went up in smoke. Still seated behind the desk, governor Bohan’s face immediately went dark: “Who are you!”

Du Wei took two steps forward: “Lord Governor, it sure wasn;t easy to get an audience with your Excellency. I am Du Wei, Rudolph.”

Bohan eyebrows pricked slightly and his eyes gleamed with a hint of surprise.

All the while, Longbottom was staring at the native guy holding the blade: “Which tribe are you from?”

The unruly native was just about to let out another tantrum, but after accessing Longbottom a few times, his aggressive stance suddenly broke apart. Like seeing a ghost, he drops his blade to ground and stuttered his next words: “You-you-you…… Mossad! Mossad is back! ”

The two behind the guy looked older in age, but when they had a closer look at Longbottom, their reaction was even more entertaining.

Longbottom coldly grunted: “Do you recognize me!”

Forced by his eyes, the insolent man involuntarily took a step back: “Lord Mossad…… I-I-I’m from the Bithron tribe….. I……”

Not letting him finish his words, Longbottom already went forward and sent him flying to the ground with a kick to the stomach. Once on the floor, Longbottom went forward again and nipped the guy on the neck and tossed him out the window. Like this, a fully grown burly man was tossed out into the yard with ease.

“Just what were you guys doing here? Damn it! I only left for a few years and you bunch already forgot my rules? You dare pull your swords?” Longbottom coldly pressed down at the remaining two guys with his gaze.

One of them was already shaking so hard that he can barely stand. The one that could still speak quickly jumped in to explain: “Lord Mossad…. We-we wouldn’t dare. It’s just- just…..”

“What ass?! If you can’t talk then cut off your tongue and go back to find someone that can!” Though the guy went numb like his partner, his words became smoother: “No, no…. Respected Mossad, we are not convinced! The Governor would annually purchase horses from our tribe, but the prices this year is too unreasonable! 3,000 well groomed horses for only 20,000 gold coins! Can our tribe’s top steeds not even be worth 10 gold each?”

Longbottom sneered: “How much would you like?”

“4…. 40,000.”

“Fuck off!” Longbottom swore at the poor fella and viciously said: “Go back and tell your chief 10,000 gold coins for 4,000 horses! I give you four days to bring them over and you better make sure not even a hair is missing from their bodies!”

The native barely held back his tears.

10,000 gold coins? 4,000 steeds? Wouldn’t this be a big loss for them?!

He did not even have time to object when Longbottom started frowning: “I finished my words already so why are you still here! Do you expect me to treat you to dinner? Scram!”

The final word “Scram” is already mercy in their ears, so where is the world would they dare say another word? Agreeing repeatedly, the two scurried away like rats fleeing from a cat.

Du Wei was sighing inside from what he just saw.

Damn it…… This is what you call mighty! The infamous General 250 is not just for show!


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