Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 196 part 1

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The 196th chapter “This is what you call mighty!” (part 1)

Different from Du Wei’s expectation, his reception in Mulan is actually a rarely seen cold shoulder.

Ignoring his status of a Duke and the fact that he is highly favored by the regent, Du Wei is still a member of an old noble household. In the noble circle where tradition is highly valued, Du Wei is still considered to be one of their own, so his reception along the way has been great thus far.

However, after his convoy arrived at the gates of Mulan City, not even a single person from the governor’s officer came to receive them.

Such a thing greatly angered the leading officer from the royal guards. Who are they? The royal guards of the emperor! Along the way, the magistrates they met on the road did not only give Du Wei deferential treatment, they also revered these royal guards. So where in the world did they ever get a cold shoulder?

It wasn’t just the lack of reception from the governor’s office, the soldiers stationed at the gate even had the nerve to halt them and ask for documentations….. Such a huge convoy with hundreds of soldiers from the army, it’s only to be expected that they can’t just Du Wei and his people in so easily.

Just when the leading officer was about to lose it, Philip interjected and handed over a document after jumping off the carriage.

“Do you not see the insignia on my armor?!” The leading royal guard officer arrogantly shouted.

Instead of getting angry too, the garrison soldiers gave an unyielding look in return and coldly answered: “It’s precisely because you are the royal guards that we have to check! If you don’t have the documentation, then you are leaving your post without reason! If true, then you are to be treated as a deserter, humph!”

Unable to counter, the royal officer can only angrily wait for the city guard to verify the documentation. Once done, the guy used his horse as an outlet for his anger and harshly whipped the poor animal on the back to make it head into the city.

Watching such a scene the city guard coldly mocked: “Humph, the people from the south are all like this. How can someone that harms their own mount be qualified to be a cavalry knight?”

These words just so happen to befall on Du Wei’s ear when his carriage passed by. Sighing, Du Wei was silent for a long time over this.

The royal guards really are unusable.

Maybe their equipment and treatment is one of the best, but an army built up by money is a bit too fluttery for Du Wei’s taste.

Originally, he intended to use some method to have these royal guards stay behind with him in the Northwest after they reach their destination. However, after seeing the display just now, the idea was quickly shot down.

Du Wei then turned around to Philip: “It appears this governor Bohan is not very friendly towards us.”

Philip was also puzzled. He may be someone that is highly valued by Du Wei, but when it came to matters of politics, this young man is still inexperienced.

As for Du Wei, he is already in the clear as to why this is happening.

If he didn’t e to the Northwest to begin with then Bohan would be the one in overall control against the Northwestern Army. Now with his appearance, what would Bohan think? The central high mand didn’t trust him and sent someone to take his power?!

You need to understand. Bohan may only be the governor of Nuling province on the surface, but after what happened to the two lords in Du Wei’s territory, the only one left to stabilize the chaotic situation is Bohan.

As such, it would be odd for Bohan to be kind to him C the one that came to steal a piece of his pie.

Along the way into the city, Du Wei was always peering out at the streets. In his mind, he really is impressed. Not only is the atmosphere boosting with life, the amount of merchants flowing through the crowd is abnormally high.

Going straight through the main streets, his convoy directly headed for the governor’s mansion without side stopping.

When they were about to reach their destination, a group of officials came up to them and halted Du Wei’s convoy once again. Unlike the last time, these people riding on their mounts were in fact officials from the governor’s mansion. Seeing the manner they came out to receive him, Du Wei really is starting to believe even a child in the Northwest is capable of riding a horse at this point.

The ones that came out to greet him were respectful in their words, but the meaning in their language definitely had a deeper provoking intent.

“Your dukeship, our governor sent us to receive you today. Unfortunately, because of the plexity of the autumn procurement matters, we were delayed. Please forgive us. Further in front is the governor’s office and we have already made arrangement for your dukeship to stay in the executive mansion….”

His words did not even finish and Du Wei was already frowning.

Executive Mansion?

In the Empire, the Executive Mansion is specifically used for the reception of government officials that came to visit….. This type of residence is the equivalent of a inn, but the problem is….. These places are usually only used for low level officials. For someone like Du Wei, a person of high stature, where in the world would these local magistrates have the nerve to receive him in such a place? Along the way, the local officials would always pick the best location for Du Wei to rest. Inwardly, these people even wished Du Wei would stay in their own homes than to find another place for him to stay!

But this governor Bohan sure is amazing. Not only did he not personally e out to receive him, he even dares to throw him into the executive mansion!

What really made Du Wei frown is not the fact that he was thrown into the executive mansion, but the fact that Bohan is so ill willed towards him that even kind word are not worth his time.

This way around, the people around Du Wei all became somewhat displeased at such a showcase. For the political rookie Philip, even he is thinking this is a little overboard.

Contemplating, Du Wei suddenly smiled as he walked out of his carriage and came before the two officials: “Do you know where the governor is right now?”

One of the guys was just about to reply when his partner quietly tugged at his side. Realizing the meaning, the one that was about to speak up went silent and the perpetrator answered instead: “Your dukeship, it’s a shame. Since early this morning, our governor has already left the city to deal with some matters. Yesterday, the Northwestern Army sent someone over asking for the autumn material procurement matter, and there are also the caravans from the northwest native tribes….. So many things require our lord’s attention, so he really can’t open any time.”

Du Wei may be nodding his head but his heart was sneering.

Went out early this morning?

What a joke! Along the way, my people would always move ahead to announce my ing. If it’s like this, the governor should have known about me since yesterday C this is ignoring the fact that all of the previous officials would send someone out long before he did to give their neighbors a quick heads up.

Considering his own identity, this governor still picks today to head out. Isn’t this a bit too blatant?

Thinking of this, Du Wei then gave birth to an idea.

You want to avoid me? But I insist on seeing you! Governor Bohan, you may have earned some merits after being active in the Northwest for so many years, but such attitude is a bit ridiculous, right?

Du Wei then simply ordered the people around him: “Everyone other than these two sirs here is to head to the resident for rest…. General Longbottom, Philip, let’s have a look at the governor’s office. Old Smoke, bring your people and e with me!”


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