Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 192

Night Mode

The 192th chapter “Sin City”

Shortly after midnight, all the people in the shop were woken up for what is about to transpire. In front of everyone, Rolynn personally took hold of the whip and executed the punishment against the servant and the four beauties. No matter how loud their cries were, nothing could stop her.

In the end, traces of 10 solid lashes were imprinted on the delicate skins of these girls.

“I hope that every order of mine will be plied by all from now on.” Rolynn puts down the whip as she eyed the four girls: “Stop trying to challenge the rules here. I don’t care how it was for you girls prior to ing here, but while you are here, you must accept your fate! Don’t put on the air of a lady, otherwise…..”

Slowly walking up to one of the girls, Rolynn lightly pinched her in the chin as she whispered, “I know what you’re all thinking…… You want to hook onto the Duke. Then all of a sudden, you will transform from a peacock to a phoenix in a single day. Once that happens, you will bee the lady of the house, right? I’m telling you now, you can discard the idea immediately…… Continuing to hold onto such thoughts are useless. I will look down upon you! We are all woman, yet you girls can only think of using your bodies to serve the male counterpart! If you want something, then use your own strength to fight for it. Only by doing this will you earn my respect! Now stop wasting your time daydreaming all day!”

Finishing up the last sentence, Rolynn untied the four girls and had them carried into the room. Then facing the crowd, she announced: “Anyone beaten just now will not get food today.”

With that, she dropped the whip and left because she still had important matters to attend for tonight due to the mand Du Wei gave her.

Within a month’s worth of time, she is to gather as many ships as possible…… Then with Ben Carson by her side, she is to travel to the Southeastern Sea!

And her mission for this trip is…..

“Your only responsibility is to suck the United Kingdom’s treasury dry! I’m sorry? You said we don’t have enough ships? Then go find more! Borrow, buy, or even rob! Rolynn, a chance to land such a big fortune doesn’t e often…. Also, when you e back, I want you to scribe me a map of the geography. This is very important, remember this!”

These are Du Wei’s exact words!

While Rolynn is showcasing her might inside, Du Wei was already inside his carriage. This luxurious coach was gifted to him by Prince Son. Spacious and stylish, the flag flying on the roof is already replaced with Du Wei’s house insignia C a flaming tulip.

Not only is the inside big enough to maneuver with ease, the thick velvet blankets covering the seats and floor is exemplarily soft. With such a grand lineup, one can already imagine the fort it would bring during the journey. Aside from this, Du Wei also made some modifications to the coach that lightened the burden. Right under the main body, he imbued the structure with a magic array that reduced the rocking motion.

Of course, a luxury cannot be called luxury if there isn’t fine wine and food. Hidden in the secret partments under the seats, Du Wei stashed away all sorts of fine consumables for the road ahead.

As for the coachman, it is undoubtedly old Marde. Du Wei didn’t want to do this, but under the repeated of this old man, he finally gave in. Marde’s argument is this: “Master, I’m already getting old, so I don’t know how long it will be until I can’t do this anymore. Perhaps this is the last trip where I can be your coachman, so let me take this opportunity to serve you.”

Riding in the fort of this luxurious carriage is not only Du Wei.

Looking at the cowering little Lufei in the corner, this kid doesn’t seem to very confortable riding with Du Wei. Knotholes, Du Wei only smiled as he pulled out a bottle of wine from under his seat: “Want a drink? Our journey is very long.”

Lufei didn’t say anything in return. Though the kid is only two years younger than Du Wei, but the way he was reacting is like that of a horrified kid trying to get away from some frightening object.

“Well then, my poor little Lufei.” Du Wei first poured himself a glass before pouring another for the kid: “don’t panic so much. You are like a cowardly rabbit right now. Oh heavens…. You remember this!” Du Wei suddenly reached out and grabbed he kid’s collar C this new set of wear was prepared by Du Wei: “Listen kid! You will soon be the king of a whole nation! Do you understand this? A king! As a king, you can’t be such a coward. Now show some courage!”

Under the steady gaze of Du Wei, Lufei’s face became deathly pale.

“Now, pick up the glass and drink it.” Du Wei coolly manded.

Lufei’s body was still shivering, but did as Du Wei ordered. In a single motion, he quickly gulped down the wine. Unfortunately, since the kid never had much contact with alcohol, he was choking profusely trying to cough up the content.

Du Wei only smiled as he patted the boy on the shoulder: “Look, it’s good, right? Very simple, right? You’ll get used to it. Now child, take another cup and carefully taste drink it. Take care not to choke…. Being a king in the future means you will have a lot to learn, but rest assured, I will teach you.”

Humph, the feeling of tutoring a king is not bad.

With the shout of Knight Robert leading in the front of this 60 wagon long convoy, the long queue started to maneuver.

Consisting of 500 royal cavalry troops, the escort team separated into two groups with one leading in the front to open up the road.

Before the sun could even rise, Du Wei and his entourage is already on the path to the Northwest….

Many, many years later, Du Wei’s most sincere servant Marde inadvertently quoted these words under the effect of alcohol:

“What are you talking about? Did I have any fear when i followed the master to the Northwest? Oh heavens, you’ve got to be kidding me! The bandits in the Northwest? The warlords? Those savage natives? Humph…. I in fact did pray during the trip, but it wasn’t for us. I prayed for those guys! I don’t see anyone in this world could possibly take advantage of our young master. Subsequent events did in fact prove I was right… Those guys in the Northwest really do need to pray…. HA-HA-HA-HA……”

The enormously sized convoy has already traveled for three days, and the coachman for Du Wei’s ride have already changed hand. Under the heating sun of this weather, Du Wei would never allow old Marde to endure such conditions. If he really did permit such a thing, he feared those old bones in Marde would have already collapsed before they can even get to the Northwest.

Contrary to Du Wei’s goodwill, old Marde really wished he could continue to be the coachman. Compared to the heat exposure outside, the current circumstance is way more unfortable for him because he felt like he is in an icebox right now.

Indeed. Although Marde is sitting in an extremely fortable carriage, but the passenger with him is not.

Along the way, Hussein was always cold faced that old Marde thought this person is made like this from birth. Yet, this wasn’t the worst part. Other than the cold natured Hussein, there sat a blonde beauty that always kept her eyes closed beside him. Nicole’s eyes may be closed the entire time, but Marde had the instinctive feeling that if he angered this woman, his fate would be a hundred times worse pared to offending the knight in front of him.

Sure, the indifference from the one eyed knight(Hussein) is hard to put up with, but this blonde beauty…..

Ever since he got into the coach, the first interaction he had with her was this:

First question: “You are a human, right?”

Old Marde replied: “…… Yes, that’s right.”

The second question: “How many bones does a human body have? I am told there are a total of 206, is it not?”

Old Marde: “……”

The third question: “Do you know where I can find a plete human skeleton? I’d like to look at one.”

Old Madeleine: “……”

Just three questions and old Marde is already convinced that under any circumstances, he cannot ever offend this strange woman, even if she is a kingdom ruining beauty.

Compared to poor Marde, little Lufei is having a way easier time in his life right now.

Of course, the most important reason is that in Du Wei’s carriage, there is finally another person present.

Along with Hussein and Nicole, little Vivian also joined the convoy and is riding along with Du Wei.

With little Vivian by his side, Du Wei’s attention finally moved away from this ‘future king’ of the United Kingdom. Ever since the ordeal of having his body stripped naked and the time when Du Wei enshrouded his entire body in flames, Lufei was already implanted with a seed of fear that he could not discard. Now that Ben Carson is not by his side, the emotion is only growing stronger with each passing day.

Therefore, the appearance of this beautiful yet simple girl is like a beam of sunshine in the chilly morning C warm and weling.

Lufei may be trying his earnest in shrinking his body against the corner, but once in a while, he would inherently peek over at Vivian. Every laugh, every smile, he would memorize e her charm.

This is especially true when Vivian handed him the peppermint candy. Swear to god, it is the best thing he ever ate in his life.

“Du-Du Wei……” Vivian looks over at the pathetic looking Lufei as she whispered into Du Wei’s ear, “He-he seems to be very-very afraid of you.”

Du Wei squint his eyes as he chuckled a laugh: “This lifetime, he will forever live in fear of me.”

There is no doubt that this sentence just pronounced Lufei’s destiny.

By the seventh day of their journey, Knight Robert rode over from the front that evening and made a report. They will soon be entering the Nuling Province of the Northwest.

The Nuling Province is considered to be the most prosperous region of the northwest. After bypassing this place, what es next is Du Wei’s Desa Pronvince, the barren and untamed wilderness.

Knight Robert’s remendation is that they should call it a day and rest in the small town nearby…. When tomorrow es around, they should head west and try to make it into the capital of the Nuling Province within two days.

But after hearing the report, Du Wei instantly rejected it.

“Change the plan and head north. I want to be at Big Ear city by tomorrow afternoon.”

Change direction for Big Ear city?

After obtaining Du Wei’s order, the messenger immediately went forward to carry out the mand.

As for Vivian, she gave him a strange look because she had already seen the map around the Northwest.

Big Ear city may be close by, but it is definitely not a part of their pre-determined route. In fact, if they did go there, they would have to make a long detour before making their way into the Nuling Province.

Also, Big Ear city is not a safe place either. In the empire, this city has a special nickname: Sin City.

The reason for this is because various criminals across the continent are sent to this city before being routed to their pre-arranged destinations. Like criminals, rebels, and traitors, all of these people will eventually bee slaves to be sent to the frontier or some hard labor camp.

A world full of thieves, robbers, insurgents, and other criminals, the security there have always been problematic. As a city filled with tens of thousands of exiled criminals all through the year, no merchant or adventurer would want to pass through this dangerous place.

“We-we’re going to Big Ear city?” Vivian nervously asked. After all, she is still young so it is to be expected that she would instinctively resist the idea.

“Of course.” Du Wei smiled: “I spend tens of thousands of gold coins there, you know? My dear Vivian, there is an intact infantry regiment waiting for me there to incorporate!”

Vivian would of course not know this. After Du Wei chose the Northwest as his territory, he was already making preparations for this day.

After bribing some officials with tens of thousands of gold coins, Du Wei managed to get the results he wanted: “changing some of the orders in several documents.”

The city defense guards that participated in the coup were only partially annihilated. In fact, the majority of the second division, around 10,000 soldiers, immediately laid down their arms after the Crown Prince mitted suicide; therefore, these people managed escape their deaths by surrendering.

Originally, these prisoners were either supposed to be sent to the southern border for naval construction, or work in the marshes, but thanks to Du Wei’s intervention, a few of them will have their fates changed. Scratching their names from the original file, he had a small portion of the original 10,000 sent to this Sin City.

4,000 people! A plete Regiment! Each one is a thoroughly trained veterans!

“These people may be rebels, but they were only following the orders from the above. Deep down they never really sinned, so why not let them stay by his side so he can use them?

This way, Du Wei only needed to spend some gold for bribery and here it is, a highly trained regiment of infantries! Such a deal is totally worth it.

If it wasn’t for the fear of upsetting Prince Son by going too far, he might have really pocketed the entire group of 10,000 rebels!

However, 4,000 people is still a pleasant number. Whether it is their abilities or experience, these people will not lose out to those stationed in the capital!


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