Law of the Devil – Chapter 191

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The 191th chapter “Du Wei’s scheme”

Late into the night, the weather of the imperial capital is already starting to heat up due to the hot season.

Only when the sun is finally set for the day will the weather finally cool down in this time of the year.

While everyone is sound asleep, the Duke’s manor is busily scurrying about because by this morning, they will finally be leaving for the Northwest.

No longer the horse groomer of old, Marde’s getup now is truly fitting of a housekeeper. Dressed in a set of luxurious robes, the only trace of his former origin is the accent he retained from his time in the Rowling Plains.

Like this, little Sandia remained by old Marde’s side all day like a little helper that he is. Regarding this clever little boy, Du Wei gave a lot of preferential treatment towards him. For example: prior to departure, he gave the kid’s family a large sum of money to make sure they are well taken care of.

Other than Hussein and Nicole, the only people under Du Wei that cannot be seen, just about every other subordinate under him is now gathered in the Duke’s residence at this moment. After ing to this world for so many years, he can finally say he has gathered a decent looking team under him.

As for Rolynn and Zack junior, these two will be staying behind in the capital for the time being. As Zack continues to mature, Rolynn will eventually be able to return to the fleet out at sea. Once that happens, George Bush, the one overseeing the fleet at the moment, will remain in the north and act as the middle man between Du Wei’s business and the mercenary groups.

With his business end covered, this leaves Solskjaer and the big headed Seth to handle his personal matters. Regarded highly in Du Wei’s heart, he intends to have this pair of geniuses finish up some of the unfinished experiments he started. Besides this, Du Wei is also hoping he could get these two to e up with some amazing ideas that he can utilize in the future.

Normally, he would have left the magic experiments to Gargamel, but this mouse has been locking himself away in recent days to cultivate his transformation magic. It seems the idea of regaining his former body like the dragon patriarch is too tempting that he is willing to ignore everything else…..

QQ’s status remains that of Du Wei’s pet. As long as this odd bird doesn’t speak in front of the public, no one will notice this strange thing.

The only ones remaining are General Longbottom, Knight Robert and Old Smoke. From here on out, this trio will be taking up the post of leading Du Wei’s bat forces. Side note: the group of odd ball talents recruited in the market will be thrown into Du Wei’s personal guard for the time being.

Of course, there is also Uncle Alpha, but this loyal retainer of the Rowling Household will have to wait till they are in the Northwest before Du Wei can utilize him.

This concludes Du Wei’s current team.

Acpanied by several servants and a number of slaves, the road ahead should not be a bumpy one. After all, there are plenty of frighteningly powerful panions by his side. If anyone should be afraid, it would be the bandits on the road.

Aside from this, Prince Son also ordered 500 royal guards to escort him on this journey.

While everyone is busy packing away the crates and luggage’s, Du Wei himself is upstairs looking out the window at the nightly scene.

Once again, I’m going to leave the capital…….

In the Northwest, Du Wei has a lot of confidence he can fully stretch his wings without the constraints of the capital.

“My lord.”

Preoccupied with his thoughts, a gentle female voice suddenly came from behind him.

Turning around, the first thing Du Wei saw is Rolynn standing at the doorway, her face full of uncertainty.

“What’s up, my female Knight?” Du Wei smiled.

“My Lord, there’s something…… I don’t know if I should report it to you, but I think it may be very important.”

Du Wei raises an eyebrow: “Speak.”

“The two special guests….. They seem to be restless.”

The one Rolynn refers to is the grand prophet of the United Kingdom and the small little Lufei.

“Oh, really?” Du Wei frowns, these days, he has been contemplating about what to do with these two guys. Problem is whenever he recalls the messages on Lufei’s feet, he would always get depressed. Besides restricting their ability to move about, Du Wei hasn’t done anything to them. In fact, he even made sure they are well fed and taken care of.

“Ben Carson said he wants to meet you.”

“See me?” Du Wei made a smirk: “Then let’s meet then!”

Meeting place is Du Wei’s study room. When Ben Carson and little Lufei were brought in, Du Wei found that the old man had a very serious look. Well, Du Wei never did abuse them, so it was to be expected. Aside from the change on the elder, the little kid seems to have put on some weight…..

“Oh, grand prophet, I heard you wanted to see me?” Du Wei smiles at Ben Carson.

“Yes, dear Duke.” Ben Carson took a few steps forward before suddenly kneeling down on the floor. His posture now is just like a monk from his previous life giving a full blown kowtow against the ground.

Though this is not something he likes, Du Wei did not bother stopping him because this person did in fact try to cheat him: “From the way things look, you have something to ask of me?”

“Duke, I know you are about to leave for the Northwest.” Ben Carson grits his teeth: “What do you intend to do with us……”

“I’ve set aside two spots in the carriage for you two.” Du Wei plainly replied, “You will e with me to the Northwest.”

Turning ghastly pale, Ben Carson seems to be so horrified that he cannot even lift his head to look at the teenager in front of him. Keeping his head down as he whispered, “My Lord, what value do we have to you by keeping us by your side?”

“Oh, what suggestion do you have then?” Du Wei smiles wickedly.

“Yes.” Ben Carson immediately spoke up: “My Lord, we hold no value to you while we’re here. I’m only a frail old man and little Lufei is nothing but a child right now.”

“Your meaning?” Du Wei stares down at Ben Carson.

“I request for a ransom.” Ben Carson grits his teeth even more: “My lord, I do not want to go to the Northwest. You know this already but the countless tribes in the United Kingdom are all waiting for us……”

“Your United Kingdom is the enemy of the Empire.” Du Wei coldly interrupted him: “You want to go back then use this child of god to reunite the scattered tribes of the United Kingdom?” Du Wei leaned forward, his eyes piercing straight into Ben Carson: “Do you think I would allow such a situation to happen? Don’t forget, I’m a Duke of the Empire!”

“But-but… The Empire just abandoned your family; your whole family is……” Ben Carson’s word surprsied Du Wei.

From the remark, Du Wei’s face went pletely dark as he turned to give Rolynn a glance at the doorway.

Noticing the look she was receiving, Rolynn suddenly felt a chill running down her spine due to the murderous glance she got from Du Wei: “Rolynn, go find the blabbermouth that leaked the news to our guests! I remember my order was very clear, lock them up and not let anyone contact them!”

Startled, this female knight could only bow her head in shame as she nervously replied, “My lord, I……”

“Go investigate now!!!” Du Wei suddenly growled with rage, his face unusually terrifying due to the scarlet red flames bursting out of his body! This scene actually caused Rolynn to skip a beat!

These days, Du Wei spent a lot of efforts in studying the knowledge he stole from the academy; hence, his abilities have increased exponentially. In his fit of rage just now, he deliberately shrouded his entire body in flames to showcase his might. If he wished it, Du Wei could easily swallow Ben Carson in fire if he as so much as flicked a finger!

Not wanting to test his nerve, Rolynn had already ran away.

“It seems…… You know quite a bit.” Though Du Wei’s smile was an icy chill, but his eyes were clearly dyed red by the flames.

Not daring to move an inch, old Ben Carson’s whole body was shivering uncontrollably. As for the little Lufei, this little kid was already so scared that you can see tears swelling up in his eyes due to fear.

After almost a whole hour of silence, the only thing noticeable was the trembling body of Ben Carson pinned to the ground.

When Rolynn returned, this female knight did not disappoint and brought back the result Du Wei wanted.

“My-my lord, it is…..”

“Who is it?” Du Wei’s expression looked gloomy.

It is a servant in the shop that was responsible for delivering food to Ben Carson. Though everyone knows the story, but there will always be people gossiping in the background. This old guy isn’t stupid; he knows he needed to do something, thus, his sights fell on intel gathering.

The root of the problem isn’t actually on that servant that leaked the information. Under the supervision of Rolynn, most of the people in the shop are well behaved; the only exception to this actually caused Du Wei to frown a little.

The instigator is in fact the quadruplets that Du Wei brought back with him. Taking advantage of the fact that they were once under his care, these four girls held resentment towards Du Wei that they did not get the doting affection that they expected….. As such, the gossips were first spread from their mouths.

“Alright.” Not waiting for Rolynn to finish her report, Du Wei is already nodding his head: “No need to go on.”

Du Wei then quickly made his decision: “The servant in charge of delivering food….. And our four ladies, have someone round them all up! Afterwards, reward them with ten lashes each! When you are carrying out the punishment, make sure everyone is present to witness it. This way around, they will know the result of not heeding my mands! Rolynn, I need you to remember that once I give you someone to manage, they are your people from hence forth. If you can’t manage your people properly, I will be very disappointed in you! Got it?”

Rolynn’s face looked grim as she nodded. Then turning around, she walked away.

Du Wei’s ruthlessness surprised Rolynn because the quadruplets only had a slip of mouth…. Compared to the time when she first met the young master in the inn, this young Duke has finally grown up.

Du Wei quietly sat down in his chair for a moment. When he finally looked up again, his face has already returned to the calm attitude that he had before. Looking at the jittering Ben Carson: “Now then, let’s continue our conversation.”

Old Ben Carson is already too afraid to say anything anymore.

Du Wei’s gaze loomed over his body: “Because of my family’s experience, you think I will let you go back and build up your United Kingdom?”

The old guy’s body started to tremble even more.

After a long time, Du Wei suddenly began to laugh with an eerie tone to his voice. Going around his desk, he gently raised a hand and gently tapped it against Ben Carson’s shoulder before whispering into his ear:

“You guessed right.”

Old Ben Carson could hardly believe his ears! What did this little devil say?

“…… I’m sorry?”

From the outrage that just took place, Ben Carson really thought he is done for and death is inevitable!

Raising his head with a stunned look, he looked at Du Wei that was standing next to him.

Still donning a smile, Du Wei only needed to wave his sleeve a bit close the room’s door with a gust of wind.

“Now then, let’s talk about the conditions of the ransom.”

Only after a long moment of disbelief did old Ben regain his thoughts. Fumbling his mouth in an effort to speak, he finally managed to stammer out his words.

He hopes that Du Wei would first let him go back, leaving only little Lufei behind for now until he can gather the necessary wealth.

“You go back first?” Du Wei knits his brow: “You think I’m going to believe you?”

“This is the only way, Duke.” Ben Carson quickly explains: “If I simply send a letter back, no one will believe it. Only by personally being there will they…..”

Du Wei nodded: “Fine then, keep going.”

“Only by going back will I be able to persuade the other grand prophets and the king. As for the ransom number….”

Old Ben Carson bites his lip: “I think with my influence, I should be able to give you a satisfying amount.”

Du Wei softly taps the table: “Specifics.”

“You can send a ship. When the ship returns, there will be gold, spices, and gemstones aboard!”

Du Wei did no reply.

Ben Carson can see this little Duke is not temped. Biting his lips even harder, he followed up, “Two ships!”

“Ben Carson.” Du Wei sighed: “You know, if I let you go back, this is treason in a sense. You think two ships worth of wealth can buy my treason?”

Ben Carson’s voice begins to shake: “Then your meaning is?”

“I have a fleet.” Du Wei smiled and said: “I’ll let the whole fleet go back with you back. What you have to do then is to fill the entire fleet! Once the fleet returns, I will have little Lufei sent to the Southeast.”


The whole… The entire fleet……

Ben Carson hesitated for a long time, but the United Kingdom needs little Lufei, the bloodline of the creator.

Finally giving in, he nodded as he squeezed the next words out of his mouth: “Okay, I’ll take it!”

As the pair was escorted out of his study room, Du Wei sighed inside: “These southeastern natives really are rich!”

With only Du Wei left in the room, a voice came from behind.

“You’re really going to do this?”

The one talking is Du Wei’s pet, heavenly beast QQ.

As a pet bird, the existence of QQ is no secret. As long as this penguin refrains from speaking out at the improper time, then no one will find it suspicious.

QQ has been present in the room the entire time, but those that saw him only thought of QQ as a strange bird.

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re really going through with it?” QQ’s voice sounded worried: “Treason?”

“Do you think I will?” Du Wei smiles.

QQ thought for a moment: “I think you are blackmailing the old guy. Once the ransom money is in your hand, you won’t release the hostage.”

“No, you are wrong this time my Mr. heavenly beast. Once I get the ransom, I will definitely let the hostage go.” Du Wei smiles: “I will give the United Kingdom a ‘King’.”

Then he counter questioned QQ: “I heard the dark arts have a spell that can control ones soul. I just so happens to be studying this field recently.”

QQ is frightened by Du Wei’s word. Blinking his little eyes, this penguin waited a bit before finally sighing: “You really are a little devil.”

“You are in no position to judge me.” Du Wei looks over at QQ: “Don’t forget where your former master got his strength from, it’s from the devil.”

“So, you really are going to…… Punish those poor girls?” QQ shakes his head: “Being so cruel to a girl is not the way of a gentleman….”

“So what do you think I should do, democracy? Oh, that bastard Aragon must have mentioned the word to you, right? Don’t make me laugh QQ!” Du Wei expression turned cold: “Open the window and have a look outside. You see those slaves and servants? This place is an empire! As a climber, one may die without even knowing what happened if they can’t manage the people below! You say I’m cruel and an authoritarian… But in order to survive in this world, you have to be like this.”

Du Wei finishes off his speech with this: “You’ve probably seen those familiar members of the ruined aristocrats, right? One day they are standing at the top of the pyramid, the next they are sold as slaves to be tortured and used in a brothel. As long as a man can offer up a few silver coins, they can vent their desires on them! This is how this world works!”

With that, Du Wei turned around and walked away.

QQ was silent in the study room for a long time before mumbling something to himself: “No wonder Aragon said he could end it all…..”


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