Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 186 part 1

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The 186th chapter “talents all around” (part 1)

“Well then, this conclude today’s lesson.” Du Wei lifted his robe and walked down from the podium C his classroom is exactly like the lecturing auditoriums from his previous life.

In response to his departure, 32 students uniformly stood up and saluted him.

“Thank you all.” Du Wei halted in his step and smiled wickedly: “When you go back today, I request all of you to review the dozens of methods I taught you today in dealing with the petrification skill. Tomorrow morning, there will be a surprise waiting for you all ~ ~ ~ ~ I will bring in a real magical beast, a baby golden eye python. Though the adult version can turn a person into stone and kill them with ease, but its baby counterpart is different. I will give you all real life bat experience with this creature! The losers will be petrified for the day and as punishment, their bodies will be place in front of the building! As for the winners, I’ll have a reward waiting for them if they do well!”

The audience stared blankly for a moment before erupting into loud cheer.

Six day of learning under Du Wei was a real eye opener for these youngsters.

While the other branches were still busy teaching the basic theories to their students, Du Wei is already pouring his knowledge down these young minds like a waterfall. From the uses of the most basic of bats and defensive spells, Du Wei taught it all, and more!!

“I don’t need you to study the principles behind these things because you will not be researches in the future. As long as you know how to use it in real life bat then that’s good enough!”

Therefore, while the students in the other branch were still busy studying magical gems in their classrooms, Du Wei’s class is already well into the physical bat phase!

People that drive a car only needs to learn how to drive, they don’t need to be an expert in the automotive field.

This is Du Wei’s view on things.

Because of this reason, the students from the Hogwarts house would always hold their heads high with pride whenever they met with their peers from the other branches!

Have you guys ever seen a real ice demon Wolf? How about a flaming rhino? Humph, you people are still stuck in your laboratories looking at pictures!

While you people are still studying how to conjure up a spell, we on the other hand can already recite it and use it!

Du Wei’s “alternative” educational approach was warmly embraced by the student body. Let’s face it; no one likes to stuff their heads in those old stuffy books day and night.

Whenever there was real bat training, Du Wei would always take extra precautions. Take the last practice session for example: He brought in a ‘wind mouse’ that is only capable of high speed movement. When his students went in to deal with the little thing, only two students ended up losing a finger because they weren’t careful enough to have it bitten off. Fortunately, after some recovery therapy with a healer, the students were brand spanking new again.

Du Wei can say for certain that if there was an official investigation into the matter, he is certain the loyalty from his students would be able to overe any hurdles.

Food for thought: Hogwarts courses are all elective in the academy, meaning the Hogwarts branch didn’t actually have its own student body!

Strangely enough though, the 32 participants in Du Wei’s care would always say this in their introduction: “I’m from Hogwarts!”

Of course, this move was quite laughable in the eyes of others, especially those running drills his students did every morning.

“Vivian, wrap up your things, I’m taking you out.” Returning to his office, Du Wei changed out of his mage robe and into casual wear. Then opening the window, he looked up at the sky and said: “We have some matters we need to attend.”

Vivian is currently wearing a huge sunglass on her face because Du Wei had tasked her to make this for him in preparation for tomorrow’s event. This thing is made out of some stained quartz glass, though it looked ridiculous to the eyes, but it is the perfect protection against the golden eye python.

The quarts glass may be expensive, but Du Wei still had a lot in reserve stashed away.

Seeing how half of Vivian’s cute face was covered in the black sunglass, Du Wei couldn’t stop himself from chuckling a laugh. Still, Du Wei ignored the blushing face on Vivian and grabbed hold of her hand: “Quick, it’s getting late already.” Like this, the pair walked out of the officer hand in hand.

In recent days, this stuttering and shy girl has been formally pushed to the forefront of the student body by Du Wei. Though Vivian didn’t actually teach any courses in the academy, but her existence is already an undeniable existence in everyone’s heart. Beautiful, young, and powerful, such a bination is a rarity that usually only es around every century!

Moreover, this beauty is the disciple of Gandalf!

Du Wei knows it himself, this lovely young girl holds a lot of love admirers in the academy that he was starting to get upset….. The reason is because in recent days, some of the more daring students from the nobility faction actually started to send passionate love letters to the Hogwarts branch.

Nonetheless, Du Wei didn’t just sit idly by and watch it unfold. In secret, he gave this audacious bunch a big lesson that they won’t ever forget.


Du Wei is not in the habit of letting someone sneaking a hand under his table.

Although his thought pattern is a bit overbearing, but in his mind, he already considers this silly girl his own private property.

“Whe-where are we going??” After being pulled out of the building by Du Wei, little Vivian is finally starting to regain her posure. Earlier in front of everyone through the hallway, she was blushing so hard from the peering eyes of the students that her cheeks looked like it was about to bleed.

Du Wei couldn’t care less about all this: “A trip. The horse is ready for us outside the academy.”

At the insistence of Du Wei, the academy has this one rule: any horses or carriage must not be allowed to enter the school perimeter.

Outside the academy grounds, a white pristine horse is already awaiting the pair for a good while. Not hesitating for even a second, Du Wei took hold of the reins and swung his entire body atop of the saddle. Like the gentlemen that he is, Du Wei didn’t say anything and simply held out a hand towards Vivian.

In her short lifespan, this silly little girl has never experienced anything like this. So, when he reached out for her, VIvian was at a lost in how to react to the situation. Nevertheless, she finally relented her delicate hands into his embrace after blushing uncontrollably.

Unlike how she imagined the scene would play out, VIvian was quickly caught off guard by Du Wei’s flirtatious gesture when he pulled her off the mount in one tug.

EEAAHHH!! Vivian shrieked in freight.

(If anyone still didn’t get the image yet, the author is going for a prince charming effect here)

Unlike the cheekiness Du Wei is feeling now, poor little Vivian can only sense her heart beating uncontrollably. In her mind, Vivian thought that if she didn’t get her emotions in check, her heart might fail under the intense stress.

Like this, Du Wei had both of his arms around Vivian’s thin little waist in front of him as they rode away.

Not sure if it’s intentional or unintentional, Du Wei’s arm was constantly bumping against Vivian’s plump little breast during the ride. This beautiful young girl thought it was wrong too, but there was nothing she could do while being trapped in Du Wei’s arms. Moreover, her panting breathes and red cheeks aren’t exactly a sign of rejection and she knows it!

Like her, Du Wei also started to get funny ideas in his mindCthis little girl seems to have matured……


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