Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 183

Night Mode

The 183th chapter “subordinate”

Du Wei thought things over that night, but no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn’t prehend everything.

All right then…… that damn bastard Aragon obviously had the same experience as his own C a rade that “crossed” over into this world.

But why does he have such a firm grasp of himself and there is also the matter of that hoax on that kid’s feet.

Who is he really and for what purpose did he do all this?

Also, there is the legend from the Southeastern Sea.

Heck. How did Aragon bee related to that myth?

Everything is a question.

And the answer to all of these questions is still unknown to Du Wei.

Because QQ already made a vow swearing he didn’t know.

“You need to understand, I’m just a poor pet. Other than writing and reading that language, I really don’t know anything else.” But when QQ said this, his eyes were blinking pathetically at Du Wei: “So no matter what, please don’t do any sort of barbecue Penguin, I swear, my flesh is not tasty at all.”

Du Wei of course wouldn’t really grill this heavenly beast, but he still had doubts in his heart that this penguin was hiding something from him. As for how he should made this Penguin spill the beans, Du Wei intends to slowly grinding it out of him.

Aragon is actually a world traveler like him…. Humph, this world is being more interesting.

It’s really hard to described Du Wei’s mood right now. After his initial despairing outburst, his mind was filled with anger, sadness, and somehow, happiness.

The reason for his anger is mainly because he felt like he had been played. The halo once surrounding the existence known as Aragon has long faded away….. In his mind, Du Wei felt it is only normal for a world traveler to achieve such a grand feet like Aragon’s.

But on the other hand, Du Wei also found himself feeling a sense of joy that even he couldn’t explain.

Yes, that’s right, it’s happiness.

After living for ten years in isolation, you suddenly found out you had a kin next to you.

The only difference is that he came to this world a thousand years earlier.

Humph, just because of this reason, you think you can ride on top of me?

Dream on!!

Du Wei malicious made up his mind.

Isn’t he just a world travelor?

If you were really some sort of god or legendary figure, then I might have been afraid. However, since I already know your true face, then why should I fear you?

At this moment, Du Wei was suddenly relaxed.

When it was early next morning, Marde was already here to deliver breakfast because he knew the young master threw quite the tantrum last night. When something like this happens, none of the other servants dare approach Du Wei, the only exception is Marde. Only in front of this dedicated old servant will Du Wei quiet down and quell his anger.

However, contrary to what Marde expected, Du Wei’s mood was abnormally happy during breakfast and he even ate an extra mint candy. Seeing the good mood on his young master, Marde hesitated a moment before deciding it was better to speak: “Master…. Outside seems to be……”

“Oh, something happen?” Du Wei said this with smile.

“Yes …… hmm, technically no.” Marde explained: “Before sun rise, some people brought over a guy with a set of broken legs and left him outside out door. Oddly though, there are people watching over this poor soul and making sure he stays put. Due to his constant moaning and screaming, quite a crowd has been attracted outside.”

“Ignore them.” Du Wei started to chew on his mint candy: “A guy that likes to bully others deserves a little suffering.”

After a pause, Du Wei muses to himself: “However, Biliaibuer sure is a smart person…. Haha.”

Du Wei then casually asked, “What day is today? I mean how many days has it been since I wrote the letter>”

“The fifth day.” Marde replied: “I think it should be soon.”

Since Earl Raymond is returning back to the Rowling castle, it’s only natural Hussein and Nicole needed to move and this letter is his way of informing the pair to meet him in the capital.

This morning, a crowd of onlookers had already amassed outside the Duke’s residence. Because there were so much people ing around to see what the motion was about, the road actually became a traffic jam. Fortunately, the people from the police department came over to disperse the crowd, or else who knows when it would end.

The poor steward Guro from Biliaibuer’s house was laid atop a wooden board outside the street. With both legs broken, his swollen muscles looked like that of a fat pig’s ready to be chopped off at any moment. Lying there half dead, his howling screams of pain and tears echoed throughout the morning. Eventually, he became so weak that even his weak uttering cries were gone. Even so, the bodyguards placed next to him refused to let him pass out. Every time Guro was about to pass out, the two guards would poor cold water onto his face to keep him front fainting.

After a full morning, this “show” finally came to an end. Poor Guro was finally taken away and a servant from Sir Biliaibuer household came to deliver a letter.

Du Wei got the letter from Marde’s hand. After sweeping through the content, he then smiled and said: “the count sure knows how to do things.” Passing the letter back over to Marde: Tell that servant from Sir Biliaibuer’s house that I am very grateful for his kindness.”

Subsequently, Du Wei was originally going to go take a stroll through his shop again. Other than the several native slaves from yesterday, Rolynn also brought back several convicted slaves from the former Solomon family C this included the one that cried out for Du Wei in the slave market.

Regarding these people, Du Wei intends to hand them all over to Rolynn in order to mitigate the lack of manpower. All of these slaves were once members of the Solomon household, so it’s only natural they are veterans when it came to handling a business.

However, before he can even step out the doorway, Luobosiji of the imperial inspectorate department had already e running to seeking an audience.

” General Longbottom wants to see you.”

Longbottom? That General 250?

Du Wei mouth curled into a giant smile.

Thinking it over, Du Wei realized he had already given Luobosiji quite the sum so far just so he can shower the general with women and fine wine. It was so ridiculous that even Luobosiji himself started to plain about the situation. As an imperial official of the empire, how did he bee a pimp?

Front and back, Du Wei already threw out more than 40,000 gold coins. And Du Wei was very patient in this so he didn’t take the initiative to meet this person of extraordinary talent.

He knows very well these eccentrics tend to have weird personalities. Although his fame and status is quite high, but that doesn’t mean this General Longbottom will give him face.

If one wants to attract such a talent, then they can only oblige to everything they ask. In most cases, even if you shower these eccentrics with gold and silver, they still wouldn’t bat an eyelash. However, if their mood was good that day, they may even sell you their heads without frowning.

Waiting until today, it finally seems like this General 250 is finally tempted by him.

Without delay, Du Wei immediately made preparation and head over to the inspectorate department.

Inside the jail, Du Wei finally entered the cell of the infamous General Longbottom.

After so much effort, he finally has the chance to e face to face with this great legend that had once caused countless headaches to the military high mand.

From Du Wei’s imagination, this bandit general that won the hearts of 20,000 soldiers should have been a wildly bearded man with an attitude to match his ruggedness. However, what he saw surprised him somewhat when he first entered the cell.

Sitting there, a fat guy with a well-defined face was currently playing with a sandbox.

This General 250 was tall, so tall that his head nearly touched the ceiling when he stood up to greet Du Wei. Even after years of prison life, this guy still looked very strong despite the fat around his body. More importantly, his face was ridiculously handsome that it didn’t correspond to the misconceptions Du Wei had.

Du Wei can honestly say this. If this person can lose some of that fat, then this General Longbottom can definitely be a model.

“What? Surprised?” Longbottom voice sounded slightly hoarse, his eyes filled with warmth: “You must be thinking that legendary General 250 can’t be this fat sissy boy, right?”

Du Wei was a little embarrassed because his mind really was thinking this.

Longbottom sighed before pointing to the only unique place where one can sit inside the room―the bed: “sit.” Following with regret in his voice: “Such a shame, if you were able to see me back then, you would never have had such a thought. But none can escape such a fate. In this little room for so many years, all you can do is eat and sleep. Like that, even the thinnest of people would get fat.” He then patted his fat thighs and a flash of frustration crossed his eyes: “With my body figure now, I fear I wouldn’t even be able to ride a horse.”

Du Wei did not speak, only silently watching this strange man from the side.

“Right then.” Longbottom took one look at Du Wei: “After you walked into the room, you still haven’t said a word. Now that I know your name and your background… … Oh, the Empire’s youngest Duke in history, the former young master of the Rowling Household, and an acplished magician … … You are really intriguing.”

He then stretched out a hand to Du Wei: “Did you bring it?”

“What?” Du Wei was somewhat at a loss.

The fat man slyly smiled: “My dear Duke, didn’t you want to recruit me by bringing me me good food and fine woman? Since you are trying to recruit me, you aren’t going to let me stay in this place now are you? What I’m saying is did you bring my release order?”

Du Wei smiled.

This General 250 sure is direct.

Without hesitation, Du Wei pulled out a blank document from his pocket. This is a release order that Du Wei got a hold of without spending much effort. On it is the signature of the supreme chancellor, and the part where the prisoner’s name should be is blank. Once the name Longbottom is written on it, the document will immediately take effect.


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