Law of the Devil – Chapter 182

Night Mode

The 182th chapter “Sure enough ”

God damn it!

God damn it!

God ****** dammit!!

Kicking over the table in front of him, Du Wei was so furious that even his ears were ringing due to the blood rush. This sensation was something he never felt before and it was making him very unfortable, especially in his heart.

Rolynn wanted to catch up to her master, but Du Wei was already shouting at her: “Don’t follow me!”

Even though she has never seen Du Wei lose his cool in such a rage, Rolynn still obeyed her previous mand. Ordering someone to take the already fainted Ben Carson and kid away, she did as instructed and gave the poor little boy some sweet pudding―poor little boy, he must have faced quite the shock tonight.

In one single breath, Du Wei rushed out of the workshop and ran aimlessly through the nightly streets of the capital.

He ran and ran, refusing to stop for even an instant because only by doing this did it soothe his heart.

Aragon…… God damn Aragon! Aragon!

He … … He……***!

He can actually write Chinese characters! He actually knows about me! He even knows my name! And he even knew that I would look at that kid’s feet!

He knew everything! Everything!

Just the thought of this idea left him in fears!

An old fart that died millennia’s ago is actually spying on him and is even watching his every step! From that fucking shit “prophecy”… … Humph, the kid with a horn that escaped from the Devil’s Island?


“Du Wei, how are you? Surprised?”

Bullshit! Total bullshit!!

He did not know how long he ran for but even his lung was feeling like it would tear from the lack of oxygen.

Unable to keep going, he finally stopped and leaned against a tree on the roadside and began gasping for air. Because of how hard he was wheezing, his body couldn’t resist anymore and he began to vomit violently. Despite this, nothing came out, the only thing that did were tears seeping out of his nose and eyes due to the excessive force.

Surprisingly, this painful experience ended up easing his heart slightly and the blood rush he was having quietly calmed down too.

After standing for a long time, Du Wei suddenly looked up at the star lit sky and roared aloud with his fist raised:

“You think strongest under the star is all that! You think just because of that you can mess with me? You think you can decide my fate? Bullshit!”

Du Wei’s scream ended up alerting one of the passing patrol teams at night.

Following the sound, the policing soldiers came running and the one leading the pack was a young officer on horseback. For this young officer, he would of course be displeased to find someone screaming in the middle of the night: “Who’s out there! How dare you ignore the curfew regulation! Someone e arrest this person!!”

Several soldiers immediately ran past the officer and were about to grab Du Wei when he turned around: “Go away! Don’t bother me!”

With that, Du Wei didn’t look back and turned away to leave. Hearing this, the young officer was so furious that he almost screamed.

How can there be such an insolent person? He’s violating the curfew yet he still dares to yell at a police officer?

In one push, the young officer immediately gave chase on his horse.

Hearing the hoof beat behind him, Du Wei felt annoyed and pulled out his wand from the storage ring: “Didn’t you hear my words?” He coldly snapped.

The police officer was just about to get angry when the moon’s light revealed the object in Du Wei’s hand. Instantly, cold sweat came pouring out of his forehead!


After his realization, Du Wei’s face finally became clear under the moon’s light. Not only was he sweating now, he actually came tumbling down from his horse.

Because Du Wei and the new police chief is on good terms, this young officer had seen Du Wei’s face before so it wasn’t hard for him recognize who he was: “Your lo-lordship, I didn’t see you….”

Du Wei mercilessly looked the guy. His gaze was so intense that it terrified the young officer. Only after a while did Du Wei finally eased up a bit: “It’s all right, I have something at hand so don’t bother me.”

“Yes…… Yes, Yes!” As if the officer would dare say anything else? Although the capital has a curfew, but it’s something that could be used on someone like Du Wei that stands on top of the pyramid scheme.

“And also.” Du Wei took a look behind the officer: “I came out in a hurry so I didn’t prepare a mount. Give me your horse first and I’ll have someone return it tomorrow.”

As if the officer would dare refuse? In the most obedient fashion he could act, the officer handed the rein into Du Wei’s hand.

Watching the Duke ride away on his horse, the officer finally breathed out a sigh of relief. Then noticing his subordinates looking at him with a stunned look, he angrily shouted: “What are you looking at! Back to work!”

While Du Wei rode on the horse, his mind gradually calmed down and a thought suddenly hit him. Immediately, he turned around and rushed back to his residence.

When the servants saw how the Duke was seeping with anger when he returned, none dared to say anything and simply opened the door. Dismounting from the horse, Du Wei immediately dashed in, but after a few steps, he suddenly turned around and pointed at the horse: “Have someone bring the horse back to the police department tomorrow.”

Du Wei went back to his room in a single breath and kicked open the door. When he entered, the first thing he saw was Gargamel playing with a magic crystal. With a silver knife in hand, it looked like the mouse was in the middle of a carving session.

“Where’s QQ!” Du Wei asked in a hard tone.

“…….. Sleeping inside.” The mouse also noticed something was wrong from Du Wei’s face.

Du Wei grunted and rushed into the room. Like a baby cradle, the elegant QQ was asleep on the small bed specifically made for him. Seeing this, Du Wei grabbed hold of the poor bird’s beak and gently dumped him onto the ground.

“You…….” To be so suddenly knocked awake, even penguin seemed to have forgotten his elegant style. Jumping up from the ground, he cried out: “What are you doing! God, this floor is so dirty, it will smudged my feathers!!”

“Humph!” Du Wei coldly stared at the heavenly beast: “I have a few questions and you better be able to answer the, otherwise, we will be having barbecue penguin for lunch tomorrow.”

These words, coupled with the cold eyes and anger on Du Wei’s face, penguin immediately calmed down. With such a clever mind, this Mr. Heavenly Beast knew this young master was not joking around.

Du Wei went to the table and casually grabbed a piece of paper. Then using a quill brush, he wrote a few lines before tossing the paper in front of penguin: “Read!”

Penguin read the content and began to fidget for a while. Seeing this, Du Wei sneered: “Read now!”

“…….” QQ sighed in resignation. Then following the content on the paper, he coughed a few times before reading out the words in a gentle voice:

(Everything QQ says is some famous Chinese poetry)

“The moon is shining bright before my bed and i am remembering the frost upon the ground…..”

“Enough!” Not waiting for QQ to finish, Du Wei waved his hand and wrote another set of lines: “Again, read!”

“……. From the beginning of life, people have always been good natured….”

“That’s enough………” Du Wei suddenly became like that of a deflated leather ball as he crashed heavily into the chair.

QQ blinked a few times as he stared his little eyes at Du Wei. Watching his words, he cautiously said: “Du Wei master……”

“What!” Du Wei angrily stared at penguin: “What do you want to say? Are you going to fool me again!!”

“That’s not it……” Penguin raised one of his wings and muttered in a low voice: “I want to let you know that you made a mistake…… One of the words is missing a stroke.”

Du Wei: “……”

He remained stunned for a while before suddenly jumping up. Rubbing his hands together in front of penguin, Du Wei’s looked murderously at the bird in front of him as he recited another poem: “Since ages past, all will eventually die!”

(NOTE: From this point on, it’s a dirty poem battle with shits and sex and etc. Anyone that gets disturbed by this is to skip this part)
The penguins replied: “Who shits without paper?!”

Du Wei: “Lofty towers are built from the grounds up!”

Penguins followed up: “An affair!!”

Du Wei face became ferocious: “Just use less money bills at that time then.”

Penguin sigh: “Too much gossip in front of the widow’s window….”

Du Wei asked again: “Oh the poor will get stronger with hardships……”

“If rich, there will be dozens of concubines.” Penguin sighs.

“Come again!” Du Wei rolled up his sleeve before shouting, “Beasts with long hooves are fertile!”

(Wink, wink, long and hard hooves that is also fertile!!! Burn that into your minds people!!!WHAHAHAHA)

“A son stealing from his dad is not a thief” QQ is still easily followed up.

(Now this is falling into mother and son incest mode)

Du Wei was desperate when he finally said: “Harem with 3,000 women?”

Penguins again did not hesitate in his answer: “Grind an iron rod into a needle……”

(That’s right; cultivate that needle so it can pierce it in right in)

This one person and one bird duo stared at each for a long time, suddenly, Du Wei smiled again.

He was really laughing and the anger inside him had fully dissipated. The only exception was that his smile had a flavor of helplessness: “Dear QQ, can you tell me, from where did you and your master Aragon pass through from?”

QQ sincerely answered: “Master Du Wei, although I don’t quite understand what you mean, but these things were all taught to me by Aragon…. I don’t understand what you mean by ‘pass through’, but if I recall, Master Aragon also mentioned this word before.”

Du Wei lets out a long sigh before sitting back down.

I understand then……


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