Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 181

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The 181th chapter ”I want to jump into a river!”

“Now then, first take these two away and give the little kid some sweets since he’s been through some fright tonight.” Du Wei may be smiling still but there was something about his tone that sent chills down everyone’s spine.

Waiting till Rolynn tasked someone to bring them away, Du Wei immediately returned to his serious manner: “Rolynn, you have no time to rest. Go immediately and get some slaves from the market. I don’t care if you have to rob them or buy them, just get them back here! They must be natives from the southeast and above all else, they must be able to speak our language. Preferably some elderly slavers because only people like that would be versed in their old myths and legends! Go now! I’ll wait for you here!”

Rolynn did not disappoint. Moving out immediately, she and several of her subordinates went to the slave market in the middle of the night and unlike before, all she had to do was proclaim her origin and the slave dealers gladly offered up three old slaves to her.

With the slaves back at the manor, Du Wei then began his interrogation regarding the legend around the “lost tribe”. Out of worry for these people making up lies, Du Wei had to separate every single one of them and ask them the questions individually. Luckily, after much effort and time, Du Wei is certain the story is true because their versions were all about the same.

God’s tribe?

Du Wei was alone in the room thinking over details. After a good while, his heart had a faint itching that something was off.

The Southeast native tribes all worshipped different gods, but all these gods are all recognized as the children of the creators.

But oddly enough, Du Wei never noticed a tribe that used the creator as their patron god! All these tribes only worshipped the children’s of the creator like the god of harvest, the rain god, the sun god, and etc…..

Such a phenomenon is very strange.

But tonight, Du Wei finally figured out the reason.

God’s tribe, the lost tribe…… Is in fact the highest and central point of all the myths and legends in the southeastern sea!

The reason is because this mysterious tribe is the only tribe that used the creator as their patron god!

Only them, and only they can have such qualifications to do this!!

If any other tribes dare to do this, their actions will immediately be recognized as an offense to god and they will be treated as heretics! If that happens, the sinners will be exterminated without remorse! The reason for this is because in everyone’s eyes, the creator is too extraordinary, so no one is qualified to use such an extraordinary god as their object of worship!

But the only exception to this is this god’s tribe……

In the legends, the ancestor of this mysterious tribe is said to be the youngest son of the creator. Because this son was overly loved by his father, the other sibling gods became jealous with envy. As such, this son was sent to the mortal realm to suffer through hurdles in life. Once all the suffering is over, it is said this son will be able to return to the heavens and inherit his father’s position! And even in the mortal world, this tribe is said to be blessed by the creator so they can protect the native tribes in the southeastern sea.

This mythical legend left Du Wei wondering if he should cry or laugh at how dumb it was.

Able to directly municate with the creator? Blessed by the creator? The Southeast is about to be exterminated by the empire, so where is this so called protection from the creator?

Myth is a myth after all.

Du Wei thought it was like this.

The key to this myth is that no one knows where exactly this mysterious tribe is located. Unlike the stationary tribes living on the islands, the God’s tribe doesn’t have their own land and is constantly migrating from one place to another. Drifting through the ocean, their identity is a secret to everyone with only one feature to recognize them.

Different from the rest of the native tribes, this mysterious tribe will never have any tattoos on their main body! The reason is simple: their patron god is the creator; therefore they have no need for worship tattoos.

“Ah, that right.” Du Wei began to smile: “There’s no need to worship their own sister and brothers is there?”

But they do have one unique tattoo and that is on the sole of their feet! The meaning behind this feature is to indicate the representative of the creator is walking in this world!

In Southeastern Sea, there is a widespread saying among multiple tribes:

If you see a man without a tattoo.

Then would you please bow down to him.

If you see his feet when you are bowing.

Then please kiss it.

If you do, you will be bathed in the creator’s light.

Du Wei thought about this for a long time, and then he began to laugh like a demon.

“Rolynn, I’ll have to trouble you to bring his honor the Grand Prophet and his son over.”

Ben Carson was jumpy to begin with after the first meeting with Du Wei. In his mind, he thought he already managed to pass through this hurdle, but then the little noble suddenly called him and Lufei back for a second meeting.

Lufei received quite a bit of shock tonight, so his eye was wide open when he was called upon again. As for Ben Carson, this old sly fox could already guess the reason for the second summoning, so his body was trembling nonstop.

Du Wei pointed a finger at Lufei: “Rolynn! Undress the kid’s clothing! Take everything off!”

Rolynn faithfully pleted Du Wei’s mand, and very soon, the 12 year old boy was standing nakedly in front of Du Wei.

Sure enough, this child’s body did not have any tattoos.

“Next…… Show me the child feet!”


Old Ben Carson’s face was full of despair. With his eyes closed, this old man is already fainted on the ground!

The most terrifying thing really happened! This little noble really found out!!!

The room fell into total silence. Lufei Didn’t dare resist and quietly obeyed Rolynn’s request to lift up his feet.

Sure enough, the sole of his feet is etched with a……… symbol!

Hmm, guess you can all it a symbol!

Rolynn was looking at with confusion because she didn’t understand what the design was.

But when Du Wei saw the pattern, his face suddenly made a giant change! His expression was just like a person had seen a ghost in the middle of the day!

No, no, can’t say it like that.

To be more accurate: Du Wei’s expression right now is like someone had seen a hundred ghost in the middle of the day. And to top it off, the ghosts even ran up to him and started making scary faces in front of him.

Enough with these weird analogies, you just need to know our little noble here is scared out of his wits!

Suddenly flopping over his chair, Du Wei was trembling uncontrollably as he fell backwards to the floor!!

The people in the room were all shocked! Seeing this, Rolynn immediately ran over to pick Du Wei up. Contrary to what Rolynn expected, Du Wei suddenly shook her off and crawled over to little Lufei’s side like a spider. Then glaring at the kid’s feet, Du Wei rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

It’s…… It’s not a mistake!

I’m not seeing things!

I’m not fucking hallucinating!!!

The thing depicted on Lufei’s feet is neither a pattern nor symbol.

But rather… … A line of words!

The left foot is a message, and the right is a signature.

Two feet together reads as the following:

“Du Wei, how are you? Surprised?

Name: Aragon.

The so-called creator’s-Totem is nothing more than such a dumb line!

So what else can possibly be more ridiculous, be enough to make someone feel like they had seen hell in broad daylight?

The answer is: yes, there is!

The thing that surprised Du Wei more than the content is the writing it was penned in!

Not from this continent, nor the text of the Roland Empire.

But rather… …

Du Wei suddenly wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. Then after a few seconds, he suddenly want to punch someone!

Because the text above is likely only recognizable by Du Wei alone in this world!

It Is… …

Chinese characters!!

“Young master… … My lord, Duke!” After much effort, Rolynn finally brought the stunned Du Wei back to his senses.

Rolynn worriedly watched over DU Wei: “My Lord, what’s going on with you?”

“It’s nothing……” Du Wei struggled to gulp down his saliva. Then looking at Rolynn, he asked with a nervous smile: Rolynn, nearby…. Is there a river?”
“Eh? My lord, why do you ask this?”

“Because I really want to jump.” Du Wei then seriously repeated his words: “

“Didn’t you hear me? I really want to jump into a river!!!!!!!”

(This is a chinese way of saying he want sot mit suicide)


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