Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 180 part 2

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The 180th chapter “The potential threat from the Southeastern Sea” (part 2)

From the data, it was even said that in the face of defeat, the other side did not easily flee for their lives. Instead, they tried their best to snatch away a small warship in a shocking assault just so they can bring the ship back for research!!

After Du Wei finished reading that copy of data, even he was sighing in sorrow because this is clearly a sign of advancement in a civilization. Despite this dangerous warning, the higher ups in the military showed no sign of urgency or care for this―the reason is because after that tragic and bloody battle, the United Kingdom seems to have weakened significantly. It’s to be expected. With their fleet destroyed, the injury must have caused the United Kingdom to collapse.

In the final part of this data, Earl Raymond C the former military mander of the fleet C wrote down his own opinion regarding this situation. In Du Wei’s view, his father’s assessment is very accurate!

“Remending the Empire to focus all energy to organize another large scale expedition, but this time around, the fleet must be three times the size of the existing fleet and be loaded with enough soldiers for a land invasion. No matter the sacrifice, the fleet must penetrate deep into the heart of the Southeastern islands and locate the rumored United Kingdom. In this maneuver, the empire must once and for all destroy this future threat! After this is pleted, the approach taken so far towards this frontier must be changed from simply a military standpoint and into a conquest version. Using whatever means available like stationing troops there all year round and appointing officials there for governing, the empire must turn this place into a true province of the empire within the next 30 years!”

Regarding these ideas, Du Wei believes it is absolutely correct. It’s a shame though because despite how far sighted Earl Raymond is, the empire’s central high mand didn’t put much emphasis on this matter. After all, the Rowling Household’s control is temporarily confined to the military. Matched with the growing absurdity of the old emperor and the tension of the empire’s finances, such a large scale plan is unrealistic.

With all of this information crossing through Du Wei’s mind in a flash, his gaze finally fell upon Old Ben Carson: “United Kingdom? Grand Phophet?”

“…… Yes.” Ben Carson seems to have pletely caved in: “In the United Kingdom, the Grand Prophet is almost equivalent to the Temple’s…… Pope.

At his words, Du Wei was really impressed!

His Majesty the Pope is almost on equal footing to the Emperor of the Empire! At least from the way they are addressed, only these two individuals may be referred to as “his Majesty”!

However, in parison to the unlimited authority of the Pope in the empire….. Ignoring the fact that the United Kingdom is a clumsy backwater in this world, isn’t this Grand Prophet in front of him a bit too shabby? How does he expect people to believe his story?

“Exactly just a few years ago … … There was a civil strife within the United Kingdom.” Ben Carson reluctantly explained: “A few years ago, the battle with your imperial fleet was a wrong decision. The reason behind this is because the zealous faction was in control C add in the eagerness among our people to repel the invaders C our tribesman ended up being too optimistic towards the situation. ….. After everything finished unfolding, the unity binding the United Kingdom nearly collapsed. At the time, questioning voices were very strong because most of our forces were concentrated in that massive battle. Despite the enormous numbers on our side, we couldn’t even defeat a single fleet of yours. Many of the tribes gave up their hopes for resistance on that day and decided to lift up their homes and move to some distant islands in the southern waters. This was all done just so they can escape from the clutches of your empire. Aside from this, the biggest tribe in our kingdom C it is also the home of our previous king C lost most of their powers due to the heavy causalities they faced. Left with no other option, the king at the was forced to step down after losing most of his influence among the other tribes.”

Speaking up to here, Ben Carson gave Du Wei a glance: “Different from your Empire, our Emperor is not hereditary and is elected by the numerous tribes in our union. After our king abdicated due to defeat, most of our people lost confidence and simply went back to their homes to prepare for migration. By then, we even had trouble finding someone willing to step into the post. Later, with several Grand Prophets…..”

“Several?” Du Wei smiled.

“Yes, the religious authority from where we are from is not concentrated in the hands of a single person. Here, you only have one Pope, but we have four.” Ben Carson explained this before continuing: “Discussing it over, the four of us together finally elected a new king. This person is also a powerful tribal chieftain, but his influence, prestige, and intellect isn’t enough to lead us against the invaders……. On this point, we all understand this. Therefore, the new king agreed to hold down the fort for us for the next few years until the four grand prophets can find the right person.”

Du Wei smiled: “Oh, and then what?”

“Then……” When Ben Carson explained up to here, he hesitated for a moment before finally relenting after seeing the chilling gaze from Du Wei: “The four of us grand prophets decided to go seek out the ‘lost tribe’. Only by finding this legendary tribe that is said to be the family of god will we be able to call upon the tribes that have already given up.”

“The family of god? Lost tribe?” Du Wei felt a vague familiarity towards this because overheard the veteran soldiers under his father speak of this. Unfortunately, Du Wei did not know the details, nor does he know if this is true.

It’s just that in front of this old man, Du Wei intentionally gave off an air prehension and all knowing: “This is indeed a good idea. By taking advantage of the prestige this legendary tribe yields, you can once again breathe life back into the United Kingdom.”

Sure enough, the act put on by Du Wei is enough to deceive Old Ben Carson. Nodding in agreement, the old man continued his story: “Unfortunately, I ended up encountering one of your forces patrolling our waters. After a quick struggle, I was finally caught and dragged back here.”

“And you’ve been carefully hiding your identity?” Du Wei smiled.

“That’s right.” Ben Carson nods: “My identity is the Grand Prophet, so I’m concerned for my safety if the people here learn of my status…… I’m not afraid to die, but my body is shouldering a heavy burden, so I can’t throw away my life meaninglessly!”

Du Wei smiled: “Then what about those youngsters with you? They don’t seem like a regular people.”

You see, they are my followers. In order to protect me, every single one of them received some form of training.” Ben Carson flashed a trace of sorrow on his face: “Unfortunately, at the time when I was captured, many of them died protecting me.”

After a pause, Ben Carson added in another sentence: “they were our bravest warriors in the United Kingdom. In order to follow me, they abandoned their homes and acpanied me in my journey across the Southern waters……”

“There’s no time for grief.” Du Wei said calmly: “Both sides are hostile to each other so killing is a very mon occurrence.”

Old Ben Carson remains silent at Du Wei’s speech.

“So then, what about Lufei’s identity…..” Du Wei smiled: “Is he from that legendary tribe?”

“…… No.” Ben Carson shook his head with a hint of frustration in his eyes: “He…… Is my son.”


Du Wei lets out a smirk: “Ben Carson, don’t you think this lie is a little too deceptive?”

“It’s true.” Ben Carson explains: “Different from the temple on the continent, our Grand Prophets can marry and have children. In addition to this, this title is hereditary. In order to prepare our children to take up our mantle after the current generation passes away, our children will be given a special set of education and training….. Therefore, Lufei is really my son. Please don’t harm him. If I must, I’m willing to swear to God!!”

Seeing the sincere expression on Ben Caron, Du Wei was having a hard time telling lies from truth.

“Fine then, I’m going to keep an eye on you Mr. Grand Prophet.” Du Wei as smiled: “However, in light of your identity, I’m willing to give you certain privileges, but definitely don’t think of running away, you get it?”

“Rolynn! Bring that child over here!”

After Du Wei’s harsh mand, Rolynn quickly went out and brought the kid into the room.

But surprising Ben Caron, Lufei’s body showed no signs of injury! Then what about those whip lashes and fearful screams?

Du Wei started chuckling: “I used your ear to fool you.”

The truth is the two pirates’ next room only took out something to scare the kid. As for the whipping sound, it was made by hitting it against leather.


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