Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 172 part 1

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The 172th chapter “very easy” (part 1)

Speaking from president Dorgan’s standpoint, he is now faced with a difficult predicament.

Without any room to retreat from, Du Wei successfully imitated the effects of a high tiered spell with only a single magic potion despite being under the scrutinous eyes of these old grand masters. Even so, none could find fault within his work.

Dorgan suddenly felt he miscalculated. Like a rock had fallen from the sky, he could feel his feet being slammed with it because of his own misjudgment. He was absolutely sure the kid couldn’t pass through the extra problem because even Alley couldn’t do it C even for Dorgan, he had to yield to Alley when it came to this subject.

What is supposed to impossible was effortlessly achieved by Du Wei, and the way he did it was impeccable too.

So what’s next?

Does he really have to grant the title of “continent’s number one magic alchemist” to this little Du Wei?

This is not your ordinary title damn it!

Although the alchemist profession is thought to be of little value in the field of magic, but if it was added with the title of “number one”, then the meaning would bee pletely different!

If dumped with a title like this, wouldn’t Du Wei be officially recognized as the number one in this field by both the government and the union?

A phenomenon like that is something Dorgan absolutely does not want to see, let alone being the number one magic alchemist.

Hypothetically speaking, this would be like a craftsman, a blacksmith, a tailor, or Forger. All of these various professions aren’t amazing by itself, but if added with the title of number one, then that would bee something of remarkable nature!

Regardless of the industry, if one can achieve the title of number one, then they would bee a grand master!!!

Du Wei’s qualification as a magic alchemist is unquestionable C others wouldn’t be so stupid to really think this youngest duke in history is only at the level of a magic alchemist, right?

The continent’s number one!

This is the “continent’s number one” were talking about!

But the words were spoken by himself. As the president of the magic union, how can he go back on his words?

In desperation, Dorgan summoned up his courage and faced Du Wei: “Mage Du Wei, your showcase of magic alchemy is a real eye opener for us. Since it’s like this……”

The President then turned around and walked back into his room. After a while, he took out a pale yellow parchment.

This is an official document of the magic union pertaining to the recognition of Du Wei’s magic abilities.

In addition to his name, Du Wei’s title is also written there: Magic Alchemist.

Then Dorgan handed the parchment over to couple of old geezers present: “Dear fellow mages please sign your names here.”

Surprising Du Wei, the first one to stretch out their hands to receive the document is not Alley. Instead, it was that Yierneisi. With a beaming smile, the old guy pulled out a quill from his pocket and slightly wet the tip with his mouth before signing his name.

The second to sign is Alley. Master Alley gave Du Wei a deep meaningful gaze before heaving a long sigh. Tapping on Du Wei’s shoulder, he said: “Nicely done kid! What I couldn’t do, you managed to do it. For that, I am very pleased but also envious of you. If you are willing, I would love to know the formula. From the smell alone, I could distinguish six types of ingredients, but no matter how much I thought about it, I fail to see how you achieved such a result….. Oh, you don’t have to worry. I won’t force you to surrender formula. If you are willing, I like to use anything within my inventory to exchange!”

With that, Alley also signed his name on the paper.

Facing this crazy old Alley, Du Wei felt somewhat unwell in his heart.

Exchange recipes?

The amount of benefits Du Wei gained from this crazy old Alley is absolutely tremendous. For example: the five colored gemstone, the manufacturing process for the flying broom, and the mithril replacement recipe…. All of these amazing things are from this crazy old guy. Also, there is the stuff Du Wei learned by visiting Alley’s laboratory. Lastly, there is also the vast amounts of magic ingredients Du Wei received like the magical plant hybrids.

Bluntly said, if Du Wei really had such a recipe, the right thing to do is to freely share it with this crazy old guy.

Unfortunately Du Wei knows it himself that this is not some kind of potion. Rather, it is wholly relied on the magical abilities of the “Fountain of youth”. It’s just that he is in no position to tell the old guy.

The third to sign is Leonidas. Although he finds Du Wei very displeasing to the eye, but the facts are facts. No matter how much he disliked the oute, he acted out his role of being a villain and simply signed the paper.

Finally, Dorgan retrieved the parchment and wrote down his name. After confirming the signature of everyone present, he lifted a finger into the air and made a swirling motion. From his movement, several magical sparks shot out and softly landed on top of the paper.

“I’ll have someone store the document inside the magic union. From this moment on, Du Wei, you are a full-fledged member of the union.” The president suddenly paused in his words, his face looking somewhat difficult: “However, your badge…..”

By right, what happens after the signing process is the issuing of the magician’s badge. No matter the rank, every ranking badge would be imprinted with the user’s blood and bind with magic. This is to prevent frauds from impersonating a magician’s identity. But for a

However, the badge of a magic alchemist is much more mon and simple.

But the most embarrassing part was that in Dorgan’s possession, he did not have a magic alchemist badge!

It is expected. As the president of the magic union, there’s no way someone of his status would preside over the examination process of a magic alchemist, nor would he carry a lowly magic alchemist badge.

Therefore, within the president’s office, such a thing was never prepared.

In addition…… As the “continent’s number one magic alchemist”, how can Du Wei be given such an ordinary item?

Dorgan was hesitating over not knowing what kind of badge he should give Du Wei.

While at this moment, Du Wei came down with a idea.

Of course, the “continent’s number one” title is very tempting. Even for a profession like the magic alchemist, which is looked down upon in the magic field, it would bee quite the deal if plastered with such a grand name.

But after Du Wei calmed down, he realized such a title may not necessarily be a good thing.

Not for anything…… it’s just that the title is too dramatic!

No matter how he played it, he is only a 14 year old kid. If he is suddenly labeled with such a grand title, it may be a bit overdone. Too far is as bad as not enough, Du Wei understands such a saying very well. Instead of gaining some benefit, he feared the amount of trouble that is to follow will greatly outweigh the good.

Firstly, it would put the magic union in an awkward situation. Aside from that, Dorgan is definitely not pleased with this. It’s one thing to vent his anger a bit, but offending the union is absolutely out of the question. If he really went overboard, the amount of trouble in the future would be endless.

Secondly…… Humph-humph, continent’s number one, who knows how many people would be envious of such a title?! There’s no way it would be okay for a 14 year old kid to wear such a big name. If he somehow gets landed with such a gimmick, who knows how many people out there would shoot hostility at him. In Du Wei’s mind, he understands full well how lacking he truly is. Sure, his knowledge may be abnormally high, but it is simply too far away from being worthy of number one.

The world is big, who knows how many hidden talents there really are. If he suddenly gets landed with a challenging title like “number one”, there will definitely be those that want to challenge it. If that happens, wouldn’t he have someone knocking at his door every few days?

If all he is going to get is a catchy title, why not exchange it for something more practical and valuable?

Thinking of this, Du Wei immediately puts on a smile. Watching the president, his tone became earnestly kind: “Sir, before issuing a badge, I have something to say.”

“?” Dorgan looked at Du Wei and thought: what else do you have to say? Are you going to take the opportunity to use words to ridicule me?

“President and the several mages present.” Du Wei pondered for a moment before smiling: “Although president sir is fond of me and is willing to bestow upon me the title of continents number one, but I think it is wrong to do this….. After all, I’m only a 14 year kid. And….. to tell the truth, it was through teacher’s advice that came up with this recipe. With my cultivation in magic alchemy, I feel my ability is still far from deserving of the title ‘number one’. Therefore, I request the president to retract the title!”


The kid does business like this?

Both Dorgan and Leonidas looked at each other.


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