Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 171 part 2

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The 171th chapter “The continent’s number one magic alchemist” (part 2)

Didn’t you want to challenge Magic Alchemy?

Fine then, I’ll let you challenge it! At the same time, I’ll add in an additional problem on top of your exam. If you can plete it, then you will receive the title of continent’s number one. Regardless of the result, you will still be a Magic Alchemist.

It may seem fair on the surface… but how can Du Wei not understand the hidden meaning behind this?

Originally, the reason behind his refusal to take the rank appraisal test is so that he can hide his true strength from prying eyes.

Therefore, Magic Alchemy is the ideal choice for him due to its lax requirement.

But since an “extra” problem is added in, Du Wei can neither retreat nor escape anymore!

Didn’t your words sound great?! Didn’t you say you want to “carve out your own road”? Didn’t you say you want to walk a path different from the rest?

In that case, I’ll fulfill your wish and even give you an opportunity to bee the continent’s number one! If you still don’t take this chance, then you are admitting everything you said so far is a bluff!

If Du Wei retreats now after spouting all those words of “I want a challenge”, then he would be a hypocrite in everyone’s eyes.

The title of continent number one would tempt even the strongest willed among masters. If you are still not tempted, then the only explanation left is that you are bluffing

“You want to play with me?” Du Wei sneers inside before crying out a reply: “I accept!”

“Very good.” President Dorgan’s eyes were also decisive in his reply.

To tell you the truth, this so-called “continent’s number one magic alchemist” is a last ditch move. Though the magic alchemist profession is a tasteless career, but it is still a bit reckless to add in the title of number one like this.

To be able to bee the president in the magic union, this person is naturally quite petent. In his mind, Dorgan understands that magic alchemy plays a vital role in the foundation of many magic theories.

Throwing out such a grand title so carelessly, even Dorgan felt he wastoo reckless. However, in order to make Du Wei yield, he had no other choice but to take this risk.

“So then Master Leonidas, will you explain the process for the assessment since you are the most experienced among us.”

Although Leonidas wants to strangle Du Wei right now, he could not disobey the president’s order. Giving out a vague humph, he was just about to speak with his darkened face when Old Alley interjected: “Why not let me do the honors. Among everyone here, I believe I am the most experienced when it es to magic alchemy.”

No one objected to this statement because among the old monsters in the union, this crazy Alley is definitely leagues ahead of everyone.

Compared to a real assessment test for a magician, the test for a magic alchemist is simply too shocking that one must stare.

First of all, you just have to be able to recite the 20 potion recipes mentioned by the examiner and clearly state the difference between some monly used plants in alchemy. Then under the supervision of the examiner, you must concoct a potion in its plete procedure. As for the recipe, it will be up to your own choice.

As soon as you can pass these tests, then congratulations, you are fully recognized as a magic alchemist.

It’s as simple as that.

Considering Du Wei’s intelligence and that he’s been studying the subject since he was little, it would be more ridiculous if he can’t pass it. In fact, it wouldn’t be hard for him to recite over 300 or more recipes out of his mind right now if he wanted to!

As for identifying and distinguishing some plants and potions, it is quite simple.

And controlling the brewing process can’t stump him either.

If anything is going to be hard, it would the extra “problem” that was added in.

President Dorgan was openly smiling now as if certain Du Wei would fail. If word spread of Du Wei’s inability to pass the extra test, then his reputation that he so painstakingly built up would be damaged.

“Du Wei, this additional problem is not that difficult.” Dorgan’s faint smile left Du Wei feeling uncertain.

Not difficult? It would be strange if it was not difficult!

“Everyone here is well versed in magic, so everyone knows that once someone delves deep into magic alchemy, they can emulate some spells without actually using magic to aid them. However, it is widely known that such practices are limited to some low tiered spells. Though rare, there are some cases where some alchemic products can yield results similarly close to an intermediate spell. Of course, none of them made the grade. Hmmm, if I remember correctly, master Alley here developed a magic potion years ago that tried to emulate the effects of an intermediate support spell.” Dorgan lets out a devilish chuckle: “Since it’s like this, the problem I’m proposing to you will be to concoct a product that can emulate the effects of an intermediate or higher spell.”


Despicable old Fox!

After listening to everything, Du Wei bitterly sneered inside.

Use magic potions to simulate an intermediate spell? What a joke!

In Du Wei’s view, it is already a revolution that Solskjaer can use gunpowder to simulate the effect of a low tiered fireball.

Even then, the revolution of the decade can only simulate a low-level fireball!

When it es to emulating an intermediate spell…… Looking far and wide, there is still no one capable of doing it! It is impossible!

The difficulty of this problem proposed by Dorgan is really at the peak. Even for someone like Alley, this crazy inventor now believes Du Wei is a goner because such a feat is out of his ability too!

In his entire life, he spent all his time researching and performing magic experiments. Even so, this crazy inventor still couldn’t create anything truly capable of emulating an intermediate spell. Though there are potions capable of recovering expended energy for a mage, but those can’t really be considered magic.

It’s easier said than done to emulate a spell with magic materials!

“I accept!”

The clear and proud answer from Du Wei caused all of these old gramps to turn pale!

Du Wei was full of confidence: “In that case, let us begin. Starting from the basic alchemic recipes, may I know which of the masters present will do me the honor?”

“Cough cough……” Master Alley coughed repeatedly at the incredible attitude from Du Wei: “President, I want to make a suggestion. Du Wei no longer needs to do the basic assessment. Prior to today, I’ve already done some experiments with him. In fact, I’m willing to guarantee that he is more than capable of passing the test. Therefore, why don’t we just skip to the extra test?”

Even for someone like Alley that spent his entire lifetime researching and experimenting, his curiosity is hooked.

Du Wei is very determined as he laughed: “Since this is my chosen path, I think emulating an intermediate spell is too simple. Hmmm…. It just so happens I achieved some results lately. I’ll simulate the effects of a high tiered spell!”

This single word sent everyone flying in shock!

“As we all know, my late teacher master Gandalf is skilled in a high tiered spell called “Wheel of time”, right? This spell is capable of wielding the users enormous power to reverse time and space.”

All of the old gramps nodded as soon as Du Wei finished his sentence.

Gandalf’s “Wheel of time” is well known among these old masters.

“Well then, I figured out a recipe that allows me to control time!” What Du Wei said left the audience speechless!

Fortunately I came prepared…… QQ (penguin’s name)

With that, Du Wei pulled out something from his storage ring.

This thing is tightly wrapped in a black cloth; although it is obviously a plant pot, but for some reason it was tightly covered as if the contents are afraid of the light.

“This flower is the ‘Queen of the night’.” Du Wei puts the pot in his hand onto the ground. Then grinning, he continued to speak: “Everyone knows that this flower has the shortest blooming time. Once it reacts with the morning sun, it will immediately bloom for a short period before wilting away. That’s why, I want to use this flower to showcase my research results.”

With that, Du Wei then took out another bottle. After gently unscrewing the cap, a strange exotic smell came flying out of the bottle.

Everyone present is people of great capabilities. With a single sniff, all of them recognized the smell is filled with all kinds of strange flavors.

Even for Alley C considering his knowledge and experience C he still had trouble recognizing the smell of each individual ingredient due to the plexity.

What came next, including: Alley, Dorgan, Leonidas, and Yierneisi, is something the four can never forget for the rest of their lives!

Until Alley met his death, this crazy inventor still couldn’t figure out how Du Wei achieved such a feat!

Du Wei casually unwrapped the black cloth on the ground to reveal the flower hidden underneath.

With the light’s shining on the bud, the flower soon blossomed out!

But then, Du Wei took the bottle and gently tilted it on top of the flower pot. Drop by drop, the content of the bottle fell into the soil……

The flower that should have been withering away remained as it was like it was stuck in an eternal time spell! No matter how much time passed, the flower looked like it was filled with life!

A minute … … Five minutes … … Ten minutes … …

Not sure how much time had passed; Dorgan with his widened eyes subconsciously touched the cup on the table only to be surprised by the cold touch against his fingers. The once hot tea is now cold due to the passing of time!

Yet the flower remained blooming as if it was a fake!

Leonidas couldn’t endure it anymore. Standing up, this old gramps walked up to the edge of the pot and was carefully examining the flower for any oddities. Despite his efforts, he couldn’t find any problems with it. No matter how he thought about it, it was just a regular flower!

“How did you do it?!” Leonidas expression became agitated as he stared at Du Wei: “Let me have a look at the potion inside that bottle!”

Instead of plying, Du Wei sneers. Drawing the bottle back, he hid it away back into his pocket: “Master Leonidas, don’t you think your request is a bit out of line!”

Leonidas instantly became speechless.

That’s right, despite the situation being an assessment test, such a request is still too outrageous! In the field of magic, every magician considers their research the same as their life!

If changing to Leonidas, would he so casually reveal the secret behind the spell he so painstakingly created?

Of course not!

Under the supervision of a few grand masters, it is confirmed Du Wei did not play any tricks to achieve such a result! If he so much as invoked a hint of magic, these old monsters would definitely pick up on it and not let it slide.

Yet, he still did it.

Using only a bottle of potion, he managed to put the flower in stasis!

Facing the group of stunned old geezer, Du Wei subconsciously patted his pocket……

Humph, luckily I got the “Fountain of youth”!

Of course, in order to cover up the spring’s original form, Du Wei intentionally mixed it up with countless ingredients to create a messy concoction. On one hand it can stump the other side in copying him; on the other, it can also help hide the water’s true appearance.

After a long time, Du Wei impatiently yawned before looking at president Dorgan:

“Sir, may I ask, did I can pass the examination?”

Dorgan: “……”


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