Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 171 part 1

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The 171th chapter “The continent’s number one magic alchemist” (part 1)

Compared to a genuine magician, the qualification test for a magic alchemist is relatively simple. Though their qualification is still recognized under the magic union, but a magic alchemist had always been stuck in a limbo where they are looked down upon by their peers *** in the field of magic, alchemy plays a vital foundation role in the theory of magic.

Du Wei’s first contact with magic started off when he studied magic alchemy in his younger years. After years of research, his insight led him to one single conclusion regarding the prejudice against the field of alchemy!

In his view, the biggest mistake the magic union did was to treat magic alchemists as an independent profession.

Alchemy may be the foundation of a magic, but the practical use of it alone is meniscal at best.

For example: It’s like all financial experts must be proficient in mathematics, but that doesn’t mean the basic of adding and subtracting can be considered an independent career!

Du Wei understands this very well, but with the way things are turning out today, it appears he must exploit this loophole!

Moreover, unlike the different ranks out there for a genuine magician, a magic alchemist only has one title. What this mean is that once you are admitted, then you are officially recognized with the qualification of a magician.

Most importantly, since magic alchemists had long been neglected an inferior profession, their examination is worlds apart from a regular Mage.

“You…… Du Wei, do you really want to take the test for a magic alchemy?” Dorgan was acting like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing with his ears: “But……”

“There is nothing to be ‘but’ about.” Du Wei justly interrupted the President. Right now his face is just like that of a devotee on a sacred mission.

“Magic Alchemist is also recognized as a type of magician, to me, this is already enough. Also, teacher taught me to carve my own path. In my view, the seniors before me have already made outstanding achievements in their own respected aspects. As such, I don’t want to hide in their glory. As a disciple of Gandalf, I want to achieve great things never before seen. As for those rank eight-nine titles, I don’t care…… I need none of that, what I need is a challenge and my own recognition!”

Such word can only e out of an expert standing at the summit of the continent!

That’s right. According to his glorious battle record so far, he does seem to be in the position to say such crazy things. After all, those so called rankings may be of great importance to an ordinary master, but for those standing of the summit, they are nothing!

Have you ever seen a Saint level warrior foolishly running off to the knight’s association just to ask for a “Saint Knight” title? Of course not, such people naturally have their only style and way of doing things! Such as Hussein or Rodriguez, these masters don’t need a badge to prove their abilities. Yet, whenever someone meets up with them, they naturally understands that they are a Saint knight!

The only difference between him and them is that they are really qualified to do such things.

For Du Wei, he is only boasting the “master” brand name for his bluff.

Weren’t you going force out my real level? Didn’t you want to expose my “Super expert” act? Humph, fine then. I’ll give you the opposite! of what you want! Whether it is rank eight or nine, I won’t go for any of them! Instead, I’ll go for the magic alchemist rank that is inferior to a level one rank!

In this way, people really won’t be able to see through Du Wei’s true strength!

The subtext of Du Wei Declaration is: I won’t take any of it. Whatever ninth or eighth rank, none of these things can catch my eye. As long as I have the magician’s qualification, then that’s enough for me because I don’t need my rank announce to the world.

Even if a person is even more stupid, they still wouldn’t be that silly to believe his strength is that ordinary after his amazing showcase of strength in the coup. To the average citizen, his choice would only be seen as a peculiar style of doing things unique to a expert!

This move by Du Wei has pletely tied president Dorgan’s hand. Earlier when Dorgan calculated the possible outes of today’s event, he just couldn’t think of any way out except for Du Wei yielding to the union and be at his mercy.

Yet now, the greatest regret in the president’s mind is: Why did I not use my authority to remove the magic alchemist profession earlier!

“I’m against it.” This creditor faced Leonidas spoke up when he saw how stumped the president was acting. Clearly, this person is aware of Dorgan’s plan and the reason behind it.

Upon his pale face, a hint of gloominess fell upon his eyes: “Mage Du Wei, as a ninth level mage and the chief elder for the assessment mittee, I personally object to your request.”

Du Wei did not speak, only quietly watching the guy as he waited for the next lines. In Du Wei’s mind, he had already dumped this person into president Dorgan’s camp.

“Please do not forget your identity.” The excuse of Leonidas is well within Du Wei’s expectation: “You are Master Gandalf’s last disciple. Not only is he the greatest magician of this era, he is also a Magister! More importantly, he is also the spiritual leader of the magic union. Although he isn’t present, but the union had always took pride in the fact that this outstanding individual is a part of us. If his prestige were to take a hit, it would be equivalent of damaging the union’s prestige!”

Du Wei remained silent.

Seeing the young Duke not refuting his words, Leonidas continued to press in with his words: “Take his other disciples for example. Without exception, every member of your school would later bee a peerless expert in the world of magic C like the currently present grand master Yierneisi here and the young little girl a year ago. It can be said that Master Gandalf’s contribution to the field of magic is enormous by producing so many amazing individuals. Now that it is your turn…. Sir Du Wei, you need to be aware that as a disciple of Gandalf, many things are already out of your hand. Every move you make, every decision you make, will be closely watched by the people. If you insist on being a Magic Alchemist, the citizens might get the wrong image and think the union is treating you badly, or worse, they might think Master Gandalf’s skill in teaching his student is very bad!”


Du Wei was sneering inside.

Just as I expected!

Since their underhanded move isn’t working, they are playing the high and mighty card eh?


But for Du Wei that has memories spanning two life times, how can he be tied by this little trick?

When it es to being underhanded, Du Wei cannot be contested. His repertoire is very simple:

If others are playing underhanded, then he will retaliate with the high and mighty card. If others are playing high and mighty, then he will retaliate by being underhanded!

“Master Leonidas”. Du Wei rudely strikes back: “I have to say…… As someone who is a known veteran in the Magic Union, I find your words thus far very disconcerting! In my opinion, I feel your words have seriously damaged the prestige of the union!”

“…… What did you say?!” Leonidas revealed a trace of anger on his face. With his identity inside the union, who would ever dare openly accuse him like this?

Du Wei did not care since he had already decided this guy is going to oppose him. Therefore, he didn’t care about his language either.

“Firstly, master Leonidas! I have to remind you that your speech is seriously undervaluing the magic alchemist profession in the field of magic! I think this is a very unjust and unfair argument! Oh all mighty God, I really can’t imagine such words are ing out of an elder famed for his ‘fair and just’ attitude!”

Du Wei puts on a melodramatic and surprised expression on his face. Mixed with a little deploring tone, he stares down at Leonidas: “As an elder of the magic union, how can you just ignore the magic union’s law?! Or do I need to remind you that the law expressly indicates that a magic alchemist also have the same qualification as a magician! This point is something widely known and recognized by the union! You being an elder of the union can’t just so casually deny this fact because of your own opinion! It’s regrettable, but I personally feel your words thus far is an open discrimination against the profession! On behalf of the entire magic alchemist profession, I am protesting against you!”

Watching how Du Wei is arguing with his justifiable yet harsh words, the once polite young junior from earlier is nowhere to be found. In its stead, a new face appeared.

Seeing the face slapped Leonidas, Du Wei inwardly laughed: Didn’t you want to play the high and mighty card? Humph, who couldn’t? Anyone can, but it takes a lot more than skills to do it well. Compared to me, you are league apart!

With only a few words of job discrimination, Leonidas became chained by Du Wei’s accusation. For this elderly old man, he became so angry that even his white beard was trembling with rage. If not for the president, he really wanted to teacher this youngster a lesion on the spot!

“There is also!” Du Wei was not finish!

It seems that unless he makes this creditor faced Leonidas die of anger, he won’t give up. Du Wei turns away from Leonidas and faces the president instead: “Mr. President, I want to be clear of something, Just now, the opinion from master Leonidas is the official stance of the magic union, or just his own?”

Dorgan hesitated before look over at his rade in arms: “This is……”


Du Wei suddenly threw out this solid word. Unquestionably, his strong tone somehow moved these old gramps a bit.

“Please keep in mind that even if the magic union is the core organization of the mainland, it still can’t violate the personal wishes of a magician!

If I remember correctly, there isn’t a single mandatory rule in the magic union that forces a magician to take a certain test, right? Every magician can choose what tests they like to take, every magician can choose what field they like to pursue. This is freedom! Or did the union devolve into an organization where it doesn’t allow their members the freedom of choice anymore?”

The last word caused Dorgan’s brow to twitch: “Please pay attention to your words, Sir Du Wei!”

“Very well.” Du Wei understands when he should hold back. Immediately, he bows his head slightly to match his words: “I take back my last word, I was somewhat excited”

Alley gave everyone a glance, but by the time he looked over at this old senior Yierneisi beside him, this person remained the save as ever like he didn’t hear the argument between the two sides just now.

As such, Alley made a coughing sound to interject: “Du Wei, you don’t need to be so excited. I believe his the words from Leonidas had good intentions. Of course, his words are only his personal opinion. The magic union will never override the personal choices of a magician, on this point, you can be assured.”

Although Dorgan gave Alley a plex yet thoughtful look after his speech, the president didn’t speak up to refute it.

“Well then… since it is only a ‘personal opinion’.” Du Wei lets a laugh, but it was clear there was disdain in his voice. Looking over at Leonidas, his voice slightly lowered: “Master Leonidas, are you also a disciple of Gandalf?”


“Oh, then are you teacher’s peer? Did you study magic with him?”

“…… No!” No matter how conceited this Leonidas is, he still wouldn’t dare put himself against someone as great as the continents number one Magister! Regardless of age or seniority, this person can only be considered someone from the younger generation. Yet, he still quickly followed up with a point: “Back when I was learning magic, I also received some advice from Master Gandalf.”

“Oh……” Du Wei expression seems a bit kinder, but his next word nearly sent Leonidas flying in rage.

“The is the so called ‘don’t meddle in affairs that are not part of your position’. Master Leonidas, since you are not a member of our school, then I also need to remind you something from my standpoint…..” Du Wei’s mocking tone was neither cold or angry: “You don’t need to bother with the matters regarding the disciples of our school!”

That’s to say: who the hell are you to e dictating what us disciples can or can’t do!

Leonidas cannot endure this anymore, when has ever received such attitude? The old man flew into a rage and jumped up on the spot. Just as he was about to shout in anger, president Dorgan’s deep voice suddenly interjected: “enough is enough!!”

This fierce shout immediately silenced everyone in the room.

He is after all the president of the magic union. When his face bees serious, he still has some level of deterrence.

With a somber face, Dorgan puts his hand on Leonidas’s shoulder to sit him back down. Then facing Du Wei with his dark face, he suddenly laughed after a little while.

The smile is clearly filled with some kind of plot.

“Master Du Wei sure is young and promising. For master Gandalf’s school, there will be another marvel! Ha-ha……”

Du Wei said nothing.

“First of all, I must declare: the Union will not allow the existence of discrimination in any form. Every person must show their upmost respect for the union’s rule, this fact is indisputable.” Dorgan then turns to look at Leonidas with dissatisfaction because of his recklessness.

Although discrimination against Magic Alchemists are a widely known fact, but it is a pletely different matter if you say it in public!

“Second point I like to make clear is that the union respects the wishes of all mages. For this point, I absolutely assure you. Unlike the government of the empire, the union is an organization that exists to unite all mages! Therefore, we will never impose our will upon you like a master does on its subordinate.”

After clarifying these two points, president Dorgan slowly spoke his next words: “Master Du Wei, with my status as the president of the union, I accept your request for the magic alchemist assesement.”

A flash of satisfaction crossed Du Wei’s eyes. However, Dorgan followed up with another sentence beyond his expectation: “But given your identity with the late Master Gandalf, I must act carefully. I’ve decided that aside from your regular assessment tests, I will also add in a special examination test in the end. Certainly, if you unwilling, you can always refuse this. After all, everything must be done according to your personally wish.”

“What?” ”

“For you, I will set up an additional standard. As long as you can meet the criteria, the magic union will grant you the honor of “the continent’s number one Magic Alchemist!!”

One word from Dorgan made Du Wei inwardly sigh.

Counter checked!

(In chess, you must say ’check’ before taking the king)

A President is after all a president. Without some scheming mindset, a person can’t sit in this position.


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