Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 170

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The 170th chapter “the off beaten path”

To deal with the highly popular Duke Du Wei, the magic union apparently pulled off all the strings.

Well, that’s a given considering his level of fame right now in the capital. The magic union may not necessarily care about these “secular” ponents, but Du Wei is still the direct disciple of Gandalf. Aside from that, he also managed to scared away the fake Gandalf in the central square the previous day. Even if the union didn’t intentionally blow things out of proportion today, they still couldn’t leave it alone like it didn’t matter considering his great status.

Bringing out the so called luxurious lineup, the president himself and two of the most senior old monsters inside the tower will be acting as the three man judge panel for his test.

Surprisingly though, old crazy Alley actually volunteered and interjected himself into the judge panel. For this deeply experienced yet estranged powerful monster, president Dorgan had no excuse to refuse such a request.

In order to show their respect to the newly appointed Grand Duke, Mage Clark and several other mages of the union are already standing by outside the main building this morning.

In addition, there were also a dozen magic apprentices standing in the back to boost the numbers count.

From outside the square in front of the magic union, crowds of people were already spread far and wide just so they can witness the uping event. Prior to today, the news of Du Wei’s assessment test have already leaked out through various channels.

As the most famous celebrity in the capital recently, this young boy genius is the focal point of everyone’s curiosity.

With the morning sun hanging in the sky, the breeze blowing through the air gave today’s morning a taste of summer that felt not only refreshing, but also exhilarating. As Du Wei arrived in the square, this magic scholar, court astrologist, and youngest Duke in history didn’t ride inside a carriage like everyone expected; instead, he openly and care freely walked on his own two feet through the crowds without a single attendant or guard.

Somewhat surprised by Du Wei’s openness, Mage Clark takes in a long breathe before making a respectful bow only used between Mages: “Master Du Wei, please e with me. The president is already waiting for you inside.”

Once again he has stepped foot into the magic union’s headquarter, but unlike before, this time around is different. Not only is he acpanied by several mages with status, his rarely seen magic scholar robe is something that tends to attract the eyes of many even within the inner sanctum.

Since his grand showcase in the coup, who wouldn’t know of the boy genius magician Du Wei?

Under the pretext of leading, Mage Clark and his lackeys intentionally took the long route inside the hexagon shaped building just so they can attract the attention of everyone.

Inside Du Wei’s mind, he understands full well why the other party is doing this. If the momentum around him picks up at this time, the union will undoubtedly be in a even better position to force him to cooperate if he can’t meet everyone’s expectation.

Nonetheless, Du Wei’s low key entrance today through the square is a miscalculation on their end.

After crossing through the outer section, the core tower of the union is now before his eyes. With several gray robed personals awaiting him, Du Wei can only recognize two of them in the group C two of Old Alley’s disciple.

“Humph, came to see how I will embarrass myself?” Du Wei sneered.

This is actually Du Wei’s misunderstanding. With his recent fame and seniority status, just about every one present at the trance is here to meet him based on his future prospect. After all, only those close to president Dorgan are clued into the plan.

At the very least, Du Wei can tell the smile on the two disciples from Old Alley is sincere.

“Mage Du Wei, don’t be nervous.” One of the Alley’s disciple whispers from the side: “The assessment test isn’t as terrifying as everyone makes it out to be, so rest assured. ….. Also, teacher is personally taking part in the examination, so he’ll take care of you.”

Du Wei nods before giving a grateful glance back him.

With that, he then climbed the tower.

Even till now, Du Wei is still trying to figure the amount of floors inside this magical tower.

Shockingly, Du Wei’s examination site is taking place inside the top level where Dorgan’s office is located!

Humph, they sure “value” me!

Once he was up there, Du Wei remained calm as he smiled despite being in the face of president.

Staring each other down, this pair of young and old fox faced off against each other for the first round. Smiling at the same time, it was Dorgan whom broke the silence as he dismissed Mage Clark on the side. Then referring to the all-white old masters on his side, Dorgan lets out a fake laugh as he introduced everyone: “Mage Du Wei, these three will be the acting judges for your assessment today. First up is Master Alley, I’m sure you’re well acquainted so I won’t say anymore. As for the other two……”

Dorgan then refers to a pale white old man on his left. This person not only looked pale, he looked absolutely deathly ill as if his skin never seen the sun’s light. Nonetheless, when Du Wei glanced over at the badge rank hanging on this near death fella, he immediately marked this person as someone not to be underestimated C ninth level, he’s a ninth level magician!

“This is Grand Master Leonidas.” Dorgan’s smile broadened: “He is famed for his strict and fair attitude inside the union. With him presiding over your assessment test, I believe none could question your results. Also, among the grand mages inside the tower, he has the largest number counts when it es to these events. Therefore, he is the most suitable candidate…..”

Humph, then that is nothing more than a very harsh “examiner.” Du Wei sneers inside.

The more severe the examiner is, the slimmer the chance of him cheating.

Pausing for a second to let the information sink in, Dorgan then points to another old guy standing next to Old Alley: “This is……”

Relative to the previous guy with a creditors face, the following guy is a plete pleasure to meet. Like the sun itself, every aspect of this person gave off a warm sensation that could draw someone in if not careful. Matched this with a kind and gentle smile, the aura around the guy gave off a bearing normally found only in a caring elderly grandpa.

If such a person were to discard their white mage robe, no one could possibly mistake him for a magician!

If anything, he looked more like a well cultured aristocrat than a Mage.

“This is Grand Master Yierneisi.” Dorgan’s voice suddenly swelled up a few notches: With his qualification, he is currently the oldest senior within the magic union. By the way, I need to let you know he is also from the same school as you. Just like you, he is also a disciple of Master Gandalf!”

Oh, really?

Du Wei eyebrow twitched. Sure enough, the eyes from this Grand Master Yierneisi were filled with kindness.

“Greetings, oh respected Master Yierneisi respectfully.” Du Wei hurriedly bent down and cast a salute befitting his junior status.

Yierneisi expression remained kind and gentle, but unlike his outer appearance, his voice was monstrously disquieting when he spoke: “HA HA!!! You are Du Wei Ah! At ease!! I’ll take care of you!!!”

This unexpected “lion’s roar” scared the wits out of Du Wei.

President Dorgan sighed before speaking in a whispering voice, “master Yierneisi…… His ears aren’t very good. A few years ago in a magical experiment, his ears……”

Du Wei immediately understood. Giving a look at this senior of his, he quickly said: “Thank you!”

“HA HA!! You are Du Wei Ah! At ease!! I’ll take care of you!!! ”

Du Wei: “… .. Thank you very much.”

“You are Du Wei Ah! At ease!! I’ll take care of you!!! ”

Du Wei: “…………”

At this point, Dorgan looked a bit embarrassed. Turing to Yierneisi, he cried out: “Well then Master Yierneisi, let’s start shall we?”

“You are Du Wei Ah! At ease!! I’ll take care of you!!! ”

Old Alley started to wipe away his sweat as he tugged at Master Yierneisi’s sleeve.

Displeased by this, Master Yierneisi frowned and said: “Why are you pulling me! Ah, well, Du Wei! Rest assured! I’ll take care of you!! ”

Du Wei: “…………”

Once seated, one of Dorgan’s magic apprentices brought in a few cups of tea concocted by mixing a set of special magic herbs: “Mage Du Wei, prior to the examination, please tell us what level of ranking you wish to aim for? Ha-ha…..”

Du Wei didn’t even need to speak yet before the President started his talk of suppression: “With your glorious battle records recently, surely you must be preparing to take away a white mage today, right?”

A white Mage robe is something only a eighth level Mage or higher can wear.

Eighth ranking…… Du Wei snickers inside: Little master here wouldn’t be here playing with you if I had the strength of an eighth level grand mage.

“Sir Du Wei.” The voice from this creditors faced Leonidas seems to be tinged with ill intent: “Considering your age and the fact that it’s your first assessment, it is already quite miraculous that you are challenging the eighth rank…. Ha-ha, the last time something like this happened was when Master Gandalf brought in that little girl for her test. I still remember it. It was only a year ago when that little child received her white mage robe from my hands.”

Unlike the rest of the people present, Old Alley only showed an odd expression as he carefully eyed Du Wei―pared to his peers, Alley definitely has a firm grasp on Du Wei’s true strength: “Du Wei, I think there is a need to explain the process to you since it’s your first time taking the assessment test. Hmm. Firstly, we will assess your magic power, control, and finally spells….. After all that, we will continue on to the most important part, which is real life bat! If you wish to tackle the rank of an eighth level grand mage, then you must challenge two seventh ranked mages without outside interference.”

Pausing for a moment, Old Alley slightly frowns before making a deliberate smile: “Of course, I know you are a direct disciple of Master Gandalf. Just like that little girl, I have no doubt about your abilities to plete the test. However, your time with your master isn’t long. To be challenging such heights so quickly may not necessarily be a good thing…. If I may suggest, why not start a little bit lower and gradually grow with time?”

Immediately recognizing the true intent behind Alley’s word, Du Wei turns to face the old crazed fool and cast a glance of gratitude.

Nevertheless, President Dorgan immediately shook his head and cried out a laugh: “Although his age may be young, but everyone in the square that day had already witnessed his brilliant battle records. If such a person were to talk out of here today with a mediocre status, I fear the world will think there was some kind of plications between us! Ha-ha-ha……”

Once again, these harsh yet soft words are pushing Du Wei against the cliff.

As for that elder senior of Du Wei’s, he was still spouting: “Du Wei! I’ll take care of you……”

After listening to everyone’s words, he got up and made a respectful bow. With a calm face, he then said: “I thank everyone for their suggestions. However, I do not intent to challenge the rank of an eighth level grand mage today.”

“Oh……” Old Alley nods with a relieved expression. In his mind, Alley really didn’t want this little guy to embarass himself before everyone here.

Dorgan’s laugh was sounding a bit weird as if he had succeeded: “Well then, Sir Du Wei, what level would you be aiming for? Six or seven? Hmm…. It can’t be that you are only going for a fifth rank, right? Don’t forget, you Gandalf’s disciple. If we send you off today with such a meager rank, not only you, but also the union will lose face.”

The subtext is: (It is even more shameful for you!)

“No!” Du Wei’s answer took everyone by surprise: “I have an even higher objective!”

Once this statement came out, everyone flew into an uproar!

“Can…… It be that you are challenging the ninth rank?” Even the deathly pale Leonidas had a change of tone!

Ninth level?

Challenging the ninth level on the first try?

Du Wei is still shaking his head: “No! Though the ninth rank is challenging in my opinion, but the path I chose is even more challenging!”

At his words, president Dorgan even had trouble holding up his tea cup.

“You! You can’t be aiming for tenth level, right?” Dorgan fumbles a little in his speech: “It’s a shame, but the union cannot perform such a test. The tenth level is the symbol of a “Saint Magician”! Such strength is not something the secular world can possibly measure!”

“No!” Du Wei face remained strong as he turned to look out the window. With a deep sigh, he then said: “Eight-ninth-rank, or even the Saint rank, in my opinion, they are nothing but passing winds…..”

Then he firmly said: “Teacher Gandalf taught me to choose my own path! Different front others, I must forge a path unique to myself! Therefore, I choose an even more challenging path…..”

With that, Du Wei turned to face the four amazed old gramps before him. Slowly and firmly, he righteously announced:

“I came today to challenge the qualification for……. Magic alchemy!”



“Poof!” At his word, crazy Alley directly sprayed the tea in his mouth.

As for that generous Yierneisi, he was still laughing as he spoke: “HA-HA-HA! Rest assured! I will take care of you!!” It’s just that a unusual intent was mixed in with his laugh at this point….

Du Wei looked relaxed as he faced the self-smacking Dorgan: “Mr. President, I believe a Magic Alchemist is also a recognized member of the magic union, right?”

“That…… That’s right!”


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