Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 166 part 2

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The 166th chapter “Gandalf” (part 2)

When their conversation reached up to this point, Du Wei can see that the old green hat in front of him was a little upset over the worry of Semel jumping out at any time.

“The biggest divide between the two of us laid in the bullshit Aragon mission.” Green robe lets out a devilish laugh: “We searched out numerous clues; eventually, it led us to the Devil’s Island where we found Chris. I really didn’t want to go, but the other part of me was much stronger. If I had to make a parison, it would be like the good soul inside me at the time dominated the evil part of me.” Green robe points a finger to his nose.

“Originally we wanted to make an exchange with him for Aragon’s heart, but he refused. He felt that whatever we had on us wasn’t of enough value… Of course, we fought with him and lost because he was much stronger than us. In the end, we couldn’t retrieve Aragon’s heart and decided to leave.” At this point, Green robe suddenly gave out a strange smile: “But before we left, Chris suddenly stopped us. He said to us, ‘I have a way to relieve your pain….. Having two souls embodying a single body must be very hard, right?’ At the time, we hesitated for a bit before falling for his temptation. The reason is simple; both of us were tired of our daily struggle for dominance. Day and night, we fought and fought, but there was no end in sight. The other part of me wanted to follow through with Aragon’s bullshit mission, while I only wanted to live a carefree life……”

Du Wei finally opens his mouth: “And then what?”

“Then?” Green-robed Gandalf lets out an evilly laugh: “Then Chris gave us what we wanted. He said he could give each of us a body, but in exchange, we had to do him a favor.”

Speaking up to here, Green-robed Gandalf glances over at Du Wei: “Aren’t you going to ask me what favor Chris asked us to do?”

“Why do I need to ask?”

“Because this favor is greatly related to you.” Green-robed Gandalf smiles maliciously.

At this point, he lets out a long sigh followed by a serious demeanor.

“Using my soul to sign the following contract: In my lifetime, if I ever meet up with anyone that had made a trade from the Devil’s Island, I will expend all efforts to help this individual. If I ever go back on my words, then let my soul never find peace after my death!”

With that, green-robed old fellow looks at Du Wei: “Someone that traded with the Devil’s Island, isn’t that you?”

Du Wei suddenly felt all of his bodily hair rising!

What is this? Destiny? Or absurdity?

“From then on I am me and he is he, both of us are Gandalf. Thanks to Chris’s miraculous magic, our souls were split simply split apart and contained in our respective bodies. Other than that, there is nothing different between the person that you knew and me.” Old Green-robed frowns before continuing: “Unfortunately, I underestimated my other half’s sense of responsibility. The moment we came out of the Devil’s Island, he challenged me to a fight!”

“Why?” Du Wei asked.

“I also asked the same question at the time.” Old Green robe guy lets out a dry laugh: “But his answer to me left me feeling helpless. His reason was that he needed the ‘Gandalf name’ to achieve many, many things in the future. Can you imagine how much trouble there will be if there was suddenly an extra Gandalf roaming the continent?”

“However, I’m also not willing to give up my identity! I am Gandalf, so why should I give him my identity? Though each of us had a new body, we still had to pete for our name. In the end, I lost because I wasn’t his opponent. When our bodies split, his soul was able to take a larger chunk of our powers. Thus, I was forced to give in to his will.”

“And then what?” Du Wei’s curiosity has been pletely aroused.

“Then? We made a deal.” Green robe Gandalf speaks in a light voice: “After a certain period of time elapses, we will pete against each other. Whoever wins the duel at the time will get to use the Gandalf identity until the next battle. For 200 years, we’ve done this over and over again. Frustratingly for me, he won more times than I did so he was able to stay in the open more than me. But it’s not all that bad since whenever he won, I would hide my identity and go wondering everywhere…..” He then lets out a small chuckle: “When he died, my soul immediately sensed out bond breaking, so I knew my days of dominance has finally arrive!”

Du Wei lets out a long sigh because he finally figured out the mystery behind this “Gandalf” problem and why the one he knew would tell him to e look for this one.

There is absolutely no doubt regarding the power of this Green-robed guy! He is Gandalf’s doppelganger; therefore, his strength cannot be too far apart.

Most importantly, Du Wei have already confirmed this in the coup d’état!

Though their character is pletely different, but this guy is still the same Gandalf he knew! Whether it is his skill or intellect, it is the exact same except in an evil version!

Also, his ability in tutoring a pupil is also excellent!

The good version Gandalf produced the small little Vivian while the evil version produced the ill-tempered Joanna. Regardless of their attitude, both girls are geniuses!

Such a powerful person that is skilled in tutoring is without a doubt the best candidate to be his own teacher.

Watching the guy before him, Du Wei takes in a deep breath before speaking in a solemn voice: “Excuse me, will you be my teacher?”

“……” Green robed Gandalf faced Du Wei before falling into a laughing fit: “Back in the square, you caused me to lose a lot of face. On top of that, you also ruined my plan, yet you are begging me to be your teacher now, why?”

“Because I need be stronger, much stronger.” Du Wei’s tone became very serious without any hint of joking around in his voice: “In the face of the unknown in the ing future, I need to be much stronger! My strength is still not sufficient to face the perils of the world! That’s why I need a good teacher!”

After a pause, Du Wei faces Old Green Robe and said: “Also, this is Gandalf’s wish. You already read his will, so I don’t believe you will deny your own request would you?”

“Alright.” Old Green Robe did not hesitate in his reply and quickly nodded, but before his voice died down, he followed up with another sentence: “I’m fine with you being my student, but I’ll make one point clear: do not expect me to help you with Aragon’s mission!”

Du Wei smiled as he faces the man that is about to bee his teacher: “That’s fine; we have the same view regarding this matter.”

Green-robed Gandalf had already left, but before he go, he said this: “I’ll e find you after three months because I got something to deal with. At that time, I will teach you magic.”

This request from the old guy just so happens to fit in with Du Wei’s current situation because he needed to organize everything before heading to his territory.

When Old Green Robe left, he didn’t dally around because all he did was call for Joana and the two quickly floated away into the nightly sky.

As Du Wei turned back to face the crying mess known as Vivian, Du Wei found it difficult to talk. In a soft voice: “Do you know of your teacher’s passing?”

Vivian nods her head.

“Your teacher gave you to me, did you know?”

Vivian nods her head again.

“You will stick with me from now on, okay?”

Unlike the previous two times, Vivian hesitating for a second before nodding.

After a pause, Vivian started to sob as she faced Du Wei: “Bu-but……”

“But what?”

“You……” Vivian timidly looked at Du Wei. Blinking her innocent eyes, she then said: “You-you-Ccan-cannot bully me…..”

Oh, this problem eh……

Would Du Wei “bully” little Vivian that?

Oh heavens, please protect poor little Vivian……


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