Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 166 part 1

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The 166th chapter “Gandalf” (part 1)

“How e it’s you?”

Both young and old ended up spitting out these words at the same time.

But what differentiated Du Wei from the other guy is that his voice carried a genuine surprise.

As for this Green robed guy, his words sounded like he had already expected this without any hint of surprise in his voice.

However, the small bodily movements made by this green robed Gandalf still gave away the nervous mindset inside him.

Carefully looking around the surroundings behind Du Wei, this person was acting like he was searching for something.

Looking at the imposter in front of him, Du Wei said: “You’re the person Gandalf tasked me to search out?”

What kind of arrangement did Gandalf make? It is clear now that Gandalf already knew of this Green robed guy….

“I’ll remind you once again boy.” Green robed Gandalf spoke coldly: “I am Gandalf.”

Du Wei sneered before taking notice of how this old man was constantly searching for something: “What are you looking for? Are you looking for Semel?”

The second the word “Semel” fell into his ears, Green-robed Gandalf had a deep fear on his face, or more precise, concern: “Where is she? Did she also follow you here?”

Before Du Wei can even reply, Vivian had already spoke up with her timidly voice: “Mr…. Mr. Green Hat.”

Mr. Green Hat?

Although this naming is a bit bizarre, but Du Wei didn’t think too much over it and turned around to face Vivian: “You know of this person.”

“He is sister’s teacher.” The silly lass replied.

Du Wei finally understands everything.

This Green-robed guy is actually Joanna’s master.

So then…… What is his relationship with Gandalf?

This is all too plicated.

“Where is Semel?” Green-robed Gandalf continues to look around warily.

“Stop looking.” Du Wei shakes his head: “She would have already shown herself if she wanted to. Anyhow, I can confirm she is close by though.”

Green robed Gandalf suddenly stared at Du Wei with a ferocious intent: “Rowling KID, what the hell are you playing at! Hmm! Also, why did the old guy arrange for you to be here? Ah, there is also Semel! How is she still alive and with you?”

Glancing back over at Vivian, Du Wei can tell that she is very familiar with this Green robed guy from the respectful tone and expression of this silly girl.

“Vivian.” Pointing his finger over at the trees, Du Wei said: “First stay over there for a while, I need to have a chat with this Green Hat guy.”

Vivian is still very obedient. Not hesitating, she gave both parties a glance before nodding her head and walking away.

“That old guy even put his female apprentice in your hands?” After watching Vivian take her leave, Green-robed Gandalf started to laugh: “It seems like he gave everything to you.”

Subsequently, Green-robed Gandalf sat himself down in front of the bonfire. Not hesitating, Du Wei also followed suit.

Then pulling out the letter left behind by Gandalf, Du Wei hesitated for a moment before handing it over to this Green Robed guy: “This is master Gandalf’s will. Before he passed away, he told me to e here tonight and give this letter to that person. By doing this, that person is supposed to be my future teacher, yet, I never expected it to be you.”

Green-robed Gandalf took hold of the letter and swept his eyes across the content without much care on his face. Sneering loudly, he then said: “Humph, it really does match my ‘style’, always trying to arrange everything like a fool!”

With that, he actually tossed the letter into the fire. Seeing this, Du Wei felt a bit unhappy inside.

“Who exactly are you?” Du Wei looked straight at this person: “Stop saying ‘you are Gandalf’. What I want to hear are the specific details!”

“Humph…… Kid, your curiosity sure is heavy.” Green Robed man casually picks up a stick and gently snapped it in two before throwing it into the fire. From the flames, his face looked especially eerie and spooky as if a shade of green was part of his skin: “The horn on your head is something that Old Chris gave you, right?”

“Why are you able to see my horn?” Du Wei sighed, pushing his hair aside: “I thought I hid it really well.”

“Because you have the devil’s air around you.” Green-robed Gandalf had a really weird smile on his face: “Ordinary people would never be able to distinguish this sort of air, but I am someone that entered the Devil’s Island before; therefore, you cannot conceal it from me.”

Standing on the edge of the Woods, Vivian nervously watched on as Du Wei and this Green-robed guy chatted away beside the fire, unsure of what they are talking about.

Suddenly, a soft sighing voice came from behind her. Alerted by this, she turned around to see her sister standing next to a tree inside the woods.

“Have you been well lately, my poor sister?” As usual, Joanna looked at Vivian with an apathetic look: “Looking at your appearance, it seems like you haven’t been too happy. Humph, why is it that whenever I see your weak self, I would feel very angry?!”

“Sis-sister.” Vivian timidly looked at this sister of hers that she had always feared since she was a child.

With a plex emotion in her eyes, Joanna slowly walked over and surprised Vivian by gently tapping her shoulders.

Such a loving gesture is something Vivian had not felt for many years from her sister

“Oh, you are stronger than I thought.” Joanna sighed gently: “I thought that once the news of your master’s death reached you, you would cry out to the point of being a annoyance.”

“You!” Vivian became scared: “You! What did you say?! Teacher, he…… ”

Joanna frowned: “You still didn’t know? So that’s why……”


From nearby, the loud crying voice of Vivian quickly caught the attention of Du Wei. Looking over, he can already see Vivian sitting on the ground with Joanna standing beside her.

Seeing how painful Vivian was in, Joanna slightly frowned. Hesitating for a moment, she finally leaned over and gently hugged her little sister in a warm embrace.

This unexpected move somewhat surprised Du Wei.

“It appears that Vivian just found out about the old guy’s death. Didn’t you tell her before?” Green Robed Gandalf spoke in a soft tone.

“No.” Du Wei shakes his head: “I just met up with her here today.”

Seeing the unfocused reply from Du Wei, this Green Robed Gandalf looked over at the currently sitting Vivian. Grunting, he then said: “Enough, stop looking at this little girl. Since small, she had always been weak. Seriously, I don’t even know why I would take her as my pupil.”

“Then answer my question.” Du Wei refocuses his attention: “Who the hell are you?”

Green-robed Gandalf quiets down. Smiling, he looked around the area: “This place is very good. Ha-ha, do you know what this place is?”


“This is my old home.” Green-robed Gandalf smiles: “I was born in this small Flying Horse town. My father was the owner of a local grocery store and my mother was the daughter of a tailor. When I was young, these two slopes were still called “Yamaha Hill”.

Du Wei said nothing.

“When I was seven years old, a passing Mage valued my talents and accepted me as his apprentice. From then on, I left this place and spent the next 20 years in the capital to earn my qualification. Then…..”

Green-robed Gandalf smiled: “I was hailed as a genius by all! Whenever someone sees me at that time, they would say, ‘look! He is Mage Gandalf, he is that genius!’.”

Du Wei started to feel bitter in his mouth: “You really are Gandalf? Then who is the one that I knew?”

“He is also Gandalf. More accurately, both of us are Gandalf.” Green Robed guy suddenly lets out a weird and spooky laugh.

After his outburst, he then faces Du Wei: “Would you at times feel confused?”


“Yes, confused.” Old man shakes his head: “I would, especially after every adventure I took. As I slowly unearthed the so called mission from Aragon, a sick and distasteful feeling grew inside my heart. For someone that was already dead for a millennium, I had to offer my entire life and body to make his wish succeed. FUCK THAT!! I’m just me, a son of a grocer and a seamstress; I don’t want to be a part of some nonsense mission! Finally, the plex mindset caused a change in my personality…..”

Du Wei was not talking.

“At that time, my body felt like it was suddenly torn into two souls.” Green Robed Gandalf points to his head: “As if someone used a knife to split me in two, the current I and the one that you knew were born. The one you knew is the selfless version of me and I am the opposite, very selfish!”

“The Gandalf at the time was in a lot of inner pain. You should understand right? For someone with two mindsets to dwell inside a single body, it is like having two opposing forces constantly trying to take hold of the other. Take for example of the woman we loved. I wanted to take Semel as my woman, but the other part of me wanted to keep up the appearance of a good teacher and pretend nothing was going on. Such turmoil inside me was like a living hell!”


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