Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 165

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The 165th chapter “Vivian on Brokeback Mountain”

Although it is already summer season, but the temperatures at night is still pretty cold in the mountains.

The truth is Vivian may not necessarily be cold with her body beside the fire, but she was all alone in the middle of the woods. Aside from that, there would occasionally be the calling of prowling owls in the night, so of course she would feel unsettled.

Just as she was gripping her robe tightly, there suddenly came a sound of stones rolling on the ground behind her. Startled by all this, Vivian quickly turned around and saw a thin shadow slowing moving towards her like a ghost.

Vivian immediately became nervous at sight of the intruder. Jumping up without hesitation, Vivian lets out a stammering scream: “Who-who is it!”

The other party’s footstep was very light, but once she got a clearer look thanks to the flames, Vivian instantly became stunned at the familiar face.

“Poor silly girl.” Du Wei takes in a deep breath before smiling at Vivian: “Why are you here?”

Recognizing it was Du Wei, Vivian’s face made several changes to her expression before finally letting out high pitched scream. Moving her legs at a rapid pace, she dived towards Du Wei while stumbling a few times. Unfortunately for Du Wei, the moment the silly girl slammed into him, her body was just in the right position to head-butt him in the chin. Knocked to the ground, Du Wei nearly bit his tongue in the process.

Smiling, Du Wei said: “Just as expected, you are still as silly and clumsy as before.”

As if met with a savior, Vivian raised her pair of innocent eyes and blinked several times at Du Wei before crying out like a baby.

Helping the crying Vivian up from the ground, Du Wei then sat her down next to him before pulling out a bag from his bosom. Earlier when he was in town, Du Wei had bought some roughly made flat bread before making his journey up here. The moment Vivian took sight of what was inside his bag, sparks of light radiated from her eyes. Like a wild animal, she quickly snatched the bread from his bag and furiously chewed away at it.

Looking at the cute silly lass in front of him as she suffered between choking and starvation, Du Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or help her by passing a water pouch.

“Why do you look like you didn’t eat for several days?” Du Wei helpless sighed.

Vivian carefully raised her head. Still covered with bread crumbs on the corners of her mouth, Vivian puts down the bread and began to speak with stuttering voice: “I, I, I really didn’t, didn’t eat for two days……”

Such a pathetic answer really stunned Du Wei. Carefully looking over this Loli looking Vivian, he started to interrogate her over the reason of why she was here.

So after they returned from the sea half a year ago, Vivian retreated back to the secluded hiding place where she and Gandalf lived. Once Gandalf returned and asked what she experienced in the outside world, Gandalf once again headed out. At this point, it wasn’t hard for Du Wei to guess the reason behind Gandalf’s abruptly departure C search him out and take him to the frozen forest……

The latter end is something Vivian didn’t know.

Despite the fact that Vivian was being left alone by herself at home, Gandalf only left behind a bag of coins and a few words for her. Under normal circumstances, a normal person would be worried, but since the old had a tendency to make trips at a moment’s notice, Vivian was already used to it.

Only this time around when the old fart talked to her, Vivian noticed her master’s tone was particularly mild and detailed in his explanation.

The most important detail was: “If I don’t e back in a month, you are to go to the Flying Horse town outside the imperial capital. From there, you must make your way up to the Yamaha Hill top on the June of 15th……”

Vivian was already used to her teacher’s eccentric personality. More often than not, teacher would do all sorts of strange things in front of her without any explanation. Since this time was the same, Vivian didn’t feel a need to pry any further and decided to do as she was told.

However, although Vivian is simple minded, but she was not stupid. From her teacher’s out of ordinary speech before he left, she vaguely perceived something was not quite right. Alarmed in her heart, she became more and more afraid as the days went by.

Counting down the days, soon three months had passed and teacher still didn’t return. At this point, Vivian was already feeling jumpy and restless inside.

From three months-fourth months, Vivian finally left home out of desperation.

She is only a little girl. After the last adventure she had in the outside world, she should be staying at home where it was safe considering her timid and clumsy personality. Yet fate is not so, since her master never returned, she can only bite the bullet and head out.

So from then, a simple minded girl left home and came all the way out to the imperial capital by herself. Luckily for these silly lass, none on the road dared to provoke her due to her wizardry robe. From the capital, she eventually made her way to the Flying Horse town and had been living there up till now.

Naturally, there will always be some malicious guys eyeing such a beautifully simple minded girl. Fortunately Vivian still had considerable strength. After ing across a few thugs, she only needed to exercise a bit of her powers to make the other side running in shame.

Just like that, she lived in town for quite a while without any trouble. However, she eventually came across a big problem.

She ran out of money.

Mages are also people, they need to eat, they need to sleep, and they also need a place to stay.

Though the boss of the local inn took pity on her and reduced the rent, but she had already depleted her savings. Unable to feed herself, she was left with no other option but to move out and spend the past three days and night up on this “Brokeback Mountain”.

Seeing how ragged Vivian’s robe was now, Du Wei couldn’t help himself and sighed: “How could you be out of money?”

Vivian blinked a few times before squinting them: “Teacher left a bit of money at home, but I already used it up.”

So Gandalf would actually leave behind a bag of gold coins whenever he departed from their secret hideout in the mountains. Though their home was deep in the mountains, but Vivian would often go out to buy some groceries.

Nonetheless, old Gandalf isn’t some rich old man. After not returning for a few months, the money he left behind was already spent by Vivian.

“Don’t you know that the gems and crystals on you are very valuable?” Reluctantly, Du Wei smiled bitterly: “There should have been some shops in the town where you can sell the magic materials. If you simply sold one of your crystals, you should have had enough money to last for months.”

But looking at the dazed appearance of Vivian, Du Wei finally realized this silly lass would not understand all of that.

Inwardly, Du Wei can already imagine what that old geezer was thinking when he left Vivian behind. The reason for this girl to be here is so that from this day onward, Du Wei can take care of her, that is the meaning behind the old geezers will.

Spending a moment in thought, Du Wei pulls out the magic tool from his pocket: “Do you know what this is?”

Vivian shakes his head.

Inside Du Wei’s mind: “Hmm, Vivian is here to defect to him, but what about the person that is supposed to be his teacher? It can’t be this little girl, right? No, not her, otherwise, Gandalf would not have mentioned the person has a cranky personality.”

Faced with this big problem…… Du Wei suddenly didn’t know what to do. In his mind, he was sort of afraid of the possibility that Vivian didn’t even know about his teacher’s death!

Looking at the little girl in front him desperately eating away at the flat bread, Du Wei felt very unfortable in his heart, unsure of how to break the news.

Until finally the moon was hanging in the middle of the sky, Du Wei tapped Vivian on the shoulder and smiled: I’ll show you something interesting.”

Stabbing Gandalf’s magic tool on the ground, Du Wei then unscrewed the end cover.

Similar to a firework, this thing is clearly a magic item made from magic alchemy.

Shooting out from the inside, a green light suddenly sprayed out and shot into the sky. Liking a shooting star, the flare suddenly lit up the whole forest. Though it was a little spooky, but just like a real firework, the fireball eventually started to e down……

Looking at the green light, faint idea suddenly came up in his mind!

Green…… Could it be……

Looking up at the sky, the green ball of light was ing down at an extremely slow pace. For several minutes, Du Wei quietly waited.

Finally, when the green light disappeared pletely, a faint flute sound could be heard ing from behind the hillside……

The flute sound very weird. Though it sharp to the ear, but it was not harsh as if some melodious voice was gently moving back and forth one’s mind. If Du Wei had to describe the feeling he was getting, it would be sadness……

When Vivian heard the sound, her face already exposed a strange expression. Looking at Du Wei, she suddenly jumped up and shouted: “Sister??”

At this time, borrowing the moon’s light, a figure slowly came forth from the woods like a spirit.

Under the Moon’s light, Du Wei can finally see who the other party is.

Green robe, Green Hat, green flute……

And that face is clearly ……

Green-robed Gandalf?


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