Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 164 part 1

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The 164th chapter “Gandalf’s date of agreement” (part 1)

“Left, on the left! A little slower! Idiot, if you tie it like that, the things above will fall apart before we even make it past 100li!” (Li is the popular way for Chinese to say meters.)

As Marde continued to get on with his business of directing the servants to load up the boxes on top of the carriage, the entrance to the Earl’s mansion is filled with items awaiting transport.

Not only was their territory repossessed and their private armies dismissed, this mansion that had once belonged to the Earl is also now going to someone else.

After experiencing the failure of the coup d’état, the powers of the Rowling Household had pletely collapsed and anyone with the same surname in the government is either dismissed or jailed for their involvement in this event.

However, thanks to the existence of Du Wei, no one with the surname of Rowling was executed.

Cold and heart broken, Earl Raymond already sold off his mansion and decided to return to his old home with his son and wife. In a way, this exit from the capital is also a way for him to publicly express his standing that he only wishes to go home and be a rich old man.

After years of dwelling in the political arena, Earl Raymond could not be without enemies; therefore, actions must be taken to ensure their safety.

Regarding the house servants and bodyguard that had followed him thus far, they were mostly disbanded by now because without his lordship title, there is no longer a need for so many people.

Now, the only people left in the family are a dozen faithful servants and the 60 elite guards led by captain Alpha.

Since the day Du Wei exchanged his reward for his father’s life and kept Raymond from being executed like his peers, the beautiful and kind hearted countess was already beyond happy. Now, only after spending a good amount of time hugging Du Wei and crying in his arms did this she finally relent and got into the carriage outside the mansion.

Looking at the saddening state of the yard full of broken vases and people busily moving about, Earl Raymond remained calm and indifferent.

As for Gabri…… Du Wei can only sigh at the thought of his little brother because it would seem Gabri’s attitude towards him is a little strange at the moment.

Just last night, the young Gabri sought Du Wei out and asked: “Can I stay in the capital with you, please?”

Looking at the childlike Gabri, Du Wei can only sigh: “……No.”

“Why?” Gabri clenches his fist while his facial expressions and tone became very excited: “I’m a member of the Rowling Household. I must stay in the capital. I need to achieve great things so that I can restore the honor of the family! I don’t want to go back to the country where there is no hope!”

Du Wei taps his younger brother on the shoulder: “Wait two years. Once you are older, I will send someone to pick you up….. This is not the right time.”

Once Gabri heard these words, his face showed signs of deep disappointment. First giving his elder brother a plex and difficult look, Gabri silently turned around and walked away.

Starting this morning, not only did Gabri intentionally avoided Du Wei, he also made no attempts to say a single word with him.

A child’s temperament C Du Wei smiles wryly.

Watching the servants finishing up their job of packing away all the luggage, Du Wei felt his emotions stir at the empty sight of the Earl’s mansion. Since he was born, he had spent his entire younger years at this place. Now to see everything ing an end, a sense of nostalgia started to bloom inside.

Coming up from behind him, Earl Raymond gave him a tap on the back. Turning around, DU Wei can see his father was wearing a spotlessly clean white robe.

“Ready?” Du Wei faces his father and smiles wryly.

“Yes… I’m ready.” Earl Raymond raises his hand and pointed over at a corner where two tattered looking boxes were standing: “Sit down with me for a minute. Since the day I was released and came home, we never really had a good talk yet.”

Du Wei nods. Just like that, this father and son duo sits down on top of the two broken boxes in the corner of the yard.

“You didn’t listen to my words.” Earl Raymond speaks up clearly, “It would seem from my memories you’ve never headed my wordsCincluding this time. I told you not to save my life, but you still did it.”

Du Wei looks at his father in the eyes: “Firstly, you’re my father. Although objectively speaking, our relationship isn’t too good, but you are still my father and raised me for more than 10 years. Secondly…… If you die, mother and brother will be very sad. As regards to the third…… I am me; I still can’t do what is required of a real politician.”

Earl Raymond nods: “Then I should be thanking to you. At the very least I can return and be with your mother and brother.”

Once again, father and son lapsed into silence because the two never did have much topic to discuss with from the start. Including the time when Du Wei visited his father in jail, the duo mostly spent their time discussing over heavy matters regarding the coup and the family’s future.

Finally, Earl Raymond broke the silence: “I heard the territory you requested is Desa Province.”

“It is.” Du Wei smiles bitterly: “I can’t think of any place more appropriate.”

“Well then, you must know of the local situation.” Earl Raymond sighed: “I myself am very familiar with the place. More than 20 years ago, Desa province was used as a strategic base in the Northwest expedition……..”

“What are you trying to say? Wild? Barren? Or run down?” Du Wei lets out a bitter laugh.

“Specifically speaking it is very wild and barren, but also very run-down.” Earl Raymond suddenly pulled off a really rare joke: “In fact, we were even prepared to lead the enemy’s army into this place and use it as a battlefield. Even if the place bees a mess afterwards, central mand wouldn’t even feel bad about it.”

“I well aware of everything you mentioned.” Du Wei also gives off a rare laugh: “I’ve turned over many data and maps already. Desa province is a barren and impoverished land. In addition, this place has no mineral deposit to be tapped. If there is anything worth mentioning is the fact that it is located beside the northwest corridor inside the Kilimanjaro Mountain side. If once day war does break out between the Northwest native tribes again, then this place will be the first point of attack.”

Earl Raymond gives a relieved nod over the fact that his son has such a good understanding of his territory.

“Then what I want to remind you is……” Earl Raymond takes in a deep breath: “With my years of military experience, I estimate that the vitality of the northwest native tribes has already recovered by now from the war 20 years ago. From what I can tell, those savages will not forget the blood feud from before. Heed my warning; war will definitely break out within 10 years of time. At that time, your territory will definitely be the first……”

Du Wei knits his brows.

How could he not know of these things? But in order to exchange his reward for his father’s life, he had no other choice.

Originally Du Wei wanted to pick the Frozen Forest, but it was still full of riches despite being cover in ice all year round!

What does Desa Province have? Vast expanses of desert land along with lots of salt grounds! Then what about food? It is so low that anyone would be frightened! If there is anything that would likely be planted in this desolate land is probably a cactus!

But then there is something that could be considered good and that is the Kilimanjaro Mountain. This place doesn’t produce any mineral, but it does have plenty of rocks and trees for lumbering……

Also, there is plenty of Caravans moving back and fro from this place. As such, there is plenty of bandits too!

“Since you know about these things, then I won’t have waste my energy explaining this to you.”

Earl Raymond turned solemn, and slowly said, “My advice to you is: arms! According to my point of view, war will definitely break out within a decade! By that time, it can be considered a challenge, or perhaps a chance depending on how you look at it. Normal people will definitely bee cannon fodder in times of war, but outstanding figures will definitely climb high with it! Now that the Northwest is your territory, you can consider it an opportunity for you. Although I can’t help you much now that I have fallen, but there are still some useful favors I can pull from some old colleagues.”

Finishing his words, Earl Raymond pulls out a thin booklet from his pocket and handed it over to Du Wei. Sighing: “This book is full of information regarding some of my old colleagues stationed in the Northwest Sand Fox Regiment. From what I know, factions play a big role over there. Although I don’t know if they will lend a hand if you ask with my current situation, but there is still a glimmer of hope that one or two still have some conscience and open some doors for you.”


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