Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 162 part 2

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The 162th chapter ”General 250” (part 2)

Originally, the cross desert war 20 years ago between the empire and the native tribes of the Northwest Territory is only a “Pyrrhic victory”. After expending enormous resources and manpower, not only was the root of the problem not solved, but because of the Temple’s interference, this cancerous curse remains till this day.

From then on, the Empire would station a battalion of 20,000 Calvary soldiers inside the prairie throughout the year. However, due to the annual expenses required to supply this army with equipment and food, the finances of the empire is nearly depleted.

As for this General Longbottom, he just so happens to be the manding general of this unique 20,000 strong army seven to eight years ago. Concerning this guy’s weird past, it is somewhat regretful. Hailing from a lower end noble family (There’s no way some high class noble would allow their offspring’s to be sent to such a far off place), this person truly relied on his own skills and abilities to get to such a position. Unfortunately for him, the empire lacked anyone truly capable. In the end, he was sent to the northwest to mand this 20,000 strong “sky-high Cavalry” battalion.

From then on, this guy gained a series of nicknames: butcher, executioner, Madman, General of lust, and so much more.

Nonetheless, when it came to skills, this person really has it. Whether it is fighting on horseback or leading others in battle, he is no slouch. On the other hand, his personality left something to be of desired: greedy, lustful, and extremely irritable. Looking at it from a positive view, you can say his personality is decisive, but you can also say he is arbitrarily rash from a negative standpoint.

In short, a certain military big shot made an evaluation on him and gave him the surprisingly relevant nickname: General 250.

(This is some kind of slang in Chinese people use to describe people like this)

Regarding the great exploits of this General Longbottom, even Du Wei has heard of them. Originally stationed there to deter the native tribes in the prairie, so of course there will be some friction between two opposing forces. But shockingly enough, this General Longbottom actually accepted a bribe from a certain tribe to go annihilate another tribe! In one night, he gathered 3,000 subordinates and finished the deed. Catching wind of this, three of the nearby tribes united and ventured out to demand justice from the involved parties. Unbelievably, this General Longbottom not only didn’t hesitate in turning the gun on those whom bribed him in the first place, but he also joined the newers and exterminated his former partners in crime. In the end, he not only gained 300 gold coins from the first bribery, he also received numerous benefits from the other three tribes that came afterwards. After this incident, just about every soldier in this 20,000 garrison ended up with an extra set of leather boots and coat!

Finally, this shameful incident couldn’t be bottled up and caused quite a stir for the Empire’s diplomatic relationship. As for the bosses in the high mand, they really hated this 250. If not for the fact that they lacked someone capable of replacing him in the Northwest, they would have immediately jailed him and sent someone else out there.

Also, there is one more thing: because there is a desert in between the empire’s main territory and the prairie, the supplies meant for this 20,000 battalion is always delayed and fails to arrive on time.

In a certain year when 500 of the battalion’s war horses needed to be changed, the imperial high mand stalled for three months without any news.

Out of anger, this General Longbottom immediately gathered up 5,000 of his subordinates and disguised themselves as thieves. Overnight, two tribes on the outskirts of the prairie falls victim to their brutality: 2,000 horses robbed, livestock taken or burned if not, and any residents present was slaughtered without mercy!

“Never leave a hair to these barbarians.” (This was his exact words).

Nicknamed “Mass Murderer”, these despicable activities of his is not just once or twice. But what really made the gentlemen’s back at the capital despise him is the fact that he condones the act of prostitution among his subordinates.

(Nickname is not exactly that but a slang in chinese, there is no actual word in English that even es close to the real name.)

Normally the act of soldiers venting their desires on prostitutes is not unmon at all, but that is usually done under the table during the weekend. Yet, this fellow not only didn’t care but also openly does it himself. One of his more famous deeds is the time when he brought along a thousand subordinates and went into a brothel of a nearby village. For three days, these people not only hogged all the woman they can find, but they also turned the town upside down and even brawled with the local garrison!

Words of this General 250: “soldiers are real mans. Once dead, we are nothing but birds in the sky! FUCK IT!! We’ve been stuck in the prairies for all these years without any chance to go home, do they expect us to stay virgins?! If the high mand won’t care about our manhood, then old Mr here will take matters into my own hands!”

For this, the 20,000 soldier’s practically treated him like a god. Half bandits and part soldiers, if he were to point his spear and hand down the orders, these people might really walk through fire for him. And one of his most ridiculous exploits is just that. When a daughter of a major tribal chief was getting married, this lustful General actually brought his people to intercept the group in mid road. Disregarding the local customs, this guy actually pulled out his sword and demanded to have a look at the brides face.

Local customs of the prairie is that marrying girls must not be looked at by any other man unless the person is the groom. Just like that, this lecherous General refused to leave and forcefully pulled off the veil covering the brides head. With one look, this bastard only said these words before leaving: “Dammit, this face isn’t even weaned yet!”

Afterwards, the marriage between the two tribes fell apart and the bride was hence forth unable to get any marriage proposals.

Also, because of this incident, the two tribes nearly went to war against each other. Unable to hold down their fury, the bride’s tribe then gathered their warriors and went to find this lecherous General to demand justice. In the face of tens of thousands of enemies, this General not only didn’t yield, he actually had his subordinates take up formation and faced off against the enemy for one day and night.

Finally, the tribe sent someone to negotiate. Without beating around the bush, the negotiator shot out word after words of condemnation at this general 250. Instead of apologizing, this person actually said: “Hmm, it was only a peek at the face. If others don’t want her, then I’ll just marry her!”

At that time, this 250 actually said this in front of the negotiator:

“Dammit, from now on I’ll look at her face during the day, and then I’ll look at her body at night! If I ever get bored, I’ll even use her to vent my urge! I’ll bang her in the morning once, then lunch, then another after dinner! Humph, so what’s the big deal?!”

In this way, he took in a concubine.

When it came to the great exploits of this General 250, there are still many others. Back in the days, Du Wei actually read them like bed time stories.

Sighing, Du Wei thought:

This guy is no 250. In fact, he is simply a genius! Killing and robbing in the prairie? Ha!! Only an idiot would think like that. This is clearly a divide and conquer tactic! Rob the bride to destroy the possible alliance between the two biggest tribes, and then marry the girl for himself! What a deep move……. Ignoring his talent in leading an army, just his ability to e up with such an amazing tactic is exemplary!

Such a talent, Yes!

But in the end, this 250 General still met his misfortune. Not only did he pitch from the tribes, he eventually stole from an imperial caravan. About eight years ago, a famous caravan was making its way through the prairie. Due to some circumstances, this 250 actually raided the caravan and killed more than 200 people of the empire. After this, no one was willing to stand up for him.

But afterwards, Du Wei later on learned that this caravan was trafficking metal ores!

Prairie has no mountains and no minerals! When it came to Cattle and sheep for clothing, they had more than enough to be self-sufficient. But when it came to the metals used by their warrior’s weapons, they had none because metal cannot be grown out of the grass. As a result, the resource that is most lacking in the prairie is iron!

For their own personal gains, some influential noble family actually dares to sell these prairie coyote’s metal ores!

From word of mouth, it wasn’t the first time this General 250 robbed a caravan like this. Finally, some nobles in the capital couldn’t put up with it anymore and summoned him back. After some time, it was said this general died an unjustly death somewhere.

Yet, who could have ever thought this guy was still alive and kicking inside this place. Most importantly, this guy actually still has money to fuck a whore…….

This detective Luobosiji immediately noticed the changes on Du Wei’s face when he introduced the prisoner. As one of the jailors of this place, he would of course know about the history of this general 250.

Can it be that one of the peoples offended by this 250 includes the Rowling Household?

“This…… Your Dukeship?”

Finally, Du Wei reveals a faint smile on his face, eliminating detective Luobosiji’s concerns: “Oh, it’s OK.”

Du Wei shakes his head. Taking two steps forward, he suddenly stopped and gave another glance back at the iron door behind him: “That’s right, what does this General Longbottom usually like?”

“Like?” Detective Luobosiji paused for a second, thinking what else can this guy like? Other than drinking and fucking whores, there is none……

Du Wei is a smart person. With one look at the other guy’s expression, he can already guess the answer. Spending a moment in thought, Du Wei suddenly said: “Oh yes, I’m not familiar with these types of things. If I were to find a woman like the one currently with General Longbottom, how much would it cost me for one night?”

“Eh?” Detective Luobosiji almost popped his eyes out…… Can it be that this Duke had his urges pick up after hearing a little hum from that bitch inside? Oh grandma, if that is true, I’ll have my daughter go to the Duke’s House and hum hum all day! If I can get near the Duke, the road in the future will be endlessly promising!

Moving his brain, he quickly said: “It’s not much…… 500…… Wait no, 300! 300 gold coins and you can have a chick like that spend a day with you.”


Du Wei picked his eyebrows. Although 300 gold coins is a large sum for ordinary citizens, but to Du Wei, this is considered extremely cheap. Back when Prince Son brought him to the villa to see how aristocrats spend their time in pleasure, the expenses ranged from no less than tens of thousands of gold coins easy.

By parison, 300 gold coins is nothing.

Du Wei smiles: “What about something better?” Since were already giving out a favor, then why not give something better?

Detective Luobosiji started to poor cold sweat. Never in his mind did he think this young Duke would discuss such matters with him *** with a stern face, he said: “This… My lord, the southern end of the city can’t pare to the other parts of the capital because it is where ordinary citizens gather. Among the famed brothels there, even the prized red card prostitutes would only cost around a thousand gold coins per night. After a pause, Luobosiji makes a swallow motion before continueing. “But this General Longbottom really is odd. When it came to those really expensive and tender prostitutes, he said he didn’t care much for them. According to him, those overly high prostitutes are far too demanding. Just a simple touch of the hand requires thousands of gold, and if he wanted to bed them, he will need to spend even more…… Also, he said those women’s aren’t even good in bed if he forces himself on them….. For this reason, he rather fuck an average whore because it’s not like he’s trying to bed a Saint……”

Du Wei was laughing so hard that he nearly clutched his stomach: “Wonderful! Wonderful!”

After his striking statement, Du Wei tones down his voice and points straight at the iron door: “

“Luobosiji, from today onwards, you are to make sure this person lives in fort. As for women’s, you are to select a dozen girls according to his taste and send one to him every other day.” Pausing, Du Wei then continues: “Tomorrow, you can send someone to my place and take out 20,000 gold coins for use. Once you finish this amount, you can e get some more.”

Luobosiji’s became so shocked that his eyes didn’t even blink. Unable to stop himself despite being the presence of Du Wei, he turns around and stares over at the iron door. Inwardly, he thought: “This 250 really is hitting the jackpot. What the hell did he do to incur such goodwill from the Duke?”

Just as he was wondering about how he can return the 200 gold coins he pocketed from before, Du Wei interjected and said: “Lets go, bring me to my father.”


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