Law of the Devil – Chapter 157 part 1

Night Mode

The 157th chapter “Hook line and sinker” (part one)

Note: Title isn’t actually that but the meaning in the original phrase is the same.

“Son…… Your Highness.” Probably because of his inner agitation, Du Wei’s husky voice is a little dry at this moment: “You should still have some kind of backup plan, right?”

Prince Son smiles, his expression seems to show no reservation when it es to the amount of trust he has in Du Wei: “I won’t keep it hidden from you, of course I have a backup plan. No matter what, the temple’s power is limited in the capital. After all, the capital is the core of the empire. In order to insure the absolute dominance of the imperial court, the Temple must abide by an ancient pack that they cannot station more than 500 Holy Knights in the city. Though I managed to persuade the temple to act for me, but in the end, they only have 500 people. To turn the tide in my favor, 500 knights are not enough!”

Du Wei couldn’t figure out the solution. Other than the magic union and the temple, is there another faction in the capital?

With the opportunity fleeing away, this moment of hesitation costed him the only chance to kill the young prince. The two bodyguards from behind the young prince C obviously the palace guard leaders C had already stepped up beside Prince Son. Then in a low voice, one of them said: “Your highness, look!”

At this time, the tide of the battle in the central square finally started to change. After both sides suffered from immense casualties, a classical trumpet sound suddenly came out from behind the Holy Knight’s. Unlike the sounds produced by the brass horns used by the empire’s army, the sound from this had more of an ancient vibe to it…..

In the aftermath of some serious losses to their numbers, the Holy Knight’s suddenly retreated like a tidal wave in the ocean. And due to their immense individual strength and long periods of training, their formation showed no opening for Jean Claude’s people to pursue.

In truth, Jean Claude and his men’s were already exhausted to the point of fainting. As the general of the capital’s defense forces, Jean Claude is naturally a skilled warrior of the 6th level, but even for him, his hands were already at the point where he can barely hold onto his spear. Covered in blood, this great general feared that with the current condition of him and his subordinates, their line would easily crumble from two more Calvary charge…. No, in fact, it wouldn’t even take one!

After all, the immense individual bat powers and unity of the temple’s knights are enough to make this small contingent of the warriors a force to be reckoned with.

And…… The opposing force is the Temples Holy Knights! In the military, many of the soldiers are devoted followers of the Temple. They may have raised their swords against the icon of their beliefs, but their morals must be at an all-time low now that their blood is calmed!

Seeing the Holy Knights deliberate retreat, Jean Claude suddenly felt a sense of dread in his heart.

Sure enough, the Holy Knights only retreated for 20 meters before their ranks suddenly split into two groups. From the middle opening created by the formation, two solemnly looking old gents suddenly floated out. Donning white robes, the identity of these two mysterious figures wasn’t hard to figure out when their eyes radiated a sense of divine.

Members of the elder’s platoon!

From legend, the elders of the Temple of light are all devoted cultivators that live an ascetic life. On top of this, it is said that each individual is capable of one unique set of Divine spells! So unlike regular magic, this form of power is considered pletely different from those used by a Mage in the present age. This may be a bit over the top, but there is no denying that no Mage outside the Temple had been able to use this mysterious power!

As its name implies, the so-called Divine Magic is the kind of magic used by the Gods.

But from word of mouth, these priests are after all not the true representatives of God. For that, they can only grasp some low tiered divine spells within the known list within the Temple.

Of course, it’s not just in name that they are different. Unlike the raw power produced by a high level spell from a mage in the magic union, the spells used by the temple elders are usually supportive and recovery type magic’s. In a direct fight, their effectiveness is greatly diminished pared to a real offensive spell.

But then again, there are exceptions. Among the list of known Divine spells, there is one notably famous destructive spell that even Du Wei knew about. This is the so called “Grand Prophecy” spell! Of course, this is the type of power only God can wield. As such, if one is lucky enough to meet an elder capable of using some lifesaving magic, then it would be no different from meeting a real life angel! But if one is unlucky enough to face off against an elder that can call forth a divine spell capable of raining down mass destruction, then it would be akin to facing off a DEVIL! To be stuck in such a terrifying situation, even a grand mage would be careful to provoke such a person!

Therefore, the elder platoon is a very plicated existence because one would never know if they are facing an angel on earth, or a devil hiding in a sheep skin!

Poor Jean Claude and his subordinates…. After seeing the Holy Knights retreat, he thought he could finally get a moment to relax, but who in the world would have ever imagined the nightmarish event would befall on him. Drifting off the ground, these two legendary figures in their divinely looking white robes slowly drifted over to them……..

That’s right, it is floating! With only a feet worth of distance off the ground, their movements looked like they were just hanging there like ghosts from the afterlife! Compared to the flying spells used by Mages, these two elderly priests seems way more natural!

Also, Jean Claude is not a fool. Right now, they are in a life and death battle. For the temple to send out two elders, he is certain the two in front of him is not a angel, but a devil in human skins.

As the two old gents slowly floated over from the main street, the Holy Knight’s standing in formation suddenly beamed with a light in their eyes akin to that of a fanatical believer!

Just like this, the two elder showed no sign of life on their faces as they floated ten meters away from Jean Claude. Just recalling the terrifying stories from his memory, this great general couldn’t stop himself from sweating under his skin!

In a sense, the deterrence wielded by divine magic is no different from the regular magic on the continent. While the accepted saying goes that a knight can be dealt with a knight, but a Mage must be dealt with a Mage! This is the monly accepted method of fighting among everyone.

From Jean Claude’s point of view, a Divine magic user is no different from a regular Mage. As such, he knows he needs a mage in this situation because he is not so foolish to think that he alone can take on two all-powerful elders of the Temple! What’s more, these two elders can wield their powers unhindered under the protection of the Holy Knights present in the square!

Further away, the Crown Prince can also see that the elders were called out for this battle. But since the Holy Knights are already here fighting, it wasn’t that much of a surprise to him if this mysterious force is also involved.

His face looked unsightly at the moment, but it was to be expected. Turning to his side, he whispered to a full bodied knight near him: “Sir, I will have to rely on you to deal with the Divine Mages.”

The “Knight” gave out a low harsh and dry voice: “I also want to take this chance to see the power of this legendary platoon….. Humph, these fakes can only put on a show and fool others!” With that, the armor on this knight suddenly scattered apart and fell off from the horse. From the inside, a dark black smog flew out towards the general direction of where Jean Claude was.

Standing on top of the palace walls, Prince Son was beaming with delight when he peered over at Du Wei: “Look! That brother of mine is making another move! The biggest flaw with my brother is that he lacks a good Mage by his side. From what I can tell, that black smoke is the same guy you faced off against that night two days ago….. Humph, this guy is the only powerful Mage my brother managed to get on his side, but to be foolish enough to bring him out on this occasion, he is simply asking for trouble!”


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