Law of the Devil – Chapter 156 part 1

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The 156th chapter “each with their own thoughts” (part one)

It didn’t take long for these hundred or so knights to break through the ranks of the rebel forces.

Under normal circumstances, such a fighting force wouldn’t be so frightening even if it is prised of martial experts. Unfortunately for the rebels, these people aren’t your average fighters. Raised since small inside the temple, these holy knights are not only high skilled, they are also well trained in the arts of military formations. Compared to the martial experts employed by the nobles supporting the Crown Prince, the holy knight’s moves and acts like a single enormous entity that would exterminate the enemy without mercy!

As such, the defenders of the temple’s glory and fame are truly extraordinary.

Seething with anger on his face, the Crown Prince could stop himself from yelling when he saw how his forces were being pushed back: “Block them! Block them!”

Earl Raymond is after all an old general full of bat experiences. Without delay, he ordered Captain Alpha and the 300 elite guards to rush up to block off the enemy’s advance. As the elite knights belonging to the Rowling Household, the skills of these people are definitely above your average soldier. Even if they cannot defeat the Holy Knights, the Earl is certain they will be able to hold on for a moment before being forced to retreat again. But in this situation, his plan will not work!

Originally the rear forces of the rebel army weren’t prepared for an enemy assault to begin with because the entire capital was already under their control, so why would they expect an enemy assault from the rear? After the first squad of infantry unit was defeated by the Holy Knights, these fleeing soldiers started flood the ones charging forwards, thus, creating a jam that neither end could get through.

As a loyal follower of the Earl, captain Alpha is also a man of great experience. When he saw how the situation is worsening for their side, he immediately made a decision and cut down the nearest deserter. Invoking his Dou Qi to increase the reach of his voice, he yelled: “Whoever dares to flee will be killed! Forward! Death to those that retreat!”

Following suit, the 300 elite Rowling Household guards also showed no mercy and waved their swords against the fleeing soldiers. Sure enough, the ruthless actions made by this small group of madmen’s immediately halted the retreating soldiers in their steps. With no other choice left C die by fleeing or die by their own allies C the ones that wanted to flee in the first place hesitated for a moment before turning around and charging back at the Holy Knights.

Before long, the entire square was filled with so much blood that it was like walking on puddles of sticky glue. Try as he might, Alpha and his 300 elite Rowling guards just couldn’t stop the cavalry knights in their charge. When the first rebel soldier pushed out to face off against the enemy, this poor guy was immediately beheaded by the leading opponent.


In a single loud bang, one of the charging Holy Knights was able to send captain Alpha back seven to eight feet’s. Although this Holy knight is also a regiment leader within the holy knight’s order, but his strength is at best on equal terms with Alpha. If not for the momentum created by the galloping horse, the attack from him would never have been enough to push Alpha back so much.

Not willing to allow himself to fall down, Alpha stabbed his sword into the ground to stop his body from flying back any further. When he finally regained his footing, Alpha realized the bone in his right hand hands thumb was already splintered. Trembling in pain over his broken thumb, this eighth level warrior immediately switched his sword to his left hand to ready himself for the impending assault from the enemy.

Not willing to let this chance go, the Holy Knight Regiment leader volleyed himself off his mount to aim straight at Alpha’s neck.

Seeing the enemy intends to finish him off with the next blow, captain Alpha didn’t have the time to think about all this. Relying on his instinct, he kicked himself into the air and dodged the lethal strike by the enemy. Landing back onto the ground a few feet’s away, Alpha didn’t even have time to breath before the other enemy riders came charging up to him.

Just like this, Alpha and his 300 subordinates only lasted about ten minutes before being forced to turn back. In fact, about a quarter of them didn’t even get a chance to meet up with the holy knights before being dispersed by the wave of fleeing allies. And the ones that did somehow make it through, they were easily out numbered 3 to 1.

Under such conditions, Alpha continued to fight with a look of a madman while having his hair in disarray. Facing off a single eighth level knight and two level seven holy knights is no easy task. Before long, his entire body was covered in wound with blood dripping down his face.

He may be famed for his looks, but Alpha’s fighting style sure doesn’t match up to his name. Ignoring the safety of his body, he kept attacking like he doesn’t even care for his life, thus, forcing the three Holy Knights to take a defensive stance despite outnumbering him. Before long, Alpha finally became desperate. Invoking everything he has, he wrapped his sword with a large amount of Dou Qi and charged right into the Regiment leader while blocking off the non-fatal attacks with his very flesh.

The enemy Holy Knight may be a eight level knight, but this finishing move of Alpha’s is simply too powerful. When the sword made contact with the knight’s flesh, the Dou Qi immediately began to swirl like a vortex, sending bone and organs spraying out like blood through the air.

When the two remaining knights saw how their rade was cruelly murdered before them, their very eyes turn red with rage. Not missing the cue, the two noticed how Alpha is suffering from a leg wound that is hindering his movement. Raising their swords, they began attacking Alpha on the ground in a unrelenting assault.

Unfortunately for Alpha, the enemy’s effort paid off. After rolling around the ground in an attempt to avoid the lethal attacks, one of the enemy Holy Knights finally managed to land a severe blow to his shoulder. When the blade pierced through his flesh, the enemy’s Dou Qi was so powerful that even his flesh was blown away to reveal his shoulder bones!

Just as the two knights was about to finish him off, some of the faithful Rowling Household guards saw the situation and came rushing up. Covered in blood, these loyal subordinates began clinging to the two Holy Knights: “My lord, go!!”

Angered by the hindrance, these two level seven Holy Knights invoked their Dou Qi to blow away the clinging enemies. When the several elite guards were blown away, they didn’t even have a chance to land on the ground before passing away. Like sacks of rice bags, their body laid limp on the ground after making a cracking sound.

Fuming over his subordinates sacrifice, Alpha wanted to die with the enemy, but he knew he can’t throw his life away like this. Letting out a loud cry, he raised his sword into the air to form a vortex of Dou Qi. Taking the chance he created, he retreated at incredible speed.

This skill did indeed stall the enemy for a moment. Slashing their sword against the vortex, the two Holy Knight’s felt their hands go numb from the impact. After dispersing Alpha’s attack, the two knights actually sighed inside: the opponent is already so hurt, but he still managed to release such a strong Dou Qi? Looking around for traces Alpha, the two knights couldn’t find him at all because this captain had already disappeared in the midst of the chaotic battle.

“You highness! Fast, have the Cavalry charge!” After seeing his elite guards suffer immense causality just to stall for a few minutes, Earl Raymond began to bleed blood in his heart. Normally, the Earl would not be in so much pain over a few subordinates, but these people are all part of his inner circle and a major fighting force he created after years of training and efforts. Especially after seeing Alpha retreat from battle, the Earl no longer dares to wait: “Your highness, we still have a chance if we counter charge now!”

His worry and need to rush caused the Earl to forget his wording. Only earlier did he call the Crown Prince his “Majesty”, but now he is calling him “highness” again.

With a gloomy looking face, the Crown Prince glanced at the knights by his side before whispering to the Earl: “Humph….. Have Jean Claude’s people go up and block for a minute!”

When these words came out, Earl Raymond’s body shivered with disbelief as he stared at the prince…..

At this time, you are still afraid of losing strength?

Earl Raymond was so angry inside that even his face turned pale: Humph, I even sent out Alpha to fight for you, yet you still ache over a measly cavalry unit?

The old earl stamped his feet and turned the horse around. Galloping through the square for a bit, he roared out his words with resentment: “Jean Claude!”

Hearing the calling from the Earl, General Jean Claude had already came back to where the Earl was. After mobilizing his main forces to besiege the palace walls, Jean Claude was having trouble organizing his people to go face off against the Temple’s forces: “Your lordship, my men’s won’t last very long. Fast, have the Crown Prince’s people charge!”

Seeing the Holy Knights are already less than 500 meters away from where he stood, Earl Raymond shouted: “The Crown Prince’s order, have your people block them off!”

Jean Claude was so angry that he started to curse: “Have you gone mad Raymond? The enemies are all cavalry’s! How do you expect me to block them off with my people? They are all infantry soldiers!!”

Earl Raymond looked white to the bone as he waved his hand. Biting his lips, he gave his old friend Jean Claude a deep look: “Just go give the orders, quick!”

Jean Claude began to frantically yell out as he pulled off his cloak. Then taking a spear from a guard, he his face looked twisted as he cried out: “Personal guards e with me! We will kick those religious bastards back to where they came!”

Like this, Jean Claude brought with him a hundred or so infantry units and came charging through the chaotic crowd that has bee of the rebel army. Remarkably, this sixth level warrior didn’t need to expend much effort. When he charged through, the other soldiers inherently stepped aside for him and his people to pass without hindrance. But when he finally came to the forefront of the battle, he was immediately greeted by the Holy Knights and a harsh battle ensued.

At this point, the Holy Knights have already pushed into a corner of the central square. Exactly then, the Earl Raymond noticed his highly favored captain Alpha breaking out of the crowds and limping straight towards him while covered in blood. Once the captain is beside the Earl, this faithful subordinate looked heavy in the eyes as he spoke: “My lord, let me escort you away from here….. When I was ing here, I saw that there are still people ing further behind the Holy Knights!”

Earl Raymond had already jumped off his mount to support Alpha during this time. So when he heard that there are still people ing, the color of his face changed many fold: “Someone? Could it be……”

“All in white robes! From what I can tell, the temple even called out the Elder’s platoon for this fight!” Alpha had tears in his eyes: “My lord, we don’t have many people left…. Please, you must leave behind a seed for the Rowling House!”


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