Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 155 part 1

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The 155th chapter “The Prince’s hidden card” part one

“He! He really defeated Gandalf?”

“Oh almighty Goddess of Light…… This kid really defeated Master Gandalf…..”

After a moment of silence, wave after waves of motion broke out around the square. Aristocrats, rebels, royalists, and royal family members were all staring at the kid with amazement in their minds.

With his mouth gaped open, the old emperor Augustine the 6th had a face full of excitement. Try as he may like, this aging ruler of the empire could not utter a single word. As for Prince Son, he was clearly more stable than his father. With a surprising smile on his handsome face, his eyes were glowing with delight and surprise.

Who would have ever thought that this teenager he had attempted to pull into his camp on impulse would create such a miracle?

Although Prince Son didn’t know what method Du Wei used to make the mighty Gandalf flee in such a strange way, but he can only blame it on his own lack of insight. After all, just that unexpected shower of fireballs is enough to prove to everyone present in the audience that Du Wei is someone of great power.

That part is undeniable!

Seeing the opportunity, Prince Son cried out to make an announcement; thus silencing the motion around the square: “My dear brother, do you have anything more to say?!”

Although you may have tens of thousands of elite troops with the tide on your side C and even the support of certain noble factions C but with a powerful and mighty magician like Du Wei on my side, it is enough to chip the scale of victory to my end!

Right now, none in the square knew what Du Wei is thinking and why the kid is looking so dazed….. In their minds, they just thought Du Wei is probably too surprised at his own capabilities. To defeat the number one Magister of the continent, how can he possibly accept the glory of it all in a calm fashion?

But after waiting till Du Wei finished searching for traces of Semel in his near vicinity, he finally realized this is not the right time to be in a daze due to the excessive gaze from the audiences.

This really is messed up….. Whether it is the real Gandalf or the imposter, everyone seems to be related to Semel.

“Your Majesty!” Du Wei raised both hands into the air to make a silencing gesture. Immediately, his tender and young voice easily suppressed the sounds ing out of the surrounding people. With eager anticipation, everyone is waiting for this newly recognized top expert of the continent to speak.

“Your Majesty!” Facing the royal family’s side, Du Wei bowed in salute before smiling at the young prince: “Your Highness, I must clarify one thing.”

“Du Wei, my friend! My future Grand Duke of Tulip! Whatever you have to say, feel free to say it now!” If his personality wasn’t so reserved and controlled, Prince Son would have likely jumped down from the tall platform now and give this kid Du Wei a firm kiss on the cheek to celebrate. So what does he have to say? Does he want land? I’ll give him! Even if he wants gold or silver, I’ll gladly give him! As long as someone like Du Wei stays inside his camp C a peerless young genius C then his big brother’s rebellion is nothing!

“What I want to say is…. It seems everyone is wrong about one thing.”

Du Wei sighs. With clear eyes, he then began to speak his next words in extreme clarity: “Once again, I must clarify this one point. That guy is not Master Gandalf! He is not the number one mage Master Gandalf C he is nothing but a fake! So, I did not defeat master Gandalf…… I just…..” At this point, Du Wei hesitated for a moment trying to decide what to say. Beat him? Du Wei isn’t so shameless yet. That imposter may be a fake, but that guy’s strength is the real deal. If they really traded blows fair and square, Du Wei knows very well the enemy would have destroyed him with a single finger.

Then what is he supposed to say? Forced him to leave? Du Wei smiles wryly, the more accurate saying should be “Scared off”.

After a moment’s hesitation, Du Wei can only be vague: “The one that just left is nothing more than an imposter. While his magic is truly powerful, but he is not Master Gandalf, on this point, I will use my name as guarantee!”

Hearing this, Prince Son’s face became stumped……

Du Wei of course understands the intention of his Highness: If this Green-robed Mage is the real Gandalf, then it would mean a great boost to the morals of the royalist faction supporting the emperor.

“Your Highness!” Du Wei speaks in a strong voice: “The reason I want to clarify on this point is because Master Gandalf is someone I respected a lot. After he passed away, I do not wish to see his name be tarnished with the crime of a treasonous traitor.”

Prince Son ponders for a moment before deciding to temporarily change the topic…… Hell, it doesn’t matter at this point if the guy is real or an imposter. To be able to defeat a grand mage and the chief of the court mages with ease, this is undeniable after everyone witnessed it with their eyes.

And now, Du Wei defeated that person!

Right now, the one that should be showing the most displeasure on his face is the Crown Prince. With poisonous eyes, this treasonous prince stared down at Du Wei for a good while before suddenly turning his head to look up at the chieftain of the Rowling Household.

The meaning from his eyes is very clear: Earl Raymond, your son ruined my big plan!!

Earl Raymond is also caught off guard by all this… How could he possibly imagine his son’s strength would grow to such an incredible state? Let the earth and sky bear witness. A year ago when he expelled his eldest son out of the capital, he was nothing but a kid that doesn’t excel in either magic or fighting, but now……

If he had known earlier his son had such talent, then today….. Just earlier, he would not have expelled Du Wei out of the family!

Du Wei also sensed his father looking at him. But unlike the plex emotion he is feeling from his father, Du Wei can also feel the poisonous gaze shooting out at him from the Crown Prince. Of course, there is also the delightful gaze from Prince Son and the mixture of emotions from the audience. Unable to cope with all this, he suddenly felt ill to the stomach.

Subsequently, Du Wei walked towards the direction of the palace. Step by step, he came up to the platform where the young prince is. But just when Prince Son opened his arms to give him a friendly hug, Du Wei silently bowed to dodge this.

“Your Highness.” Du Wei thought for a long time before finally ing up with a reasonable excuse: “I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you any more with the things that are to e next.”

You’re kidding…… Du Wei doesn’t think he can really stop an army! Maybe the real Gandalf or the imposter can pull it off, but he absolutely do not have the skills to do it!

The Crown Prince’s coup d’état is something he can resist.

Moreover, even if he does have the ability, he cannot fight now!

In essence, Du Wei is only hoping to preserve the Rowling family!

Now that his father is participating in the coup d’état, then he absolutely cannot block his father’s path….. Speaking on this point, Du Wei actually hopes for the Crown Prince to succeed.

Because if the coup fails, then the Rowling Household will be ruined!

Earlier, he had actually never thought that he would be able to make the imposter flee. On that move, it would seem he over did it. Also, who would have ever thought that Semel could be used in such a fashion?

As the thought of the Crown Prince failing and the future that lies ahead for his family, Du Wei immediately turned pale with fear at what would bee of his beautiful mother and clever baby brother.

“No way! I must not fight anymore!” Du Wei reprimanded himself in his mind.

“Du Wei, what’s wrong with you?!” Seeing the awful plexion on his face, Prince Son moved fast and secretly supported Du Wei with one hand in a spot where others cannot see. To everyone present, it only looks like the young prince is simply giving Du Wei a congratulatory embrace, but when he got closer, Prince Son started to speak in a whisper: “What did you just say? You fight anymore? What’s the matter with you? Did you injure yourself in the fight just now? Ah, it must be because you overexerted yourself in that battle, right?”

After witnessing the gracious actions of the young prince, Du Wei suddenly felt somewhat emotionally moved inside.

Feeling somewhat ashamed, Du Wei didn’t want to make eye contact and simply lowered his head: “Nothing much, it’s just…..”

Du Wei sighs inside. He knows this Prince Son is also using him, but as a member of insubordination, this person really is good to him.

From the looks of it today, it would seems the Crown Prince is still sure to win this battle. After all, that side still has tens of thousands of elite troops ready to storm the castle at any time….. At the critical time, it would be fair to the young prince if he makes a run for it with him, thus, saving his life in the process.

Making up his mind on this plan, Du Wei was even more ashamed of himself. Not wanting to make any more eye contact with the young prince, he slowly stepped back a few steps and stood right behind his highness.

Sighing softly, Du Wei didn’t know whether to relax or feel sadness inside. After ing to this world, he had always lived under the pretense of being the Earl’s idiotic son. Now that he is pletely cut off from the Rowling Household, he would likely need to flee from everyone after this is all over.

He didn’t mind losing the business he built up in the Rowling Plains because it was only there to give him some spending money. As for where to go next, he wasn’t sure. But he still has a pirate fleet at his disposal. If push es to shove, he can just take Hussein and Nicole with him and bee pirates.

A endless sea with a bright future. No matter how he thought about it, spending one’s life in leisure is way better than being caught up in this maelstrom.

The Crown Prince may be unsettled by the miracle produced by Du Wei, but there is no turning back at this point.

Humph, it’ either you live or I die!

Thinking up to here, the Crown Prince pulls out his sword and points it up into the sky.

The battle of outstanding experts is over now. From this point forward, the fight will be carried out by real swords and soldiers! With his sword in hand, he suddenly extruded a bit of heroism when looked around to see the roles of heavily armed soldiers under his mand!!

In his mind: The capital is still under my mand! The defense garrison is still with me! And besides me are tens of thousands of troops ready to fight at my mand! It is still a mystery who will e out on top!

My little brother, don’t get too happy so early! 20 years ago, had already participated in the war in the Northwest…. Regarding war tactics, you are not a match for me!

Not a match for me!

Seeing the Crown Prince pointing his sword up to the sky, the rows of well-trained Calvary knights also follows suit with great motivation.

“Gentlemen’s, in such a state today, there is no turning back! Death awaits us if we retreat, but survival is waiting for us if we push forward! Everyone heed my mand!”


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