Law of the Devil – Chapter 154 part 1

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The 154th Chapter “Win? (part one)

Du Wei didn’t say anything on the surface, but he had forcefully imprinted the name Bow of Gaido’s Transient Law into his mind.

Can it be that this is the bow’s true name? Even Gargamel doesn’t know about the thing’s origin, yet, this bogus Gandalf seems to know!

But at this moment, Green robed Gandalf no longer had the leisurely look from before. Through gritted teeth and glaring eyes, this old fella focused all of his attentions at the Bow in Du Wei’s hand. Surprisingly enough, Du Wei caught wind of the subtle ounce of fear in his eyes.

EH? This old guy seems to be afraid of the bow in my hand….

Just like this, one small and one old pair of eyes stared down upon each other. As for the crowds of people in the area, they were all left in a shock!

To see Master Gandalf be embarrassed so badly, everyone present felt it was a real eye opener when Du Wei ripped out that insane shower of flaming meteors!

So magic can still be used in such a manner?!

Those meteors were only fireballs of the lowest level, but to release such an intensive hail of them in such a short range, the move can even be considered a certain kill! Nonetheless, Master Gandalf was able to summon forth a protected screen of water in the nick of time without the use of his staff. On this continent, to be able to wield their magic in such a fashion, that person must be standing at the very peak of the magic profession!

But it is precisely because of this level of skill that made every Mage present feel unfortable on the inside……

Speaking of this topic, everyone was drenched in cold sweat. If the battle took place in a wide open area, all of the mage presents can dodge it by summoning a wind based flying spell. But that’s the problem! The scene below unfolded within a distance of only 10 meters between the two…. In such a short range and crammed inside the central square with limited space, it would be extremely difficult for any of them to avoid the attack when the hail of fireballs came down….. The only viable option of defense is to erect a magic barrier, but the time frame is simply too short to conjure one up in that attack. If one had an advanced level magic scroll, they could call one up easily, but where would one find such a precious item?

No matter how they thought about it, these mages felt that if they were in Gandalf’s shoes, they would either e out seriously injured, or worse, death!

Master Gandalf is a legendary figure on the continent, so it’s not surprising he would be able to defend against such a weird attack. But the most terrifying thing is this kid from the Rowling Household…… For someone of such age, where the hell did he get such capabilities?

In an instant, hundreds of fireballs exploded out…. What a powerful thing!


Moreover, all of them were instant! Although these mages present today are all of a certain level, but they all knew the difficulty behind this amazing feet. Normally, any intermediate ranked mage would be able to pull off a few instant spell casting, but that is only for some low ranking spells like the wind blades and etc. As for the high tiered spells, this thought is of course out of the question. If in the off chance someone is able to do it, then their name would without a doubt bee a legend passed on through the ages!

Therefore, when they witnessed the astronomical feet of Du Wei’s meteor shower, they only had one thought…… Is he still human? How can a regular person do something so unnatural? By whirling out a vast number of fireballs in a single instant, he is able to make up for the lack of destructive force a single fireball held! This may not match up to a high tiered magic spell in terms of destructive force, but the difficulty of this is without a doubt not below that of a high tiered spell!

So then, if this kid can instantly pump out hundreds of low tiered fireballs, then why doesn’t he just summon out a single high tiered magic spell?

For in battle, if the enemy can instantly shoot out an advanced level spell, it would bee a nightmare for any master!

Of course, the gunpowder Du Wei had secretly hidden away in his magic storage accessories are all used up by now. Everyone may not know this, but prior to this day, he had predicted things would bee turbulent. In order to prepare for this, Du Wei pulled out the secret formula and handed it over to Gargamel. Day and night, he had the mouse continuously making the powder without rest. Only by working the poor guy to the bone did Du Wei manage to secure enough of this stuff to fill his storage tools. And we can’t forget that that crazy Alley. If not for his gifts, none of this is possible!

With his trump card already used up in this single attempt, Du Wei cannot rely on this move anymore….

But of course, there is also that shocking arrow he issued out!

In the mindset of everyone, they were thinking: What the hell is that bow? Though it looks quirky, but it still radiates the air of luxury…..

“I’m asking you again, where did you get that bow?!” Green robed Gandalf’s voice is clearly trembling as he spoke, but it wasn’t certain if this is excitement or fear. No matter, all Du Wei knew is that he got a very weird vibe from the gaze he was getting.

Seeing Du Wei is not talking, Green robed Gandalf suddenly lowered his voice. Probably due to magic, but a sharp voice directly reached into Du Wei’s eardrum and out of the audiences notice:

“Tell the truth! This bow is from that old guy Chris, isn’t it?! My God, what did you offer to make him gift you with such a terrifying magic weapon?!”

Struck with a idea, Du Wei began scheming: Since this old guy is so fearful of this thing, why not just go with the flow and scare him a good one?

Unfortunately, before he could put his idea into action, the Crown Prince had already cut into their conversation. With a negative expression, he cried out: “Master Gandalf….. The kid’s bow is something he took from me.”

“You?” Gandalf turned around to face the Crown Prince, his face showing a strange kind of curiosity.

With hate in his eyes, the Crown Prince gritted his teeth as he spoke: “That’s correct. Originally, I went through a lot of trouble to recruit the famous Shadow Assassin Mr. Chuck….. However, a few days ago, Mr. Chuck was killed in an encounter when I sent him out at night. This bow is Mr. Chuck’s weapon. It would seem this kid is the one that stole it.”

With a straight face, Gandalf listened till the end before shaking his head over again and again: “There’s no way that’s possible! Absolutely impossible…… I have also heard of this shadow assassin that you mentioned. Humph, this gutless coward of an assassin cannot be more than an eighth level or ninth level warrior! For such a weak person, how do you expect me to believe he can wield this bow? What a joke! Even if that person practices for another hundred years, he would not even be qualified to touch this treasure!”

Without holding back, this old guy blasted out his words without mercy and bluntly refuted the Crown Prince’s words.

Practically a direct insult, the Crown Prince was left without any way to talk back and simply swallowed his pride: “What I said is the truth. Sir, if you don’t believe me, then I can’t do anything about it. If you are so interested in the bow, I can gift it to you after retrieving it back from the kid. After all, this thing was originally my subordinates weapon.”

“HA HA!!!” Green-robed Gandalf suddenly started to laugh in a crazed fashion as he looked at the Crown Prince with disdain. This old guy’s temper is seriously weird. In the face of the possible future ruler of the continent, he is leaving no room for the Crown Prince to save any face. Raising a finger, he pointed at the upset looking Crown Prince: “You gift me? Your highness, you must be kidding me! This thing is not something someone of your status is capable of gifting! Not to mention you don’t even have the slightest clue of the bow’s history and its origin……”

These words are making the Crown Prince roll his eyes in anger, but due to the old guy’s status and fame, he has no choice but to swallow this insult. Under normal circumstances, someone of his high stature would never allow this, but he needs the old man to suppress the magic union.

Old monster suddenly had a change of attitude towards Du Wei. Politely, he asked: “Boy, you really don’t know the origin of this bow?” At this point, the old guy’s suddenly emitted a spark of light in his old eyes. Patting his robe, the old monster started to walk towards him.

Before Du Wei can even react, this Green robed Gandalf had already transverse the 10 meter distance between them. Standing in front of Du Wei, he tapped his shoulder with one hand and spoke in a much more intimate voice, his eyes clearly showing signs of lust and greed: “Hmm, since you got your hands on the Bow of Gaido’s Transient Law, you must also know about the other items that are related to it. Or is it that you already possessed them too?”

Du Wei frowns. Stepping sideways to avoid the fake Gandalf, he lifts his bow and aims it straight at the old monster: “What are you asking!”

“Fine then, just put your bow down.” Gandalf spreads his arms out and laughs in a He he manner: “You don’t know? This bow can only be shot once! If you want to make another shot, you need to replace the magic crystal inside. Well then, why not put that thing down and first listen to what I have to say.”

Sighing, Green robed Gandalf began to speak in a hushed tone: “Regarding the other things, you really don’t know about their whereabouts? What about…… Token of glory? Crystal of falling tears? Ammut’s shield? Spear of Dracula? Missing Moon of Five Lights? Robe of the Divine Wind? Saint’s Ring? Bracelet of the darkness? Nine colored Rainbow ribbons? Eternal wheel?”

During this long rant of a speech, a barrier of silencing was erected around them by Gandalf. In Du Wei’s eyes, he can clearly see the yearning in the old guy’s face. In fact, Du Wei feel like if he tries to take another step back, the old mad man might just jump him this instant and begin shaking him for answers.

But after seeing the dazed like expression on Du Wei’s face, the eagerness on the old guy’s started to fade away. Letting out a deep sigh, he shake his head is disappointment: “Aigh, I was too excited. For someone of your age, there’s no way you would have heard of these things….. I fear that on this continent, only a handful of people would still remember these things. However, regarding that bow in your hand, I want you to explain what that is all about.”

Not assured if Du Wei will speak the truth, the old guy’s expression changed a few more times before he spoke up again: “Kid, you can’t be playing me, right? Why don’t we do this then? If you tell me where the other items are and give me the bow in your hand today, I will satisfy any condition you have!” With that, he casually pointed at the crows behind him in the square: “Did you not want to support the young prince? Regarding the matters today, I can still leave it as is based on your actions. If you make me happy and tell me the whereabouts of the other items, I might even help you deal with the Crown Prince, how about it?”


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