Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 153 part 1

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The 153rd Chapter “fear of Gandalf” (Part one)

Watching his younger brother act so calm without any hint of worry, the Crown Prince became suspicious because he knew Son always kept an extra hand hidden away in his pocket. Nevertheless, after calculating his own assets over in his head, the Crown Prince shoved the thought away.

With the city defense forces under his mand, the magic union will be easily dealt with by this legendary Magister. Now all that is left is the Temple, but from ancient times till now, the Temple had always stood firm in its policy of neutrality.

So who else can Son count on?

As he kept watching his younger brother, the feeling of unease grew ever more so.

“Fine then.” This Green Robed Gandalf had an odd smile on his face as he watched Du Wei and the young prince discuss the matter of reward. Although he wasn’t angered in any way, but his curiosity was piqued at the teenager in front of him: “Child, even if you are to bee some kind of duke in the future, you must wait till that young prince up there bees the king first.” Rubbing his fingers under his chin, he gave Du Wei a glance with one eye closed: “Earlier you said that you wish to fight me, does that still count?”

“You are very strong.” Du Wei suddenly sighed. Looking at the guy before him, his tone was very calm as he spoke his next words: “Although I hate you because you are posing as someone I respected, but I do have to admit that your strength is unmatched. In fact, I fear that even if master Gandalf were to appear before us today, you would not lose. Therefore, I understand very well in my heart that I am not your opponent.”

The Green-robed Gandalf began to laugh with a hint of mockery: “Since you know you can’t defeat me, then why do you still want to fight me?”

“HA-HA!” Du Wei cried out: “First off, if people living in this world were to only fight with others that are below them, then that wouldn’t be a fight, but bullying! Second, the reason I’m fighting with you is not to defeat you, but to prove that you are a fake!”

With that, Du Wei swiped one of his arms out and summoned the staff inside his storage ring. When he first called it out, everyone felt his movement still seems proper for a real mage, but when everyone had a closer look; they all broke out into a laughing fit……

Not surprisingly, this staff is only a bare walnut branch without any kind of magic crystal embedded on the top. Without any reinforcement from a magic crystal, this staff is no different from a blunt blade that cannot pierce through a enemies armor. Gently gripping the staff in his hand, Du Wei solemnly tapped the bottom end of the staff to the ground and said: “I’m ready.”

Unable to bare it, Green robed Gandalf began to rub his nose in disbelief: “This,,,,,,, Is your wand?”

“That’s right.” Du Wei nods.

“Aigh……” Green robed Gandalf repeatedly shake his head in disappointment: “From the looks of it, it seems your apprentice isn’t doing too well.’ How can I not even gift you with a proper staff or wand? Look at your staff; it’s not even cured yet! How ridiculous, you didn’t even shave the barks off the wood yet. Please don’t tell me that you are too poor to even afford some magic jewelry? Ok fine, even if you can’t afford some high class magic jewelry, at least imbed it with some low grade magic crystal to keep up with appearances….. Without any ornaments…. You are making the Mages profession lose face!” With that, Green robed Gandalf shakes his head with his eyes closed: “This is too shameful, too shameful! Your taste is too shameful!”

Unrelenting, Du Wei bluntly fought back without holding back: “I have bad taste? What a joke! From top to bottom, you are fully clothed in green. Ahhh, I see, you must have been a Mage for far too long and forgot what it means for one to wear a green hat?”

How sharp is his mouth? Back when Du Wei met that old dragon, he nearly made this ancient overlord die of a heart stroke!

Stumped, Green-robed Gandalf flew into a rage: “What an evil child!” With that, he lifted a finger and shot a ray of green light at Du Wei.

Du Wei had already seen through it all. Not daring to evoke his magic, he knew very well this green light will ignore any form of magic defense. Using Rafael as guidance, he did something pletely out of what everyone expected of a Mage. In a several somersault, he dodged the attack like an antelope.

He may not have mastered the Stars Dou Qi, but such agile movement is a cake walk for him at this point after practicing the basic movement set for half a year. As for the audiences watching from the sidelines, they were all stunned because where in the world would they find a Mage jumping around the field like a kid playing in the playground? Normally, a battle between Mages is carried out between two unmoving figures. Even when the spells are life threatening, they would never move……

So is this kid is a warrior or a Mage?!

Surprised by this, Green-robed Gandalf pressed on with several more attacks from his finger; unfortunately for him, his attacks were easily dodged in the same way as before. In a annoyed sneer, he spoke up: “What is this? Can it be that you are skilled in both magic and martial arts? Ah-ha… From the looks of it, you are quite skilled in those somersaults; why not pick up a sword and e at me?”

“Are you blind?! Don’t tell me you can’t even make out whether this thing in my hand is a wand or sword?” Du Wei spoke this in a very cold way.

“Ah-ha! OK, OK, I really want to see how you will use your staff! Child, go ahead and chant your spells. No matter what you do, this grandpa here will not interrupt.”

“Humph, who said I can’t use a staff?! Look here then!” Du Wei suddenly cried out. Raising his staff high into the air, he began to utter out a spell.

What he is chanting now is a spell that he managed to extort out of Gargamel after a long struggle the other day. Classified as a mid-tiered fire based magic, this fire vortex is something just about every Mage on the continent would have learned by the time they reach a certain level.

Caring about his own status, Green-robed Gandalf didn’t do anything like he said and only showed a strange smile like that of a cat chasing a mouse. In his mind, he was thinking: Humph, this kid is so young, how much power can he possibly have? Even if he started to learn magic the moment he was born, it shouldn’t be much. Compared to his female disciple, a genius among geniuses, this kid is still a notch below her. Even for someone as great as him, he was only able to elevate her to the eighth level after sacrificing an enormous amount of effort and materials.

Listening to Du Wei’s long and slow chant of this insignificant fire based spell, green robed Gandalf almost broke out into a laughing fit……


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