Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 152

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The 152th chapter “Completely Shatter”

Quivering in his mind, Earl Raymond couldn’t even bring himself to look Du Wei in the eyes.

Unable to bear it, the Earl tilted his head to the side as he whispered: “You… Also thought of this?”

“Yes, I did, and I feel the situation now is the best timing.” Still with a smile on his face, Du Wei then lifted up his mage robe to pull out a knife from his bosom!

Holding the dagger with both of his hands, the young teen pointed it at his father and spoke with a gentle smile: “You see father? Since you are unable to make the decision, then let me give you a hand!”

Finishing his words, Du Wei suddenly tried to stab the dagger at the Earl without effort!

Earl Raymond closed his eyes as he painfully sighed. When he did this, he also seems to hear the same sound ing from captain Alpha from his side.

When the Earl opened his eyes, Alpha was already in front of him with his sword drawn. As for his son, he could see a series of blood droplets trickling down from Du Wei’s shoulder.

Writhing in pain, even the wrinkles on Du Wei’s forehead could be seen. Still, Du Wei kept the same gentle smile on his face as looked straight into the Earl’s eyes: “You see? How simple was that? The matter is not that plicated, right?”

With that, he turned around and walked far, far away… Jumping down from the platform, he landed right on top of the blue slated floor of the central square.

Subsequently, Du Wei took in a deep breath before uttering a loud cry: “You!!!”

This shout was aimed directly at the green robed Gandalf in the middle of the central square.

After sweeping through the audience with his gaze earlier, no one in the audience dared to challenge this Green robed Gandalf anymore. But when Du Wei cried out at this moment, he managed to catch the attention of everyone present.

“You!” Du Wei pointed his finger towards Gandalf before speaking his next words: “I can prove it! You are a fake!”

This one sentence rumbled through the ears of the entire audience!

Just when everyone was in the middle of being awestruck by this green robed Gandalf, this thin and weak looking teenage suddenly came out into the square. With countless eyes of surprise, shock, fear, or disdain, everyone had their eyes fixed right on Du Wei as he slowly walked forward.

“You.” Without any effort to camouflage the disdain on his face, Du Wei kept pointing his finger at this green robed Gandalf: “I can prove it, you are a fake! Moreover, you said earlier who else wants to try, right?”

The smile on Du Wei’s face showed no signs of fear as he pointed at his own nose: “I want to give it a shot!”

“Earl Raymond!” The Crown Prince abruptly turned around and fixed his gaze right up towards the chief of the Rowling Household, his eyes full of questioning and anger.

Barely keeping his body straight, the Earl sighed softly before taking a deep breath. In a loud but clear voice, he began speaking: “Your highness….. This is my son, also my eldest son.”

“Of course I know he is your son!” The eyes of the Crown Prince burned with rage: “But why is your son doing this?!”

Not replying immediately, the Earl showed traces of pain in his eyes as he spoke in a slow monotone voice: “When he was born, I was still serving the empire in the southeastern ocean. For the empire, I slaughtered all those indigenous tribes living on the islands. For the empire, I wasn’t present in his younger years. By the time I returned, he was already all grown up. Sadly, I never favored this son of mine and even went as far as to kick him out of the capital. But fate would not let it be. In the end, he returned……”

Speaking up to the word “Returned”, Earl Raymond gave the Crown Prince a deep and piercing gaze. Under this impressive gaze, even the Crown Prince was stirring in his heart.

Yes, he returned…… Also not by my choice but yours! If you did not force me to call him back, he would still be my son even if he is not favored by me! But by calling him back….. I ended up pushing him to this point! Although his face remained calm, the Earl was secretly crying in his heart.

“It is this son of mine that sabotaged your big plans two days ago.” His voice took on a more serious tone: “For this event, my son went against my will and became good friends with his highness Son…. Also, he became a member of the magic union….. So…..” The audience may not see it, but the Earl was squeezing his hand so tightly behind his back that even the veins were popping up on his arm! One word at a time, he slowly spit out his next words with absolute clarity: “From today onwards, Du Wei Rowling is no longer my son! I repeat! From here on out, he is formally evicted from Rowling Household! All his sins, errors, and all his misgivings will be shouldered solely by him!”

Finally, Earl Raymond’s expression suddenly took on a shaky color. Nonetheless, this Rowling Household patriarch pushed on and met the Crown Prince with decisive eyes: “If he dare go against your highness today, I will not say anything even if you kill him on the spot!”

When Earl Raymond finished the last of his words, Du Wei already had his eyes closed with the sun shining on his face because he suddenly felt the light was unbearable harsh on him today.

(The following paragraphs are Du Wei’s thoughts)

Yes, that’s right…… This is the right course of action father. HA-HA…… Isn’t it really simple?!

With his back facing his father, Du Wei no longer looked back.

Yes, that’s right father. For the good of the entire family, I must be sacrificed!

How can I possibly pete with your grand plan of supporting the Crown Prince? In fact, I personally prevented the assassination attempt on the young prince. If in the future the Crown Prince does take the crown, there is no way he would fully trust you as long as I live! Such a situation cannot be allowed…. Father, back when we had the talk in the study room, you already had this in mind…. This is point one!

Also… What is my identity? A Magician and a member of the Magic Unions!

This is a joke…… What a cruel joke! When I enter this new magic school in the future, wouldn’t I have to help the new emperor pursue his interest? If I do that, wouldn’t the family be stuck in the crossfire between the royal family and the magic union? With both sides aiming at the family, the Rowling Household will not survive even if this coup succeeds! This is the second point!

And now today this Gandalf suddenly jumped out of nowhere. Regardless of the oute, the magic union will not let it slide! The crime of pretending to be the disciple of Gandalf and faking the death of the number one Magister of the continent! HA-HA! With all these charges, how can I possibly stay in the family? For all these crimes, the right thing to do is to bear it alone! Moreover, if the Crown Prince succeeds in his coup, he will definitely believe this Gandalf is the real deal! What irony! If this green robed Gandalf is real, then what about me? This is the third point!

Also, the most appropriate move in this situation is to openly break apart from your own son. Once you have disowned me, the Crown Prince will see it as your way of showing absolute devotion! For this loyalty, the Rowling Household will be forever favored as long as the Crown Prince sits on the throne!

In the last conversation they had, Du Wei is certain his father already had the intention of doing this…. But to stall it up till this point, Du Wei believes his father still holds some feelings for him, right?

Well, a little bit, just a little bit……

Thinking about this, Du Wei opened his eyes to face the harsh sunlight.

The light may be harsh, but once it is endured long enough, wouldn’t it bee the norm again? Hehe……

Looking at the green robed Gandalf standing in front of him from a distance, he noticed the other side was also looking at him with eyes of curiosity.

Just like this, one large and one small wizard inspected each other for a good while. Suddenly, this green robed Gandalf started give out a very odd laugh.

“You are my last disciple?”

“That’s right, I am.” Du Wei spoke with a light voice: “To be accurate, I am not your ‘disciple’ but Gandalf’s disciple.”

After a long pause, this green robed wizard suddenly sighed in a very odd way: “It seems like I took on a really good apprentice…. Hmm, that thing on your head, Chris gave it to you, right?”

Raising an eyebrow Du Wei was somewhat surprised: “Oh, you also know about Chris…… Humph, it seems like all of the continent’s top experts know about that old guy and his identity. For someone like that, wouldn’t it be wiser to keep a low profile?!”

With strangeness in his eyes, this green robed wizard continued to speak: “I know him because I am really Gandalf.”

“Ludicrous!” Du Wei suddenly cried out a hard laugh. Then in front of thousands of onlookers, he raised a finger and pointed straight at this green robed mage: “Nonsense! If you are Gandalf, then I am Aragon!”

If you are Gandalf, then I am Aragon……

These words reverberated in the sky as the young teenager brazenly laughed without restraint. Unknown to him, he didn’t know the significance of his words at the time of saying this…..

Listening to the mockery of this juvenile, this green robed wizard showed no sign of anger. Instead, he simply shook his head back and forth as if disappointed: “You really want to fight with me? For what? You can just get out of here like this. On the count of you being my apprentice, I won’t make it difficult for you. Also, I promise you none here will either. If the Crown prince changes his mind, I’m certain I can change his mind.”

“No need.” Du Wei shakes his head: “I don’t want to leave this place.”

Completely break apart from his family.

His own existence for the family was a mistake, a baggage, a burden! Only by totally leaving the family will they gain the greatest interest.

Mother, I use this method to follow through on my oath is not a mistake, right?

Du Wei suddenly turned around and looked up at Prince Son standing there with his signature smile. In a loud voice, he cried out a laugh: “Prince Son, you still have room on your side? I think that despite my low level of strength, I can still be of value to you, right?”

Still donning his gentle smile, Prince Son replied in a delightful voice: “You are most weled here.”

Nodding, Du Wei had a face of self-mockery: “Well then, if you manage to take the crown, what title can you give me?”

The young prince suddenly broke out into a fitting laugh. Then turning to give his father Augustine the 6th a glance, he cried out:

“Du Wei, if you help me take the crown, I will bestow upon you the title of a Duke! In my life, I have always liked the Tulip flower…. I knight thee Grand Duke of Tulip! As long as my flag flies in the sky, I swear to you that the Tulip name will never face a time of decline on this continent!”


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