Law of the Devil – Chapter 150

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The 150th chapter “green robed Gandalf”

When Master Leonard fell to the ground and shouted out the mind blowing name, Du Wei was in turmoil. Gazing at the green robed Mage standing before everyone, he tried his best to look for any unfamiliarity.

But all was in vain! The facial features on this Green-robed Mage are virtually the same as the Gandalf from his memory!

Twins, or someone pretending?

In a flash, countless ideas popped into his mind.

“Leonard.” The Green-robed Mage squinted his eyes and looked at the prostrating mage in front of him. With a smile, his voice carried a strange dryness:

“I haven’t seen you for many years, but you aged a lot.”

The arrogant Leonard no longer had any of the haughty air around himself; instead, he is just like a little schoolboy in front of his teacher.

“For you to be here, it must be because of that Dorgan, right? Hmm, if it’s like this, then that means you wish to fight me, right?” The laugh from this green robed mage was even more eerie than before.

Hearing this, Leonard cried out with his hands waving left and right in panic: “I wouldn’t dare! Student would never dare! Where in the world would I find the nerve to fight with teacher!”

“What about you then?” Turning his gaze, this green robed magician faced Master Raphael standing nearby: “I remember you. You are called Raphael, right? Hmm, back when I was still in the magic union, you were still only a sixth level mage. After 20 years, even you are donning a white robe now.”

Raphael’s forehead was already covered in sweat. He may not be a disciple of Gandalf, but as a genuine mage from the magic union, how can he not know of Gandalf’s great name?

As the universally recognized number one Mage on the continent, Gandalf doesn’t even need to be number one in terms of magical strength. Just measuring the influence he has, Gandalf is definitely number one that transcends everyone in this generation! Currently in the magic union, Dorgan is considered to be the head of the magic union, but if one were to count prestige and influence, then Gandalf is absolutely far beyond this so called president! For example, all those weird monsters living in the core tower of the magic union may be loyal to the president on the surface, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will obey the president’s order when asked! In fact, whenever president Dorgan meets with one of those truly powerful old monsters, he would always show his respect without any intent of offending them! And let’s not forget some of those old monsters are direct disciples of Gandalf! That’s why even if the president were to issue a call to everyone inside the tower; those old monsters may not necessarily answer depending on their mood. But if Gandalf made the call, they would definitely answer!

In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that if Gandalf were to call upon the aid of all those old monsters, every one of them would side with the Crown Prince immediately!

Just imagining this terrifying scene is enough to make Raphael sweat uncontrollably. After all, he is a direct subordinate of the president, so of course he will obey the president’s order. But who in the world would think such a legendary figure would suddenly show up at such a bad timing……

Suddenly, Raphael’s eyes inadvertently swept across the platform to where Du Wei and his father is located. Seeing the black robe on him, Raphael had his senses knocked back into him! There is no doubt Master Gandalf has already passed away because even the life stone stored inside the magic union has shattered! As a close disciple of Gandalf, that little kid from the Rowling Household even confirmed this…..

Fake! This must be fake!

He may be thinking this, but in the early years of his life, Raphael had also seen Gandalf in person. That’s why after being left with a deep impression, he is also familiar with the outer appearance of Gandalf. Now that he is facing this green robed mage in front of him, how can he possibly utter the word “fake”?

“Rafael, why aren’t you speaking?” The green robed wizard squinted his eyes: “Can it be that after not seeing me for so many years, the Mages from the magic union have all bee mutes?”

“No.” Rafael wipes away his sweat. Looking up, he suddenly cried out: “But I heard Master Gandalf you have already…… Passed away….. Your direct disciple from the Rowling Household even confirmed this point. Also, the thing that was stored in the magic union…..”

“The life stone, right?” The Green-robed Gandalf sneered: “It’s just a damn rock with my marking so how can it possibly control me! Humph….. Since you are saying this, then you must also be suspecting I’m a fake, right?”

Rafael naturally can’t say anything to refute this; instead, it was the chief of the court mages that showed a cold indifference towards this “Gandalf” that suddenly showed up. For Gelunxiaer, his thought was much simpler because he is not of the magic union. Even if this self-proclaimed Gandalf is real, he is the chief of the court mages, so there is no reason for him to yield especially during this coup! The only problem is that with the appearance of this Gandalf, his heart is really in shock!

Scouring the entire continent, there shouldn’t be many others that can match him here today in terms of strength because he should at least be a ninth level mage if measured by the grading status of the magic union. In his mind, Gelunxiaer is not surprised that he couldn’t detect the presence of the two white robed mages hiding under Prince Son because they weren’t using magic at the time, but it’s entirely different for this Green robed Mage!

For this Gandalf, he was clearly hiding in the sky while using his magic! To be fooled so heavily, Gelunxiaer is certain this person’s level can only be higher or equal to him.

Thinking up to here, Gelunxiaer made up his mind and coldly looked at the green robed mage: “Sir, regardless of whether or not you are truly the already deceased Gandalf, it does not matter to me in such an occasion. The only thing that matters is your stance on the situation. If you must support the traitorous Crown Prince, then I will not step down even if you are the president of the magic union!”

At this point, this chief of the court mages was suddenly struck with an idea. Turning his head, he looked towards the platform where the people from the Rowling Household were located: “Earl Raymond! Your son claimed to be the disciple of Gandalf and even lied about the death of his master! For such a crime of cheating the magic union, I like to see how you will deal with the trouble that is certain to follow in the future!”

Du Wei sighed because he knew the other side would never let him off so easily.

Once these words were uttered, even Earl Raymond’s expression changed at the realization. After all, if this Gandalf is real, then it would be great for the Crown Prince, but that doesn’t mean it would be good for the Rowling Household. Once the matter is over, the magic union would no doubt pursue the matter and the Crown Prince wouldn’t infuriate the magic union just for his son’s sake even if they are part of the same side.

“Du Wei, what the hell is going on?” Earl Raymond’s expression looked dark as he faced his son. Du Wei didn’t say anything in return because he instantly knew the meaning behind his father’s words:

Admitting to the identity of this Gandalf would without a doubt help the Crown Prince in his coup, but that would mean screwing himself over!

Can it be that his father wishes to give him up?

It wasn’t just Du Wei that had a change of emotion. The always calm and relaxed Prince Son is clearly showing a hint of agitation in his voice when this mysterious Gandalf suddenly showed up. For him, it wasn’t easy to use his influence to get the support of the magic union! Without hesitating, he cried out in a loud voice: “Du Wei you are the last person to see Master Gandalf! Now that such a person appeared before us, aren’t you going to explain?”

With those few words, the attention of everyone in the square is focused on Du Wei.

As the scene turned into an embarrassing atmosphere, the green robed mage suddenly laughed out loudly. His once squinting eyes opened wide to show an overwhelming presence. Then from his body, an undeniable wave of power burst forth and covered the entire square. No matter the level, any mage present would without a doubt recognize the magnitude of this move.

“Hahaha! This is too funny! Just because I don’t show up for a few years, I can’t even prove my own identity now? That’s fine! Fine! I am I; I don’t need others to prove it!”

With that, he raised one of his hands into the air to summon a staff embedded with an emerald green crystal. Facing Master Leonard on the ground, this green robed mage said: “Leonard, stand up!”

Hearing this, Leonard began to tremble as he obediently stood up. He may have gotten up, but this white haired old mage couldn’t even straighten his body.

“Pick up your staff! Humph, that Dorgan instructed you to go against the Crown Prince today, right? Very well, pick up your wand and have a fight with me then!”


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