Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 149

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The 149th chapter “very suddenly”

This is wrong!

This is very wrong!

Feeling a weird aching pull in his heart, Du Wei felt all of this didn’t quite match up to the situation. Turning his head, he finally understood why when he caught a glimpse of Prince Son!

After witnessing the duel between Rodriguez and the suicidal attempt by the Grey robed sword saint, his reaction is too calm!

And during the entire fight, he just sat quietly on the side line.

Long before this day, Du Wei and Prince Son had already known about Rodriguez strength, so why didn’t he do anything to stop this fight from happening?

In fact, his eyes looked like he was all the more glad that the event unfolded in such a manner!

…… Can it be that Prince Son also wanted Rosie to die in battle?

Illogical! This is too illogical!!

When Du Wei peered over at Prince Son, he was somewhat caught off guard when he realized his gaze was being met by the other party. From their brief contact, Du Wei can see a little…..

There’s no doubt about it, it’s a smile!

Sighing in his heart, Du Wei believes his father’s plan won’t go so smoothly.

The Crown Prince takes in a deep breath and looked up at Augustine the 6th: “Father!”

The old Emperor showed a deep pain on his face when the red robed Mage behind him whispered: “Your Majesty, it’s for the best that you return.”

Subsequently, this red robed wizard slowly stepped forward and faced the Crown Prince: “Your highness, am I amazed that you can make a Saint level warrior fight for you…. However, I still want to give it a try. Do you have anyone under you that can also kill a Mage?!”

The Crown Prince sighs in disappointment: “I’ve also received your tutelage when I was young Mr.Gelunxiaer, will you really give me a hard time too?”

“I’m sorry.” The red robed Wizard Gelunxiaer shakes his head: “I’m a Court magician. My loyalty lies solely to his Majesty. You can either watch on as I send his majesty back to the palace, or….. You can send out a subordinate to kill me.”

It was in this moment, the silent Prince Son finally spoke up.

This handsome Prince gave a bow to this red robed wizard, his attitude clearly polite and gracious: “Teacher, may I say a few words?”


Du Wei immediately recalled the stories about this Prince. Under the approval of his majesty, this prince never liked to learn martial arts since he was young; instead, he likes to learn magic. From the looks of it, this red robed court magician is Prince Son’s teacher.

“Your Highness, do you have anything to say?”

Prince Son gave a faint smile: “Teacher, in terms of martial experts, my brother has a mighty warrior like Rodriguez, but when it es to the problem of mages, please let me handle it.”

With the status of a prince and to so openly make such a request, Gelunxiaer had no other choice but to accept it under such circumstances. Also, when he looked over at the old emperor, his majesty didn’t object. Nodding in agreement without saying anything, Gelunxiaer knew that his student wouldn’t propose something like this without some kind of backup plan in place already. After all, Gelunxiaer did watch over Prince Son since he was a child, so he naturally understood his student’s personality very well.

Getting the go ahead, Prince Son turned around to face his entourage. Nodding, he began to speak in a respectful tone: “Now is the time for you sirs to show your mystical powers.”

Behind his highness originally stood a bunch of courtly waiters, but when his voice died down, the front row stepped aside to reveal two old geezers. Coming to the front, these two old gramps gently removed their outer robe to reveal their inner dress robes:

Mage robe!

But…… White!

“Grand Wizards!” The surrounding people began to gasp with excitement and shock!

White Mage robes are only worn by eighth level or higher magicians!

Even the Red robed Wizard Gelunxiaer was a bit surprised when he made out the faces of the two mysterious allies. Giving a approving nod, this leader of the court mages gave a respectful salute: “So it is Mage Rafael and Mage Leonard.”

On the chest of these two white robed Mages hung a badge symbolizes their eighth level status, obviously issued from the magic union headquarters!

Struck with a thought, Du Wei recalled the day when he met Prince Son outside the magic union headquarters.

…… Can the magic union with their transcendental status also want to be involved in this royal coup??

Prince Son is now supported by the magic union?

Watching the enigmatic smile from Prince Son, Du Wei became a little worried about his father. Although their relationship may not be at peace, but Du Wei understood full well what the consequences would be if they were to fail.

By openly revel, his father is clearly betting the future of their family on the Crown Prince. If they succeeded, then they would receive glory and honor unmatched in the ing years.

But if they failed…… Then that is the end!

But now Prince Son is openly supported by the magic union…… Thus, the heavily tilted scale towards the crown prince seems to be losing weight.

With the two grand mages from the magic union, Gelunxiaer still had some doubts, but his face clearly looked better. Their numbers may not have grown by much, but under the right conditions, a grand wizard can hold off tens of thousands of elite soldiers!

“HA HA HA HA HA HA!” Although the Crown Prince was somewhat surprised by the sudden appearance of the two Grand Wizard, but there was no hint of horror on his face. After giving out a good laugh, this Crown Prince pinned his sight on the two white robed Mage and sneered: “Who would have ever thought this! I thought the magic union never intervenes in any political struggle! Can it be that president Dorgan suddenly wants to give up the thousand year old tradition in the magic union?”

The two white-haired Mage gave each other a look first before Mage Rafael spoke up: “Your highness, you should understand very well why the president is supporting the young prince.” The way this old man talked and looked really made him stand out, in fact, the swaying white hair made him seem beyond the constraints of the mortal realm.

“Of course I understand.” The Crown Prince laughed coldly: “This little brother of mine had always liked magic, so the magic union would naturally support him. If he somehow ascends the throne, the future of the magic union would of course also rise under his influence! Humph….. For the magic union to so openly get involved, isn’t the president worried there would be negative effects in the future?”

Master Raphael was about to speak up in response, but master Leonard on the side cut in before he could. This person looked extremely thin with a pair of triangle shaped eyes that gave off an extremely disturbing sensation. In an extremely arrogant and cold tone, this master Leonard began to speak:

Ha, aren’t you afraid of the negative effects when you set off this coup? Humph, any more words is meaningless. If you have any mages under you, why not ask them to e out?!”

When he finished his words, this ill-tempered master Leonard raised his hand to summon his wand. Made out of a walnut tree branch, this specially crafted wand was embedded with a deep blue magic gemstone at the end, clearly for water based magic. Stimulating his energy, a wave of sparkling blue aura wrapped around his body: “Come on then your highness! Let me see if there is any mage left on this continent that can still challenge the status of the magic union!”

The Crown Prince didn’t care much about these words, but the red robed Gelunxiaer on the other hand showed quite a bit of dissatisfaction on his face. After all, although the magic union is universally recognized as the De facto leader in the field of magic, but the court mages is not under the magic union. In the thousand year history of the court mages, they have always been able to somewhat stand on par with the magic union. Therefore, when Leonard made such a ment to pressure the Crown Prince, he had inadvertently offended this leader of the court mages.

The Crown Prince quietly looked at the two mages from the magic union, his face showing some frustration as if he was struggling to make a decision. After a moment, he finally sighed: “In that case, I have no other choice then.”

With that, the Crown Prince suddenly raised his head to look up at the sky. As if bowing to thin air, his tone and body movement looked extremely respectful: “Sir, it seems I will need to ask for your aid.”

After a moment of silence, a gentle laugh floated into the ears of the audience. Though the voice seemed old, but the tone in the voice cannot be hidden,,,, And that is PRIDE!

“Well then, let it be as you like!”

Who knows where this voice came from because it was ing from every direction of the square!

After the sound died down, a mysterious green flame burst forth in the middle of the sky above the palace. As of the flames cracked the very fabric of reality, a green shadowy figure came forth!

Donning a green mage robe, the color had a hint of sadness in its shade as if reflecting the person’s personality. But that’s not all, this person was green from top to bottom, including his pointy hat, that even the flute on his waist was green!

Du Wei was stunned because he felt like he had heard of this getup from somewhere before.

However, after waiting for the mage to e down from the sky, Du Wei’s plexion immediately changed to that of a crazed man!

“Gan, Gandalf?!?”

This low mutter of his did not attract the attention of those near him, but the shock in his heart is not something words can describe!

This mage that suddenly fell from the sky looked exactly like the already deceased legendary mage Gandalf!!!!!

After watching this mysterious wizard e down from the sky, even the ill-tempered grand mage Leonard became stunned with shock after recognizing who this person is. Letting out a ‘WAHHING cry as he dropped his wand, this old timer flopped to the floor with his knees and prostrated himself on the floor. Using the most respectful tone he could muster, this person tried to speak despite stumbling in his words:

“Gan-dalf-tea-cher-you are still alive!”

The moment his words came out, the audience soared into a uproar!

Gandalf? The number one most powerful Mage on the continent Gandalf?!


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