Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 148

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The 148th chapter “Gap”

As the two top warriors fought each other, their Dou Qi is neither kind nor forgiving. Under such violent conditions, even the towering palace walls seem to shake with agony under their oppressive rule……

In the imperial capital’s sky, Rosie unreservedly pressed out every drop of his Dou Qi to form a grand light around his body. Under such might, even the sword in his hand hummed with stress at its owner’s power. At this time, every martial expert present can tell this great knight is already pushing his strength to the utmost extreme limit!

A ninth-level knight’s full power erupting at a single moment is not to be trifled with; in fact, it is a terrifying experience for most of the people present. To put it into perspective, the humming sound of Rosie’s sword is in fact the signal that the sword is already at its limit and if pushed any harder, it would shatter like glass.

Unlike the rest of the audience, Rodriguez remained calm in his expression because after their initial clash, he had already grasped the true strength of his opponent. Letting out a soft sigh, he thought: The other side is courting death.

It is clear to Rodriguez that the strength of this grey robed sword saint is far inferior to him. As a Saint level knight, Rodriguez felt like he is currently a humongous giant facing a tiny ant……

This isn’t just Rodriguez being overconfident because after the initial clash of their Dou Qi, Rosie was already injured by the impact. If not for Rosie forcefully keeping it down, he would have already spit out a mouthful of blood due to the injury in his throat!

Beauty under the Moonlight truly deserves to be a called a legendary weapon. Even with the protection of his Dou Qi, Rosie could barely fend off the creeping frost that invaded his body. Like an infection, the terrifying cold air crept along his blade and quickly tried to invade into his body through his arms. If Rosie didn’t resist with everything he had, he would not have survived the chill!

Is… This is true strength of a Saint Knight?

Rosie felt humiliated because he felt the other party didn’t show his real powers yet.

Unable to bare it in his heart, this Grey robed sword saint screams out: “Take out all your strength!”

Before his voice died down, Rosie was already dashing forward with his sword in hand. In this one move, he didn’t make any flashy Dou Qi kills because he finally realized. In the face of a foe that pletely exceeds him, those fancy skills are pletely useless; the only real way to deal any damage is by brute swordsmanship!

Under the cover of his silvery Dou Qi, Rosie shot out like a beam of light. However, his body suddenly disappeared from the eyes of everyone while still in mid jump!

Like an act of mercy, Rodriguez lets out a sigh.


Almost without warning, the image of Rosie striking down with his sword suddenly appeared besides Rodriguez. For all those present, they could not help but feel a sense of emotional respect towards the amazing speed shown before them. Earlier, the act of disappearing from everyone’s naked eyes is a form of deception created by the high velocity he was going at.

But … Rodriguez reacted like he had seen through it all. With one hand tucked behind his back, Rodriguez casually raised his “Beauty under the Moonlight” with the other hand and ‘Keng’, he easily blocked the attack!

Instead of making an impact with his strike, Rosie was sent flying backwards through the air! And because of the severity of his injury earlier, he was no longer able to keep his new injury suppressed after taking this second blow. Spitting out a mouthful of blood like a splurging fountain, even his robe was stained with dots of red!

Without delay, Rosie got up and shouted: “Again!” Showing a strong conviction in his eyes, this “Grey robed sword Saint” once again disappeared in midair.

As soon as Rosie’s voice died down, four images of him attacking Rodriguez at the same time appeared before everyone’s eyes! Known as the “clone strike”, this attack is Rosie’s signature move!

To witness such a grand battle between top martial experts, Du Wei couldn’t keep his eyes away for even a second because it was so enticing!

As a ninth level knight, Rosie’s greatest strength is his speed. By controlling his Dou Qi, he is able to bypass the physical limit imposed by his body!

So although it may look like there is four Rosie’s attacking at the same time, but it is only an after image created by the unbelievable speed he was moving at!

“EH…… Change of tactics?” Rodriguez shakes his head in disappointment: “It’s no use!”

The next moment following Rodriguez word is not only weird, but unbelievable! Especially in Du Wei’s eyes, even his heart skipped a beat as if he was enlightened by what he saw!

In terms of knowledge about a Saint level fighter, Du Wei can easily take first place on the continent. Hussein, Gandalf, and the dragon chieftain, these are all Saint level people in his list! This is especially true for that dragon chieftain because the strength of that four legged lizard is already at a grisly level. After witnessing so many battles between Saint level fighters, Du Wei could never fully grasp the secret behind their strength. Maybe it was because the battles were always fought between Saint level foes?

However, in the Battle between Rodriguez and Rosie, Du Wei can clearly see the difference between an ordinary person and a Saint level warrior!

For this is the “rule”!

In terms of speed, Rosie is definitely unmatched throughout the continent. But a freaky and strange scene unfolded before everyone’s eyes:

Rodriguez sighs: “Change of moves? It’s no use” After saying this, everything in the close vicinity of Rodriguez seems to slow to a crawl!

Although it was obvious the Grey Robed swordsman was attacking at a dashing speed, but the moment his sword was about to make contact, space and time seems to distort…….

In that moment, Du Wei felt very unfortable as he watched on. As a matter of fact, his heart was suffering from so much pain that he wanted to vomit blood!

At the time, Du Wei didn’t know, but Rodriguez had distorted the very fabric of space near himself. That’s why he felt so unfortable because his mental spirit that was probing Rodriguez was also distorted under the might of the Saint level warrior!

For a Saint level warrior to create a distortion in space, how can he so easily allow others to probe him?!

Du Wei was so entranced by all this that he didn’t even realize his face was turning pale at an alarming pace. Before long, his eyes blanked out due to the stress of overusing his mental spirit. Collapsing to the floor, Du Wei’s sudden movement quickly alarmed his father that was standing by his side.

Turning around, Earl Raymond saw his son lying motionless on the floor. Shocked by this, he quickly reached out his hands to pull Du Wei up.

After being pulled from the floor, Du Wei opened his eyes to see the worried face of his father. Knowing something was not right, Du Wei secretly poured some energy out of the five colored ring on his finger to replenish his energy.

It was at this moment, the battle finally ceded a winner!

Rodriguez finally makes his move!

He didn’t know why, but Rosie’s long “clone strike” looked like it was stuck in a never ending vortex of time. It was obvious to everyone present that the distance between the two was very short, but it somehow felt like Rosie could never reach his foe even after 10,000 years! The audience may not know why, but Du Wei understood the secret.

Different from Rosie’s dashing speed; Rodriguez movement was so slow that it was clear to the naked eye!

Slowly but surely, Rodriguez raised his legendary sword and stabbed into the first clones left arm, then the right arm of the second clone, then the left leg for the third, and finally the right leg for the last clone.

Then a golden light flashed and the Grey robed sword Saint was sent flying backwards again!

When Rosie fell on the floor, his arms and legs were already broken with blood spraying out like a fountain!

It was obvious Rosie is suffering from a fatal injury, but his face looked so calm unlike the usual painful expression you would expect from a dying person….

“I…… Seem to understand.” With a faint smile, this dying grey robed swordsman used the last of his strength to utter these words before swallowing his last breath.

The audience fell into a deathly silence!

The gap! It is a gap that is so widely divided that one would think it is impossible to cross! Known as the Grey robed Sword Saint Rosie, this ninth level knight is practically at the very peak of his field.

However, in front of a true Saint level Knight, his outstanding swordsmanship and strength could not even resist a single attack!

Facing the already dead Rosie, Rodriguez resheathed his legendary sword and walked up to his former foe. In a whispering voice: “I granted your wish, may you rest in peace.”

Afterwards, this Saint level expert turned around to catch a glimpse at the crown prince: “I have finished your request. From today onwards, I do not owe you anything.”

With that, this Saint level Knight left with a faint smile on his face. Shrouded in a golden light, Rodriguez flew into the air without looking back.


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