Law of the Devil – Chapter 147

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The 147th chapter “A fighter’s spirit”

The words may seem simple, but Du Wei could not help but sigh when he heard it.

Earl Raymond suddenly laughed: “Your highness, you may be young, but you really are smart. Let me tell you, whatever provocation you are trying to do will not affect my relationship with the Crown Prince. In fact, I can openly tell you: Yes! If his majesty had started off by tasking us to support you…. Then we would have done it! The problem lies in the fact that we were tasked with supporting the Crown Prince. After 30 years, he suddenly changed his mind and forced us into a corner. After wasting 30 years of our life, he didn’t even leave us an escape route.”

“At this rate, it would seem father really is in the wrong.” When this line came out of Prince Son, everyone became shocked with surprise!

Even Augustine the 6th was so surprised that he gave his little son a glance too.

“Father.” Prince Son stood up and gave a bow to the emperor: “Why don’t you go back to the palace and leave this matter to me. Is that fine?”

“Delusional!” The Crown Prince became enraged: “SON! Do you think the situation is so simple?! If father do no abdicate today, I will not give up!”

When Augustine the 6th raised an eyebrow after hearing this, the grey robed warrior that was always standing behind the emperor suddenly emerged with piercing cold eyes: “Impudent! I want to see who would dare block our path if his majesty wishes to return!”

With that, this usually ordinary looking warrior suddenly stepped forward. From a silent shadow, this person made a plete change as a bone chilling aura emitted from his body! No doubt about it, this is blood thirst!

Du Wei’s senses are the keenest among the audiences. When he watched the scene unfold from the distance, his senses were easily blown away by the sharp pain caused by the murderous aura. In fact, Du Wei felt a little scared to stare!

“Humph!” The Crown Prince sneered: “Oh respected Rosie. I certainly can’t forget you the infamous ‘Grey robed sword saint’. Although you are mighty, but not even you can fend off tens of thousands of elite soldiers…..” With that said, the Crown Prince coldly looked at this grey robed martial artist: “And for years you have remained by my father’s side, so how can I ever forget you! In response, I have prepared the most suitable opponent for you!”

After saying that, the Crown Prince turned away to whisper at a full bodied armor knight: “I’m requesting you now to do the third favor. Help me kill this Grey Robed sword Saint!”

Letting out a soft sigh in response: “As you wish.”

This familiar icy cold voice easily reached Du Wei’s ears. Unable to stop his body, Du Wei started to tremble because he knew exactly who the owner of this voice was!

Sure enough, the Knight slowly took off his helmet to expose a face full of loneliness in his eyes. When he took out his sword, the long blade gave off a vague cold that is akin to a terrifying storm…..

Beauty under the Moonlight!

After Hussein, the continent’s second Saint Class Knight Rodriguez finally appeared!!!

Slowly taking off his armor, Rodriguez walked out from the crowd of soldiers and silently looked up at the platform where the grey robed warrior resided.

“Sir Rosie, I have heard of your great name.”Rodriguez seems to smile a bit when he said this: “However, I’m not too fond of you…… For a long time now, you are called the ‘Grey robed sword Saint’. But I’m quite curious, for someone of your level, how can your title include the word Saint?”

Speaking up to here, Rodriguez sighed softly and his whole body suddenly surged with a flow of golden light. Immediately, the brilliant color of the Saint Class Dou Qi burned with the intensity of a searing flame!

The brilliant glow seems to stun the eyes of every person in the audience!

After a long time of silence, someone suddenly exclaimed: “Golden Dou Qi! Gold Dou Qi! Oh almighty god! It’s actually a Saint Knight!!”

Burning with light, his whole body seems to shine like the very sun in the sky. In fact, every part of his body was gold in color, including his hair and eyes. The only thing that wasn’t a golden shade is the sword held in his hand ‘Beauty under the Moonlight’. Still silvery and cold, this ancient sword looked all the more mysterious when wrapped around with the pale golden aura.

No longer calm and arrogant, Rosie instinctively reached one of his hands out to grab the sword on his waist!

Rosie had long heard of Rodriguez and his “beauty in the Moonlight”, but until now, he had never thought he would lose even if he encountered this person!

Because…… Never in his wildest dreams did he think someone would advance to the Saint level!!

With his heart sinking to the bottom, Rosie knew very well his own strength is only at the ninth level!!

Perhaps…… Such a saying is too demeaning for someone like him with the title of a sword saint..

On this whole continent, ninth level Knights are few in numbers! For example: prior to Hussein’s appearance, the temple’s strongest knights are only at the ninth level.

Known as the Grey Robed Sword Saint, Rosie only earned his title because of his trademark grey robe. As for the Saint title, it was due to his amazing swordsmanship. In terms of fame, Rosie would not lose out to Rodriguez in any way. However, because of the countless years he spent secluding himself inside the palace, his name is not as prominent in the present day.

Looking at Rodriguez’s legendary sword and the golden Dou Qi, Rosie suddenly swept away the darkness in his eyes. In its place, a form of devotion akin to a religious look appeared in his eyes.

Indeed, it is the light of a Saint Knight! A level he could never reach in this life!

“Your Majesty!” Suddenly turning around, this sword master gave Augustine the 6th a deep and painful look. His voice was not of apathy; instead, it was full of kindness and warmth: “How long have I been by your side?”

“…… In total for 26 years.” From the eyes of Rosie, Augustine the 6th can see something that made him restless with worry. Unable to resist, this ruler of a nation asked: “Rosie, you…..”

“Your Majesty, how many years have we known each other?” On his face, a smile actually appeared.

“…… More than 54 years!” Augustine the 6th suddenly understood the meaning behind his words. His once trembling body jerked upright with force: “54 years! ”

“That’s right, a total of 54 years….” Rosie looked up at the sky as if talking to himself: “At the time, we were still young when we first met inside the frozen forest. In my heart, you are still the same young and fit prince from back then. My good friend, for you, I was willing to stay by your side for 26 years of my life.”


“No, your Majesty, in this world, you are the only person that understands me the best.” Rosie continues to speak in a low voice: “When I was young, I mentioned that my greatest dream is to advance to the level of Sainthood. It’s a shame. This year, I’m already 68 years of age and still couldn’t reach the realm of Sainthood. But God has mercy! Although I couldn’t reach my goal, but at least I have the opportunity to face a real Saint Knight.”

Speaking up to here, Rosie got down on one knee and gave a deep bow with his head: “My lord, in my life, I am very lucky to have been your panion…. But from today onwards, Roxie can no longer acpany you!”

With those words finished, Rosie stood up and turned his back against the emperor. No longer looking back, this person with a warrior’s pride and attitude floated down from the tall platform like a cloud in the air and stood before Rodriguez!

“Saint level expert!” Rosie sounded very serious in his words. Nodding to Rodrigues, he continued speaking: “Thank you for satisfying my life’s desire! For this battle, I waited my entire life!”

With that, he gently pulled out his sword. Made out of the finest steel, this high quality sword wasn’t embedded with any magic gemstone or enchantment. But that’s not all; the hilt had thin marking lines running through the handle, obviously designed for the user to have a better grip during a fight.

Releasing all of his Dou QI, this “Grey robed Sword Saint” was covered in a silvery aura with a faint golden glow…. Unfortunately for him, this faint golden light was far from the true golden Dou Qi of a Saint level master.

It’s obvious this 68-year old warrior is standing at the border of advancing! It’s a shame; this person could never make a break through. In terms of color, Du Wei can tell that this person’s Dou Qi could not even match up to the level of Hussein when they first met in the frozen forest.

However, despite his obvious weakness, this warrior still raised his sword to make a challenge: “Make your move! In the name of a warrior’s dignity, I ask you not to hold back!”

Hearing this, Rodriguez’s face became serious. Despite the obvious gap in their strength, Rodriguez showed no sign of mockery; instead, his eyes were filled with respect.

“As you say and as you wish!”

A golden Dou Qi and a silvery Dou Qi collided together on this day. No matter where one looked, as long as this mix of gold and silver light was present, the souls of bygone warriors echoed with life!


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