Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 145 part 2

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The 145th chapter “day of bloodshed” (part two)

Before Old Smoke could get a hold of himself, the capital defense formation further away in front of their group suddenly turned around in unison after hearing the charging call!

Heavily armed with blood thirst, the capital defense army is just like a poisonous snake bearing its fang at the ill prepared king’s guard!!

Out numbering the enemy 3 to 1, their group should have had the upper hand. However, when the two formations clashed in the victory square, the King’s Guard easily collapsed at the sudden attack….

It’s not like they were inferior in terms of skills, but rather they were simply caught off guard. As the anchor for the parade, their group was supposed to be the last military squad to head out onto the streets, therefore, their bodies were already tired from tedious task of idle standing. In some cases, certain individuals would even nap with their eyes closed as they waited for the expected call. To be attacked so suddenly by their former rades, some of the soldiers from the King’s Guard formation didn’t even have time to respond before they were beheaded!

The worst part of it all is that in order to look good, the swords they were equipped with is only a short sword that only noblemen’s would carry. Slender and short, their weapons were nothing but decorations pared to the long sword carried by the traitorous soldiers of the capital defense army…..

And to add salt to a wound, the shiny armors worn by the entire King’s Guard army could not fend off a single hit. No matter where the enemy’s sword landed, their armor would easily be pierced without resistance!

As panic spread through the crowded streets, the numerous onlookers fled for their lives as they scattered to look for shelter! Seeing this, the military soldiers in charge of security reacted with swiftness and gathered into two groups. While one acted like a shepherd herding the fleeing citizens away, the second group began forming a blockade to seal in the soon to be trapped King’s Guard.

The way they reacted was just like a well concocted battle plan!

It didn’t take long for bodies to begin piling up on the ground. The once beautiful silver armor is now stained with blood as their wearer’s body lay limp on the floor…..

Without choice, Old Smoke was at first forced to retreat with his peers in order to avoid the first wave of onslaught. Nonetheless, after a moment of panic and confusion, many of the more senior officers in their camp started to repose themselves and began forming smaller groups to repel the enemy formation. After all, this 3,000 men strong army is prised of the most loyal and elite members of the King’s Guard, so of course they wouldn’t be so easily taken down without so much as a fight!

Unfortunately for the King’s Guard, the crossbows used by the traitors are too much to deal with in their current handicapped state. In order to rectify this, the more experienced of the bunch began ordering their groups to hide behind the long lines of parade floats in order to block off the numerous arrows aimed at their bodies. Since they are all at a disadvantage C equipment wise C their only hope is to take advantage of the terrain.

As soon as the main group of King’s Guard hid themselves behind the long line of parade floats, the city defense forces began dispersing themselves in an organized manner and started to exterminate any residual survivors that weren’t able to flee with their peers in time behind the floats!

In Old Smoke’s case, he was lucky enough to gather around 10 people under him by the time he hid behind a parade float. Just moments ago, he had seen his superior officer C a fourth level warrior C be killed by an arrow through the throat. As his superior officer lay dead on the floor, Old Smoke could still see the guy’s eyes wide open staring at his general direction.

Already losing his mind, he could only rely on his own survival instinct as the enemy pressed in on them. Unfortunately for him, his frail short sword was easily broken after he managed to block one of the enemy attacks. If not for his fast reflexes, he would have already been hacked to death by the enemy!

Just as the hundred or so remaining King’s Guard fought behind the parade floats, their last remaining hope was finally blown out.

All of the coffin like parade floats from the Solomon family suddenly popped open numerous window holes on the side. From it, a metal light was revealed…. It was arrow heads!

Shoop Shoop Shoop Shoop!

In mere moments, all of the floats suddenly turned into harvesters of life! Thus, the last remaining resistance of the King’s Guard was crushed.

In the first wave of arrows, almost half the King’s Guard was killed and the remaining either surrendered or went out with bloodshot eyes of rage at the enemy. For those that knelt down on the floor to surrender, they were quickly beheaded by the capital defense army because prisoners were not accepted.

Screams! Everywhere was full of despairing screams! Even in the last minute of their lives, many still didn’t understand what the hell was going! What the hell is this!!!

Right now, old Smoke was fighting for his life with blood shot eyes. Under him, only 3 people were left from the original 10. If not for the long sword he had picked up from a dead enemy soldier, he would not have lasted this far. Once he managed to kill another two enemy soldier, Old Smoke suddenly shouted in a loud voice to his remaining rades nearby: “RUN! SCATTER AWAY! GET AS MANY AS WE CAN OUT OF HERE! WE MUST INFORM THE KING! THE CAPITAL DEFENSE ARMY IS REBELLING!”

He is after all a military officer and a third level warrior. In the face of death, his sword suddenly erupted a dull delicate light C indicating he was about to make a breakthrough!

Dou Qi!

Out of desperation for survival, his body broke through a bottleneck and propelled his strength to a new level!

However, this sudden breakthrough is also his misfortune because the enemy forces quickly perceived this and sent over two powerful warriors. After a quick skirmish, Old Smoke was pressed down by the two foes and was even stabbed twice where one of the wound almost pieced through his shoulder pletely!

Letting out a beast like roar, Old Smoke rushed towards the foe that seriously injured him with blood shot eyes and aimed his sword straight for the enemy’s throat…..

But it was also at this moment he suddenly felt his heart flare up!

Looking down, he noticed an arrow was already pierced through his heart. Spewing out a mouthful of blood, Old Smoke made a few crackling noise in an attempt to say something. Then reaching hand upward like he wanted to catch something, he finally fell down with a resentful expression.

Before he closed his eyes, an idea suddenly popped inside his mind:

“His Excellency Sir…… It would be such a nice honorific…….”

From the coffin like Solomon parade floats, a couple of dozen soldiers with crossbows rippled apart the top board layers and filed out in large numbers. Merging with the currently capital defense army, these traitorous soldiers began hunting down he last of the reaming King’s Guard still on the loose.

With infantry soldiers in the front and long ranged archers in the back…..

The victory square became a killing field!

A year later when officials began estimating the toll number for this incident:

3,000 hand-picked King’s Guard was pletely wiped out after being ambushed with inferior weapons and armors. In this battle, the capital defense army only suffered around 400 people.

400 for 3,000…… What a terrifying ratio!

On this day, the river of blood from the victory square stained the ground so badly that even the water wells nearby would be red for the next few days!

“…… Today, I must have an answer. It must be today!!!” The Crown Prince sat on his mount with the sword aimed at Augustine the 6th. Though his face remained as handsome as ever, the Crown Prince did not spend any effort to hide his murderous aura!

With a somber face, Augustine the 6th was trembling in his hands. The once dark and half open eyes were wide open as he tried to stand up. In a flash, the once calm lion suddenly erupted into a furious rage! Even from afar, Du Wei can feel the fury of the emperor!

With the sun still obscured by the clouds, a frantic cry could be heard from the far end of the main street near the victory square.

The massacre at the Victory Square has already spread over. People didn’t believe this at first, but when they saw the large amount of fleeing citizens from the general direction of the victory square…..

Bursts of power and prestige, brings a strong bloody smell!

Fear, this kind of thing rapidly spread across the crowd! First person started to run … … Then the second, the third…… And then the 1000th……

The capital defense soldiers patrolling the streets suddenly left their posts and ignored the chaotic fleeing citizens. With purpose and order, these soldiers quickly grouped and began marching towards the general direction of the central square. Anyone unfortunate enough to get in the way of these so called “protectors of the city” was immediately dealt with!

Whether it was ordinary members of the public, businessmen, or tourists, all became victims of these sword wielding butchers!

In the central square, the Crown Prince was already surrounded by numerous soldiers ranging from heavy cavalry riders, infantry, to crossbowmen’s.

These people were gathered around the two sides of the palace. As long as the fleeing citizens didn’t try to head into the central square, these soldiers won’t care. In their mind, they only had one objective:

The Royal Palace!

And the crossbowman’s from the Solomon family floats didn’t take long to arrive at the central square either. Once they were a the central square, a thousand arrows were aimed at the emperor standing on top of the platform!

No one knows when, but an explosive tension quickly formed in the atmosphere!


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