Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 141 part 2

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The 141th chapter “The heart’s like an abyss” (Part 2)

“I don’t hold any hope for the current emperor. My greatest hope is to support one of the prince’s and help him champion onto the throne. Once the throne is seized and the new emperor steps in, there is no doubt the Rowling Household would receive immense gratitude and trust for our efforts! If this can work out, the future of the family is insured and the development of the household will not face any obstacles!” Earl Raymond looked profoundly deep as he faced his son.

Du Wei already lost track of how many times he sighed today, but he still cannot stop himself from giving his father an impotent look: “Enthronement is indeed the best solution at the present moment. Though it is a gamble, but if it succeeds, then the payout would be huge…. May I know which prince did you bet on?”

“The Crown Prince.”

Although Du Wei had already guessed the answer, but he still can’t help but feel somewhat dejected after hearing his father’s answer.

The Crown Prince should be the one behind the assassination attempt on Prince Son last night.

Yet, as fate would have it, he was with Prince Son last night.

Looking at it like this, it would seem he really is “wrong”. For just him alone, his family is facing immense trouble brought on solely by his actions. Du Wei’s heart is prickling with guilt.

If he didn’t exist, then the Rowling Family wouldn’t be stuck in the middle of this issue and be forced to resort to something like enthronement to protect its future…..

So it would seem he really is a scourge for the Rowling Household.

“Father, in your opinion, do you believe the Crown Prince holds the advantage over Prince Son? During my time with the young prince last night, I think this person…..” Before Du Wei can finish his sentence, the Earl had already interrupted: “Prince Son is young and smart beyond his years. Not only that, he had a great affinity with different social classes and admired by all! I know all of this, but unfortunately, he is too young. If he had been born 10 years earlier, I would have placed my bet on him….”

Earl Raymond shook his head: “The Crown Prince is the son produced by his Majesty during his earlier age of 20 years old. By now, the crown prince is already 50 years of age. Before Prince Son was born, his majesty had always raised the crown prince as the heir to the throne and intended for him to succeed. It was only recently that Prince Son made his scene into the political field, so how can he pete with the crown prince that is highly entrenched in all levels of the empire? For decades, the crown prince has been setting his influence through the lands, readying for the day that he would take the crown. Also, many people like I have been with the Crown Prince since we were young. Growing up together, many of us stepped up the ranks by following closely behind the Crown Prince, so there is no way these people would turn on him. This is especially true after the war 20 years ago in the Northwest. During that war, the Crown Prince not only took part in the preparation, but also personally led the battles in the war. For this, his influence over many of the veteran soldiers is immense and the respect he gained cannot be calculated among the military! For example, the capital defense garrison is already pletely under the Crown Prince’s control! For nearly 30 years, the Crown Prince has been preparing for this day, so his efforts are not in vain. Sure, Prince Son has the support of the court Mages and the protection of the inner court, but all of this is still meager pared to what the Crown Prince has in store!”

Du Wei didn’t speak up. While he appreciated the talent behind Prince Son’s ability, but he believes his father’s insight over the capital’s situation is far beyond what he can imagine.

Du Wei thought for a moment, and then glanced at his father calmly: “Father, I think I understand what you mean.”

“If you understand, then its good.” Earl Raymond sighed: “The day you came back, I had Alpha tell you not to go out….. But unfortunately, you didn’t listen. I should have told you it in person last time….” Speaking up to here, a highly plex emotion could be seen in the Earl’s eyes.

Du Wei looked at his father again; although the Earl’s eyes were calm, but it somehow gave off a stronger sense of unease instead.

After a long pause, Du Wei whispered, “Father, can I ask you a question? Regarding this question, I hope you can answer me honestly. No matter what the answer is, I’m ready to accept it!”

“…… You ask then.” Earl Raymond’s voice seemed a bit bitter.

“During my trip towards the capital.” Du Wei’s voice was even as if he was talking about matters regarding others: “Those people that wanted to take my life…..”

Not waiting for Du Wei to finish, Earl Raymond unquestionably answered: “No need to ask, it was I who sent them.”

Du Wei had already guessed the answer long ago, but he was surprised to find at the moment, his heart had no anger or resentment. Facing this father of his in front of him, there is only emptiness inside. No matter how he tried, he could not inspire himself to produce a hint of resentment.

In the end, he did not even ask “why”.

Humph…… Is there even a reason to ask anymore?

Back in the day when he returned, the Earl had clearly illustrated his answer.

At the time, Earl Raymond said: “Because of this gown on your body!”

This gown…. A Magic Scholar’s gown! Because you became a Mage! With your presence, the family will be dragged into a fierce whirlpool! So in order to avoid this difficult oute, the family has to sacrifice this boy in order to keep the household safe! As long as Du Wei is no longer a part of the Rowling Household, then he cannot be cramped in the struggle between the royal family and the magic union.

For the future of the entire family, the choice is obvious when it’s only a single child.

Watching the deadly silence in his eldest son, Earl Raymond suddenly quivered in his heart….. The child before him with a calm that resembles a dead person is his own son?! How can it be?

Despite knowing his own father wanted to kill him, how can he be so calm?

Is it hate? Or is his hatred already at the extreme of being numb?

“Du Wei.” Earl Raymond suddenly bounced back in full strength: “There are two things I am not deceiving you…… The first is, I was fully against calling you back to the capital. At first, I was trying to delay your return, hoping to let the matter pass before calling you back. But ultimately, I was forced to recall you back from the pressure sent out by the royal family and the magic union! The second thing is…… Let me tell you. When I banished you back to the Rowling Plains, I was really trying to protect you. Initially, I thought you were mediocre inpetent, so I wanted you to have a safe and good life back at the old home! These words are the truth!”

After a long pause, like a century has passed, Du Wei slowly raised his head and faced his father.

At this moment, the influential military giant before him really seems to be old.

Du Wei suddenly smiled; his smile is so calm that it was eerie. Looking at his father, he began to speak in an emotionless voice: “Father, let me tell you something. On the day of my return, I told you that I didn’t hate you. This sentence remains unchanged and I still don’t hate you.”

Once he finished his words, Du Wei took a deep bow towards his father. Then turning around, he prepared to leave the study room. On his way out after pushing the door open, he suddenly halted midway and turned to say something: “There is also something I want to tell you, although you may learn about it eventually, but Prince Son seems to have an enchanted treasure that can summon a mighty magic creature….. This is what I learned last night.”

These words caused a slight change in Earl Raymond’s face!

After saying what he wanted, Du Wei really left without turning back.

Once he left the gloomy courtyard of the study, Du Wei’s chest felt like it was being blocked by something that even breathing became difficult. Slowly but surely, he looked up at the sky and thought: “This life truly is lonely like snow…. Hey, but it’s summer, if I want to see snow, I might have to go back to the frozen forest.”

At that moment, Du Wei suddenly felt nostalgic for scenes of the frozen forest!

At the very least, there are murderous magic beasts everywhere. If he thought about it, it really is the time he lived life to the fullest since he came to this world.

Regardless of the old magician Gandalf, Hussein, Dadaneier of the Lister family, or the snow wolf mercenaries…. He at least had these life trusting friends by his side!!

But here in the capital, he had no one like that!

Perhaps human nature is filled with hints of wanting an escape from their life. As he felt deserted, Du Wei had unknowingly wandered into the inner part of the mansion.

In front of him, tall girls wearing a maid outfit came walking up towards him C this person is in fact a maid of his mother’s. Seeing Du Wei, the girl bent forward to give a saluting bow and: “Madam tasked me to look for you. I heard last night you didn’t return, so her ladyship didn’t sleep either.”

Du Wei smiled and simply walked in.

The countess came from a noble household. From word of mouth, it is said that when she was young, the countess had received the typical education of an aristocratic lady. Painting, flowers, gardening, all of these are things the countess is interested in. After marrying the Earl, her relationship with her husband has been known to be really good and on many occasions, the inner part of the mansion has been specially renovated to suit the countess’s hobby of gardening.

When Du Wei first came into the yard, he saw his mother standing beside a batch of flowers. Although her age is not young anymore, but her beauty is still as brilliant as ever. Standing there with her purple dress, even the luster of the flowers cannot match her glow.

Right now, the Countess is quietly looking at the flowers in front of her as if in a trance.

Without slowing down, Du Wei walked over and let out gentle laugh: “Mother, are you watching the flowers or are you conceiving how to paint the image? Since the flowers are blooming so gorgeously, why not preserve the flowers into a record and enjoy it later on? When winter es around, wouldn’t it be even more enjoyable?”

The Countess turned around with haste and looked at her son with traces of anxiety on her beautiful face:

“Du Wei, you e over here. I heard when you returned, you were immediately called into the study room by your father….. I know he was very upset last night, so did he punish you again?”

Du Wei shook his head with a quiet smile.

The Countess gently sighed. Moving away from the flower bed, she came up to her son and hugged Du Wei on the shoulders: “Your father is in a bad mood lately… … I know the family burden have always been on his shoulder for the past decades. Although I rarely ask him about the family issues, but I would still sometimes get wind of what’s going on. From what I can tell, the family is facing some kind of trouble recently…..”

With that, beautiful Countess quietly looked over her son. Gently moving her frail looking hands, she brushed against the dust on Du Wei’s forehead: “Where were you last night? Even your clothes are dirty.”

Du Wei of course wouldn’t tell the truth about how he battled it out with a mighty death mage and almost met his end in the process. Putting on a fake smile, he replied: “Nothing much, I was only messing around with my friends.”

“Hmm, you finally have some friends, I’m relieved.” The Countess caringly smiled and then gently caressed Du Wei on the face. Upon her touch, Du Wei can feel the warmth from her delicate fingers; as a result, he couldn’t stop his heart from softening up. Just when he wanted to embrace her, Du Wei suddenly heard the countess whispering into his ears: “You are my first son. Although this may seem unfair to Gabri, but during your father’s expedition out to sea, there was only you by my side during those 3 years. In truth, I always loved you more a bit inside my heart.”

Du Wei was silent and kept his gaze fixed on his mother.

“Du Wei, can I ask you one thing?” The Countess gave a light sigh. Although the sigh wasn’t mixed with negative emotions, but when the sound reached Du Wei’s ears, he could not stop himself from going numb as the anxiety in his heart swelled over the apparent distress in his mother’s voice.

“Say it mother.” Du Wei smiled: “Any wish of yours is the same as God’s highest will!”

“Shh……” The Countess’s facial expression turned pale. Hurrying, she hastily stretched out her palms to cover his mouth with her soft delicate hands. Then, with tender blaming eyes, she whispered: “You are not young anymore, so you must not say such offensive words to the gods, do you understand?”

Oh…… Almost forgot, mother is a devout believer in the goddess of light. Du Wei sighs in his heart. During the brief period where he was seriously ill, his mother had spent the entire night praying for his recovery in front of the goddess statue.

After a pause, the Countess looked at his son. Her voice full of emotional requests:

“Du Wei, I know you are not what people say. You are my son, I care for you and love you, so I know you are actually a very smart man and are capable of things beyond what others can imagine….. But now, your father is always agonizing over work. I may not know why, but he is still your father, so I’m asking you to help him. Right now, Gabri is only a young child, so the only one in the family capable of helping your father is you. I know that the relationship between you and your father had always been cold, but my blood and your father’s blood still runs in your veins, this will never change….. So please, can you help him?”

When it reached the end, the Countesses’ voice was really soft like it was begging him to agree.

Seeing the mother in front of him, Du Wei suddenly remembers the scene of when she would always e to his side barefooted and lull him to sleep at night.

“Mother……” Du Wei takes in a deep breath before slowly speaking: “For you, I’m willing to do anything, even challenge a god! You can rest assured that as long as I am here, the Rowling household will never fall!”

Just like this, he stood in front of his mother said this with an unshakable resolve in his voice!

The beautiful countess only faintly smiled and thought his words were only said to please her, but the truth was very different from what she had imagined. The turmoil and heavy pain in Du Wei was not something imaginable to an ordinary person. In fact, this may seem like flattery, but his words are more akin to a lifelong vow that can never be broken no matter what!

In this summer day, Du Wei’s heart felt as deep as an abyss!


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