Law of the Devil – Chapter 139

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The 139th chapter “asymmetric battle”

The battle between Du Wei and the death mage is already at its peak.

Under the mand of Du Wei, more than 10 huge treant ‘panions’ came slamming down on top of the bone dragon, thus, pinning it to the ground. Struggle as it might, the undead creature could not break free from the clutches of the massive swarm. Seeing the situation is turning for the worse, the furious bone dragon opens its hulking jaw and breathed out its signature flames against its enemy. Unfortunately for the bone dragon, before it could take the next breath to get another kill, one of the nearby treants already raised its fist and punched the dragon across the face!


Under the immense striking power of this single punch, even the dragon’s skull nearly shattered. Now, a long crack ran from one end of the jaw to the neck!

After a wave of angry roars, the treants managed to pletely dismember the bone dragon from top to bottom after losing four of its numbers.

As for the death mage, he had long flew into the night sky and watched on with burning pain in his heart. Even for someone like him, he was only able to acquire such a high quality bone dragon after paying a hefty price to acquire the needed materials to build it. To see it being decimated in such a fashion on the ground, the death mage would obviously feel the pain.

Normally, the bone dragon would not be so easily defeated if it was flying in the air. Even if it couldn’t pletely defeat the entire army of treants roaming the woods, the bone dragon could just continue fighting in the air without receiving any major damage. As for those death knights and skeleton soldiers, they were easily wiped out under the constant barrage by the treants.

But the death knights did fare a bit better than the skeleton soldiers. With the deathly flames produced by their swords, the death knight was able to deal some serious injuries to the treants. However, due to being vastly outnumbered, the knights were quickly obliterated after taking a few swings on their mounts.

With his heart spilling blood from this major loss, the death mage wanted to mit suicide with Du Wei. You need to understand, in order to create so many undead creatures and a bone dragon at that, it would require no less than decades to gather the needed souls! To see his only mini army destroyed in a blink of an eye, no mage can possibly shrug it off!

Nearly losing his mind, the death mage couldn’t take it anymore when he saw the unscathed Du Wei sitting safely inside the barrier. Opening both of his arms against the sky, the death mage began to cast another spell. With deathly black fog pouring out of his body, even the sky was nearly blocked off by this ghostly fog!

Du Wei couldn’t quite put his fingers on it, but when the fog swirled above his head, the movement felt alive like a creature. Then from this creepy fog, a purplish lightning started to spark out of the thing…..

He may not have a firm grasp of what this magic is, but he could feel a sense of impending danger. Watching the dangerous cloud pressing down towards him, several feelers suddenly stretched out in all directions. Like life sucking monsters, several treants on the ground immediately dried up like they were deprived life when the feelers made contact with them. Withering away like dried husks, the poor treants crumbled apart before their massive trunks could even touch the ground!

Such a terrifying magic!

He is scared now!

Du Wei still didn’t know it yet, but the death mage actually summoned forth a top tiered black magic called “Space Devourer” due to losing his mind from rage!

This spell is a large scale attack exclusive to the black magic department. Once used, all life within its range would be devoid of life!

For this reason, this spell is strictly forbidden by the magic union. In history, many disasters were created due to evil death mages using this spell to kill off large amounts of living creatures just so they can harvest the souls for cultivation.

Although this death mage has been secretly practicing this spell, but he didn’t dare use it out in the open due to the fear of being hunted down by the magic union. If it wasn’t due to Du Wei so blatantly destroying his life’s work, the death mage would never have resorted to such a method!

Moving back to the other fight.

With a calm face, Prince Son is safely sitting on the ground while under the protection of the barrier created by the pendant. Surprisingly though, this magic barrier created by the pendant is even stronger than the guardian spirit barrier under Du Wei’s possession! Without moving an inch, he quietly watched on as Rodriguez fought with the Saint Roland magic creature!

Right now, the road is already a plete mess due to the blows sent out by both Saint Class fighters. Not only did potholes litter the road, the nearby trees were either blown away or smashed into pieces!

Rodriguez looked somber as he held onto his dazzling weapon. Not only is his body covered in a golden glow, the sword called “Moonlight under the Moon” was reflecting a gorgeous glow from the ice layer, thus, causing his silvery armor to look ever so majestic.

However, Rodriguez was feeling pressured in his heart.

What he is facing now is the strongest artifact left behind by the founding emperor of the empire C A saint class magic creature!

Before he could even catch his breath, the magic creature was already making the second move. In a single block by Rodriguez, the shockwave produced by the two opposing force had sent everything within their radius flying far into the horizon, destroying everything in its wake!

Now, the spot where their weapons made contact is a massive pit! Although the undead creature carrying the spirit of the Saint Roland Knights is powerful, but to be able to fend off a true Saint Class warrior like Rodriguez is truly frustrating for him. Not only is he furious at this oute, his pride as a warrior is hurt….

The frosty air of the “Beauty under the Moonlight” may be powerful and is capable of causing the surrounding terrain to freeze, but the flames extruding from this undead creature would instantly melt the ice apart.

Making up his mind, Rodriguez not only didn’t push forward, but retreated back ten meters. In one fell spinning motion of his sword, a vortex of icy air shot forth from his weapon and aimed straight for the magic creature. Facing the oning attack, the guardian spirit of the royal family only uttered a rant and stood its ground with both swords crossed on his chest!

Under the binding force of the frosty vortex, the magic creature didn’t take a single step backwards! Then after a minute of enduring the onslaught of ice and wind, the golden Dou Qi extruding from the magic creature suddenly bursts forth and dissipated the attack by Rodriguez.

The knight knew his attack wouldn’t be enough to finish the enemy, but it was good enough to stall the enemy for a moment. During the time he gained, he had been injecting his own Dou Qi in the legendary sword “Beauty under the Moonlight”. Vibrating with a buzzing sound, the sword gave off the image of absolute power!

Bursting with a cold aura, even the air around Rodriguez turned into beads of ice! Prince Son is a well-educated person. With a single glance, he can tell this mighty warrior intends to go all out without holding back! There is no doubt; the famed Rodriguez intends to use his trump card “Frosted sighs of the Moon”!

Prince Son may look calm on the surface, but his heart was in a total panic! As the most powerful move of this famed warrior, who knows how many powerful warriors fell at the hands of this attack. The magic creature created from his family heirloom may be powerful, but it is after all only a magic creature. If he cannot kill Rodriguez tonight, then his elder brother bee even more wary of him from now on!

Rodriguez’s Dou Qi is already at its peak, ready to release his most powerful attack! Just when he was about to make his move, he suddenly sensed a vague yet powerful dark energy from afar.

Rodriguez immediately recognized this is from his death mage panion!

“Stupid!” He loudly scolded in his mind!

This place is the capital, is he not afraid of the magic union taking notice by using such powerful dark magic?!


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