Law of the Devil

Law of the Devil – Chapter 138

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The 138th chapter “You can bully others if you have more people?”

Not wanting to waste any of his own magic reserve, Du Wei donned the flying cloak left behind by Gandalf. Then flying up into the sky across from the dark mage, he carefully eyed the other guy in case he did anything out of his expectation.

“Come on then, let us have a duel between magicians!” Du Wei cried out in a loud voice to raise his spirit!

After his words, the other party didn’t look like seem to be in any rush and simply lets out a sinisterly “Jie Jie Jie Jie” laugh: “Dear Boy, you really interest me.” With that, the dark mage lightly tapped the bone dragon on the head. As if it was given a mand from that simple hand movement, the bone dragon roars open its jaws and blasted out a blast of dragon breath towards Du Wei!

Fortunately, Du Wei had experience facing the dragon race and came well prepared. Raising both of his hands upward, he threw out another magic scroll to block the oning attack. Just like he intended, a bright silvery light spilled out from the scroll the moment it made contact with the black flames, creating a transparent ball of energy around Du Wei.

Contained in this scroll was originally the “Guardian spirit barrier” that Du Wei oh so favored. Unfortunately, this valuable spell left behind by Gandalf can only be maintained for about half an hour before it disappears pletely. Able to defend against all kinds of magic attacks, Du Wei believes this trump card of his is the perfect defense against his current enemy.

Seeing his pet’s attack being deflected so easily, the death mage sneered in contempt. Then raising his staff to give the next mand, the bone dragon flapped its wings to hone in on Du Wei and started to rush towards him with bursting speed through the air!

Understanding the mithril dagger in his possession is not enough to block off this charge, Du Wei hastily pushed himself aside due to the fact that the guardian spirit barrier is pletely useless against any physical impact!

Once he was in the clear, Du Wei immediately propelled himself forward to gain some distance between him and the enemy. Seeing this cowardly act, the death mage sneered loudly from behind: “So you wish to run eh?”

With a few flaps of the bone dragon’s wings, the death mage was quickly able to catch up to Du Wei.

Pushing his flying cloak to the limit, the speed of the bone dragon is simply too much for him to outpace. After a few twists and turns through the air, the death mage finally caught up to him. Tired of this game of tags, the death mage raised his bone staff and began chanting a dark magic spell. Immediately, the air around the two started to bee unbearably heavy as if gravity’s been intensified to another level. Then in the middle of the sky, the very fabric of reality started to sway and a couple of large crack appeared in the air. Seeping with a deathly aura, this cracks quickly shattered and a swirl of black fog started to gush out from the vortexes of darkness. As Du Wei watched on while trying to resist the pressuring air on his body, he noticed the light from his guardian spirit barrier was starting to fade away at a frightening speed!

Devouring darkness? (This is the name of the dark magic spell)

When he realized what the death mage was trying to do, Du Wei’s blood turned cold because he knew this spell is one of the most iconic offensive spell within the dark magic element!

Just when he was trying to think of a way out, the death mage caught on to his schemes and immediately pointed the bone staff at him before shouting: “Go!”

Caught off guard by the sudden attack, Du Wei had no choice but to hope for the best and pletely rely on the guardian spirit barrier to save him. As the silver arrow like spell made contact with his defensive barrier, the attack only got weakened by 90% and wasn’t pletely deflected. As for the remaining 10%, it was able to penetrate through the barrier and stab right into his body! It was almost instantaneous when the pain set in. Like his mental force was being pricked with rose thorns, this pain was so severe that even his heart skipped a beat due to his paralyzed body!

Heart mantra spell? Du Wei knew he had to get out of this area or else he will be killed. Bypassing the couple of dark vortexes nearby, he flew towards a dense thicket of forest nearby because he knew it was his best chance. As he did this, the guardian spirit barrier around him became even dimmer like it would break anytime soon.

A top tiered heart mantra spell is the most favored spell when a mage is dueling with another mage. By focusing its power into a single point, this spell is capable of directing all of its force on a single point like a nail hammering away at a piece of wood. Even the most power of barriers would not be able to fully deflect this because the defensive power is spread in a wide area, while the heart mantra is focused on one point!

Du Wei felt awful right now after taking that hit. Once his feet touched the ground, his leg went numb on the waist down and his soul felt like it was being frozen from the inside out!

Fortunately this heart mantra spell is a very energy consuming magic. Seeing Du Wei is still alive after taking a hit, this death mage decided it was in his best interest not to continue attempting the same attack in a row. If he did, Du Wei would have likely been killed after two or three hits in his current condition.

After landing in the forest, the death mage followed suit and order his bone dragon to land down on a more open clearing inside the forest. As it landed, the hulking mass of the bone dragon easily crushed the surrounding trees and created a giant mess!

“Kid, do you think you can avoid me by running into the forest?” The death mage sneered. Raising his bone wand, a dense aura of deathly air roared out from a crack in the fabrics of reality!

From the darkness, a death knight riding on a undead steed came bursting forth at the beckoning of the death mage! With hellish flames coursing through the veins of both animal and person, the undead creature looked ever so imposing to one’s eyes.

He summoned a death Knight? This guy is obviously more powerful than Mage Clark. Not only did this person summon a death knight, he actually summoned five in total! Just when Du Wei thought things was bad enough; the death mage began summoning even more undead creatures. From the very core of the earthly ground of the forest, dozens or so rotting hands began to sprout out from the dirt like newly grown shoots! In mere moments, skeleton soldiers of superior standard began to align the field with their unholy presence!

“You may be able to defend against my magic with your barrier.” The death Mage smiled in a very sinister way: “But can you defend against the swords and blades of these undead creatures?”

Five high ranked undead knights, matched with a dozen or so skeleton solders of superior standards!

Du Wei sighed and began mumbling to himself, “It’s no wonder a Mage can instill so much fear into the public. With such force, even a small army would need to take a detour to avoid so many undead creatures!”

Then with a serious face, he turned to look at the mocking death mage: “What you said is not bad. I can’t beat you in terms of speed, nor can I beat you head on in a fight. The best course of action left for me is to summon a magic creature to fight for me; unfortunately, I don’t have any in my arsenal to call upon.”

“Then you should quietly give out your soul to me.” The death mage sneered: “Let me turn you into a high ranking undead creature! Oh, maybe with your magic talent, I might be able to turn you into a lich!”

“Hmm … … A bone Dragon, five Death Knight, One, Two, three. Four…… 26 skeleton soldiers.” Du Wei shook his head: “This really is bullying with sheer numbers! Oh, is this your fighting style, with numbers?”

Death Magician cries out a chilling laugh: “I can’t believe you have top tiered guardian spirit barrier! Otherwise, my one Heart Mantra spell would have been enough to take your life!”

Du Wei nods: “Hmm, then what you are saying is that numbers can decide who can bully who? All right then!”

With that, Du Wei stuffs one of his hands into his bosom and gingerly pulls out a golden colored horn!

This horn is indeed the gift he received from the treant leader back in the frozen forest. Holding this valuable treasure up to his lips, Du Wei blew into it…..

A deep and vigorous horn sound sprayed out in all directions throughout the forest! In this single attempt, Du Wei can feel 90% of his energy being burned up!

This is the first time he ever used this treasure, so he wasn’t quite prepared for the hefty energy consumption that occurred from his one blow. To remedy this, he quickly pulled out the rainbow colored ring to refill his own magic reserve. Only after doing this did his pale expression regain some face color.

After the short rustling sound of leaves ing from the forest, a booming noise of roots uplifting from the firm soil echoed from all directions!

One by one, these ancient trees awoke from their slumber and transformed into treant panions! Unintentionally, one of the ‘panions’ heading over to Du Wei accidently crushed a couple of skeleton soldiers into pieces without notice!

Looking around to see all these huge hulking trees to back him up, Du Wei lets out a mocking smirk towards his foe: “If you have more people, then you can bully others, right?”

Moving back to where the Prince is right now. The enemy knight named Rodriguez had already dismounted and started to slowly approach the unprotected son of the emperor.

“Your highness, I’m sorry but I must take your life today.” Raising his glimmering ice blade, Rodriguez aimed the ice covered sword at the prince. While under the radiating moonlight, this legendary artifact became ever so beautiful under the moons light……

“Such a beautiful sword.” Prince Son sighed as if he was reluctant to pull his sight away from the enemy weapon: “This sword really does deserve the name Beauty under the Moonlight!”

Rodriguez lets out a soft sigh before replying: “You are of royal blood, so I’ll make sure you meet your end with dignity. When I behead you, I’ll make sure to freeze your body instantly to allow it to be preserved in a full state. I assure you, there won’t be a single drop of blood ing out the wound.”

With that, a highly pressurized sword aura pushed out from this icy cold blade. If Rodriguez were to slash down towards the prince at this moment, the expelled strike force would be enough to dismember the prince in half.

“To be able to die without bleeding is indeed a very dignified way of passing.” Prince Son suddenly smiled: “But what am I going to do? I still have a lot of things I didn’t get done yet, so I don’t want to die here tonight yet.”

With that, he pulled open the shirt on his chest and under it was a strange pendant that was hidden away from sight!

With a shape of a cross like sword, the design is extremely simplest. Despite this, the blemishes of age cannot be hidden away. If one were to look closely, traces of rust could be found on the edges of the pendant and the yellowish discoloration is obvious enough to the naked eyes.

The original calm face of Rodriguez suddenly turned pale as soon as he caught of a glimpse of the pendant: “Guardian of the Saint Roland’s?!”

“That’s right; it is Guardian of the Saint Roland’s!” Without hesitation, Prince Son ripped the pendant off his neck and ruthlessly stabbed it into the ground!

With a loud rumbling sound, a flash of searing red flames exploded from the ground! Filled with murderous screams, a figure of a flaming warrior steadily strode out from the transparent flames of the pendant. From appearances, this majestic being donned a tattered looking armor from a bygone era, but the imposing air could not be hidden no matter what!

“The great guardian of the Saint Roland Knights! The twelve mysterious Saint Knights under Aragon had each gave up a drop of their blood to create this divine being! By mixing their blood with a special metal, this pendant was created after being enchanted with a powerful magic ritual! Throughout the ages, this magical creature had acted as the patron god of the reigning royal family!” Prince Son may look pale, but his eyes were filled with a feverish admiration towards the very creature he had summoned!

Not only is this ancient warrior shrouded in flames, even its eyes were filled with radiating flames! Although the distance between Rodriguez and this creature is still ten meters in length, but the overwhelming pressure from its gaze is enough to force the Saint level Rodriguez back a step!

His eyes may look dejected, but his hands still moved with unrelenting speed. Holding his weapon with both hands, Rodriguez covered the distance in a single breath and slashed down with enough force to create a mini abyss on the ground….


Shuddering from the impact, Rodriguez unwillingly stepped back due to the impenetrable force that had resisted his attack. From a mere step backwards, even the ground began to give way and cracks started to appear behind Rodriguez!

The legendary sword ‘Beauty under the Moonlight’ was easily deflected by the long sword of the flaming warrior in front of the prince!

Rodriguez grunted, his whole body was suddenly enshrouded in a golden flame of Dou Qi! What he did now symbolizes the highest level a knight could reach on the Roland continent, Saint ranked Dou Qi!

Following after Hussein, the golden glow of a Saint Class fighter once again walks among the Roland continent!

Not only is Rodriguez covered in a golden flame representing his Saint class Dou Qi, the legendary sword ‘Beauty under the Moonlight’ was radiating an endless sheen of silvery light! From the air around the sword, tiny particles of ice crystal were glistening off the light, making it ever more so majestic in the darkness!

“Sir Rodriguez, I was correct in my speculation, you did in fact advance to a Saint Knight!” Prince Son dropped down to the ground with a very weak looking face: “However, this magic creature created from the bloods of the Saint Roland Knights platoon is also all SAINT―KNIGHTS!”

With that, the flaming warrior seems to have sensed how powerful his current opponent is. With a loud imposing roar, the reddish flames covering the creature’s body instantly became a golden color!

Rodriguez was shocked beyond measure: “It can’t be, how can a magic creature also be at the saint level?!”

Under such intense light from the two mighty warriors, even the luster from the night sky was lost…..


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